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The Life Transformation Script

How to Improve Your Health and Design Your Own Destiny Within Minutes 

The images we hold in mind lay the foundation for the experiences that we magnetize to ourselves.  Our personal opinions about our health and life experiences are consistently being replicated within the body every day.

The Life Transformation Script is designed to install into the subconscious and conscious mind new images of health and the attainment of life goals, thereby replacing previous deterrent beliefs, expectations, images, traumas, and concepts within minutes.

The select image, sequence, and elevated vibration of the phrases within the Life Transformation Script, when focused upon daily, produce a powerful effect on the psyche, and thereby stimulate a healing momentum within the body.  It can also blaze a new timeline for your life—one that you design for yourself.

Repeat each phrase in bold once or twice followed by 5 or more deep breaths.

The phrases will do two things:

  1. Bring resistant beliefs, perceptions, and memories to the surface that oppose the positive images of each phrase

  2. Flood your consciousness with the healing Love, Light, and Life of the One Infinitely Powerful, Infinitely Loving Source of All

Immediate inner shifts in perception take place.  This results in a palpable paradigm shift within and a release through the breath of the magnetic attractive field associated with the former perceptions, memories, traumas, etc. 

Healing, to the degree of what was felt into during that initial minute or so, takes place instantly with each exhale of the breath.

Then, as the healing Love, Light, and Life of Source fill the body and aura with an in-breath, this high frequency image performs an immediate and permanent transformation of that one level.  

This initial level of healing may take no more than 1-2 minutes depending on inner attachments and resistances to letting go of old paradigm belief systems, self-judgment, etc. 

Beneath this first level lies the undercurrent issues that have played a role in the making of the unhappiness, limitation, and ill-health all along—which will also have to be looked at and healed in a similar fashion in order to take this healing to its deeper levels. 

While focusing on the levels of discomfort, memories, traumas, etc, it is important to step back as a neutral observer.  Adopt the viewpoint of unconditional love.  No judgment, no blame, no shame.  Just neutral acceptance, that allows it to be whatever it is.  

In fact it is even helpful to let the issues grow inside until every morsel of its nature is seen and re-experienced for just a few seconds.  In doing so, the issue will eventually exhaust all of its internal charges causing it to dissipate into the wind, thus the importance of breathing out this old energy with strong, natural exhales. 

Within a few breaths the tensions and discomforts will relax and dissipate.  You will enter into a place of quiet stillness to some degree.  In some cases this will be a mild improvement of relaxation and a sense of inner freedom.  In other cases, depending on the depth of the healing experienced, the peaceful space entered into can be quite profound. 

As the quiet peaceful space is entered into, it is time to fill the empty space with a new image.  Visualize the positive images described in the phrase that you are on.  Then immerse yourself in this positive experience mentally and emotionally to every degree possible in the moment.

Internalizing these new positive images is highly transformative.  Your body will respond immediately and progress steadily toward the new images daily.

Transformative Breathing

Breathe deeply (especially with deeply felt yawns signifying deep level releases) until the qualities related to the imperfection have fully released, resulting in a state of peace and stillness inside (which may take about 1-2 minutes or more).

Breathing deeply is done for several reasons:

  • Deep breathing releases old constructs and breathes in the new images of wholeness and perfection

  • Deep breathing oxygenates the body, infusing life energy into every cell

  • Deep breathing increases positive electrical energy throughout the body (the key to raising cellular voltage to healing levels for rejuvenation)

Every minute spent applying these principles results in permanent transformations of subconscious patterns with corresponding physical improvements and life path adjustments.

The repetition of each phrase followed by deep breathing is designed to ingrain the concept of perfect health or a new direction in life into the subconscious and release old concepts of limitation.

Deeper subconscious patterns will continue to surface over time.  Address each in a similar fashion by affirming the positive while noticing a resistant place inside.


A steady improvement in areas of your selected focus is certain to follow.

Daily Application

Complete health and healing is possible to the degree of your willingness to engage with your subconscious imprints long enough for them to melt away and release through the breath, and as you adopt more positive images in their place. 

Make mental note of immediate improvements felt as you progress through the phrases.

Each affirmation, felt experientially, draws you closer and closer to your ultimate goal of complete healing and establishing the attractive forces for the wisdom and opportunities to be drawn to you and you to them.

Upon completion anchor the uplifted state by placing your hands in the prayer posture over your heart to anchor the new inner clarity permanently within.

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