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Storewide Product Price Adjustment Wednesday August 4th

Storewide Product Price Adjustment Wednesday August 4th

Due to the rising postal, herbal, and packaging costs, it has finally come to a point where price adjustments are necessary.  

We are giving advance notice to those on our Vital Health News email list, and the regular visitors to our site, that storewide price adjustments will commence on Wednesday, August 4th, 2021 until complete.

Online orders will still be possible on this day (without a guarantee of which price you will get at the time). If difficulties arise please call the office at (541) 482-9633.

Also, please make note of the following (in the event these may affect your order):

  • Ormalite Clay prices have already been reduced to make this important resource available in larger quantities during humanity's current transition phase.

  • Sacred Clay prices for 3 lbs. and under remain the same. Sacred Clay capsules have already been reduced.

  • Deep Earthen Cleanse has already been modified and replaced with Deep Level Cleanse

  • Most all other products will see a variable increase from slight to significant.

The following products will be discontinued August 4th:

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