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Practitioner's Info on the Cleanse & Revitalize Program plus System Builder Options

Building herbal programs to meet specific objectives requires some thought and planning, for the variables are immense, and need to be carefully weighed to come up with the most concise and effective approach. 

The foundational approach of having a basic protocol for everyone (that covers most essential things in general, like comprehensive herbal nutrition, digestion, alkalization, etc., complemented by a number of System Builder formulas to address individual needs) are what went into building my lineup of formulas originally. 

With some tweaks mentioned below, I feel a well rounded approach that can be adjusted with each person can be developed to satisfy a variety of purposes. 

The first list of products (below) form the Base Protocol called the Cleanse & Revitalize Program and is designed to serve as the foundation for all purposes, including:

  • weight loss
  • arterial/cholesterol improvements
  • detoxification
  • hormonal balancing
  • alkalization
  • digestive improvements
  • remineralization
  • pathogen/parasite reduction
  • energy building
  • mental clarity enhancement
  • and rebuilding of all major body systems.

This Base Protocol includes: 

Vital Cleanse & Nutrify
Herbal C
Digestive Bitters
Sacred Clay and Black Beauty (Bath Kit)
Mineral Manna 
Friendly Flora
Immune Power

Here is a link to an overview of a general Cleanse & Revitalize Program that may be of help:

This is just the basics needed by all interested in higher levels of health, and serves as the cornerstone of a larger program in the event someone wanted to place an increased emphasis on one area or another, such as hormone support, weight loss, spleen restorative, sleep, blood sugar, parasites & pathogens, liver cleanse, joint repair, etc. (System Builders

System Builder Options

These “System Building" options round out the basic program with areas of specific interest to each client. Here are the suggested products associated with each of your desired protocols:

1) Detoxification - Add Hyssop Mint Tea (Deep Earthen Cleanse is not needed with the Base Protocol but is used for those not able to start with the Base Protocol, preferring a smaller program.

It is helpful to note that when toxins are stirred up, it is the adrenals that are activated to counter the stress. Licorice Root in small amounts daily (like 1/4 teaspoon) can help counter the toxins entering the bloodstream. Licorice Root is already in some of the formulas, but when the stress increases from detoxification and a person appears to be dropping in energy or breaking out in rashes, Licorice is commonly a fast support system to turn this around (along with a clay bath when possible).

2) Digestive support/colon cleanse - Add ground flax seed and chia seed to replace psyllium. Digestive Bitters, Herbal C, and Mineral Manna, in the base Protocol (or extra Ancient Mineral Blend for increased magnesium/laxative support) (or OxyPowder) will keep the cleanout going. 

Add AquiTerra for loose bowels if the basics do not fix it, which in most cases, the basics will suffice, especially with extra quantities of Friendly Flora). 

4) Heavy metals/chemical toxins Add Sea Vegetable Blend, Hyssop Mint Tea, Purify 

5) Remineralizing and alkalizing, especially after fasting - Add Sea Vegetable Blend  to speed alkalization, nutrient abundance, and the restoration of all body systems

6) Energy support - Add Revitalize - Whole Body Hormone Support for Both Men & Women (the Men's and Women's formulas are soon to be integrated into one), Adaptogen & Mushroom BlendEnergy & Brain Power and/or Vitallite

7) Immune System in general Immune PowerBlack Seed Combo, Licorice RootSpleen Builder 

8) Also, more often than not, low energy is caused by pathogen overgrowth, so the Immune System Builders in this instance are important: Immune PowerBlack Seed ComboLicorice RootSpleen Builder

9) Parasite protocol - Add Black Seed Combo  

10) Autoimmune Adaptogen & Mushroom Blend added to the basic Cleanse & Revitalize Program, but leave out the Black Seed Combo. 

Adaptogen & Mushroom Blend is a formula for those that believe they have an autoimmune condition, as both adaptogens and mushrooms modulate the immune responses of the body. 

In some cases Immune Power is acceptable (but not all). Some are sensitive to sea vegetables, and/or adaptogens which are in almost all of our formulas. Only fasting and lots of turmeric in some cases, and mushrooms in others, are gentle enough for them to reverse that easily. It is caused by heavy metals and chemicals in the gut primarily from vaccines or RoundUp, so Sacred Clay bathsMineral Manna, and Friendly Flora are also important. 

Immune Power and Black Seed Combo will boost immune response power, thus trigger some additional inflammation in the more sensitive cases of autoimmune. So Herbal C and Adaptogen & Mushroom Blend are superior first choices in autoimmune cases until the body turns around (which it generally does once the diet is cleaned up). 

Herbal C adds a mild immune building component, yet also improves digestion, elimination, glutathione production, and nutrient assimilation, so it is more well rounded than the Immune Power by itself and fits into the basic program better. 

