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Your Thyroid – Health Foods & Life Events that Diminish or Optimize Thyroid Function

by Michael King August 29, 2020 22 min read

The most common foods and environmental influences that affect thyroid performance, and what you can do to build thyroid power

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    Foods that Increase Glutathione Levels in the Body

    by Michael King August 05, 2020 9 min read

    Nature's Gift of Longevity with Health

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    How to Transform Fear & Anger, Regain Your Power, and Speak Truth in the Moment with Love

    by Michael King May 20, 2019 28 min read

    Any human being, young or old, can inspire, and successfully affect, radical change in the world.

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    The Whole Earthen, Whole Body 14 Day Detox Program

    by Michael King April 02, 2019 4 min read

    Straight from Nature – A Comprehensive Approach Toward Protection From Radiation, Chemicals, and Heavy Metals

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    Nature's 5 Most Powerful Protections From Radiation, Chemicals, and Heavy Metals

    by Michael King April 01, 2019 21 min read

    The Effectiveness of Whole Earthen Resources and the Dangers of Iodine, Baking Soda, and Chelation Therapy

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    Sacred Clay Instructions for Use

    by Michael King October 31, 2018 35 min read

    Over 10 Ways to Use Sacred Clay for Health Maintenance

    Clay & water are the most ancient health remedies of all time for both human and animal. It is my belief that they will be among the ultimate remedies of the future as well. 

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    Anti-Radiation Super Nourishing Casserole

    by Michael King February 26, 2017 1 min read

    Two recipes for the ongoing reduction of radiation levels in the body

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    The Amazing Power of Nature to Reclaim the Wild!

    by Michael King January 30, 2017 4 min read

    Revealing Hope for Plant, Animal and Human Alike

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    Would a Clay or Seaweed From the West Coast Be Radioactive?

    by Michael King November 01, 2016 6 min read

    The Reality Surrounding Food in America

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