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Nutritional & Intuitive Consultation with Michael King

Tailored Nutritional Programs, Life Purpose & Life Enhancement Fulfillment, Rapid Inner Healing, and More  

Sessions with Michael King may take place over the phone or in person. At your option, if the session is by phone, the session may be recorded and the MP3 file link delivered to you by email for download to your computer.

Sessions taking place at the office in person are not recorded, although you may bring your own recording device and record them if you wish.

Be prepared with paper and pen for brief notes, although, for those who request a recording, the replay will be available for the more extensive note-taking after the call.

Typically, a large amount of valuable information will be given during the session, so a recording of the session will allow you to relax more during the call without having to take extensive notes and just absorb the information and ask questions spontaneously.

During each Private Consultation a range of personal subjects may be focused on as desired:

  • Intuitive Health Assessment - which may include insights into the physical workings of your body, original spiritual/physical/emotional root causes, etc.
  • Tailored Nutritional Programs & Dietary Suggestions
  • Rapid, Gentle Healing of Inner Issues & Life Traumas
  • Intuitive Read on Your Life Purpose/Soul Path/Oversoul
  • How to Live Full-Time in Your Passions, Skills, and Purpose
  • Secrets to Manifesting Your Dreams & Desires
  • Increase Your Soul's Presence in Your Life
  • A Powerful Approach through which to Find Peace with Yourself and with Others

Call the office to set up this appointment directly (541-482-9633 or 888-325-1475). A Customer Service Rep will contact you to set up an ideal time and day. Most sessions will vary in length based upon the questions that you may have. 

Consultations will be billed after the session then added to any product order to increase Volume Product Discounts (though sessions themselves are not discounted).

Sessions may last from 15 minutes to 2 hours and will be prorated at $120 per hour ($30 per quarter hour, $90 per 3/4 hour, etc.) and may continue for as long as questions remain.

While Intuitive Consultations with Michael are billed and prorated based on time, there is no charge for herbal product discussions with our Nutritionist regarding how to use the products, diet, and supplement questions, etc.

So, feel free to call the office for basic questions of this nature, saving the more specific health & inner-work questions for the Private Consultation with Michael King.

Once you have set a day & time for the session with the office, prepare a Statement of Intent describing in a few words or sentences what you intend to accomplish during this session. The focus of the discussion will center around your Statement of Intent.

Statement of Intent
"I have intent:
     1) to know...
     2) to create...
     3) to heal...
     4) to become..."
(any one or all, as desired).

Your statement will help concentrate the session on the topics most important to you.

PS: Below are a few links of interest which cover the basics of our recommendations in certain areas. Reading the following articles may answer a number of questions and/or provide a basis of understanding around how & why our programs are structured the way they are.

As both a disclaimer and a bit of earth-based wisdom, it is very important to understand the natural principles upon which any recommendation made by Michael & the office staff are based.

The foundational health & healing understandings are spelled out in this first article:

The Truth About Building Health
Understanding the Power of Whole Earthen Resources to Build Health Naturally

What follows are 2 links to the most important articles to read next as these articles provide the essential basics of our recommended diet and the inner healing approach taken:

OK, So What Foods CAN I Eat?
Over 100 Foods You Can Eat (with Some Discretion)
Food Combining Rules included

How to Transform Fear, Regain Your Power, and Speak Truth in the Moment with Love
Any human being, young or old, can inspire, and successfully affect, an improvement in the world – without leaving home.

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