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Clay for Health and Nutrition

Clay and its Known Uses and Benefits

by Michael King

with documentation from Dorman Cox

Current Science Behind the Use of Pyrophyllite Clay

The current science behind the worldwide use of pyrophyllite clay is centered primarily around its use in the agricultural industry with an emerging science developing around its benefits in the health and wellness, cosmetics and anti-aging industries.


Sacred Clay for Personal Use

A select grade of clay, more refined than the agricultural counterpart, is used today for personal use and consumption. It is referred to as Sacred Clay derived from the Crater Lake, OR area.

Sacred Clay is an unique version of pyrophyllite clay, and is known to have been used both internally and externally for physical healing for at least the last 20 years, though early American settlers are likely to have used this clay for a variety of purposes before that, and Native American Indians are likely to have used this clay for hundreds of years prior. There was a time in Native American history when clays of various types were considered to be more valuable than gold.


The Historical Use of Clay

The historical use of clays in general for healing dates back thousands of years and is widely documented. While much of clay’s healing powers remain a mystery, doctors, herbalists and other health professionals are now taking a serious look at the growing list of healing effects brought on by clay consumption and use. (One of the best introductory books on the subject of healing with clay is written by Ran Knishinsky - "The Clay Cure - Natural Healing from the Earth". I highly recommend this book for those that are seeking to learn more about the benefits of clay in the restoration of health.)

With respect to the unique clay composition referred to as Sacred Clay from the Crater Lake area, much of what is known regarding benefits to the human body are being drawn, at this point, from personal experiences, while drawing conclusions from the known science on pyrophyllite in the agricultural arena with support from an emerging science in the health field.

Though there is a rapidly growing amount of anecdotal benefits reported from the personal consumption and use of Sacred Clay, the scientific testing for specific human benefits has only recently begun. Yet, as you will see from the descriptions below, there is reason to take this clay seriously for its recognized benefits derived from both internal and external usage.


Applications for Personal Use

Current known applications of Sacred Clay for personal use include:

  • Wide application of therapeutic uses both internally and externally (see testimonials below and more on our Testimonials page.)
  • Detoxification of heavy metals, chemicals, petroleum products, & radiation.
  • Removes chlorine and other harmful chemicals chemicals, viruses, bacteria, giarrdia, etc. from your drinking and bathing water.
  • Enhances the properties of water for personal consumption by increasing the vibrational quality of the water. Reduces the surface tension of water making water wetter (more hydrating).
  • Health spas – facials, clay wraps & clay baths.
  • An excellent complement to sweat therapy.
  • First Aid and emergency care - food poisoning, poison oak, burns, brown recluse and other spider bites, ant and mosquito bites, ulcerous skin conditions, boils, rashes, dry scales, painful dry rashes, bacterial infections, viral conditions and inflammations.
  • Nutritional/trace mineral & monatomic source of nutrients. Here's an excellent article published in "California Wild - The Magazine of the California Academy of Sciences" on the subject of the historical use of clay for nutritional and therapeutic uses: Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud by Suzzane Ubick.
  • Anti-aging support.
  • For more application for the use of Sacred Clay see Sacred Clay Instructions for Use.
  • For more information on the benefits and uses of clays in general go to: or


    The History and Composition of Pyrophyllite Clay

    This particular pyrophyllite deposit was originally an immense mineral soup that brewed underground for probably millions of years. During the last ice age a glacier removed the hardened lava cap over this underground molten lake of lava, allowing the clay to cool and eventually decompose into an unusual blend of 75-90% pyrophyllite, with the balance comprised of montmorillonite, kaolin and chlorite, giving the clay many of its unique properties.

    This clay has been known to be used agriculturally since the mid 1800's. Settlers were frequently seen at the site collecting bucket loads and taking them home for their crops, and probably for personal use. (Back then, clay was more widely recognized as beneficial for a number of healing purposes.)


