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The Vitality Herbs & Clay facility is located in the beautiful state of Oregon a couple of hours from Crater Lake. If you are in the area and would like to visit or pick up product, call in advance for directions to our facility.

Vitality Herbs & Clay office hours are 10-4 Pacific Coast time Monday through Friday (except holidays). We may be reached at 541-482-9633 or 888-325-1475, or email us below. Phone messages will be picked up during normal business hours, but generally not on weekends.

Saturdays we may also be available for emails and order pickup (with prior arrangement), although we will more often reserve the day to travel, garden, meditate, go to the mountains to collect more clay, and enjoy our families. So, we will not be available on the phone but will try to respond when we notice your communication.

Sundays we are closed for both calls and business (except emergencies) to recharge and focus on other joys of life.

Private Consultations with Michael King are best scheduled during normal business hours.

When communicating with us via email, please do not go into detail about specific health conditions. Email us or call the office to set up a time to speak directly with our Customer Service Reps (free) or with Michael in a paid consultation arrangement. Paid consults are designed for nutritional program development, specific diet structuring, inner healing techniques, life purpose discovery, and tailored life enhancement strategies.

General information on how to use our products or follow our Year Round Cleanse & Revitalize Program is always free. Just call the office to ask for clarification.