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Good physical health is essential to greater spiritual attainment, for only then will our energy be sufficient and our mind clear enough to do the inner work. Michael King

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Can Clay Baths Be Harmful?

November 26, 2019

Is There More to the Picture Than We’ve Been Told?

The following is a comment/response answer to an insightful post by FringeScientist on the Curezone Forum questioning the trustworthiness of clay baths.

The post was made close to 8 years ago. Someone else recently found the post and asked me about it, since at the end I am mentioned personally in the post.

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25 Herbs & Spices That Turn Your Meals Into Your Medicine

November 09, 2019

Common herbs and spices (with 3 example recipes below) that boost your digestive powers, improve nutrient assimilation & increase physical health


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Improve Sugar Assimilation with These Common Herbs and Spices

October 29, 2019

How to improve your chances of chances of surviving sugar-laden holiday celebrations in good health!

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