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Slim & Trim Basic Weight Loss Kit – 1 Month Program

The First and Most Important Thing to Do to Shed Those Unwanted Pounds

The Truth About Losing Weight
The truth is, losing excess weight does not require that you sacrifice your health through fad products or starvation diets. Quite the contrary.

Excess weight is first and foremost a sign that your body is undernourished. As strange as this may sound, at first, when you look at the body's natural protective mechanism of storing fat for the next "famine", it starts to make a whole lot of practical sense. 

Typical dieting can also result in some of the greatest weight gain, and the most difficult to peel off again. Why? Because it places the body in a starvation mode triggering protective mechanisms through the storage of additional fat. The more restrictive the diet (without providing the body with solid replacement nourishment), the greater the eventual weight gain.

So how do we make sure the body always has an adequate supply of nutritional resources to meet all of its daily needs, and thereby eliminate the "famine response" altogether?

How to Reverse the Famine Response
Reversing the famine response within the body is quite simple, yet requires genuine whole food nourishment that the body is able to recognize as "real food" (not the denatured, processed food loaded with artificial ingredients).

An abundance of superfoods, in addition to quality, organically grown whole foods, in the diet is the answer.

Once the body gets the signal that the "famine is over", it immediately begins to reverse its "fat storage" process and initiates a "fat burning" process.

All that is required is full spectrum clay minerals & green superfood nourishment that supplies everything the body needs to perform all of its thousands of metabolic functions each second. The key here is "full spectrum", something that is derived naturally from whole herbs, sea vegetables, and clays.

Bitter herbs and digestive spices empower the production of bile and digestive enzymes, thereby ensuring the most nutrients possible are extracted from the foods consumed. 

Clay baths enhance the detoxification process in the most gentle way possible – directly through the skin.

These 4 components form the basis of the Slim & Trim Basic Weight Loss Kit

What is the Success Ratio in Losing Weight for Those Adding the Slim & Trim Basic Weight Loss Kit to their Diet? 

Almost everyone who takes these four whole earthen sources:

1) a green superfood blend (1 to 4 tablespoons per day)
2) a full spectrum clay mineral source (1 tablespoon per day)
3) a complement of bitter herbs and digestive spices to stimulate the body's natural production of bile and digestive enzymes (2-4 caps with each meal and again before bed)

4) and clay baths to draw toxins safely out of the body through the skin 

begins to improve in health, craves less junk food, naturally desires to eat less food overall (because all nutritional requirements are being met from the superfoods), and trims unnecessary cellulite.


Each of these products, or their alternates, can be obtained separately, or you can get the Slim & Trim Weight Loss Basic Kit – 1 Month Program which includes all 4 products in one package:

Vital Cleanse & Nutrify – 16 oz – A broad spectrum vitamin/phytonutrient source
Mineral Manna – 14 oz – A broad spectrum mineral source
Digestive Bitters – 240 – Digestive and laxative support
Bath Kit – (Sacred Clay & the Black Beauty Bath Additive) – 24 oz Sacred Clay / 1 lb Black Beauty – To draw toxins from the body through the skin from head to toe


Just feed the body what it truly needs to function, and the body will simply clean house and set about the business of healing itself! 

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