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Life Chats with Oversoul on 2020, The 'Year of Transformation' and Beyond

No one will be left untouched. No one will go away unaffected. This is to be a permanent reordering of life on earth as you know it today.”
(Life Chat with Oversoul October 19, 2019) 

Includes Life Chats from
October 12, 2019 to February 2, 2020
(37 pages)

Covering messages relevant to
preparing for and entering the New Era

Here is a sample of the Preface, Introduction and first two communications, Oct. 12 & 15, 2019:


Coming across some disturbing information from what I believe to be a credible and trustworthy source, I sought information from my oversoul to help me grasp the full potentials here. What follows is the transcript of this one-on-one conversation.

Given other information since from several sources, like Martin Armstrong, Kim Goguen, Michelle Whitedove, a number of insider whistleblowers, and several astrologists, 2020 appears to be stacking up as the most transformative year of our lives thus far.

Change is certain; that is the nature of life. Yet how this year will bring about its changes appear to still remain largely in the hands of the collective agreement of all on earth.

As explained in the dialogue, we are “voting” for events with our thoughts and actions every moment of every day. So the outcome is in flux, by our own design.

What appears to be certain is that by the end of 2020 our lives will be indelibly changed. Life on earth will not be as it was. We are headed for entry into a New Era that will change the nature of life as we know it.

Whether this change turns out to be positive or not for any one soul will be determined by that soul, and whether the change is smooth or turbulent overall will be determined by the collective mind of all humanity.

Many will survive. Many will not. It is important to be prepared in the best way we can.

Geological disasters evoke compassion and unity like none other. Evidently, as made clear in the dialogue below, humanity as a whole is recommending as many of these disasters as are needed to wake up the sleeping masses and unify the human race toward a singular focus of the common good for all on earth.

We are advised to hold the most positive image we can muster up of a smooth transition into the next Era, for our images and commitment to the change count in two ways:

1) How the outcome will unfold around each one of us individually.

2) Our “vote” is being taken every moment, and that vote registers with an influence that is combined with the collective of all thoughts, visions, and expectations of the entire collective of humanity on earth.

The net sum is the singular collective “vote”.

We are all deciding the next course of events with these moment-by-moment “votes”. The more unified we are, the more powerful the shift for the positive, and the more gently we walk into the New Era.

Choose wisely. Your “vote” counts.


The following Life Chats With Oversoul on 2020, the 'Year of Transformation', and Beyond are from the more recent conversations with my oversoul spanning Oct 12, 2019 through Feb 2, 2020.

Such conversations have been ongoing at some level for the last 35 years amidst communications with numerous other guides, higher selves, soul friends, and mentors within the dimensions.

Everyone has the ability to contact and commune with their own oversoul, the part of ourselves we leave behind in the Soul Plane when incarnating into this physical life. Your personal inspirations, intuitive 'hits', and the joy you feel when following your passions and purpose, are the result of your connection to your own oversoul.

While most oversouls will have a name representative of their soul frequency, I prefer to keep the name generic here so it is clear that, if you want information about your own path in life, it is your own oversoul, not mine, nor a popular spiritual guide or master, that you want to connect with.

Many across the planet have made this communication a conscious part of their daily lives. This is an innate skill we all possess.

For those new to the concept, the process is simplistic, and with practice, can be developed giving you the ability to gather wisdom and advice on any issue you are faced with in the moment.

I've written a brief eBook on the subject for those who want to know how to do so, which you can obtain by going to: How to Communicate with Your Oversoul

The following conversations were initiated after hearing about a cryptic prediction for the year 2020. I sought advice from my Oversoul for clarification.

Because the events of this year hold the potential of being the most transformative year of our lives, I felt it time to share some of these insights publicly.

Use your own discernment to decide how this may apply to you.

Michael King

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Life Chats with Oversoul on:
2020, The 'Year of Transformation' and Beyond
October 12, 2019 through February 2, 2020

Life Chat with Oversoul on October 12, 2019

Michael: Kim Goguen made the comment that:

"6 month's time there will be nothing left, literally nothing left for humanity. Everything, including them, loses everything. Trading will resume and cleanup will take place and they will be gone from existence...”  (Published mid Sep 2019)

I am assuming she is referring to an economic event similar to the Great Depression or major bank failures and the elimination of some of the dark controllers on the planet. Do you have a working understanding as to what she is referring to in 6 months. Are you in touch with any councils overseeing these events?

Oversoul: My contact with the councils overseeing the events is sparse and not well connected. So you will want to connect with members of your Guidance Council to get the direct scoop.

However, you are in a position to engage directly with the Planetary Guidance Council as a member of the human race.