    Still Held Sacred by Many

    Adding to the mystique about this clay, there is an interesting set of magnetic ley lines that intersect at the nearby Crater Lake, and two that are known to intersect on the property itself where the clay is situated. There is a special, quiet peaceful feeling that comes over those that walk the land, growing in intensity in certain locations on the property. The harvesting site for Sacred Clay is situated in an area of the country long revered by the Native American Indians for its high pristine energy and spiritual significance.


    Sacred Clay Mineral Analysis

    Did you know that most of the worlds agricultural land was documented to be depleted of the majority of essential minerals and nutrients as late as the 1920's? Senate document no. 264 of the 74th congress, second session, 1936, states:

    “…Commercially grown food today has almost no nutritional value. The fruits, vegetables, and grains we eat today are starving us to death; no man of today can eat enough fruits and vegetables to supply his body with the minerals he requires to stay healthy.”

    Lacking vitamins, our system can make some use of minerals, but lacking minerals, vitamins do us no good.

    The role of minerals and trace minerals in developing and maintaining health is becoming a widely studied science today. They are now recognized as essential to the performance of thousands of chemical, hormonal and enzymatic processes in the body.

    99% of Americans today are deficient in most of the minerals required to maintain ideal states of health. This depletion is largely due to the depleted condition of America’s soils caused by over-farming. These missing minerals are amply supplied by Sacred Clay.

    Certificate of Analysis

    The Sacred Clay from Crater Lake has been analyzed with known constituents listed on this website under Certificate of Analysis.

    At present we know of at least 65 or more minerals and trace minerals that can be found in this version of pyrophyllite clay. Close to 100 compounds are actually suspected to exist within the clay. A more comprehensive analysis will soon be performed to verify the presence of additional trace minerals and rare earths, and other, as of yet, unexplored properties.


    Young & Pristine

    There are a number of pyrophyllite mines in the world, yet this deposit, located near Crater Lake, OR, seems to be the youngest deposit known, the most beneficially unique in its composition, and possibly the largest in the world.

    The advantage to being a young deposit, (young is relative to how many thousands of years ago did it's lava bed cool), is that the older beds are generally at the stage of returning back to rock and require extensive milling before they can be used effectively. Many sites are deeply imbedded within a mountain and therefore require extensive excavation to get to them. Local polluting influences relative to these mines are unknown.

    The young pyrophyllite clay deposit in Crater Lake is immediately on the surface, it exists in a soft enough form to require only a small amount of milling to prepare it for agricultural use, with the more refined aspects of the clay being reserved for personal and internal use.

    Sacred Clay from Crater Lake has also been referred to as "Primordial Clay" due to its source being the result of the cooling of an underground lava bed probably millions of years old. The deposit has been relatively untouched by modern pollutants, plant and animal decomposition and other environmental hazards. The area is surrounded by National Forests so other industries have not affected its pristine nature.


    Exceptionally Rich Silica Content and Silicic Acids

    The clay’s rich silica content (approximately 60%) produces an exceptional abundance of mono & orthosilicic acids when the clay is combined with water. Silicic acids are required to make minerals bioavailable. This is true for plant and human alike.


    Connection to Mineral Uptake in the Body

    Silicic acids have been found to improve the mineral uptake in plants, thereby increasing nutritional content significantly. It is believed that the same action takes place in the human body, making the minerals of the clay bioavailable for assimilation into the bloodstream.


    Higher Electrical Charge

    Pyrophyllite Clay has been measured to contain an exceptionally high electrical charge. What I experience when I take it internally is a feeling of being electrically lifted and energized. This translates to a greater attractive pull to draw toxins to itself. In instances of clay baths and clay poultices, it draws toxins from deeper within body organs, muscles and skin than an average clay.


    The Possible High Antioxidant and Detoxifying Ability

    Some preliminary test results have revealed that Sacred Clay enhances the quality of water when added to it by removing toxins, chemicals, funguses, viruses and bacteria, and possibly by adding additional antioxidant power to the water.

