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The Origins of Sacred Clay

Clay has been used for thousands of years, yet it's extraordinary healing powers are just beginning to be understood.

by Michael King

Sacred Clay is a pyrophyllite clay. The clay shimmers with electric energy. The crystalline lattice structure of clay allows it to store energy and then re-emit it in a useful form as needed. Pyrophyllite clay is a powerful alchemical agent promoting the transformation and transmission of electromagnetic energy.

Pyrophyllite clay is a natural product, uncontaminated by man or his environment. Although there are many different types and classes of clays throughout the world, all of which provide great benefit to the health, there are a few characteristics about pyrophyllite that are different and may explain the exceptional results experienced when using the Sacred Clay in baths, poultices, body wraps and internally. The power of this clay to detoxify, nourish and rejuvenate the body are truly remarkable.

Most clays are formed from volcanic ash that has fallen from the atmosphere, weathered and collected as sediment. Over time the addition of plant and animal remains as well as other forms of organic and inorganic material have mixed in and decomposed to form these organic clays, (examples include such clays as bentonite, montmorillonite, pascalite, illite or French Green, and so forth). For a more detailed comparisons between the various clays go to Clay Comparisons.

Pyrophyllite clay, on the other hand, was formed underground, beginning as a boiling lava soup (boiling rock), and eventually cooling due to the interaction with underground aquifer water. The combination of immense underground pressures and steam from contact with the aquifer waters caused the molten rock to transform into this exceptional clay. The electromagnetic properties seem to have been retained to a greater extent compared to the lava ash clays. This enhanced electromagnetic quality may also be due to pyrophyllite's rich electrolyte content, containing 5 electrolytes in rather significant quantities including calcium (Ca2+), magnesium (Mg2+), potassium (K+), sulfate (SO42-), and sodium (Na+), along with 3 more to a lesser degree including chloride (Cl-), phosphate (PO42-), and hydrogen carbonate (HCO3-).

Pyrophyllite clay is a very rare and unique type of amorphous silica clay (amorphous means "noncrystalline; having neither definite form nor apparent structure", and stands in contrast to a quartz silica, for instance, that is bound into a highly structured form). Containing well over 65 minerals and trace minerals in a natural, well-proportioned balance, pyrophyllite's rich mineral content is further enhanced by numerous rare earths and monatomic elements.

Pyrophyllite clay is almost 60% silica - the prime mineral required for strengthening bone and rebuilding body tissues. Roughly 50% of this silica is amorphous while the other 10% is quartz, providing both plants and humans with a good balance of available silica resources to draw from.

Due to the fact that the clay was formed near the high energy Crater Lake focal point, pyrophyllite also possesses other extraordinary qualities uncommon to other clays. The clay's rich silica content gathers and holds the Crater Lake energies like a crystal might hold a charge. Many with strong intuitive or clairvoyant abilities have commented about Sacred Clay's unusually powerful energy field. Kinesiology tests consistently indicate strong positive responses for the clay's value in addressing a client's need.


The Origin of the Name 'Pyrophyllite"

To quote an excellent description of pyrophyllite from Amethyst Galleries Inc. who has done extensive research on the origins, structures and composition of minerals:

"Pyrophyllite gets its name from the Greek words for fire and leaf as in "fire-leaf". Phyllite is named after the Greek word for leaf as well, in allusion to its flaky fracture. But pyrophyllite gets its name from the fact that it exfoliates when water is driven off upon heating, leaving a flaky mass. The flakes are actually the silicate sheets that are a testament to pyrophyllite's powerful absorptive structure.

"Pyrophyllite is a member of the phyllosilicates, or "leaf" silicates, which have a sheet-like structure. The phyllosilicates form stacks of silicate layers that are composed of SiO4 tetrahedrons. The sheets are not directly linked above or below to the next silicate sheets.

"In pyrophyllite, two silicate layers are sandwiched in between the so called gibbsite layer. Gibbsite, AL(OH)3, is its own mineral and is composed of octahedrally coordinated aluminums surrounded by six hydroxides. The gibbsite layer (G) in pyrophyllite is identical to gibbsite's structure except that four of the hydroxides are replaced by four oxygens from the silicate layers (S). The overall structure of pyrophyllite can be imagined as stacked S-G-S sandwiches. The bonding between these sandwiches is nearly nonexistent and gives rise to pyrophyllite's softness and perfect cleavage."

For a more detailed analysis of the chemical structure of pyrophyllite go to Ellen Thomas's Lecture.


How Pyrophyllite Clay was formed

Our unique version of pyrophyllite clay, called Sacred Clay, was created millions of years ago, when a huge cataclysmic event in North America, near an area that is now known as Crater Lake, Oregon, caused a thermal vent in the earth's crust to open allowing mineral rich magma from deep within the earth to rise to the surface.

As the surface of the magma cooled it created an air tight cap, keeping the magma sealed and uncontaminated for millions of years. During this process the magma continued to cook at about 3-500 degrees, through what is known as hydrothermal action, creating what we call hydrothermally altered dacite porphyry (a highly condensed mineral soup). During our last ice age, as the glaciers began to melt and move downwards from the mountains, the protective cap was removed, causing the lava to cool. Over time the cooled lava decomposed into this unique and extraordinary gift from the earth: pyrophyllite clay.

Check out the rest of this website to learn of the benefits derived from the use of pyrophyllite clay in detoxification, beauty enhancement, health and nutrition, clay baths, increasing crop yields and plant health, cleaning up the environment, and many other benefits.






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