What you will want to know first is who is responsible for contacts of this nature and speak directly to or through this representative to get your answers.

M: Did you see this event as a probability in your/our pre-life examination? Have you done any updates since that reveal the possibility, and what does it entail, or who/what causes this event? Is this caused by a solar event (referred to by some as the Solar Flash).

OS: I did not see this on any horizon during preselection phase or after. However, it has come into view since the turn of the century, now that events took a turn in the late '90's. [This is a reference to the Arcon invasion in 1996.]

Once the timelines merged, the options available changed and shifted toward sparing as much of the populous as possible. With this came the possibility of a polar movement coinciding with a solar event, as you suggest, that takes out major communication devices and restores some of the normal harmonic resonances across the planet disrupted by such devices.

M: So, you are saying the 6 month event is a cataclysmic shockwave from the sun that takes out communication and tilts the planet?

OS: The jolt, as you say, will come from the collective consciousness. A small number of readied souls will ascend, resulting in a vacuum effect drawing collective energy into an awakening event.

The effect on the magnetic poles from both of these events will be enough to “rock the boat” in and among humanity while shifting the natural balance of torus stability off a bit, the part related to human contribution to the torus field around the planet.

Earthquakes and torrential rains, plus high winds around the globe of 100+ miles per hour are likely, thus the devastation/disaster in pockets throughout.

This will be the beginning of a New Era for some, but the loss of everything for others among those that remain.

As far as timeline splitting goes, this is less likely. Ascensions will still be possible, even more likely without the mechanical suppressions, yet humanity will wake up together to build the New Era together. 


October 15, 2019

What Can We Do to Prepare?

M: Going back to Kim Goguen's statement, I want to confirm the possibilities here and/or who I should connect with to grasp the importance of the next 6 months.

OS: There are a number of possible outcomes, but one is certain: the world in which you live will be radically altered by then.

Whether this means geophysical adjustments, or economic transformation, or ascension for some, the world you live in today will have altered in a significant way.

M: What can people do to prepare for these changes?

OS: This will vary from person to person. Not all will survive the changes well, that is a certainty. Some will delight in the changes knowing this will lead to a more open social order, one that welcomes new insights, truths of life, technological wisdom (life tech, rather than the death tech of today), and community involvement in all governing decisions.

The people will be more active, finally realizing their very lives are at stake if they don't.

Several things can be done to prepare for those drawn to do so.

One is to organize one's life around two fundamental processes:

  • Pare down life activity to the most essential for both survival and readiness for ascension.

  • Second, elevate thoughts to match a utopian way of living together with the greatest harmony, respect for others, and the pursuit of joy with every action taken.

With these two in place one will best prepare for the upcoming upheavals to their current way of life while preparing best for a New Era – even contributing to its formation in advance in this manner.

Can We Ask for Universal Assistance, or Is This Entirely Up to Us?

M: 5G satellites are being rolled out as fast as possible, already causing great harm to humans, animals, and insects.

If governments fail to stop this destruction, are we free, as a human people, to request assistance from our benevolent friends within our Milky Way Galaxy and beyond to assist us by taking out this diabolical apparatus?

Oversoul: Yes, of course. You have always had access to greater levels of assistance beyond that of what your community and national leaders would provide.

There is however, one caveat: You must engage in the change as the initiator and sustainer of the new direction.

This cannot be done if you will not lead the way. Do all you can on your side, within the structures you find yourself, and commit to a complete follow-through to reorganize your planetary house, so to speak. 

You will need to work together to accomplish this. Without your cooperative spirit, none of it will materialize fully.

You can no longer afford to entertain divisive platforms, nor remain ignorant of the destructive forces behind the implementation of death technology.

Actions must be taken by the people to insure that harmony replaces chaos, kindness replaces ignorant following of divisive agendas.

Inform yourselves, yet choose wisdom and compassion in how you respond to even the most shocking discoveries.

This will not be an easy task, yet your very lives today are on the line. Not all will survive the transition. 

Most will be catalyzed into action, awaken from their slumber or hypnotic trance, and get actively involved in creating the change.

The approach you take today and the images you hold of the ideal end result, as well as the degree of the harmony and unity amongst all, will determine the path you take toward that end result.

Choose wisely, prepare wisely, and act wisely. Your future is waiting for you to give it structure and meaning.

Build your images now for they are the blueprint for your future.


October 19, 2019

Nothing Left for Humanity?

Michael: So Kim said 6 months. From your vantage point, since you are able to see future possibilities, what is likely to happen that will cause there to be “nothing left for humanity”?

Oversoul: Well, there are several ways that the Earth will experience change, so don't take all things literally. The next 12 months will result in radical shifts to the human way of life, some metaphysical, some physical....

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