    Pyrophyllite clay is known to contain approximately 60% silica of which approximately 85% is a non-crystalline, round, amorphous silica. Amorphous means the silica molecules "hold no structured shape" (as opposed to a solid crystalline matrix like sand). This amorphous construction gives the clay particles an exceptional amount of surface area to attract and hold toxic compounds, thereby increasing its detoxifying powers, and possibly the antioxidant properties.

    Here is another personal observation that lends credibility to this hypothesis:

    An Interesting Correlation

    I was recently given a Dark Field Microscope Live Blood Analysis. The Naturopathic Doctor giving the test commented - in all of her years as a therapist (she is over 70 years old) she had never seen anyone whose antioxidant ability in their blood was as great as what she saw in my blood sample. Now, whether this was due to the clay or the adaptogenic herbs that I take, or something else, is uncertain, but there is at least an interesting correlation here.


    My Personal Experiences with Taking Sacred Clay Internally

    When taking Sacred Clay internally, I have experienced a noticeable amount of strength and endurance as a background feeling. This feeling of support internally seems to be exceptional for a clay. I tend to take from 4 to 12 capsules (1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon) per day, with the greater amount producing the strongest feeling of internal support. This feeling of support seems to endure for the better part of the day. I have also noticed an increased alkalinity in my morning urine from taking the clay.

    Given the nature of our society, I personally believe that it is right place, right time for the human race to become aware of Sacred Clay’s healing powers.


    Clay and Pharmaceutical Drugs

    Due to the powerful drawing action of Sacred Clay, it is best not taken internally within 3 hours before or after drug intake if those drugs are required for hormonal or physiological support.

    If you are on antidepressant drugs or other drugs that require residual amounts in your system to be effective, it is better to not take the clay at all internally. The clay will tend to absorb the residual amounts of the drug in your system and could result in withdrawal reactions from the drugs.

    If you have safely come off of a drug, clay baths and internal consumption will help to clean up your system of the drug residuals. (Important: Never get off a drug cold turkey. Always withdraw gradually, no faster than 10% per week, or per month, depending on how long you have been taking the drug. (For more specific information on this subject read “Your Drug May Be Your Problem : How and Why to Stop Taking Psychiatric Medications” by Peter R. Breggin & David Cohen)


    More on Sacred Clay Properties/van der Waals bond

    Pyrophyllite Clay is known to possess a weak van der Waals bond giving it the property of dispersing easily in water. This property is highly desirable for a clay, since it is this property that keeps the clay from clumping and clinging to the skin typical of other clays. When taken internally, this dispersing property allows for greater surface exposure of the clay in the intestines, therefore more toxins are able to be contacted and absorbed.

    A clumping clay like bentonite can be less effective than a dispersing clay due to its more limited exposure of it’s surface area to toxins. Bentonite and most other clays tend to be constipating. Sacred Clay has seldom been known to be constipating, and to some, even slightly accelerating.

    With Sacred Clay being easily dissolved in water without clumping, a greater surface area of the clay is made available to the body for detoxifying purposes. With the clay possessing both absorbing (like a sponge) and adsorbing (like a magnet) properties, its detoxifying properties are exceptionally high.


    Using Sacred Clay::

    Sacred Clay Baths

    The recommended detoxifying period for Sacred Clay baths is 2-7 baths each week for 6 weeks, then 1-2 baths (or Shower Slurries) per week, or as desired thereafter.

    Quantity of clay for each bath is 1/2 cup of Sacred Clay, or 1/3 cup of Sacred Bath mineral combination. In cases of extreme toxicity, such as from a history of exposure to chemicals, radiation, drugs, alcohol or tobacco, the recommended quantity to be added to a bath can go as high as 4 cups.

    The drawing potential of the clay can be increased even further by adding 1-2 tablespoons of Sea Salt (Himalayan Salt, Celtic Salt or Real Salt™) to the bath water. Much more than that can be electrically stimulating, and possibly more energizing than relaxing.

    Just prior to getting into the tub, a thick clay slurry (see below) can be applied to areas of special concern, such as on the face or over the liver, to increase the detoxifying potential around those areas.

