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Saturday, 15 September 2012 18:00

6 Best Ways to Alkalize Your Body

From Greens to Baking Soda - Earthen Resources
that Help Keep You at an Ideal 7.3 pH.

by Michael King


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CC-December 1, 2009 - 6 Best Ways to Alkalize Your Body



Complete Session Outline:

6 Best Ways to Alkalize the Body

1. Seaweeds and Green Superfoods

Considered to be the most beneficial overall.
Basic requirement:

2-4 Tablespoons per day of seaweeds and/or ocean superfoods

Here are two comprehensive blends for this purpose:

a. Earth & Sea Greens (1-2 Tbsp. per day).


a. Higher cost.

b. Taste (for some).


a. Extremely abundant and comprehensive nutrition of both mineral and phytonutrients (plant-based).

b. Provides the safest and greatest measure of health benefits overall.

c. Excellent track record of success worldwide, both ancient & modern.

d. Fastest and safest way to alkalize the body (regulates both high and low pH to 7.3).

e. Chelation power.

f. Radiation detoxification power.

g. Nourishes the entire hormonal system back to health.

h. Readily bioavailable.


2. Naturally-Occurring, Electrolyte-Rich Mineral Blends

Basic requirement:
1 or more Tablespoons per day
a. Taste & texture (for some).

a. Moderate cost.

b. Relatively high concentration of both acid and alkaline electrolytes per teaspoon.

c. Provides a broad spectrum of health benefits essential to a good health building program.

d. Chelation power.

e. Radiation detoxification power.

f. Provides the foundational building blocks for all biochemical processes of the body – minerals.

Here are a few earth-based mineral sources for this purpose:

a. Ancient Mineral Blend (an alkalizing mineral source),

b. Mineral Manna (A blend of several naturally- occurring mineral sources),

c. Sacred Clay (increases beneficial stomach acids),

d. Ormalite,

e. Vitallite,

f. Earthen Ormus,

e. Himalayan Salt Sole (alkalizing sea minerals).

See also: Clay Water Mineral Drink


3. Seawater Sole from Sea Salt

Basic requirement:

1 or more teaspoons per day


a. Some are sensitive to the high quantities of sodium.


a. Less than 1 cent in cost per day.

b. Comprehensive mineral blend high in amorphous silica.

c. Highest concentration of electrolytes per teaspoon.

d. Chelation power.

To learn How to Make Himalayan Salt Sole watch this YouTube video:


4. Baking Soda

Basic requirement:

1/2 teaspoon 1-2 times per day (or up to 7)


a. Taste (for some, though mild for most).

b. Lowest nutritional profile.

c. Potential serious side effects under certain circumstances.

d. Made only of sodium, carbon hydrogen and oxygen, Sodium Bicarbonate does not provide much in the way of mineral nutrition like an earth-sourced 70+ minerals clay will provide.


a. Very low cost,

b. moderately fast alkalinity.

c. Well documented track record of success and traditional use.

d. Chelation power.


How is Baking Soda made?

a. Soda Ash, mined in the form of the naturally-occurring ore Trona, is first dissolved in water. Then Carbon Dioxide is bubbled up through the liquid causing Sodium Bicarbonate to precipitate as a solid. Underground mineral waters are formed naturally in a similar way.


Potential side effects with excess:

(Regularly check pH of both saliva and urine in order to know when to stop taking Baking Soda.)

a. Excessive alkalinity from regular use.

b. Insufficient stomach acid if taken too close to a meal.

c. Edema due to sodium overload.

d. Congestive heart failure.

e. High blood pressure from excess sodium,

f. Calcium deposits throughout the body among those that consume calcium supplements, antacids, or dairy products.

g. Kidney stones.


PS: This does not mean don't take Baking Soda, just be aware of signs of excess and moderate your intake accordingly.


5. Sunlight Through the Eyes - Increases calcium assimilation throughout the body which increases alkalinity.

Basic requirement:

5-45 minutes per day.


a. Requires learning a simple technique and scheduling time in the day to practice.


a. Zero cost.

b. Provides almost 1 million additional beneficial frequencies resulting in a broad spectrum of health benefits essential to a good health building program.

c. Chelation power.


6. A Diet High in Alkaline Foods, Low in Acid Foods

Considered to be the least effective overall but still a necessary component of staying alkaline.

Basic requirement:

High quantities - several cups per day, Varies per person

Alkaline foods include:

Grass juices,




Dark leafy greens,



Acid foods include:

Sugars, (colas, pastries, candies, cookies, cakes, pies, etc.),

Animal meats of all kinds,

Most grains and breads,



Dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt, etc.),

Coffee (especially when sweetened).


a. The most time consuming (requires time to acquire, prepare, serve and cleanup after).

b. Not always available.

c. Relatively low nutritional benefit per teaspoon.

d. Only mild chelation power.

e. Dietary or lifestyle changes required for most.

f. Food combining rules apply making traditional combinations risky.

g. More likely to be contaminated by GMO or chemical influences.

h. Highest net cost overall per nutritional benefit (in terms of time, money and potential health risks).


a. Fills the belly while delivering moderate, tasty nutrition.



Green Superfoods (without veges or isolated natural compounds), and naturally occurring mineral blends (including unaltered clays and salts) produce the most profound health benefits. Sunlight through the eyes provides additional benefits, though dependent upon length of exposure. In combination with a teaspoon of baking soda every day, and a thoughtful, well combined diet, careful to balance the intake of acid and alkaline foods, your body will naturally stay at the optimal 7.0 pH.


For more insights on how to detoxify, nourish and build health back into the body go to:  OK, So Where Do I Start?

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