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Mineral Manna

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An extremely bioavailable, comprehensive blend of mineral nutrients and ormus properties. Originally designed as a one-stop-shop mineral infusion and detoxification resource for anyone that is not sensitive to the laxative effects of Ancient Mineral Blend or the sodium in Himalayan Salt. Provides a potent, tingling, heart opening experience!

Ingredients: Sacred Clay, Ancient Plant Minerals, Himalayan Salt, Humic & Fulvic Earth & Ormalite

Recommended Use: There are two ways to make Mineral Manna:

1) Add 1 level teaspoon (kitchen measuring spoon) of Mineral Manna powder to any amount of water. Shake or stir & drink. Consume 2-3 times per day with the last dose just before bed to deepen rest and rejuvenation while sleeping.

2) Add 1 level tablespoon (kitchen measuring spoon) of Mineral Manna powder to 32 ounces of water (1 quart). Shake or stir & consume desired amounts throughout the day, leaving some for the last dose just before bed to deepen rest and rejuvenation while sleeping.

Precautions: If you are on prescription medications do not take this clay internally without the advice of your healthcare provider, due to the clay’s powerful ability to cleanse chemicals, heavy metals, and poisons out of the body. Separate medications and clay by at least one or two hours before or after to allow the action of the medications to take effect as required.

If detox reactions occur from taking Mineral Manna, it is recommended to take a Sacred Clay Bath allowing toxins to gently leave the body through the skin. An additional way to increase the body’s ability to handle toxic reactions is to consume more water along with a small amount of Licorice Root (not the candy) or Chickweed, (Licorice and Chickweed contain natural cortisone, which assists in the body’s ability to counter toxins and allergens.) Then build adrenal strength (one of your primary responders to toxins) with Kidney & Adrenal Builder and Revitalize for Men or Women.

If detox reactions persist, go back to taking normal amounts of OrmaliteAncient Mineral Blend, and Sacred Clay Baths for 1-2 weeks until the body’s defenses are built up to the point of being effective at countering the toxins leaving the body before continuing with Mineral Manna.

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