    Applying a thick poultice of the clay to the head, face and neck areas while bathing results in a more direct detoxification of heavy metals and chemical pollutants from the head areas. A general lightness or improvement in mental abilities may be noticed from this procedure.


    Absorption of Chlorine in City Water

    Sacred Clay in bath water is sure to eliminate the chlorine and other chemicals found in many city water supplies, making for a more healthful and enjoyable soak. It also provides an abundance of useful trace minerals to be taken up by the body directly through the skin (the body's largest organ).


    Absorption of Plastic Contaminants in Bottled Water/Increased Hydration

    If it is a chemical or estrogen component derived from plastic, even a 1/8th teaspoon of Sacred Clay will detoxify your drinking water and add vital mineral nutrients. Sacred Clay reduces the surface tension of water making it more easily absorbed, thereby increasing hydration.


    Purifying Water of Unknown Quality when Camping or Traveling

    If you are camping or traveling internationally and drinking spring water of unknown quality, a small amount of the Sacred Clay can be added to purify the water (including microbes and bacteria) and improve its hydrating effect on your body.


    Clay Slurries and an Interesting Bonding Action with Toxins

    Mixing the clay into a slurry (mixed in a bowl with 1 part water and 2 parts clay), and rubbing the clay over the body, is a way to concentrate the detoxifying power of the clay. The entire amount designed for the clay bath can be slurried over the body just prior to getting in the tub. As the clay is dissolved into the tub by the water, the same, or better effect (relative to putting all of the clay directly into the water) will be accomplished.

    An interesting phenomenon has been noticed at times with clay slurries. After applying the slurry and getting into the water, the clay tends to cling to areas of greatest toxicity more strongly than to other areas (due to the strong magnetic attraction between the Sacred Clay and toxins). The clay can still be easily rubbed off (especially in water), yet some resistance may be felt over an area of greater toxicity.


    Clay Masks

    Rubbing a thin layer (1/8th inch or more) on the face and washing off after 10-20 minutes, tends to result in a noticeable softening of the skin. Some have mixed Sacred Clay with Coconut Oil and applied the mixture as a poultice with excellent anti-aging results. The oil prevents the drying out of the clay and has been left on as a facial for as long a four hours with exceptional improvements in facial brightness and youthfulness! Well worth a try!

    The gentleness of this clay on skin is characteristically different from other clays. Most other clays will dry and cling hard to the skin with its pulling action, resulting in a difficulty in getting it off along with excessive redness afterwards.

    Not so with Sacred Clay. The weak van der Waals bonds in Sacred Clay result in an easy removal, very little, if any redness, and a softer, younger looking skin in a matter of minutes.

    This clay works exceptionally well in health spas for facials, clay wraps, clay baths, and therapeutically for clay poultices.

    Due to the presence of a high amount of silica, the skin regenerating properties stimulated by this clay is beyond remarkable. Read further to learn about other people’s experiences in this area.


    Wet Clay Works Better

    As long as the clay stays wet it continues its drawing action. It is not necessary to wait for the clay to dry to pull of toxins out of the skin (typical of other clays). Toxins are pulled out electro-magnetically. This event happens quickly with toxins close to the skin and continues on with more lengthy exposure as the blood brings more toxins to the surface.


    Oil Treatment Afterwards

    If an area of skin gets too dry from an application of the clay, the application of Organic Sesame or Organic Coconut Oil works wonders to further soften the skin. Dry skin is a sign of toxins in the tissues. As a magnet for toxins, some skin conditions may temporarily get worse before getting better. With repeated use of the clay on the skin, toxins will eventually be drawn out sufficiently for the skin to return to normal hydration levels and the oils may then no longer be necessary.

    Check out the rest of this website to learn of the benefits derived from the use of pyrophyllite clay in detoxification, beauty enhancement, health and nutrition, clay baths, increasing crop yields and plant health, cleaning up the environment, and many other benefits.



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