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These are the key areas of known benefits of Silica Rich Clay in the agricultural arena:

1. to increase plant growth;

2. to increase crop yields;

3. to increase nutrient content within produce;

4. to increase mycorrhizae population in soils;

5. to strengthen plant stalks;

6. to increase disease resistance within plants;

7. to reduce fungal growth;

8. to reduce insect attacks on plants;

9. to replenish mineral depleted soils caused by over-farming;

10. to detoxify toxic soils;

11. to rapidly convert conventional farmlands to organic farmlands;

12. to reduce phosphate and chemical runoff into our streams and lakes;

13. to clarify polluted waters;

14. to improve the health of barnyard animals;

Currently, there is ongoing research by several major universities and other scientists worldwide in the area of silica based fertilizers. Results of this research and testing show great promise in agricultural sustainability and the ability to increase crop production, while at the same time reduce the need for N.P.K. fertilizers.

Research has shown that silica fertilizers have the ability to rematerialize the soil, increase crop production by 20-50%, increase nutrient values 20-50%, lower production costs, increase resistance to drought and freezing, decrease the amount of water needed for irrigation, and increase plant resistance to pests and insects.

How do agricultural practices used today disturb our eco system?

Today's agricultural practices are causing a severe loss of our natural ecosystems. By adding significant amounts of environmentally detrimental nitrogen, phosphates, and pesticides to our farmland, plus huge quantities of synthetic herbicides and pesticides, we are increasing the level of toxins and pollutants in our groundwater and surface water at an alarming rate. At the same time, most agricultural soils are being heavily depleted of nutrients, which then creates crops that are nutrient deficient.

Sacred clay contains a higher electrical charge than other clays giving it an unusual advantage in the agricultural industry in reducing both insect and fungal presence. The exceptional charge allows the clay to stick to the underside of a leaf during a dry dusting for the plant, creating an inhospitable environment for both insects and fungus. This electrostatic characteristic of Silica Rich Clay is unique in the fertilizer & clay industries.

Liquid Gold turns your fields and greenhouses into a gold mine. Plants tend to grow faster with larger leaves, more abundant blossoms, longer lasting flowers, larger, better tasting and more nutritious fruit, produce and grains. Indoor dormant plants begin to grow, sprout leaves and flower, even in the middle of winter. Flowers are more abundant and appear more brilliant in color. Liquid Gold supports the growth and replication of worms, bacteria, enzymes and mycorrhizae. Fruiting season is increased in duration. Hardiness during heat and cold spells are increased. Reduces insect attraction to plants.

Seeds soaked or spritzed with Liquid Gold prior to planting and seeds germinated with Liquid Gold tend to produce more robust starts. A greater number of plants tend to germinate and survive transplantation. Apply as early as possible in a plant’s life to achieve the best results. Soils preconditioned with Liquid Gold during the dormant season tend to produce even hardier plants the following season. (Works best when added to chemical free or filtered water sources and organic fertilization practices, thereby providing the best environment for soil biology to proliferate.)

According to tests conducted with water from Hurricane Katrina as well as from an Algae riddled Koi Pond, the effectiveness of Sacred Clay in restoring the lake, pond, river, contained water, air or soil is clearly seen.

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