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Three Essentials for Vibrant Health: Detoxify, Nourish & Build - a Brief Overview

February 16, 2017 10 min read

The 6 True Causes and 3 Obvious Solutions for Physical Discomforts

The truth is, diseases of the body are never the cause of poor health, they are merely a grouping of symptoms for which the medical profession has given a particular name. These symptoms will always have one or more underlying causes, none of which carry a disease name. 

The 6 Foundational Causes of All Physical Discomfort

Life settings and personal choices from conception forward form pivotal patterns around and within us that determine our state of health. What we do to improve on these preconditions determines how well we succeed at building & maintaining our health.

 Here are the foundational reasons (primary causes for) why health deteriorates, revealing in this brief outline the secrets to how best you can reverse poor health and restore a vibrant & healthy existence:  

The 6 True Causes

1) Imagery - the inner image built of attitudes, beliefs, expectations, etc. that set the conditions for one's future state of health,

2) Toxic buildup (environment, home, work, medical treatment, inheritance)

3) Malnourishment (common health foods are nutrient deficient)

4) Poor diet (especially combining oils and sweets, like in dessert)

5) System weaknesses (spleen, adrenals, digestion, circulation, hormones, etc.)

6) Life setting and lifestyle habits (modern technology-driven lifestyles deteriorate health)

The middle four are addressed with a simple combination of "whole food, whole earthen" resources which both detoxify and nourish the body in a full spectrum way.

The first, (the inner state), is certainly intertwined with our dietary habits, prompting the myriad of choices that we make, and is addressed with another process (The Gentle Art of Self-Healing).

The last reveals the path to the ultimate solution to perfect health, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical), yet requires such a change and effort that few will choose to go this far. For those that do the rewards will be extraordinary, for it solves the first five over time and through generations without external nutritional support. Until then, the dietary guidelines and herbal/mineral programs will serve as steping stone support to greater vibrant health.

Lifestyle changes will be discussed briefly, though the big picture on that one will be reserved for another time.

For now, the following overview is dedicated to the nutritional aspects of the health-building process.

The "Whole Earthen" Approach to Food and Supplements

Whole earthen resources (meaning food from Nature, not groups of vitamins and isolates),address health at the level of physical root cause. It recommends the use of whole food, whole earthen resources - not isolated fragments of whole foods (which are inheriently incomplete and therefore imbalancing), which make up the majority of the health food supplements, vitamin & mineral formulas, etc.). Whole earthen resources are "real foods" that the body easiliy recognizes as food, and knows exactly what to do with.

The protocol also suggests dietary changes that go against the grain of much of today's "natural food" diets. Yet these are the secrets to the program's success!

The program will eliminate the need for 90% of most people's stockpile of "natural" supplements (mainly because most of what is offered and promoted are mere fragments of whole foods or whole earthen resources, not the whole plant, or salt, or earth itself).

Fragments of a natural resource will only imbalance the human body due to the fragment's own basic imbalance or incompleteness (see the article on Whole Food Nutrition which discusses the dangers of "fragmentary medicine").

Whole foods, clays, salts, seaweeds, algae, pollen, seeds, etc. contain hundreds of nutritional compounds, magnetic and energetic influences, and produce many times the benefit of a mere fragment of the whole resource (like just the calcium or magnesium, or folic acid, or vitamin A or C, or some "scientific" combination of such nutritional fragments).

Whole earthen resources build strength in the body and restore normal hormonal, digestive, nervous, and circulatory functions in ways that fragments are simply incapable of doing.

Since the two basic underlying biological causes of all disease involves toxicity and malnutrition, by addressing these two areas first, the body will be given the first two basic foundations necessary to build dynamic health. From there it will be necessary to continue the process of increasing strength and internal balance through the regular use of adaptogenic herbs, superfood greens and the mineral blends.

Year Round Cleanse & Revitalize Program - How Does It Work?

The Year Round Cleanse & Revitalize Program consists of a group of six products, each of which address in their own way the three most essential components for establishing a more vibrant sense of wellbeing 1) detoxify the offending substances from the body, 2) nourish the body to the max with whole earthen resources, and 3) build system strength (such as the immune system, the digestive system, the cardiovascular and nervous systems, etc.).

The program simultaneously works in all three essential areas - detoxify, nourish & build - at the same time. Clearly one's self image and diet will play big roles in building health, yet these three, detoxify, nourish & build, encompass the immediate essentials to begin with. Diet is actually a part of nourishment, yet the quantity of nutrients in the health food consumed today has become so depleted, this food quality deserved its own category. We will discuss diet, then in tandem with the importance of consuming foods that retain an abundance of nutrition (herbs, superfoods, clays, seaweeds & algae).

Health building is accomplished naturally as the toxins leave, as the nutrients in the foods consumed increase, and as additional herbal formulas are added to the regimen to work on building strength back in specific body systems that have suffered over the years.

