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How to Reverse the Damaging Effects of Immunization & Flu Shots: A Three-Prong Approach to Heavy Metal Detox and the Restoration of Health


The stories that I read and hear of regularly in my practice about the damage done to children and adults from immunization shots and flu shots are heart-wrenching to say the least. Far more deaths and chronic diseases are caused by these vaccinations than by the diseases themselves.

It compels me to share a way to address the toxicity in the body received from these shots and possibly reverse their damaging effects on the health.

First of all, I will state with full conviction that Mother Nature has not abandoned us at a time like this! There is a solution, and it may be simpler than we think.

I believe the human body is able to heal all diseased conditions, if it is fed the proper holistic resources and the necessary life approaches are incorporated. I do not believe there is an exception to this rule, but free will, a competent knowledge of what to do and what not to do, and a willingness to “go the distance” given one’s unique situation, is essential to ultimate success.

Second, I will make a comment on what does not cause, and what does cause healing to take place in the human body:

There are no substances or processes that can heal the human body – not an herb, a clay, a food, a vitamin, a mineral, not any special laboratory concoction, pharmaceutical drug, acupuncture, homeopathic remedy, exercise, water, or even sunlight.

In every instance the body will take the nutrition (or poison, as in the case of drugs) that we give it, break it down into millions of small fragments, combine these fragments with other resources existing in the body, and continue to combine, utilize and recombine these fragments according to the body’s own natural wisdom – a wisdom that is beyond even the best minds of medical and natural science today. The body will then use these self-determined combinations to shift its imbalances toward a state of balance, wholeness – optimal health.

The point here is that the body is designed by nature, to heal itself when given the proper raw materials from which to construct its own set of medicines. The best we can do is simply feed the body with the kind of building blocks that the body can work with. It will take over from there. The body will break down what we give it and reform it into something it can use in all the right places.

So, what are the best types of building blocks for the body to use to construct its own medicines? – May I state categorically – nothing less than whole earthen resources.

The body is made of the elements (the “dust” or “clay”) of the earth. Therefore, the perfect foods for the body, which have been abundantly provided by Nature, are also resources from the earth – water, clay, herbs, seaweeds, algae, fruits, nuts, vegetables, etc.

Any food source that is less than a whole earthen resource is less than optimal for the human body. A laboratory extract of a whole earthen resource is not a whole food. It is missing much of what Nature built into the whole resource before science decided to take it apart.

Isolated vitamins A, B, C, D, E, etc. are not whole foods, and are therefore incomplete in their benefit to the human body. Minerals in their isolated forms such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, silica, gold, silver, selenium, copper, etc. are incomplete without the full spectrum of 70-90+ minerals normally found in a whole earthen resource such as a clay or a sea salt.

A pharmaceutical drug, an immunization or flu shot, radiation, chemotherapy, hormone replacement therapy, antibiotics, and other unnatural forms of “medicine” are not whole earthen resources, and therefore create imbalancing stresses on the body.

Any natural nutrient that is not a whole food is incomplete and therefore imbalanced. Therefore, it can easily become an imbalancing influence to the body, adding unnecessary “nutritional” stresses for the body to have to deal with. This includes bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, megavitamin therapy, chelation therapy, and many other common treatments from the science of natural medicine.

These additional stresses can result in additional diseases showing up unexpectedly, seemingly unrelated to the original symptoms that the supplement or drug was taken for in the first place.

One example of this is when a calcium supplement taken for osteoporosis actually increases the risk of heart attack and stroke due to the imbalance that an excess of calcium creates with respect to magnesium and copper and other affected minerals. (see article on Megavitamin Therapy)

Diseases caused by an immunization or flu shot (due to their high concentrations of heavy metals, like mercury or aluminum and other unnatural substances), may include autism, neurological disorders (MS, Parkinson’s, ALS, etc.), chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and even sudden death (occurring mostly among infants shortly after immunization).

The body is a delicately balanced natural organism. Feed it a food source that it does not recognize as food, such as a chemical drug, an immunization or flu shot, a pesticide, an artificial food coloring, an artificial sweetener, margarine (one molecule away from a plastic), a typical vitamin or mineral formula built of a number of single nutrients, or any other processed, overheated, pasteurized, altered product – and now the body is stressed even further. It must find a way to balance out the incompleteness, the imbalanced, or poisonous nature of these so-called “foods” and “medicines”.

