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Affiliate and Wholesale Programs

Our purpose for the Affiliate Program is to give back to those that are supportive of the work we do share life-changing information and products with the world. It is also designed to reward each affiliate in proportion to their success for referring customers to us.

Retail Customers
Receive the benefits of referring friends, family, clients and business partners by participating in our Affiliate Program.

There is no need to officially sign up for this program. Be sure to ask your referrals to mention your name during the order in the Comments block, or by email, or by phone. As long as we can connect a new client to you as the referral, we will gladly share 10% of your referral's orders back to you as a Credit toward product purchases. Credits can be applied retroactively if the connection is made after the fact. Many have used these Credits to reduce the cost of their monthly health program and often find their personal program paid for in full by these Affiliate Credits.

We do not pay out Affiliate Credits as cash, only as credits toward future purchases of our products. We have observed that the avid and knowledgeable users of our products tend to produce more in Affiliate Credits and derive the most benefits from this Affiliate Program due to their working knowledge of our products. We have also observed with other herbal companies, that those that intend to promote the products for cash reasons only, without a solid experience with the products, are more likely to exaggerate claims. We prefer a more responsible approach in the referral of our products. Yet even the less avid users of our products will receive Affiliate Credits toward a future order if the product order is made within 12 months of the Affiliate Credit.

Affiliate Credits cannot be used to pay for shipping.

Affiliate Credits are good for one year, after which, if not applied to a product purchase, the Credits will be deleted from our system.

Wholesale Customers
To qualify for Wholesale Orders you must be in the business of reselling the products to clients.

For those who wish to stock our products and share them directly with your clients, you may also call us to obtain information on our Wholesale Program (888-325-1475). Credits earned in the Wholesale Program are greater since you will be spending the time it takes to counsel your clients, develop their protocol, and deliver their products to them. Call to ask for the details on our Wholesale Program to be emailed to you.

For those that prefer not to stock product, develop protocols, or deliver product - but still want to send their clients and friends to us, we will consult with them regarding the benefits of the Vitality Herbs & Clay line of products, take their orders, and deliver the products directly to them.

If you prefer not to stock and resell, and prefer that we spend the time consulting with your client, this Affiliate Program will continue to give you Affiliate Credits for each client that you refer to us. Since we are familiar with our own line and can be precise as to recommendations of our products to your family, friends or clients, referring clients to us directly often works best, especially for those who are not in the direct business of nutritional consulting.

One easy way to share our concepts and herbal wisdom with your clients are to suggest that they go to our website and sign up for our Vital Health News email newsletter (at the right column of all the web pages). With each subscription, links to the most important web pages on our site to be reviewed first will be emailed to them. This is the simplest way to place the most important pieces of information about their health and about our products into their hands.

Coupon Codes
Wholesale customers may set up a Coupon Code for your clients to use when placing orders. We will give each of your clients a free gift with each order when the Coupon Code is mentioned either during an online order, on the phone, by email or in person. This makes it easier for us to connect the dots between you and your client. Call our office to have the Coupon Code Setup information sent to you.
Enjoy the best of health,
The Vitality Herbs & Clay Staff

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