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In order to build health in the body, a wise, common sense first step is to remove the offending substances causing a lowering of health in the first place. This means - detoxify.

Detoxify, Nourish and Build.

Whole earthen resources. The body is made of the elements (the "dust" or "clay") of the earth. Therefore, the perfect foods for the body, which have been abundantly provided by Nature, are also resources from the earth - water, clay, herbs, seaweeds, algae, fruits, nuts, vegetables, etc. Any food source that is less than a whole earthen resource is less than optimal for the human body. A laboratory extract of a whole earthen resource is not a whole food. It is missing much of what Nature built into the whole resource before science decided to take it apart.

The body is made of earthen resources, therefore the only food source that could possibly meet its entire set of biological needs must also be made of earthen resources.

What are earthen resources? Well, fruits and vegetables are earthen resources, yet if these foods are not grown locally and picked ripe just before your consume them, then by the time you prepare to eat them over 75% of their original nutritional value has diminished. This tragic loss often happens within 45 minutes of harvest. If the produce is picked green, much of what should have been stored in the fruit or vegetable during its last days if ripe, was never fully gathered by the plant.

Toxic overload from the environment, foods, pharmaceutical drugs and medical treatment, and from "natural" health supplements that are not whole food based.

Nutritional imbalances & deficiencies from low mineral content in the soils that produce our foods, the nutrient depleting sugars, caffeinated beverages, stress & toxins from our fast-paced lifestyles, and from the incompleteness of our "natural health" supplements & diets that have interfered with the bioavailability of the nutrients that do exist in our body.

Fungal overgrowth as a net result of the use of a single dose or more of antibiotics (yes, even as an infant, and yes, even only once) followed by the standard American diet high in fats, sugar, processed foods and chlorinated water.

Adrenal & hormonal exhaustion from stress, sweets (even most of the "natural" ones), defense responses to the toxins, and a minerally depleted diet, compounded by the nutrient-depleting effects of fragmentary "natural" supplements.

A disease is the sign of an inherent imbalance. Restoring balance and health to the body is much simpler than it seems. The work has already been done for us. The resources are abundantly available. The human body is perfectly capable of healing itself when given the wholesome resources provided to us by Nature.

The less stress we add to our bodies, and the more "real food" we feed our bodies, the healthier and more vibrant we become and we will be stronger in fighting and protecting our bodies from these diseases.

• Fresh, ion-rich, highly forested air, adjacent to a waterfall or spring,
• Sunlight (especially through sun-gazing),
• Deep underground aquifer water influenced by a lava-rich environment,
• Mineral-rich Sacred Clay,
• Angstrom mineral Ormalite Clay,
• Other clays in certain instances,
• Humic substances derived from ancient forests composted over millions of years,
• Himalayan Crystal Salt and other unaltered sea salts,
• Seaweeds of a large variety,
• Dark chlorophyll-rich algae and phytoplankton,
• Mineral-rich grasses and grass juices,
• Nutrient-dense herbs and berries,
• Cultured foods (miso, sauerkraut, kim chi, raw goat milk cheese, lacto-fermented vegetables and whey),
• Fiber-rich foods that also contain a strong nutrient base such as chia seed, flax seed, slippery elm, marshmallow root,
• Certain therapeutic and adaptogenic herbs,
• Garden produce grown by my own hand and eaten directly from the vine.

1. Highly charged water (used for drinking and bathing)

2. Sunlight

3. Electrolyte-rich clays and ocean salts

4. Stem cell enhancing foods like bluegreen algae, seaweeds, and phytoplankton

5. Adaptogenic herbs

6. Angstrom minerals found in Ormalite Clay

No. It is not considered to be good because a person is not sure about the health of these vegetables and fruits. Conventional fruits and vegetables are sprayed and treated with highly toxic herbicides and pesticides, plus chemical fertilizers. Soils on most commercial farms are highly depleted of nutrients. Some oranges have been found to contain absolutely no vitamin C. Even large-scale organic farms have challenges with getting the proper nutrients to the crops.

When the body is fully nourished, all systems operate at full capacity performing all of their normal functions required to keep the body in perfect health. Only when the required supply of nutrients run low, are out of balance, or are interfered with by toxic substances or destructive influences (chemicals, processed foods, drugs, radiation, anger & stress, etc.), do the organs and glands responsible for your health begin to malfunction. And in this way, a body starts gaining weight to store energy reserves for the future, or to isolate excesses of sugar, fat, and toxic waste it is unable to metabolize or excrete.

Vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are only fragments of their original whole food source are inherently imbalanced. They do not contain all of the other nutritional components that Nature knew were necessary to function properly in the human body. Fragments of whole foods do not function in the body the same as the original whole food itself.

About 25% of our body's protein is collagen. Collagen is very important because it is a major structural protein, forming molecular cables that strengthen tendons and the vast, resilient sheets of tissue that support the skin and internal organs.

It may be surprising to learn that ocean water, the juice of seaweeds and human lymph fluids have the same chemical mineral composition. Dr. Rene' Quinton discovered that a diluted version of pure seawater used as a complete replacement for blood allowed the natural biology of a dog to rebuild its full red blood cell count within four days. The dog continued to live another five happy years.

There are 117 known elements related to the Periodic Table, of which 94 are commonly found on the earth. Minerals are typically either pure forms or combinations of the 94 common elements. There are over 4,000 minerals known to exist, with more being discovered all the time.

Here are a few examples of the more commonly known functions of minerals in the body:
The mineral phosphorus is the gatekeeper that allows nutrients through the cell walls and into every cell of the body.
Calcium and magnesium are utilized in the contraction and relaxation of muscles.
Silica is utilized in the elimination of heavy metals (especially aluminum) from the system.
Copper is involved in energy production, as well as hair and skin coloration.
Sodium is essential to maintaining normal fluid balance, as well as normal muscle & speech coordination.
Manganese is utilized in the proper digestion and assimilation of food, balancing blood sugar levels.
Iron is essential to carrying oxygen into every cell of the body.
Boron is vital for the utilization of energy derived from fats and sugars.
Potassium & calcium are central to the regulation of heart rate and blood pressure.
Magnesium is foundational to converting blood sugars into calm, sustained energy, burning fat, maintaining normal heart rhythm, blood pressure, strong tooth enamel, and a positive mental attitude.
M-state elements are the smallest version of pure source minerals, smaller than both colloidal and ionic. M-state elements include monatomic (single atom) and/or diatomic (double atom) forms of an element. Elements commonly found in the m-state are gold, silver, rhodium, iridium, platinum, iron, and copper.

Himalayan salt adds additional electrolytes to the water along with additional minerals. Electrolytes provide the ions necessary for the movement of toxins & nutrients into and out of the cell walls. An abundance of electrolytes speeds the removal of heavy metals, chemicals, petroleum byproducts, viruses, bacteria, the reduction of fungus, and numerous other toxins.

There are a number of clay mines in the world, yet this deposit, located near Crater Lake, OR, seems to be the youngest deposit known, the most beneficially unique in its composition, and possibly the largest in the world.

The advantage to being a young deposit, (young is relative to how many thousands of years ago did its lava bed cool), is that the older beds are generally at the stage of returning back to rock and require extensive milling before they can be used effectively. Many sites are deeply embedded within a mountain and therefore require extensive excavation to get to them. Local polluting influences relative to these mines are unknown.

The young clay deposit in Crater Lake is immediately on the surface, it exists in a soft enough form to require only a small amount of milling to prepare it for agricultural use, with the more refined aspects of the clay being reserved for personal and internal use.

Sacred Clay from Crater Lake has also been referred to as "Primordial Clay" due to its source being the result of the cooling of an underground lava bed probably millions of years old. The deposit has been relatively untouched by modern pollutants, plant and animal decomposition and other environmental hazards. The area is surrounded by National Forests so other industries have not affected its pristine nature.

Humic & Fulvic Substance is the basis of the dark coloration of the bath water. Humic & Fulvic Substance is derived from the decomposition of an ancient forest and vegetative matter millions of years ago and is one of the most potent cellular detoxifiers known. Enhanced with Sacred Clay, the two break down heavy metals, chemicals, radiation and other toxins, converting them into harmless components or mineral compounds. These are two of Nature's most effective transformative agents utilizing natural processes commonly found in good organic soil. It is largely due to the humic and fulvic acids in combination with the rich silica and high electrolyte content of the clay that produces the strong magnetic draw of toxins and their subsequent breakdown.

Detoxification is one of the more widely used treatments and concepts for good health. It is based on the principle that illnesses can be caused by the accumulation of toxic substances (toxins) in the body. Eliminating existing toxins and avoiding new toxins are essential parts of the healing process.

External detox methods such as a clay bath or a shower slurry.
Internal detox methods which in general, are the best remedies, come directly from the earth - water, Sacred Clay, humic substances (from ancient composted forests), seaweeds, sea salt, specific herbs and chlorophyll-rich foods. These natural resources comprise the most effective detoxifying substances known on the earth today. Internal and external methods work together.

