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Clay Bath and Beauty FAQs

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Drawing from a popular European practice, an All Night Foot Poultice can serve as an excellent accelerator to any detox/rejuvenation program. Simply mix 1 pound of Sacred Clay and 1/2 pound Black Beauty. If Black Beauty is not available, substitute water with 1/2 cup Sole (or add 1-2 tablespoons of dry sea salt or Himalayan Salt to the water). Add 1/2 cup of water, Sole or salt/water mixture, and mix to a thick paste.

Spread the mixture over both feet, top and bottom, approx 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick. Slip a grocery bag or zip lock bag, over each foot, (or wrap in saran wrap) to hold moisture in. Put socks on to hold it all together and go to bed. The next morning, unwrap in the tub or shower and rinse off. Enjoy the lighter, zestier feeling, increasing with each All Night Foot Poultice. Excellent for reducing excess swelling.

Rubbing a small handful of Sacred Clay into the hair and leaving it there for a minute or more (as long as you wish), will clean and nourish the hair, detoxify the scalp and reduce unfriendly microorganisms. It leaves the hair soft and manageable. No shampoo needed. A conditioner is optional.

Caution: All chemicals in the hair will be absorbed by the clay. This includes hair colorings. Test a small area for a prolonged period of time to see if the clay will change the color of your hair, then use at your own discretion and risk. The results are unknown at this time what changes may occur.

There have been no studies done to determine what improvements to the hair and scalp may take place if the Sacred Clay is used in this manner. Common sense says the silica in the clay and the hair are a good match for each other. If you experience improvements and want to share it with us (or with the world) feel free to call or email us with your story.

We have observed a softening and tightening of the skin and a slight smoothing of some wrinkles, but not all. Adding coconut oil and other oils to the Sacred clay and/or skin gives the appearance of wrinkle reduction due to the temporary saturation of the skin with the oil. Wrinkles are largely due to skin dehydration and hormonal imbalances in the body, originating from exhaustion of the kidney and adrenals. The formation of orthosilicic acids along with the minerals in the clay may help restore power to the kidney and adrenal glands and may slow down wrinkle development, but we do not claim it to be a wrinkle eliminator.

Clay is known worldwide for its extraordinary powers for improving beauty and skin condition. Sacred Clay will draw toxins and impurities from the skin leaving it healthier, younger looking and more alive.

A clay bath is normally accomplished with 1/2 cup of Sacred Clay placed in the water (or first rubbed onto the body for a more profound effect - this is called a "body slurry"). 1-3 baths per week are the suggested therapeutic frequency. 1 clay bath per week is the suggested maintenance frequency. Adding 1-2 tablespoons of quality sea salt to the water (and/or body slurry) enhances the ion exchange at the cellular level and reduces possible detox symptoms. More salt than this may result in an increase in heart rate, and for some, blood pressure, due to the increased circulation stimulated by the electrolytes in the clay and the salt combined.

For an even more powerful detoxification experience use the premixed Sacred Bath packets or bulk powder. Sacred Bath contains Sacred Clay, Humic and Fulvic Extract, Himalayan Salt and Ormalite. A single packet (1/3 cup) is all that is needed for an effective, detox experience.

Caution: When placing the clay in the water, stay close to the water while pouring, or mix the clay with some water first, then pour into the tub (or rub on your body). The dry powder is very fine and will create a dust cloud that lingers in the air and may cause difficulty breathing. Avoid breathing the dust of this clay while mixing or pouring. If a dust cloud is created, turn the overhead vent fan on and leave the room until clear.

A body slurry done with the clay just before sitting down into the water speeds the removal of toxins closest to the surface. Best applied in the tub or shower to avoid a mess. No need to wait to get into the water after rubbing the clay on, unless you want to. The initial detoxing effect takes place electromagnetically and happens immediately.

No herbs have been added to this clay, though one may do so if they wish. The temperature of the water can be as hot or warm or cold as you want it to be, it does not matter with this clay (although excessive heat tends to drain the energy from the body). Just be comfortable. All action is done electromagnetically at the ionic level, and temperature does not affect it that much in this case.

For the body slurry, the ratio of water to clay is about 1 part water to 2 parts clay. (For 1/2 cup of clay add 1/4 cup of water plus a tablespoon more of water.) For best results, dissolve 1 tablespoon of quality sea salt in 5 tablespoons of water (1/4 cup plus 1 tbspn.), then add this saltwater brine to 1/2 cup of clay, and stir into a thick paste.

Rub this mixture all over the body while standing in the tub, then sit down. Once you are in the tub the clay will easily fall off into the water and continue to draw toxins from the body for the length of the bath. Due to the potency of this clay (especially in combination with sea salt), no more than 1 cup of clay is needed for an effective detox bath, although if more clay is used the detoxification experience is quite powerful. Detox reactions can be expected for a few days following.

The average length of a clay bath is 30-45 minutes as desired. Make the temperature of the water whatever is comfortable. The objective is to enjoy the experience.

