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What are M-state elements?

The terms "M-state elements" is actually a modern scientific coinage designed to classify a group of single and/or double atom configurations of the basic Periodic Chart of Transition Group Elements. The term "monoatomic" or "monatomic" is a reference to an element in its single atom, unbonded state. An element in the monoatomic state has unique and consistent behavior patterns characteristic of its true elemental, or angstrom form. "What's so special about these (ORMUS or M-state) minerals? In their altered atomic configuration, these minerals exhibit quantum physical behaviors such as superconductivity, superfluidity, magnetic levitation and Josephson tunneling. And in their ..... powder forms, they can be digested by a human body. So the idea -- in terms of external alchemy -- is that ingesting these substances may support an emergence or increase in these quantum qualities of superconductivity, superfluidity, etc. within the bodymind of the practitioner."

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