1) Beautiful skin - Add Purify and Hyssop Mint Tea, and the skin application of Sacred Clay (mixed with Castor Oil or Coconut Oil if desired). Adding the Immune System Builders is also helpful since pathogens feed on the toxins being delivered to the subcutaneous fat beneath the skin causing breakouts and rashes: Immune PowerBlack Seed ComboLicorice RootSpleen Builder  

12) Hormonal support/mood swings - Add Revitalize - Whole Body Hormone Support for Both Men & Women, Adaptogen & Mushroom Blend, with additional Ormalite (over what is already in the Mineral Manna) added to the basic Cleanse & Revitalize Program

13) Eliminate mucus/phlegm protocol Spleen BuilderSpleen ComplementHerbal Oxygen, Digestive Bitters

14) All spleen related issues - prolapses, varicose veins, edema, mucus congestion, alcoholism, hemorrhoids, cold hands & feet, quiet, withdrawn, soft voice, lethargy, etc. - Spleen BuilderSpleen ComplementHerbal OxygenWhite Oak Bark added to the Base Protocol

15) Blood sugar related issues, both high and low Kidney & Adrenal BuilderBloodSugar Balance and Spleen Builder added to the basic Cleanse & Revitalize Program

16) Mental acuity, focus, memory, eyesight - Add Memory, Mental Clarity & Eyesight, Ormalite, Vitallite, or Energy & Brain Power 

17) Heart, circulation, cholesterol buildup, nerve regeneration - Add Heart, Circulation & NervesKidney & Adrenal BuilderBloodSugar Balance and Spleen Builder 

18) Bone density, back & joint support - Add Back, Muscle & JointsSea Vegetable Blend 

19) Sleep - Blood sugar program above during the day and small amounts before bed, plus Day Calm & Deep Sleep and Ormalite before sleep. PS: Ormalite raises low energy and lowers high energy, so for those with extremely exhausted adrenal function, Ormalite will keep them awake at night until their hormone producers are restored enough, then Ormalite will speed sleep and increase vivid dreaming. 

20) Weight Loss - The basic Cleanse & Revitalize Program addresses weight loss by itself, though Sea Vegetable Blend plus Moringa can be added to solve the most common cause of weight gain – malnutrition due to poor nutrient assimilation (caused often by a high fat diet).   

Vital Cleanse & Nutrify will work as a basis for weight loss, and everyone taking VCN and Digestive Bitters (and changes the diet) loses weight.

So, Sea Vegetable Blend is an accelerator to weight loss and to all other programs below, especially where tough to address body acidity (commonly the result of pathogen overgrowth, if not from the diet itself), hormonal imbalances, and pathogen problems persist.

In Reference to Removing the Mucoid Plaque and other Bowels Cleansing Programs

When it comes to cleansing the mucoid plaque out of the small intestines, comparing our program with the common bowel cleansing programs out there, the only real difference is that theirs is less complex than ours, and they all use bentonite and psyllium.  I would not use either, as there are complications with both over long term usage.

The Vital Cleanse already has chia seed, and mucilaginous herbs like marshmallow root, among others, for soluble, and insoluble fiber. 

So, pressure on the mucoid plaque to draw it out during a restricted food diet or juice fasting is already present in the Cleanse & Revitalize Program, as it is the fasting that is doing the greater part of the work and the fiber is merely there to act as a tugging force. 

Our clay will replace the bentonite, and our laxative herbs in Digestive Bitters and Herbal C will increase peristalsis safer than theirs (without being habit-forming or weakening to the bowels). 

Hawthorn Berry (in both formulas) increases protein digestion, as well as the reduction of fat and cholesterol. This is a natural way of prompting the body to manufacture pepsin and other digestive enzymes that naturally dissolve the plaque. Yet it works best in conjunction with a mucilaginous herb like Marshmallow Root (both are in Vital Cleanse). 

I will be adding some Konjack in very small amounts to Vital Cleanse & Nutrify, Fiber Blend, and Friendly Flora as a way of increasing the prebiotic properties and to increase the drag on the intestinal wall. This is a wiser alternative to psyllium.

In Reference to Eliminating Mucus and Phlegm

Mucus production and elimination is regulated by the spleen.

Spleen Compliment and Herbal Oxygen are the go to sources for clients wanting to reduce congestion or sinus drip (from too much fruit, fat, caffeine, or dairy) within 20 minutes. A teaspoon of cardamon seed powder will do the same (but it does not taste very good).

Long term mucus congestion is, as you know, dependent on changing the diet, and of course one of rebuilding the spleen.

Getting off of sweets, excessive fruit (early in one’s transition), stimulants, and alcohol is essential, so as not to further aggravate the situation before the spleen can rebuild. 

Clearing the liver and balancing sugar levels is also important to clear mucus from the body, since the former fats in the diet (or nuts in the vegan diet) are blocking sugar assimilation, thus triggering insulin resistance and inflammation. 

Mucus builds as the high sugar in the blood, unable to assimilate into the cells, weakens the spleen, reducing its ability to reduce mucus (likely does this through its bilirubin extraction from spent red blood cells that is sent to the liver to make bile with).