The Sacred Clay possesses powerful attractive forces which draw chemicals, heavy metals, radiation, petroleum, bacteria, and other toxins to itself. The pain and discomfort of detoxing are most often due to toxins only partially removed from the body, now hanging out in the tissues. If toxins are only partially pulled from the body (which can happen when using the clay by itself without salt) leaving some toxins still in the tissues, detox symptoms of low energy, sluggishness, irritability, spaciness, flu-like symptoms, achiness, rashes, or an increase in pain, etc. may occur. Once removed, they cease to cause the discomfort.

Due to the abundance of electrolytes (and therefore available ions) in sea salt, it helps minimize detox reactions by speeding the transfer of toxins from the body. Ions are the transport mechanism of substances in and out of the cells. The more ions present in the body, the more efficient the cells are in delivering toxins to the surface of the skin and on into the clay. If detox symptoms take place, the best remedy we have found is, surprisingly, another clay bath as soon as possible with added salt. The second bath usually completes the process of removing enough of the offending toxins to eliminate the discomfort.

Therefore, more frequent clay baths during the first few days of a detox program are preferable, (rather than stretching the baths out over time), so as to remove as much of the toxins as soon as possible. Utilizing as many detoxing methods as possible at once with this clay seems to produce the best results with the least amount of discomfort. Several 5 Minute Swishes (see below) in conjunction with the bath will further speed the removal of toxins from the body.

If detox symptoms persist, take another clay bath or perform a shower slurry (below) as soon as possible and continue repeating the procedures (always with salt) until the discomfort is completely relieved. Drinking a quart of water charged with sea salt and possibly the Sacred Clay and Mineral Manna also helps the body to flush the toxins from the system faster, easing stress on the liver and kidneys.

A few people notice increased urination when first taking the clay. This is the body flushing toxins. It will pass, but if it is too uncomfortable, discontinue for a while or reduce your dose to detox more slowly.

Constipation from detox is experienced by about 5% of the people. (Most are slightly accelerated.) Repeated clay baths or shower slurries, etc., and/or swishes (below) reduce body toxicity and replenish minerals and electrolytes necessary for proper peristalsis of the bowels. Constipation eventually gives way to excellent or slightly accelerated movements as toxicity is removed from the body and minerals are replenished.

A few people will experience bowel flushing when taking the clay at first. This too will pass with time. The body is flushing toxic substances from the bowels rapidly in order to protect you from reabsorption. The toxins are likely poisonous enough to warrant rapid removal. Again, further clay baths, even clay poultices on the gut, will reduce the overall body toxicity and shorten detox reactions.

The clay is also rich in electrolytes, and therefore provides an abundance of available ions for the movement of toxins through the cell walls and out into the clay. Ions are the transport mechanism necessary for both toxins and nutrients to pass through the cell walls. They are, in a sense, the gatekeepers.

Ions cause nutrients from the clay to move more easily from the clay to places in the body where they are needed most. Adding salt to the clay increases the number of available ions and minerals, thereby speeding the removal of toxins from the body as well as the infusion of minerals into the body.

When the first sign of a detoxification reaction occurs, it is advisable to take a Sacred Clay Bath as soon as possible. This is the fastest way to speed the Detox process and reduce symptoms. If a bathtub is not available to you, a Shower Slurry is an effective option (rubbing Sacred Clay all over then waiting a minute or more before rinsing off).

Diseases caused by an immunization or flu shot (due to their high concentrations of heavy metals, like mercury or aluminum and other unnatural substances), may include autism, neurological disorders (MS, Parkinson's, ALS, etc.), chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and even sudden death (occurring mostly among infants shortly after immunization).

We currently use vegetable capsules made from pullulan. Pullulan is a natural and environmentally friendly substance derived from a fermentation process. In the past, we used gelatin capsules, as the vegetable alternatives available at the time were not easily digestible. We have since found a safe alternative: vegetable capsules made from pullulan. Pullulan is water extracted from fungi. It is candida yeast free, non-GMO and there are no toxic chemicals involved in growing, harvest or extraction. There is no production waste to damage the environment. Also, pullulan forms an oxygen barrier 9 times stronger than gelatin, resulting in better protected nutrients as well as a longer shelf life for the products. We feel we are now providing you the best vegetable capsule on the market today.

Xrays will have some effect on the herbal formulas, but minimal due to the high mineral and seaweed content of most of the formulas which provide them with a type of sympathetic resonance reduction of x-ray influence. The clay products are immune to the x-rays, being aspects of nature that are used to protect animals and people from radiation exposure and to cover radiation disposal sites.

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