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 Detoxify, Nourish & Build –
Three Essentials for Building Vibrant Health

80+ pages includes: 

** the Detoxify, Nourish & Build basics,

** the Clean Diet

** the Clean Diet Recipes

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      In the Three Essentials for Vibrant Health and Clean Diet you will:

      • Discover the #1 natural resource that ultimately leads to Vibrant Health!

      • Discover powerful ways to safely detoxify radiation, heavy metals, & chemicals - easier, more effective, and far less expensive than chelation!

      • Get the details on the most devastating health condition now effecting over 95% of all Americans, what causes it, and what to do about it!

      • Discover 16 categories of Nature's most nutrient-dense superfoods which provide your body with REAL nourishment!

      • Discover 6 categories of Nature's most powerful resources for Whole Body Rejuvenation! (These are some of Nature's best-kept Anti-Aging Secrets!)

      • Receive common sense advice that will surprise even the most health conscious readers, because it goes against the grain of some of the most popular health practices!

      • Learn how to consolidate 50-90% of your current supplements into a few superfood products that cost less, while providing you with 10-100 times the benefits.

      • Discover tasty recipes for health which build friendly flora, nourish the body naturally, balance hormones, improve digestion, and strengthen the immune system. 

      In future Vital Health News Updates you will:

      • Learn basic, common sense principles of physical & inner health which promote a vibrant, fulfilling life!

      • Learn the most effective body detoxification methods for gallbladder, bowels, kidneys & blood.

      • Discover the most nutrient dense foods and most amazing clays on the planet and how they can magnify your sense of well being within minutes.

      • Discover the diet of the cultures on earth that have ZERO chronic health conditions.

      • Learn the secrets of longevity like those practiced by Li Ching Yuen who lived 256 years, outlived 23 wives and has over 200 descendants.

      • Learn secrets of Nature that quickly improve digestion, balance sugar levels, improve heart and circulation, and provide deep, restful sleep.

      • and gain insights into many more life-building choices!

      You will be the first to learn about these life-changing insights and natural resources. These insights, and more, will be revealed in periodic articles which will go first to YOU, before being offered to publishers and later compiled into a book.

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      Enjoy the simple gifts from Nature!

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