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How do I use clay as a mouthwash for healthy teeth and gums?

THE 5 MINUTE CLAY SWISH (see Advisories below)
This is one of the best remedies for the mouth, gums, and teeth that we know of. This method also draws toxins from deep within body organs by pulling them up through the nervous system channels that connect the various body organs of the body to the teeth. It is similar to the Ayurvedic Oil-Pulling method, yet with a more powerful pulling agent - the Sacred Clay. One drawback for some, but not all, has to do with the potential temporary discoloration of some areas of the teeth resulting from the clay bonding solidly to toxic buildup on certain spots of the teeth, particularly if your teeth may be somewhat porous from past deterioration or receding gums. So far, only time and a dental cleaning or polishing work to remove this discoloration. (See advisory below). We are working on a White Pyro product as a solution but it is not yet fully explored. If your teeth are subject to discoloration, try using sesame oil or olive oil instead of clay for the swish.

For now, to explore the benefits of the 5-minute swish, add 1/2 teaspoon of Sacred Clay to 1 tablespoon of water. Add 5-10 drops or more of the Black Manna (optional). Add a pinch of high-quality sea salt or the sole brine (i.e. Himalayan Salt, Celtic Salt, or Real Salt), according to taste. Swish entire contents in the mouth for 5 minutes. (Serves as an excellent pastime while in the shower each day). Spit out residue. The clay will have absorbed toxins, dissolved heavy metals, and bacteria. Rinse mouth thoroughly and brush the teeth with a natural toothpaste to remove any remaining residue.

This 5 Minute Swish can be repeated every day, or every morning and night. A therapeutic treatment using this method involves performing the 5 Minute Swish five or more times in a row for a rapid detox of chemicals, viruses, parasites, heavy metals and other toxins. Brushing the teeth need only be performed at the conclusion of the last Swish.

Be advised: Typical commercial kinds of toothpaste carry Poison Control Warnings on the tube because the chalk used in the paste is actually a toxic aluminum byproduct of the chemical industry. It is placed into toothpaste so the chemical industry does not have to go about the expensive process of disposing of it as a hazardous material. Check your toothpaste labels and switch to a natural toothpaste if you find a Poison Control Warning on it.

No claims are made with regard to the improvements that are possible, yet many have reported how much they like using the clay in this manner in spite of its natural pucker factor and strong taste, (the clay has some astringent properties). If the taste of the clay is too strong for you, simply dilute it more with saltwater. Your personal experiences are welcome.

Be advised: For some, but not all, Sacred Clay will cause a temporary darkening of the teeth in the area of receding gums, joints between teeth and existing pits. A diet of black tea, green tea and coffee may result in tannin buildup on the surface of the teeth which, along with normal toxin and plaque buildup, is mostly likely what the clay is bonded to. The cause of the darkening is most likely due to the porous nature of those areas of the teeth, or to the stronger presence of tannins or toxins that collect there. The clay bonds inseparably to the toxin leaving a stain. The only sure remedy for darkened spots on the teeth is a polishing or cleaning by the dentist. So far nothing else has worked.

We are currently investigating a white Sacred Clay version that does not stain the teeth, and if successful we will provide this product to the public for Mouth Swishes and teeth cleaning.

Will the clay cause my fillings or crowns to deteriorate or fall out? No, the clay removes heavy metals that are in solution, (that are free in the saliva), that have attached themselves to your teeth or absorbed into the membranes of the mouth and gums. It will not deteriorate large pieces of metal (although it may remove the dull oxidized layers of the metal making it shinier). Amalgam fillings are much more affected by Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF's). EMF's are known to cause metal fillings to deteriorate more rapidly resulting in increased levels of heavy metal toxicity. (All the more reason to be using the clay.)

Be advised: EMF fields are generated from cell phones, wireless computer technology, cell phone towers, CRT TV's and computer monitors (the fat ones), cordless telephones, microwave ovens, high tension wires, etc. With the increase of wireless internet and cell phone usage and the increasing number of cell phone towers being installed without regard for human health, EMF hazards have multiplied many times over in the last 12 months alone. These are some of the more likely suspected causes of rapid deterioration of fillings in the mouth being reported now in increasing numbers (by non-clay users as well).

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