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How do you make a salt sole seawater brine solution?

The use of sole (pronounced sol-lay) in conjunction with the clay provides an abundance of electrolytes and minerals to the body. It is highly therapeutic as a daily program. The best salts to use are Himalayan Salt, Celtic Salt, and Real Salt (from the Salt Lake area), although our preference is the Himalayan Salt. Any full spectrum mineral salt will do, but Epsom's salt is NOT recommended. Epsom's is not a full spectrum mineral salt like the others and is inherently less balanced. The other salts hold 70-84 minerals from the sea, proportioned by Mother Nature Herself, and they can be trusted to be balanced. Fill a pint jar to about 1/3 with a good quality sea salt (Himalayan, Celtic, Real Salt) then fill the rest of the way with quality water. Shake and let stand overnight or until the salt in the jar stops shrinking in appearance. (If the salt disappears, just add more salt). As long as the salt is still visible and it has stopped shrinking, you will have a perfect 26% seawater brine solution (sole). If constipation occurs from detoxing with the clay, a stronger sole and water solution can be consumed. The salt nourishes the body with minerals, adds electrical energy to the body, helps to reduce detox symptoms, and acts as a laxative.

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