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Bath-A-12oz SC+8oz BB

Bath Kit - Sacred Clay & Black Beauty Bath Additive


A kit of two products: Sacred Clay & Black Beauty Bath Additive


Sacred Clay Ingredients: 100% naturally occurring clay from a singular deposit near the region of Crater Lake Oregon.

Black Beauty Ingredients: Ocean Magnesium, Epsom Salt (earthen source), Sacred Clay, Himalayan Salt, Humic & Fulvic Earth, Activated Charcoal, Vitallite, Ormalite

Recommended Use: 

Baths: The usual combination of 2 parts Sacred Clay (1/4 cup) to 1 part Black Beauty (1/8 cup) is an ideal mixture. Multiples of this ratio may also be added to the bath water for a stronger detoxifying experience. Soak for 30-45 minutes or more in comfortably warm water. Baths may be taken daily or as often as desired to make steady, gradual progress toward whole body detoxification.

Skin: Dilute Black Beauty with Sacred Clay 32 to 1 (1/3 cup SC to 1/2 teaspoon BB, or 1 cup SC to 1/2 tablespoon BB).

Optional Uses for the Spent Bath Water: Spent bath water can also be used to water your house plants and gardens, resulting in an improvement in plant growth and microbial activity in the soil.

Keep container closed when not in use to prevent moisture or humidity from melting the magnesium flakes. Melting, however, will not affect performance. Safe for both septic systems and city drains. May tingle on the skin for the first 2-3 minutes. Dilute spent material to bath water consistency and apply to garden, trees, shrubs and grass to enhance growth.

Precautions: Black Beauty is not designed for internal use or to be used alone on the skin due to its high salt content, which may burn the skin if left on too long.

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