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Iodine, Sulfur & the Thyroid

Is Iodine Alone Sufficient to Restore the Thyroid Back to Health?

by Michael King


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CC- August 25, 2009 - Iodine, Sulfur & the Thyroid


Complete Session Outline:

Iodine, Sulfur & the Thyroid

A. The Complex Functions and Needs of the Thyroid

1. The Master Gland of Metabolism

a. The thyroid regulates the use of energy.

2. The thyroid controls how quickly the body:

a. burns energy,

b. makes protein,

c. and how sensitive the body should be to other hormones.

3. The thyroid regulates through:

a. (T3) with 3 iodine molecules (active form)

b. (T4) with 4 iodine molecules

c. Iodine and tyrosine are used to form both T3 and T4.) (See below)

4. T3 & T4 hormones regulate:

a. the rate of body metabolism,

b. the growth rates of the body and of organs,

c. the functioning rates of many systems in the body.

5. T3 & T4 are in turn regulated by:

a. pituitary gland - thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH),

b. hypothalamus - thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH).

c. Thyroid health requires nourishment to all three glands simultaneously.

6. The thyroid also produces the hormone calcitonin,

a. Calcitonin stimulates movement of calcium out of the blood and into the bones.

b. Calcium influences bone density and blood acid/alkaline pH.

c. Calcitonin is made of 32 amino acids (underscores the importance of eating

foods high in amino acids (bee pollen, avocados, seaweeds, etc.).

7. Tyrosine Amino Acid and Hormone Production

a. Tyrosine is a precursor to neurotransmitters & hormones:

1). in the brain (L-dopa and dopamine),

2). in the adrenal medulla (norepinephrine and epinephrine),

3). and in the thyroid (T3 and T4).

b. Tyrosine is found in:

1). avocados,

2). almonds,

3). sesame seeds,

4). cultured milk products, (whey, cheese, & kefir),

5) Seaweeds.

8. Iodine - a Non-Metalic Trace Element

a. Iodine occurs mostly in:

1). seawater,

2). salt water brines (sole),

3). seaweeds, algae & phytoplankton,

4). some soils (not a reliable source).

9. Iodine Consumption - Japan vs. US

a. Japan consumes an approximate average of 10,000 mcg (10 mg) of iodine per day from seaweed consumption. (7,000 mcg from Kombu alone)

b. Japan has a low incidence of thyroid and breast disease.


c. United States consumes an average of 167 mcg (.167 mg) of iodine per day.

d. The US has a high incidence of thyroid and breast disease.

e. Established Safety Standard in the US is 1,000 mcg (1 mg) per day.

10. Can you get too much Iodine?

a. Yes, if you are deficient in selenium (and possibly other elements).

b. Iodine in excess of 1,000 mcg (1 mg) in areas of the world with low selenium in the soils or diet experienced elevated levels of:

1) goiter

2) hypothyroid,

3) ocular damage,

4) autoimmune conditions.

11. Iodine requires selenium to function properly.

a. Best source of selenium:

1) seaweeds

2) algae

3) phytoplankton.

b. This is why Japan has low incidence of thyroid problems even with doses of iodine as high as 13,000 mcg (13 mg) per day.

12. Benefits of Sea Vegetables

a. The multitude of nutrients in sea vegetables keeps mineral ratios in the body in a natural balance.

b. Seaweeds, algae & phytoplankton contain hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of nutritional compounds producing thousands of benefits to the body beyond just what iodine alone can do.

c. According to the University of Jena, Institute of Nutrition in Germany, Seaweeds provide:

1) dietary fiber - 46%

2) protein 13-26%

a) red algae higher than brown.

3) 100% of Essential Amino Acids

a) red algae exceptionally high in Taurine (a component of bile and helpful in reducing blood pressure).

4) an ideal balance between Omega 6 & 3 EFA's.

5) A comprehensive array of minerals and trace elements naturally high in:

a) calcium,

b) magnesium,

c) potassium,

d) phosphorus,

e) iodine,

f) selenium,

g) amorphous silica (the element that makes other nutrients bioavailable).

d. Rapid alkaline balance to a perfect 7.0 pH.

13. Cost per nutrient for a pound of Earth & Sea Greens -

approximately 1.5 cents per nutrient per month (at 2 tablespoons of greens per day).

14. Is Lugol's Iodine or Nascent Iodine sufficient to restore health to the thyroid gland?

a. Lugol's and Nascent Iodine contain only 3 nutrients - Potassium Iodide and Iodine.

b. Are 3 nutrients ever enough to restore total health to any part of the body?


B. A Lesson from Life: Sulfur, Anemia Hypothyroidism, Greens & Clay

1. Excessive sulfur lowers iron & copper resulting in anemia & low thyroid function (but is beneficial to those with high thyroid production).

2. Brassica Family and other sulfur rich foods, (broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, spinach, turnips, soybeans, eggs, meat, onions, peaches and pears) are good for those that tend toward high thyroid but are not advised for those that tend toward low thyroid or anemia (unless combined with

iron-rich foods).

3. An excess of Sulfur Salt will also interfere with iron & copper.

a. Some Sulfur Salt (with Sacred Clay in the same day) is an excellent replacement for MSM (another sulfur compound).

4. Sacred Clay is rich in both iron & sulfur and contains copper in a natural balance.

5. Excessive sulfur symptoms reversed in 30 minutes with Sacred Clay & Earth & Sea Greens (seaweeds).

a. Yet, several attempts with Nascent Iodine produced no benefit toward recovery.


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