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How to Lose Weight and Build Health with Whole Earthen Resources

February 16, 2017 5 min read

Losing weight does not require that you sacrifice your health through fad products or starvation diets. Excessive weight is merely a sign that your body is undernourished. As strange as this may sound at first, when you look at the facts it starts to make a whole lot of practical sense.

When the body is fully nourished, all systems operate at full capacity performing all of their normal functions required to keep the body in perfect health. Only when the required supply of nutrients run low, or are interfered with by toxic substances or destructive influences (chemicals, processed foods, drugs, radiation, anger & stress, etc.), do the organs and glands responsible for your health begin to malfunction.

One of the natural side effects of malnutrition is the storage of fat. In some cases this is a "famine response" within the body. There is not enough food (wholesome nourishment), so it stores the fat energy for a future day when no food at all is given it. At least the body will have something to burn for energy when the time comes.

Reversing the "famine response" within the body is quite simple, yet requires genuine whole food nourishment that the body will recognize. Once the body gets the signal that the "famine is over", it immediately begins to reverse its "fat storage" process and initiates a "fat burning" process.

All that is required is full spectrum mineral & green nourishment that supplies everything the body needs to perform all of its thousands of metabolic functions. The key here is "full spectrum".

Where are we going to find "full spectrum" nourishment for the body sufficient to meet the total needs of such a complex operation? We need look no further than the source of the body itself - the earth.

The body is made of earthen resources, therefore the only food source that could possibly meet its entire set of biological needs must also be made of earthen resources.

What are earthen resources? Well, fruits and vegetables are earthen resources, yet if these foods are not grown locally and picked ripe just before you consume them, then by the time you prepare to eat them over 75% of their original nutritional value has diminished. This tragic loss often happens within 45 minutes of harvest. If the produce is picked green, much of what should have been stored in the fruit or vegetable during its last days, if ripe, was never fully gathered by the plant.

If the same produce is shipped for a day or two to get to your part of the country, then the nutritional value of the produce is even further diminished.

If the same produce was grown on chemically fertilized soils, then much of the soil bacteria responsible for converting mineral nutrients into plant available nutrients were killed, leaving the produce unable to uptake a full complement of nutritional compounds for you to eat. Thus your "food" is even less valuable as a nutritional source for the body.

If the same produce was grown by a large commercial farmer, rather than by yourself, or by a small caring local gardner, then a rather profound nourishment, that only a small scale attentive gardner can supply, will also be missing.

What is this form of nourishment? Why, it's loving, caring attention. Food grown with love is naturally more uplifting and more nourishing to the body in ways that go far beyond the simple vitamin and mineral elements. How many large commercial farmers provide loving, caring attention to their hundreds or thousands of acres of profit-driven produce?

OK, so commercially grown fruits and vegetables are not full spectrum earthen resources. So, where will we find good, solid sources to nourish our body with, so it will stop storing the "famine" fat and start burning it up instead?

Will we find this food in a laboratory that dissects natural substances, extracts fragments of the whole food, reassembles just a few of its nutritional compounds into a "vitamin" pill, and then tries to convince you that this is real food during your time of famine? No, this cannot be a complete food source either, since it is, by its very nature, only part of a whole food.

Can we look to the pharmaceutical world to see if they have come up with a manufactured version of a complete food that will convince our body that there is no famine after all, and that all is well, "just go back to burning that fat, we'll take care of you." No, nothing in the world of pharmaceuticals comes even remotely close to a whole food, since their entire approach is to extract and isolate "active ingredients", and then synthesize them out of petroleum by-products where ever possible. Synthetic ingredients could not be further from a "whole food", so it has no hope at all of restoring complete health to the wholistic organism called the human body.

So where do we turn? Once again we are left with the one source that has been the true food source for the human body since the day it was first conceived into existence - whole earthen resources. Even though today's fruits and vegetables are no longer full spectrum, there is a veritable infinite supply of some that are full spectrum sources of nutrition for the human body, and these resources hold the majority of their nutritional values long after harvest.

Granted, freshly harvested is always better, but when that is not always practical under the circumstances, there are certain whole earthen resources that retain their values much longer than fruits and vegetables.

Clays, sea salt, seaweeds, algae, plankton, bee pollen, propolis, herbs - these whole earthen resources, left unheated, and unaltered to every degree possible, provide the body with near-full to full spectrum nutrition.

Consume a sufficient abundance of these whole foods every day and your body will quickly get the message that the "famine" is over, it is time to start burning off the fat reserves since there is no longer a need for them.

We are observing that everyone who needs to lose a few, that also follows the Three Essentials Protocol, and abides by a few of the most important guidelines in the dietary section entitled Clean Diet, begins to see a gradual and consistent slimming, coupled with a slow, but steady loss of weight. Those that don't need to lose overall body weight, but still have a pot belly, also start to see a slimming occur.

Whole earthen resources are true foods for the body - foods that the body recognizes and can utilize to start up the thousands of metabolic processes that must be performed every second of every day to keep you in a state of good health.

Supplying the body with these resources on a daily basis, begins the building of health and the return to normal functioning of not just fat regulation, but every other important body process as well - blood sugar, blood pressure, heart function, bone density, energy levels, brain function, sleep, digestion, circulation, and the list goes on.

Just feed the body what it truly needs to function, and it will simply clean house and set about the business of healing itself!

Enjoy the very best of health!

Michael King

Michael King is a Life Enrichment Consultant, a natural intuitive, a researcher of Nature's most powerful healing resources the world over, the author of "Detoxify, Nourish & Build - Three Essentials for Vibrant Health" and the Vital Health News Updates - a periodic newsletter documenting the most life-building natural resources on the planet. Michael is also an advocate of sustainable gardening, environmental responsibility, and an architect of ways to increase global food production.

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