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When is the Best Time to Start a Health Building-Cleansing Program – Before or After the Holidays??

November 11, 2018 7 min read

A Common Sense Approach to Preserving Your Health During and After Holiday Celebrations

Sharing festivities with family and friends is part of what makes life full and rewarding. During celebrations it is common for one's normal diet to go by the wayside in favor of celebration food & drink.

Family gatherings bring together different walks of life, a variety of dietary preferences, and a desire to simply enjoy the moment with family & friends – and rightfully so. Normal food or drink restrictions will not always fit in with the festive atmosphere. Thoughts of cleansing or dieting are commonly rescheduled for well after the festivities are over.

So, unless you plan to abstain from joining in, a few steps taken in advance, a few simple guidelines during, and a good cleanse & build system after, may be the very best thing that can be done.

I know, the thought is, "Why waste the effort to pay attention to anything in advance, knowing any gains will only be lost during the holidays? Engaging in a superfood cleanse & build program prior to or during the holiday seems pointless. I'll just wait until it is all over before thinking about it."

Well, here are five common sense reasons to cleanse & nutrify your body before, during and after the festivities:

Follow these simple guidelines and watch how you sail through the holiday celebrations with greater ease and grace than you have ever known in past years! 

1) While family gatherings and social events can be good for the soul, we already know the food and drink is likely going to be bad for the body. Knowing the body will be taken down a notch, it is simple wisdom to raise the health of your body up a notch in advance so you will at least be able to maintain your equilibrium going forward.   

2) Emotional & physical stress will naturally increase beginning several days prior to the festivities, and will continue until you are again home alone. Sugars, breads, fats, stimulants, alcohol, and various food combining practices tend to increase emotional highs & lows, reduce physical resistance to pathogens, increase body acidity, trigger former health complaints, and set the stage for a greater susceptibility to colds, flus, digestive complaints and depression weeks and months down the road.

Wisdom says:

A) Build physical stamina in advance to insure the greatest amount of emotional equilibrium possible during the times of holiday stress. Focus on building high nutrient profiles derived from herbs and clays to provide the body with the basic building blocks necessary to respond to the holiday stresses effectively as they happen. 

B) During the most active festive days it is also wise to increase your health-building nutrients (especially those that alkalize the body). It is important to increase your digestive & immune support program to keep things moving internally and protect yourself from pathogenic exposures during social gatherings. 

C) Then after the holidays, when the effects of the celebrations begin to show themselves (typically beginning 2-3 days following festivities), it is important to maintain an accelerated cleanse & nutrify program for as long as it takes to restore equilibrium without a health crisis. This may be 3 days or 3 weeks depending on the emotional stress, the diet, and the degree of exposure to anyone who may have been contagious.

3) The digestive powers of the body will be strained to the max during the pre-holiday preparations, during the festivities themselves, and while consuming the eventual leftovers or the restaurant food during travels.

Simple wisdom says to increase digestive support systems designed to insure that you stay regular, preventing stagnation in the gut (the cause of many a health crisis). Do all you can to insure your digestive powers of the body remain at peak performance during the holidays and afterward. 

4) With every social gathering comes an increase in potential exposure to lingering or beginning colds or flus of family members, friends and strangers.

Natural wisdom says, build the immune powers of the body in advance, during and long after holiday events in order to provide your body with the nutrients necessary to gain the advantage over any pathogenic exposure, thereby eliminating the possibility of it taking hold.

5) Pre & post holiday depression is the most common side effect associated to festive celebrations. Depression is triggered by the increase in sugar, nuts, fats, and alcohol consumed during those times. Hormonal dysregulation, spleen blowout, and fungal overgrowth resulting from festive food & drink contribute in major ways to holiday depression. They are all directly connected. 

It is a wise precaution to bolster the hormonal, digestive & immune systems (endocrine/liver/spleen/lymph/pancreas/adrenals/bowels) of the body before, during & after the holiday events to insure the most rapid recovery possible. 

Complete Holiday Recovery System:

How to Enjoy Your Holiday Celebrations and Protect Your Health Simultaneously 

A) Before the holiday begin an alkalize, cleanse & nutrify program to raise your overall health an extra notch. Concentrate on building your hormonal, digestive & immune systems to peak performance to better withstand the stresses of the holiday period. Increase your mineralized water intake first thing in the morning and throughout the day to offset the dehydrating effects of coffee, tea & alcohol (if you consume them).


B) During the days of the festivities increase your alkalizing nutrient intake (seaweeds, algae & chlorophyll-dense, mineral-rich herbs, and digestive support program (bitter herbs and spices) to keep things moving through the body. Digestive bile (your laxative influence) requires bitter herbs and an alkaline environment to be most effective. Consume a greater amount of immune-building herbs & clays to act as a shield against pathogenic exposures.


