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Nutritional & Intuitive Consultations FAQs

Subtle Improvements in Personal Power:

It may be helpful to understand how Nature works. When you focus on an area that has caused you pain, anger, fear, etc. and notice how it feels and where you feel it most, then apply the methods, you will notice an immediate reduction in the unpleasant feelings and a subtle increase in peace. The more you apply the same technique to what remains, going down through the layers, the more this feeling of peace grows. With the peace comes more of your original power as a divine being. This is a gradually growing process which takes place to the degree that the underlying layers are dealt with. The key to success is inner clarity.

Inner clarity rises out of choosing loving responses in places where unloving response had been chosen previously. For most people, this involves hundreds of thousands of layers of unconsciousness developed over the eons of time as a soul. A week's work produces subtle improvements in your power, a month even more, and a year even more.

Everyone, including myself, tends to get angry with their own slow progress at first. The short-tempered will tend to give up and thereby lose immense amounts of time, repeating the same mistakes because they did not want to do the inner work. They wanted a quick fix, and not have to feel very deeply in the process.

The wiser of the world will recognize the immense amount of inner work that has to be done and stick with it until visible results begin to show up in their material world (for me it was 6 months of 5-15 hours a day of this work to begin to see my first success). Yet today it often takes only a few minutes or seconds, unless the issue is bigger or deeper, or tied into the larger collective mind, then it may still take days or months to get significant results.

Ascended masters have been waiting thousands of years in some instances to see the planet move through its load of "stuff". Yet their own world (inner experience) is more enjoyable than ours.

I have been applying this method now for over 15 years. It was slow going at first due to the wealth of unhappiness that lived inside. Yet I began to notice first how much better I felt about old unhappy issues and memories. This changed my responses to these same people and memories. This changed the kinds of decisions I made, how I spoke to people, and how happy I felt, naturally. Life got better to the degree that I felt better inside.

That is the true test of the program's worth, do you feel more yourself and more at peace and more stable when confronted with a difficult circumstance?

One of the natural side effects of long term application is the inner clarity about lotteries and gambling. Since they are based entirely on the win-lose system, the advanced soul will not turn to them, but will instead turn to personal creations drawn from soul inspiration. This is a seemingly slower, more methodical approach (leading to better relationships, better business deals, new ideas and the willingness to work at and follow through with the new ideas, etc.), yet more solid and reliable. Yes, with more work involved or more new skills to learn.

Those unwilling to do the extra work, especially at first will not gain the long term results.

With more inner work, intuition increases in measured degrees which become the guiding light regarding what steps to take next. Mistakes become inspirations to dig deeper inside and create greater levels of inner clarity.

Inner clarity leads us away from the get-rich-quick, to focus on the solid creative method working in total cooperation with the Natural Order of things. Skill at this approach can bring extremely high rewards both financially and otherwise, and at times very quickly, yet usually there are years of inner clearing that precede the "fast" results.

My successes were not overnight, years of inner healing preceded the seeming overnight successes I spoke about once. I applied the methods for 12 hours, or 6 hours, or 2 hours, or even 30 minutes, sometimes only a few brief seconds with a resultant feeling of total confident inner knowing. This is only possible after a lot of the background noise of unhappiness, doubts, and fears have been looked at and loved into a transformation - and this takes time and consistent application.

Blessings on your journey,

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