Four Basic Conditions Common to Most of Us

It is clearly observed that the majority of Americans (and probably the world) deal with four basic conditions that interfere with normal health and well being:

1. Toxic Overload from the environment, foods, pharmaceutical drugs and medical treatment, and from "natural" health supplements that are not whole food based.

2. Nutritional Imbalances & Deficiencies from low mineral content in the soils that produce our foods, the nutrient depleting sugars, caffeinated beverages, stress & toxins from our fast-paced lifestyles, and from the incompleteness of our "natural health" supplements & diets that have interfered with the bio availability of the nutrients that do exist in our body.

3. Fungal Overgrowthas a net result of the use of a single dose or more of antibiotics (yes, even as an infant, and yes, even only once) followed by the standard American diet high in fats, sugar, processed foods and chlorinated water.

4. Adrenal Fatigue & Other Hormonal Imbalances from stress, sweets (even most of the "natural" ones), defense responses to the toxins, and a minerally depleted diet, compounded by the nutrient-depleting effects of fragmentary "natural" supplements.

To get the true skinny on these four important areas affecting our health today sign up for our Vital Health News Updates at the bottom of this page to get our free e-book Detoxify, Nourish & Build - Three Essentials for Vibrant Health.

The Whole Earthen Basic Foundational Program supplies the body with:

A) Minerals - a broad-spectrum of macro minerals, trace minerals, angstrom (M-state) elements, isotopes, rare earths, along with the associated electromagnetic and etheric qualities (as undisturbed as possible from their wholly natural state).

B) Phytonutrients (Vitamins & plant-based nutritional compounds) - a full spectrum of whole plant-based nutrition found in superfoods like seaweeds, algae, grass juices, herbs, and adaptogenic plants, (no vegetables have been included - since they are generally nutrient-weak and would only water down the formula).

C) Adaptogenic Resources - These are the herbs and clays that move the body's extremes back into central balance. They are included to build strength, balance, energy and greater youthfulness in the body.

D) Earthen Clays with exceptional properties in areas of heavy metal and chemical detoxification, balanced mineral nourishment, digestive improvements, creating an environment suitable for the propagation of probiotics throughout the body, rapid injury regeneration, and many other benefits.

These full-spectrum mineral and phytonutrient complexes were built by no one but Mother Nature.

The natural full-spectrum earthen resources built into the Cleanse & Revitalize Program even help replenish mineral and phytonutrient imbalances caused by taking typical concentrated or isolated vitamin and mineral combinations (such as cal-mag supplements, vitamin formulas, or other laboratory concocted groups of vitamins and minerals not made of whole food or whole earthen resources).

Such holistic combinations found within theYear Round Cleanse & Revitalize Program make taking supplements made of only fragments of a plant or earthen material unnecessary, thereby saving the consumer hundreds of dollars of unnecessary expense, while simplifying their program to just a few whole-food based supplements.

Add pure mountain spring water, (or a local, highly charged source), an abundance of sunlight, a conscious diet, regular prayer/meditation/chi gong, along with some self-grown garden produce, and you have just given your body all that it needs to simply clean house and heal itself.

What's in the Year Round Cleanse & Revitalize Program?

The following six products are the most highly recommended products to begin with in order to implement an effective health building program. They are designed to cover as many basic essentials, with as few products as possible, in one package for the development of vibrant health.

The Year Round Cleanse & Revitalize Program

1) Vital Cleanse & Nutrify – This becomes the staple. Contains a very comprehensive list of naturally-occurring, whole earthen phytonutrients (plant based nutrition), which include vitamins, amino acids, enzymes activators, proteins, natural fibers, and plant-based minerals.  

2) Alfalfa-Nettle Combo – Composed of Alfalfa Leaf, Nettle Leaf, & Nettle Seed, the combo supports hormone regulation, improved digestion, adrenal strengthening, and kidney function. 

3) Mineral Manna – A comprehensive mineral resource, naturally high in electrolytes, macro & trace minerals, ormus elements, and humic/fulvic earth, providing an array of essential trace minerals which build strength in all of your hormone producing glands. Also provides a moderate laxative effect helping to promote regularity.

4) Digestive Bitters – Assists your body in the daily task of liver bile and pancreatic enzyme production, performing vital functions of liver detox, gall bladder clearing, cholesterol maintenance, the digestion of fats, proteins, and the removal of plaque in the small intestines.

5) Immune Power – A strong immune system is essential to good health. Use this formula as a daily preventative measure. Always have some on hand for that moment when the first tickle or health compromise is felt. A strong dose at the earliest stage can prevent or minimize the onset of a compromise, saving days or weeks of recovery!

6) Bath Kit (Sacred Clay + Black Beauty)
 – Clay Baths, facials and clay packs are an essential part of the most effective detox strategies. The Sacred Clay in this kit (but not the Black Beauty) can also be used for internal use as a both a mineral source and an internal detoxification program.

