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Ormalite Opens the Heart & Nourishes the Soul

May 19, 2018 8 min read

A Remarkable Gift From Nature

The Discovery of Ormalite and its Properties

Nestled deeply within the pristine mountains of the Cascades in Southern Oregon, a region long believed to hold keys to health and rejuvenation, an unusual deposit of light grey to black clay was discovered. It is as if it wanted to be found at the right time and in a way that would insure that its true purpose would be understood and made available to the world.

Were it not for a series of unusual circumstances that led to its discovery, this small vein of grey/black clay may have gone unnoticed or unrecognized for its true benefits in the restoration of physical health, the healing of traumas, relief from anxiety, the calming of the mind, and the balancing of erratic or hyperactive energy. 

The Discovery

Scouting a piece of property for resources, a source of light-colored clay of an unknown variety was unearthed. Upon requesting another sample of this clay, a second dig was made a few days later. When the searching party drilled only a foot away from the previous dig, they unveiled a thin vein of a rich, dark grey clay that appeared almost black in places when wet. Being also dotted with the occasional beads of deeper black colorations, the clay was eventually dubbed the "Black Clay", (only to be changed later to "Ormalite" as its naturally-occurring M-state (ormus) properties became more deeply understood).

Checking out the site for myself several days later, I tested the clay with the best analyzation equipment available to me at the time – my palate. A small piece of the clay was eaten. Within a few seconds, it became obvious that there was something unusual about this clay. A second bite confirmed it. The clay held an unusual ability to expand the aura, clear the vision and relax the mind.

Were it not for the long-term scientific bent of my good friend Ted and his patient persistence (for 6 months) in suggesting I look into some of his special waters, I would not have understood the true significance of the experience I was having with this clay. Exploring Ted's impressive array of waters and traps and charging devices gave me an orientation to a field of science that spoke to a deep place within my soul – the science of alchemy. I felt its significance more than I understood it.

The Black Clay stood out as a symbol to me of what this part of the science of alchemy strives to create – "manna" – yet with this clay, no special processes or chemical alterations needed to be made; no deep alchemical metaphors had to be deciphered; no heat or concentrations had to be applied – this was just clay right from the ground, unaltered (other than milling it into a convenient powder).

I took a bag of the clay home along with a jug of water taken from a nearby underground spring with similar properties (another story for another time) and offered them to Barbara, my partner. She immediately ate a pinch of the clay and drank the water (the trusting soul that she is!). Within a few minutes she was keenly aware that she had had "too much". At the time I was unaware of the true strength of these astounding resources from Nature. The importance of moderation was being discovered. Barbara felt the "buzz" to be intensely similar to some of our previous experiments with water and the Sacred Clay using Ted's gadgets and information; but this experience seemed to be stronger. She felt lifted, expanded, energized – all good, just a bit intense.

The next morning Barbara felt more composed (sleep has a way of grounding us). She set about to move the jugs of water and clay we left out the night before and (just by picking up the jug of special water) she got buzzed all over again. This made it a bit difficult to focus on the day's work since meditation and relaxing were much more appealing. (I tend to find myself in the garden a lot when I "get too much". It is as if our priorities are temporarily reordered back to what they might be if we were to live in natural communion with God and Nature, and all of our common needs were thereby taken care of.) This buzz she felt lasted for the rest of the day, and while by the next day she felt back in the groove for the day's work, the sense of well-being inspired by the clay and water lasted for two more days.

The Experience

The initial experience begins with a calm, centered, energizing effect that flowers into a more open-hearted, gentle sense of well-being. After 2-15 minutes (if you have taken what would be a normal dose for you – and since everyone is different, this may be anywhere from 1-4 of the small scoopers that are provided with the Ormalite), lights appear brighter, colors appear richer and more colorful, and plants appear more alive. These are typical experiences that take place when the heart opens. It is not too far different from the experience of being in love with someone. This is where the phrase "looking at the world through rose colored glasses" came from.

Several highly intuitive individuals have commented about their findings with respect to Ormalite. Each of them has said that Ormalite opens the entire energy field at once. Hormonal balance seems to be enhanced. Pineal function appears to be noticeably improved. The pineal gland produces its own natural form of melatonin, and the pituitary produces its own natural form of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). This may explain the increased vividness of dreams, deep restful sleep, and a more rapid turn-around in health conditions observed by those taking Ormalite. The left and right sides of the brain seem to communicate better; creativity increases; problems are less stressful; low energy is picked up; hyperactive energy is calmed down – it appears as though the energetic systems of the body move toward optimal, balanced functioning.

Similar kinds of experiences have since been reported by many since the Ormalite has been offered to the public. Some health improvements reported are surprisingly dramatic, while other reports more common, are of a sense of balanced energy and sense of well-being.

Some have reported noticing a surprising amount of energy and positive expansions with the first dose, while others have not felt any effect until several doses have been consumed within an hour's period or over the course of two to three days. (These are usually those that also need four times as much Novocain for dental work.)

Most, however, find a comfortable daily dose at one to three scoops per day in water or smoothie. When at least some Ormalite is taken just before bed, a deeper, more restful sleep tends to follow.

What is Ormalite?

A Naturally Occurring Source of Angstrom Elements (Ormus) 

Ormalite is a clay that is naturally rich in angstrom elements. To qualify as an angstrom element, it must contain atoms of a mineral or metal in a state of 1 or 2 atoms separated by at least 4 angstroms from any other element or molecule. Angstrom elements are also referred to as ormus (M-state, monatomic elements).

