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About Vitality Herbs & Clay

Our Mission Statement

Our passion is to advance human life through education, earth-born products, inner healing, sustainable growing practices, and lifestyle improvements.

Our objective is to merge the worlds of spirit and physical, mental and emotional, and thereby open the heart to a more purpose-oriented life.

We offer pathways to self-healing through both the botanical nourishments from Nature and the personal introspections that constantly remind us of the True Nature of Life.

Our products are designed with love and a vision of how they may change lives for the better.

These products are our own food. They are the means through which we sustain our own health. We strive to give ourselves the very best we can and provide the same to you.

We recognize the importance of being living examples of what we teach. We advocate a sensible, gradual approach to changing lifestyle and dietary habits, transforming the inner self, developing self-reliance, sustainable gardening approaches, and assuming environmental responsibility.

We look to the future of our children and grandchildren and ask "Will their world be better than ours?"

We acknowledge the reflections of the world around us as being images of that which lives within us. Therefore, to access the power to change the world, we know we must go first within to correct the internal pattern within us equal to the world's reflection. There we heal, there we change, and there we succeed at making this world a better place for all to live.

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