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Herbs & Superfoods FAQs

Herbs & Superfoods
︿Which one works best for a good night sleep: Ormalite or Day Calm & Deep Sleep?
Together they work best. Both work differently. Ormalite relaxes and centers the mind and hormonal system, while Day Calm & Deep Sleep works to calm the nerves and sedate the body into a natural deep rest. These two in combination with StemEnhance produce the best sleep yet, also making it easier to get up in the morning early.
Do any of your products have any effect on gallstones?
Digestive Bitters improves bile flow and subsequent dissolving of liver, gallbladder, kidney, and bladder stones. It stimulates digestive enzyme production by the thousands. These enzymes are naturally generated by your own pancreas, stomach, liver, spleen, and intestines.
What is in Fire Subdued?
Fire Subdued is the same formula as Fire minus the Bird's Eye Cayenne.
What is in Fire?
Fire is a spicy hot blend of Nature's finest circulatory stimulants including Bird's Eye Cayenne, Ginger, Horseradish, Prickly Ash, Hawthorn Berry and several other extremely beneficial herbal ingredients. Designed to enhance the delivery of oxygen & nutrients to the cells, improve digestion, and draw toxins from the cells.
What is in the Earth & Sea Greens with SBO's & Fiber
A phytonutrient (plant derived) combination based on whole land plant & sea vegetable superfoods, clays, herbs & pollen. No vegetables are included in this formulas so as to provide the most nutrient dense resources in the greatest abundance possible. Earth & Sea Greens with SBO's & Fiber are also the beginning of the internal detoxification protocol.

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