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5 Ways We Set the Stage for Either Disease or Health

by Michael King December 14, 2016

The Human Biological Terrain and Its Impact on Your Life

by Michael King

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Session Overview

The Session Overview below is provided as a courtesy to those who prefer to read than listen, yet on each call additional insights are given which round out the subject.


The Human Biological Terrain

Bottom-line is that disease is not caused by germs, viruses or fungus. Disease is the result of the general condition of the body (or terrain) that is predisposed toeithersupport decay or to support life.



Decay of the human form, referred to as aging, disease and death, is the direct result of a general condition in the body that is toxic, undernourished and weak.



A predisposition toward life, resulting in vitality, youthfulness, agility, mental acuity, exceptional memory, strength, stamina, a bright look in the eyes, and an overall sense of wellbeing, comes about from a general condition in the body that is wholesome both inside and out, fully nourished with foods found in nature, and intrinsically strong, capable of neutralizing pathogenic exposures with ease.


A body predisposed to life does not attract decay promoting microbes or parasites to itself and it does not allow decay promoting microbes or parasites to develop within.


It’s About Sufficiency, Quality and Balance

The biological terrain of the human body refers to the quantity, quality & balance of nutrients, minerals, hormones, and microbial life coexisting within the members of the body. It also refers to the ability of the fluids in the body to sustain this balance.


Much like the atmosphere that we live in and breathe, if it is clean and vitalized by an abundance of ions from a forest or an afternoon storm, we feel good breathing the air. If the air is filled with smoke from a house or an automobile on fire (with all of its array of toxic chemicals) we feel bad when we breathe.


The atmospheric terrain of the smoke filled air lends the body to decay, disease and death. The atmospheric terrain of the ion-rich air feeds the body with life-giving nutrients resulting in greater health, vitality and wellbeing.


5 Ways We Disturb Our Biological Terrain

1)The use of man-made chemicals, poisons, and devices that emit harmful radiation (cell phones, wireless computers and cordless telephones, etc.).


2)Unnatural foods made with chemicals & concentrated sweeteners, over processed, canned or packaged, or grown in depleted soils laden with herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers.


3)The use of pharmaceutical medicines, immunization shots, diagnostic measures and treatments involving radiation, x-rays, and chemical compounds laden with heavy metals, petroleum compounds and minute pieces of biological matter. This arena also includes the use of “natural” vitamin and mineral formulas, hormone replacement therapies, etc. made of only fragments of a whole earthen resource, and which therefore disturb your biological terrain.


4)Homes, buildings and furniture made of toxic materials, prone to mold and fungus, with poor ventilation while circulating dead, low-ion air.


5)The belief in, and the use of, “technology” and money-driven economies, resulting in an abundance of unnatural sounds, pollution and unnatural life-stresses (diversions from your true purpose in life).


5 Ways We Can Improve Our Biological Terrain

1)Go natural whenever possible. Use enzyme cleaners, biodegradable, eco-friendly versions of the same kind of product to the chemical ones. Reduce the use of cell phones, wireless computers and cordless telephones, etc.


2)Eat food from local farmers that you know grow their food in conscious ways (paying attention to the biological terrain of the soil!).

a. Use only natural fertilizers.


b. Learn the secrets of growing insect-free plants and crops using biologically-rich soils and ormus-bearing clays.


c.  Use simple no-till methods of farming and gardening (naturally reduces weeds and enriches the soil’s microbial life).


3)Use whole earthen resources (herbs, clays, seaweeds, pollen, mushrooms, etc.) as your food source and medicine. Spend more time facing the sun and walking barefoot on the earth.


4)Grow evergreen plants near your windows and around your yard for extra ionization of your home. Fill your house with potted plants (I counted 70 plants in my home recently). :-)


5)Reduce your dependence on technology (gradually).

a. Grow a garden.


b. Develop a small 2-3 acre parcel in town, or in the country, or near a forest in such a manner that this parcel will make you completely self-sufficient both from a food & shelter point of view as well as from a financial abundance point of view.


c.  Learn how to convert a simple garden into a massive producer of nutrient-dense, life-giving food for both your family and your community.


d. Be happy, follow your passions, live your dreams, speak from your heart.


With a little effort and a few lifestyle changes made gradually over time (because it makes sense and you are ready for the change), both health and life improve.


Your internal biological terrain is affected by each of these choices, and will take you into greater and greater states of well-being, given the right kind of input from - none other than - you!


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Many blessings of health & success,

Enjoy the simple gifts from Nature!


Michael King
Michael King

Michael King is a Life Enrichment Consultant, a natural intuitive, a researcher of Nature's most powerful healing resources the world over, the author of "Detoxify, Nourish & Build - Three Essentials for Vibrant Health" and the Vital Health News Updates - a periodic newsletter documenting the most life-building natural resources on the planet. Michael is also an advocate of sustainable gardening, environmental responsibility, and an architect of ways to increase global food production.

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