Ormalite, being a naturally-occurring angstrom element containing clay, also possesses the beneficial properties of a natural clay with all of its complex of minerals, detoxifying powers, electromagnetic influences, and other properties common to clays. Clay, like water, air, and sunlight, is one of the most original nourishing and healing resources given to us by Nature.

Ormalite may be the most potent source of naturally-occurring ormus known so far. While the ormus content is untested (due to the cost of such a test being over $100,000), the feel and effect of the ormus in Ormalite is unmistakeable for those familiar with the science. 

Ormalite is an unaltered clay source containing naturally occurring angstrom elements (M-state, ormus, angstrom elements). Angstrom Elements improve hormone balance, increase meridian (chi) flow, increase intuitive insights, improve sleep, reduce stress, and assist in the manifestation of dreams and desires by magnifying intention.

After hearing, almost daily now since making the products available to the public, about the personal testimonies of people whose health and energy levels have improved, we feel the Ormalite is a resource from Mother Nature that deserves to be made available to all. It is one of those "right place, right time" resources that are here to help us move forward into the upcoming Golden Age of peace, cooperation, and commitment to the common good.

Life on the planet is changing fast. The old is passing away and the new is quickly emerging. Sacred Clay and Ormalite Clay are two gifts from Nature able to support us in making the necessary shifts in sync with the changes as they are happening.

What is the advantage to a naturally-occurring ormus product?

Other ormus products usually require an alkalizing agent (usually lye) and an acid (citric acid, vinegar, phosphoric acid, muriatic acid, etc.), or magnets, or a boiling (in lye) and firing process, to concentrate the angstrom elements out of seawater, salt, volcanic rock, spring water, gold, and other sources.

Since these processes are induced by man artificially, altering the original source material unnaturally, they can easily incorporate imbalanced qualities to the final product. Concentrations of all kinds are inherently imbalanced due to the absence of the parts left behind. Our bodies must compensate for the missing ingredients somehow in an effort to rebalance the concentrated substance.

Naturally-occurring sources are formed by Nature and incorporate over 5 billion years of natural wisdom in their making. They are inherently balanced without processing.

Which angstrom elements are in Ormalite?

Answer: unknown. Due to the expense of determining the quantity of single atoms in a source material this test has not been performed. Yet common sense tells us, that due to the fact that it is a clay, a broad spectrum of minerals exist within the clay, and therefore the variety of ormus elements within the clay are likely to encompass numerous ormus elements in a naturally-formed balance.

Our next most reliable source is intuitive insight (of which we have received an abundance), and a familiarity with the nature of how specific ormus elements feel. Bottom line is, does it feel right for you?

How does Ormalite work in the body?

Simple nourishment with angstrom elements provides food for the entire endocrine system, thereby promoting greater hormone balance, enhanced energy (adrenal support), reduced stress (more serotonin), better sleep (active melatonin production), greater spiritual receptivity (pineal activation), increased youthfulness (pituitary activation), and a more developed intuition (a more open heart).

Being able to move freely throughout the body due to their minuscule single atom size, angstrom elements are immediately bioavailable to nourish the cells, the hormonal and nervous systems directly resulting in greater physical health and youthfulness over time.

Ormalite is soothing to the spirit and increases compassion due to an opening of the heart.

Ormalite aids in the manifestation of dreams and desires due to its assistance in concentrating intent, reducing inner "noise", and therefore improving focus for the tasks at hand.

Based on the observed effects of Ormalite on plants, it appears that it improves the DNA pattern of the plants basic constitution resulting in a healthier, insect and disease repelling plant.

How do you take Ormalite?

One scoop (1/32nd of a teaspoon, scoop provided with each order) one to three times a day in water, food, or other drink. Some require more than one dose per day. 2-5 scoops a day is not uncommon. Others, more sensitive, require no more than a scoop or less. Everyone is different.

Ormalite is the strongest within the first 3 hours and continues to provide uplifting, though diminishing benefits over the course of 3 days. A second or third serving is cumulative in its effects, lifting the experience further.

How does Ormalite taste?

It is almost tasteless in a few ounces of water, although the powder on the tongue has a noticeable clay-like taste.

Can I give Ormalite to my child?

Yes, Ormalite has shown to help the child focus, perform better in school, improve mood swings, calm over-activity, settle the spirit, & improve sleep.

Why Now? Why is the Earth giving us this gift at this time in the history of mankind?

The world is waking up to greater harmonious living. We are drawing together as a society more and more each day. Ormalite helps us to stay focused on our true purposes in life, helps us to remain more centered amidst the chaos of modern living and global events. It helps us to become more intuitive and more available for the important things in life - like being present with your partner and children, and following your passions. 


Michael King
Michael King

Michael King is a Life Enrichment Consultant, a natural intuitive, a researcher of Nature's most powerful healing resources the world over, the author of "Detoxify, Nourish & Build – Three Essentials for Vibrant Health", the Vital Health News Updates – a periodic newsletter documenting the most life-building natural resources on the planet, and the co-author of Life Chats with Oversoul – an ongoing dialogue designed to gain clarity and direction while navigating the immense changes going into the New Era. Michael is also an advocate of sustainable gardening, environmental responsibility, and an architect of ways to increase global food production.

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