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1-The Perilous Future of Humanity and the Dawning of the Great Upliftment (eBook)

 Urgent Actions Required!

Grasp Pivotal Revelations Crucial to the
Restoration of Humanity and the Earth 
and What You Can Do
to Improve the Outcome

13 chapters, 111 pages of
vision, wisdom, and answers

------   ---   ------

About the Conversations in this Book

It is obvious that our civilization is in the midst of a radical transformation. We are at a crossroad.

The path we choose will determine our future destiny as a global community.

This book is the record of a conversation between myself and Celius, a solar being of light and potential future self, who once traversed the time we are in during his own soul journey.

I am asking some pointed questions about the obvious demise of our civilization and what our responsibility is as individual participants, if we are to improve on the dire outcome that faces us today.

Table of Contents

Prologue:  Background on How This Dialog Came About 

Chapter One:  We Will Learn Our Lesson This Time 
”Greater revelations will be brought out with a speed and volume unlike any time in history prior to this one."

Chapter Two:  Food, Water, Electricity, Weather, and Financial Events 
“This is not a warning, it is already too late to prevent much of what I have just described.”

Chapter Three:  Geological Events, Weather-Related Disruptions, and the Departure of Souls 
“Evolution is the overarching directive principle.”

Chapter Four:  More on the Departure of Souls from Planet Earth 
“What you will encounter in the next few years of your life will be the greatest transformation in human history.”

Chapter Five:  Ecology, Energy Production, and What It Will Take to Save a Majority of Our Population Today 
What is important, is that you recognize what degree of personal inner work will be necessary for even a small group of souls to be more powerfully influential.

Chapter Six:  The Shift of The Ages 
“We are not willing to do this for you. You have a role to play in your own evolution as a human species.”

Chapter Seven:  Genocide and the War For Your Soul 
You will not be able to make a change outwardly, without changing
your inner selves first.

Chapter Eight:  The Urgency of the Moment and a Lesson from
the Beetle Community 
To access the power of your true spirit, you must have visited your darkest nights, and selected the response of love and truth at those very depths within.

Chapter Nine:  The New Asset-Backed Financial System
“The power to change the world is in your willingness to change yourselves.”

Chapter Ten:  Requirements for Participating in the Golden Age 
“A great equalizing will occur.”

Chapter Eleven:  The Restoration of the Earth, Assistance from the Stars & From Within the Earth, Alien Invasion, and the Universal Council of Origins 
“Join the crowd of witnesses who have only your best interest at heart—those who cheer you on to greater heights of evolution as a soul, as you solve the problems that challenge your civilization at this great transitionary junction in human history.”

Chapter Twelve:  Obstacles to Ascension, the Powers of Life, and the Art of Light 
“Do you see the magnitude of power available to you to address all manner of evil?  It is hinged to a recognition of the unity of all life everywhere.”

Chapter Thirteen:  My Personal Inner Healing Process 
“You came forth from my bosom, therefore we are one.”

Epilogue:  The Secret to Exiting the Matrix