Be advised: The Sacred Clay possesses strong electromagnetic forces that bond tightly to toxins. This strong attractive force is evident when the clay bonds to chemical toxins on the palms, fingers, fingernails, or on the feet causing a temporary discoloration. The creases in the skin, the cuticles, and under the nails may turn dark or light gray. No amount of scrubbing or soaps seems to get it off. It will wear off in a day or more by itself. This is an indication of toxicity that had buried itself in the skin and the clay formed an inseparable bond with it. The toxins were bonded to the tissues and the clay-bonded to the toxins. Soon the skin and toxins both are shed naturally. Eventually, as the body gets cleared of the toxins, this graying effect will cease to happen and the clay can be handled freely without discoloration. The graying effect, while unpleasant at first, is evidence of the clay's powerful ability to neutralize harmful substances in the body.

1 lb. of clay is 2 cups (4 baths). 2 lbs. of clay is 4 cups (8 baths). 5 lbs. of clay is 10 cups (20 baths).

Reuse of the Clay in the Tub: Unless you have reason to believe the clay remaining at the bottom of the tub is excessively toxic (as can happen during the first few baths), the residual amounts of clay left on the bottom of the tub after the water has drained out can be reused requiring less new clay to be added to the next bath. Just place a washcloth in the drain and allow the water to drain out. What's left can be used again with a little extra fresh clay.

Soap Ring: Initially, a soft scummy ring of orangish brown may form at the water level. This is soap scum from previous baths being softened by the clay. It will now be easier to clean off, and future clay baths are likely to leave the tub cleaner than usual. The appearance of black silt at the bottom of the tub is, in most cases, just components of the clay that separated out in the water. In some cases, however, this may be the result of toxins that were removed from the body. (One man who had spent years in the automotive industry changing oil found a 1/8th inch thick slick of oil at the bottom of his first bath.) As a precaution, it is advised to not reuse the clay at the bottom of the first three baths.
Once again, no claims are made and your personal experiences are welcome.

Caution: It has been observed that towels in contact with wet clay for a length of time may get discolored orangish brown. Even drying off when some clay may remain on the body has discolored some towels. Nothing seems to work to get out these stains (or lack of dye if absorption is the reason). Therefore it is advisable to use old or dark towels in conjunction with the use of the clay or be sure to rinse thoroughly before drying.

When a bath tub is not available or preferred, a 1-2 minute (or as long as desired) body slurry during a shower is a refreshing way to clear energetic static and surface toxins. Just mix the Sacred Clay and water in a bowl with a seal tight lid (to keep extra shower water out). Optional: add a Sacred Bath to every pound of Sacred Clay to increase the Shower Slurry detox experience. Notice the energetic lift and sense of well being after a minute or so of rubbing a thin layer of the Sacred Clay onto the body. A Shower Slurry just before bed is a great way to reduce restless legs and improve sleep.

If you are on a septic system and the tub water goes into your septic tank, you will notice an improved bacterial action in your septic system and the elimination of septic odors, (if any previously existed.) The clay draws out any chemical contaminants passed to the septic tank from human waste (containing possible pharmaceutical drugs, processed or nonorganic food, etc.), household cleaning chemicals, bleaches in toilet paper products, or chemical residuals from nonorganic farming practices (pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, etc.) that seeped through the ground into your water supply. Therefore the natural bacterial action of the septic decomposition process will be greatly enhanced.

Clay sediment will go to the bottom of the tank providing a longer term benefit to this detoxifying effect from chemicals entering the septic system and will be removed during normal septic cleanout. Since the clay enhances the normal biological action, it is possible that septic cleanout will not be required as often. The addition of Black Beauty to the bath water will further improve septic biological action, again reducing cleanout requirements over time. Since Himalayan Salt is used to culture sauerkraut, it is also conceivable that the salt will help culture the septic debris speeding its breakdown.

If you have any concern over the addition of the clay or the Black Beauty entering your septic tank, you may put a washcloth over the drain as the water goes down to minimize the clay going into the septic, then wipe up the remaining clay/humic substances and throw it onto your garden. Some use the tub water to water their house plants and garden with excellent results.

There is a great benefit offered by this clay to plants, produce, fruit, to the soil's biology, and to the cleanup of our environment.

There is nothing more gentle in the realm of detoxification than a clay bath or shower slurry (for those who do not like baths). A shower slurry is accomplished by simply spreading a thin layer of a moist Sacred Clay paste all over the body and hanging out in the shower for awhile. A clay bath is accomplished by adding a half cup or more (even several pounds) to your bath water and basking in the warmth for 30 minutes to an hour or more, as desired. The addition of sea salt and/or humic substances to your clay bath increases its detoxification potency.

A clay bath is a gentle, yet powerful detoxification method due to one simple fact - toxins are able to leave the body through every skin cell from head to toe at once.

More effective than foot baths, more effective than Epson Salt baths, and more effective than isolated poultices, clay baths draw toxins out of the body simultaneously from every square inch of the skin surface exposed to the clay.