Together, this dynamic combination, with which to detox, nourish the body & build system strength, contains the clays, humic/fulvic earth, seaweeds, herbs and chlorophyll-rich superfoods that neutralize toxins, improve digestion, balance hormones, and build the nutrient stores of the body. 

The Cleanse & Revitalize herbal and mineral formulas provide an almost complete food source for the human body (possibly 80% of the body's complete nutritional needs, with the rest coming from sunlight, fresh air, steamed or dried mushrooms, and home grown garden produce) and can replace or supplement 1 or more meals per day, readily satisfying that "munchie" feeling. Most other foods are consumed for entertainment purposes, as comfort foods, or just to have that feeling of fullness in the belly.

Noticeable improvements are generally felt from Day 1 on this beginning program.

Year Round Superfood Cleanse & Revitalize Program Guide PDF Download

For those who prefer to engage in a more accelerated health building program, it is recommended to combine the Cleanse & Revitalize Program with additional System Builder Options:

What are the Most Important System Builder Options to Consider?

To take the Year Round Cleanse & Revitalize Program to the next level, one or more System Builder Options are worth considering where an emphasis in a specific area is desired:

Kidney & Adrenal Builder- Kidney and adrenal health is central to overall constitutional strength. Due to the rampant condition of adrenal fatigue, this formula is an important consideration.

Adaptogen & Mushroom Blend- Two of Nature's finest strengthening and balancing agents, adaptogenic herbs and nutritional mushrooms, as primary ingredients in the same formula.

Revitalize for Women (or Men)– Excellent for improving the balance of hormone levels, increasing energy and sexual performance.

Friendly Flora – Designed to rapidly increase probiotic presence in the intestines. Made from the fermentation of Soil Based Organisms (SBO’s) and algae. The SBO’s are combined with a number of prebiotics to proliferate their development in the gut.

Thyroid Balance – Includes some of Nature’s finest nourishing superfoods that build endocrine strength overall with special emphasis on improving thyroid function.

BloodSugar Balance – Designed to improve sugar metabolism and increase pancreatic function. Balances sugar levels after consuming sweets to reduce the jitters or that wigged-out, fuzzy headed feeling. Reduces cravings for sweets.

Day Calm & Deep Sleep – A natural blend of herbs that promotes sleep, deepens rest, and allows you to easily get back to sleep after getting up in the night. Improves sleep quality even if you already sleep well. Contains herbs and nourishing influences that stimulate natural melatonin from your own pineal gland, human growth hormone (HGH) from your own pituitary gland, and other system balancing influences from adaptogenic herbs that rejuvenate the body while you sleep. Combine with Vitallite, Ormalite or Earthen Ormus just before bed for even better results. Keep a glass of Earthen Ormus, Ancient Mineral Blend on the nightstand for those extra difficult nights. A capsule or two during the day helps to calm and center the mind, reduce stress and soothe nervousness or anxiety. Not habit-forming and will not cause drowsiness in the morning.

Back, Muscle & Joints – Nourishes the muscles, tendons, cartilage and bone stimulating the body to repair and build, thereby reducing pain while improving function naturally. This is truly a remarkably effective formula for all parts of the body. I call it "Chiropractor in a Bottle" because it helps Chiropractic treatments hold longer by addressing the cause of misalignments - toxic tension in the muscles and deteriorated cartilage, bone or tissues from overacidity and mineral deficiencies.

Memory & Mental Clarity – Helps to increase mental focus, clarity of mind and memory by stimulating the growth of additional neurons.

SumaRaj Tea - A 70+ herb blend designed to provide a superior alternative to coffee and black or green tea (which tend to increase insomnia). Dark, rich and uplifting without the caffeine jitters. This nourishing drink reduces cravings for food and allows you to work with less stress, more energy and a happier frame of mind.

Additional considerations, where a specific interest in their indicated areas are desired, include: Herbal OxygenLungsHeart, Circulation and NervesBowel ManagementEyes, Teeth & HairHerbal CBee Pollen PropolisLiver & Blood CleanserDeep Level Detox.


Together, the Year Round Cleanse & Revitalize Program provides a comprehensive approach through which to develop optimal health and a vibrant sense of well being! Even just a few of the basic nutritional measures above will form an excellent beginning - and often times with astounding results! 

Year Round Superfood Cleanse & Revitalize Program Guide PDF Download

Such are the natural gifts from earthen sources!

Enjoy the very best of health!

Michael King
Michael King

Michael King is a Life Enrichment Consultant, a natural intuitive, a researcher of Nature's most powerful healing resources the world over, the author of "Detoxify, Nourish & Build – Three Essentials for Vibrant Health", the Vital Health News Updates – a periodic newsletter documenting the most life-building natural resources on the planet, The Blessing Transformation, and the co-author of Life Chats with Oversoul – an ongoing dialogue designed to gain clarity and direction while navigating the immense changes going into the New Era. Michael is also an advocate of sustainable gardening, environmental responsibility, and an architect of ways to increase global food production.

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