C) After the holidays continue to build your alkalizing nutrient profiles, maintain an increased hormonal, digestive and immune building program, and intensify your cleansing program until complete balance has been restored.

D) Take clay baths daily, if at all possible, before, during & after the holidays to accelerate the detoxification process and strengthen the immune system.

Follow this simple plan laid out above and the time required for complete holiday recovery will be drastically shortened.  

How do I accomplish this in a simple, well constructed program? (Includes recommended servings for general well being.)

The first two suggestions below are more important than the remaining seven, though each additional component that is added to your program synergistically empowers the speed of health creation and post-holiday recovery.

A) Morning Flushing Drink - Consists of 1 quart of water with any whole earthen mineral source in it, consumed first thing in the morning before other food or drink. My preferred Morning Flushing Drink includes:

Sacred Clay - 1.5 teaspoon

Ancient Mineral Blend - 1.5 teaspoon

Ormalite Clay - 1 small scoop 1/32 tsp. (provided with purchase) (an ormus clay)

Vitallite Clay - 1/4 teaspoon (use only during the day, as Vitallite may keep some awake at night)

(Or take a preblended version with Himalayan Salt called Mineral Mannaless the Vitallite)

The individual clay components can be found here: Clay, Minerals, & Electrolytes

B) Consume one of the following two alkalizing superfood blends prior to or with each meal:

Earth & Sea Greens
Vital Cleanse & NutrifyCombines 5 of our core products into one tasty blend:

Earth & Sea Greens

Fiber Blend

Deep Earthen Cleanse (which includes the next two)

Herbal C

Friendly Flora

Take one tablespoon of this powder in water, juice, or in a salad dressing, 2 or more times per day based on desired alkalizing, cleansing & upbuilding effect. Provides complete vitamin, mineral and phytonutrient support. Immune enhancing, builds friendly bacteria in the gut, increases mental clarity and digestive strength. 

C) Energy & Brain Power

Take 4 caps (1 teaspoon) twice per day. Provides several hours of calm sustained energy & mental acuity. May be taken any time of day up to 5 hours prior to sleep. Does not contain caffeine, ephedra, stimulants or sugar. Consists of herbs and clays that naturally enhance the body's hormonal and neurotransmitter activity. Provides excellent support for the adrenal glands.

D) Digestive Bitters

Take 2-4 caps with each meal and just before bed. Essential for proper bile production (the key to laxativity) and pancreatic enzyme production (eliminates the need for ox bile and digestive enzyme supplements). The pancreas manufactures 20 digestive enzymes, the functions of which target all major food groups.

E) Immune Power

Take 12 or more capsules per day during times of social exposure, then with the first sign of cold or flu symptoms take 6-12 caps every 1-4 hours. Naturally builds immune system activity, essential for the management of pathogenic exposures of all kinds.

F) BloodSugar Balance

Take 4 caps 2 times per day, especially as sugar cravings come on. Builds pancreatic strength (the organ responsible for managing high sugar levels) and adrenal strength (the organ responsible for managing low sugar levels). Helps eliminate sugar cravings.

G) Spleen Builder

Take 4 caps 2 times per day. When consuming sweets, stimulants or alcohol (items which blow out the spleen) increase the quantity or frequency of Spleen Builder to help rebalance spleen function. To understand the pervasive influence of the spleen on physical health read: The Little Known Impact of Your Spleen on Daily Life 

H) Rejuvenation foMen/Women

Take 4 caps 2 times per day. Supports hormone balance across the entire endocrine system. The endocrine system is responsible for thousands of hormonal interactions including energy production, immune activity, improved sleep & overall well being. 

I) Clay Bath Kit

Combines Sacred Clay & Black Beauty. Add 1/4 cup Sacred Clay and 1/8 cup Black Beauty to each bath (or more as desired). Soak for 15-45 minutes, or as long as is practical given the schedule. If clay baths are not possible, a shower slurry (Sacred Clay rub over the body for a minute or two) or a clay foot bath (using half the above amounts for a bath) are suitable alternatives.  


Given the number of people that call me in January and February with depression, digestive problems, skin conditions, and the worsening of former health complaints, it is clear where the source of the problems stemmed. Four holidays from October to January, laden with sugar, alcohol, nuts, amazing meals, and lots of stress lead to the rapid deterioration of health. The trend is very predictable, thus the purpose of drafting the above program. The success of this program is based on a few decades of experience and some natural wisdom. 

I offer these suggestions in hopes of receiving more calls in January and February, only this time, to share how our valued clients survived the holiday festivities and beyond – in good health! 

All the best of health & success. 
Enjoy the simple gifts of Nature.


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Michael King

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