Steady bile production places a demand on the cholesterol levels throughout the body, thus reducing the cause of mucus buildup, while accelerating cellulite disappearance. This is a start. We can refine it as we go. 

In Reference to Bentonite Compared to Sacred Clay for Bowel Cleansing

Wherever there is the mention of bentonite clay in another program, you can replace that with the Sacred Clay

Sacred Clay is a naturally occurring composition of rectorite, montmorillonite, illite, kaolinite, and iron oxide. Chlorite and pyrophyllite are also found in the clay at times, though Nature is not uniform, so this varies. 

Its detoxification powers far exceed that of a bentonite due to this mixture of various clay types. It is not a swelling clay like bentonite, it falls apart easily in water and goes down the drain without harming or plugging up the pipes. I have put 50 lbs. of clay down the drain at one time putting this to the test, no problem.

Activated charcoal is an acceptable version for detox as well. 

Our Friendly Flora is composed of mostly humate, which is humic and fulvic earth. Both the humic and fulvic are needed for the best overall detox, especially when taken with the Sacred Clay. Fulvic detoxes the interior of the cell, humic detoxes the exterior. 

Chemicals of all kinds are readily absorbed by the Sacred Clay. Humates are also beneficial for this.

Sea vegetables are good at detoxing heavy metals. Most any green superfood will assist in clearing toxins from the interior of a cell, though it takes a clay or humate or bile production to absorb, chelate, or pass the toxin safely from the body in a way that does not reabsorb. 

Herbal C supports the production of glutathione, thus the master antioxidant. 

Ancient Mineral Blend does not detox via absorption like the Sacred Clay, though it does provide minerals and trace mineral bonding opposites to the heavy metals for chelation purposes, along with laxaTive effects from its magnesium.

In Reference to Deep Earthen Cleanse for Detoxification

Deep Earthen Cleanse contains Sacred Clay, Herbal C, and Humates, so it is an attempt at an all around detox approach, though by itself it does not mix well in water and the taste is unpleasant.  So I generally recommend taking Vital Cleanse and Herbal C together in a green drink or fruit smoothie, then take the Sacred Clay in the form of Mineral Manna in a quart of water by itself, or with lemon/lime, typically first thing in the morning and a small portion of that just before bed. 

So Deep Earthen Cleanse is not high on my personal list of priorities, though it can be utilized in capsule form for those that want simplicity and are not already doing the green drink approach or the mineral water approach.

Deep Earthen Cleanse has its focus on two products, Friendly Flora (the humate portion) and Herbal C. They are general for toxin absorption (FF), chelation (FF), immune system boosting (HC), and glutathione production (HC). Can be taken in quantity, even 12 or more caps per day. 

Purify is an assembly of herbs that focus primarily on the liver. It is much more potent than DEC, so less is taken and a gradual buildup in quantity is suggested over several weeks beginning with 2-4 caps per day, and staying at a moderate level of 6-8 caps per day after the buildup phase which might take 2-8 weeks, slower for more toxic bodies.

Purify is taken by those who want to focus on our most overburdened organ in the body, our liver. 
DEC is used if a person is not already taking Friendly Flora and Herbal C and wants a simple, low volume gentle detox of heavy metals, chemicals, radiation, while improving digestion a bit and boosting immune response so as to tackle pathogens. 

In Reference to the Ormus Clays 

Vitallite is taken in 1/4 teaspoon doses or more, and is used primarily to sharpen the mind and provide the "second wind" during intense exercise. I rely on this one heavily when moving 2-8 ton of clay by hand in a day. 

It can also help to stay awake while driving if sipped continuously. Not recommended before bed as sensitive people will find they cannot get to sleep on it for 3 hours (its typical active time frame).

It is an ormus clay like Ormalite, though about 5 times less potent.

Ormalite is an ormus-bearing clay. Here are some articles on the subject:

In Reference to Mineral Manna and its Salt

So far we have only made the Mineral Manna with salt. I have not found a suitable substitute for the Himalayan Salt that would provide a pleasant flavor and a wide range of trace minerals, yet lower in sodium. I prefer one with a certain amount of potassium. 
A powder from the ocean was my objective, as diluted seawater is very close in composition to our blood plasma. Of course the diluted seawater is better, but that would be a second product, being a liquid. 
The amount of salt in Mineral Manna is 0.64% of the total formula which is about 1/48th of a teaspoon.
So the purpose of Mineral Manna is to detox via absorption and bonding with toxins. It is also to provide electrolytes (that enhance cellular electricity) and trace/macro minerals. 
Converting Mineral Manna into a liquid product comes with several challenges, as you can imagine, especially with the volumes desired to accomplish these goals effectively.
Given that Himalayan Salt is 250 million years old, the current pollution potentially in today’s ocean salt is not there. So this is the reason for its use.
We do have 1 client that makes a special clay blend without salt. When we do this, the whole batch is purchased since the product is specific to one client.
I am seriously considering replacing the Himalayan Salt with Miracle Salt. Once it arrives I will test it out.