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Friday, 19 October 2012 10:03

Bowel Management and Digestive Solutions (Short Version with Audio)

Simple, Natural, Gentle Approaches to Digestive Health

by Michael King


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CC ─ Bowel Management and Digestive Solutions (Mar 8, 2011)

This article was updated Jan 16, 2015 and therefore may vary from the audio

1. Digestive Health begins with proper food combining ─ most importantly:

a) Do not combine oils (or nuts/nut butters) with sweets (or fruits) or starches (breads, grains, potatoes, squash, etc.)
b) Do not eat deep fried food (i.e. chips, fried chicken, etc.)
c) Cook or stir fry with coconut oil, or palm oil, or seseme oil but not with olive oil
d) Do not consume canola oil or soy products at all (GMO)
e) Do not mix olive oil and a sweetener, like honey, in a salad dressing
f) Do not eat nuts or nut butters unless you take them from the shell right from the tree (then only sparingly)
g) Do not do liver cleanses with olive oil and a fruit juice or honey
h) Wheat, barley and rye are mostly GMO influenced grains (even the organic ones), and sprayed with RoundUp, thus the cause of gluten sensitivities: celiac, leaky gut, and numerous other health complaints
i) Add Sacred Clay and Ancient Mineral Blend to your coffee (if you are going to drink it ─ though not recommended) to absorb chemicals, alkalize it and moderate its stimulant effect.

Note: Some like to make a pot of coffee at night and add Sacred Clay and/or Ancient Mineral Blend, then keep in the fridge overnight to let it moderate coffee acids and jittery effects. Just warm it up the next morning.


Go to OK, So What Foods CAN I Eat? for a more complete description of food combining rules for good health and specific food options.


2. Consume 1-2 tablespoons of Sacred Clay per day for a multitude of reasons: from detoxification, to mineral nourishment, to comprehensive digestive health (Clay Water Mineral Drink)

3. Take Digestive Bitters with each meal: 1-4 capsules depending on your ability to digest those foods (cheese, eggs, meats, nuts and other food compromises require more bitters (expect a laxative effect 24 hours later). One cap between meals will help clean the blood. Ancient Mineral Blend at 1.5 teaspoon twice per day promotes a laxative effect within 6-8 hours from ingestion.

Note: Taking more than 1 tablespoon of Ancient Mineral Blend total in a day can result in a slowing of the bowels for some. 1/2 tablespoon at one time, twice per day (like early morning and just before bed) is ideal for most.

Also note: A small percentage of the populous are ultra-sensitive to Ancient Mineral Blend in that it can produce a stronger laxative effect at 1/2 teaspoon or more. If you know you are sensitive to magnesium start with the lesser amount then build up.

4. Take Friendly Flora to repopulate the 4.5 lbs. of friendly bacteria needed for digestive power & total body health. Increases the fullness of evacuation, indicating improved assimilation of recent and former meals.

5. Take Ancient Mineral Blend & Digestive Bitters for laxative regularity. For extreme cases of constipation, call and ask about Strong Action

6. Ingest Fiber Blend (or slippery elm/chia), Immune Power and AquiTerra Clay for loose bowels

7. Consume Earth & Sea Greens (a teaspoon every hour or two or 2 tablespoons per day) to maintain a stable alkalinity near 7.35 pH and to maintain more balanced sugar levels (fewer food cravings due to the profound nourishment)

Many blessings of health & success,
Enjoy these remarkable gifts from Nature!


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