The answer is to move away from these altered “foods” and move toward living in complete harmony with the “Natural Order of Life”. How was mankind originally designed to live? What is the true design of Nature for the human being? Disease, dependence on drug companies, followed by an ultimately pitiful death? Or health, reliance on a wholesome relationship with Nature, followed by an ever increasing joy of living?

The less stress we add to our bodies, and the more “real food” we feed our bodies, the healthier and more vibrant we become.

The food that supplies the most complete set of nutritional elements for the body to select from are clearly whole earthen resources – sunlight, spring water, heavily ionized forest-type air, clay, herbs, seaweeds, algae, fruits, nuts, vegetables, etc. These are recognized by the body as food. The more we add these to our diet and lifestyles, the more completely we nourish our bodies with the food it needs to simply clean house and heal itself.

I recommend a simple, 3-prong approach to undoing the damage caused by immunization and flu shots, and to building health – I call this protocol Detoxify, Nourish & Build – Three Essentials for Vibrant Health:

1) Detoxify: Remove the heavy metals and other offending substances through clay baths, poultices, shower slurries, foot baths, poultices, body wraps, and the use of well proven clays, herbs, green superfoods, sea salts, water, oxygen therapy, along with sweat therapy approaches like infrared saunas, sweat lodge, cold sheet treatment, and good ol’ hard work in the sun. Detoxification needs to be a daily practice via one or more methods, since toxins enter the body on a daily basis.

2) Nourish: Nourish the body to the hilt in the ways required by Nature for optimal health – this means with “whole earthen resources”.

This includes superfoods like seaweeds, bee pollen, algae, plankton, seawater, clay, nourishing herbs, adaptogenic herbs, and other whole earthen resources.This also means self-grown produce eaten straight from the garden.

Another powerful food source for the human body is sunlight filtering in through the iris (even with eyelids closed when necessary).

Pure, structured and oxygenated water (similar to natural spring water straight from the source) containing an earth-based mineral source (Sacred Clay, Ancient Mineral Blend) is an indispensable form of nourishment which insures a daily infusion of essential mineral electrolytes and hydration.

3) Build: Build strength in the body with powerful adaptogenic and rejuvenative (youth building) substances found organically in Nature.For this purpose we find within Nature an array of adaptogenic herbs and therapeutic herbal formulas, along with rich mineral sources like clays, seawater, pollen, and other nourishing, whole earthen resources.

Look for the Year Round Cleanse and Revitalize Program Guide link in the right column of each webpage for a detailed program description.

By following this basic protocol for building vibrant health, the body is provided with the nutrient building blocks with which to construct its own detox pathways, repair the harm caused by modern medicine, and build physical health to peak levels.

A blessing on your path to optimal health!


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The truth is, not a single product, natural or otherwise (including every one mentioned on this site) is capable of healing the human body. Neither an herb, a clay, a vitamin or mineral supplement, a seaweed or algae, an organic food, nor any other substance is capable of healing the body. In every instance the body will take the nutrition given it, break it down into millions of pieces, combine it with other components already available within the body to make new compounds, then deliver those newly formed metabolic compounds to the places that it knows it needs to go - all according to its own wisdom! In this manner the body creates its own medicines, which are nothing more than its normal complement of amino acids, proteins, enzymes, hormones and a vast number of other natural chemical processes.

Our job is not to target diseases or micromanage specific chemical reactions or hormone levels. Our job is simply to nourish the body with a complete spectrum of the kinds of foods that it will recognize as "real food". Real food is that which is compatible with the organic nature of the body's original construction. The human body is a natural organism. It was created from the "dust (or clay) of the earth". Therefore, the perfect food for the body will also be of earthen origin - unaltered. Earthen resources that qualify as real food include such things as clay, water, algae, seaweeds, herbs, fruits, nuts, seeds, and vegetables. Anything less than whole would not be a "real food". This includes "natural" vitamin and mineral supplements assembled by a laboratory rather than by Nature.

Our job is not to try to improve on Nature with our so-called "science", our job is merely to provide the body with an abundance of real food and let the body decide what to do with it. Earthen resources contain a vast array of nutrient-based building blocks for the body to select from in order to construct its own medicine. It is also our job not to toxify the body with foods that are not real or compatible with the body, and to detoxify all that is foreign and poisonous. In this manner, the body will have the greatest freedom to select from the vast array of resources that we provide in order to simply clean house and build life-giving strength. Again, this entire process is performed, not by our manipulation of chemical reactions, but through our support of the body's own inherent wisdom.

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