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Mineral Manna Update - Instructions for Use

June 18, 2019 17 min read

Its Purpose, How It Works and How to Take It


There has been a great interest lately in Mineral Manna for its detoxification and mineralization benefits, as well as its ormus properties, so, to answer the many questions posed by those new to its use and purpose, the following description is being provided.

Topics in this article include:

Mineral Manna's Original Purpose
Ingredients in Mineral Manna and Why They Are Included
Can I take Mineral Manna with food and health supplements?
Mineral Manna Benefits
How Mineral Manna Supports the Body's Natural Detoxification Pathways & Innate Immune Response Powers
How Toxic Waste Accumulates in the Body
The Association Between Toxic Waste Accumulation & Immune System Dysfunction
Dietary factors that tend to increase pathogenic growth
Potential Detoxification Symptoms When Taking Mineral Manna
Potential Sensitivities to Taking Mineral Manna
Can I take Mineral Manna if I am on pharmaceutical drugs
Using Mineral Manna or Ormalite to Help Manifest Dreams & Desires
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Mineral Manna's Original Purpose

Upon realizing a number of remarkable properties within certain mineral sources found in naturally occurring mineral deposits of the earth, it made sense to take them all on a near daily basis, if for no other reason than to keep an adequate stock of a complete spectrum of mineral resources in the body for all their many functions.

In order to simplify the daily process of assembling a comprehensive mineral beverage, Mineral Manna was originally formulated to become a one-stop-shop for mineral supplementation – five great natural mineral resources blended together in one easy to take formula.

In addition to eliminating the need for other mineral supplements, the synergy of this blend turned out to also provide gentle detoxification benefits along with a great sense of well being.

Ingredients in Mineral Manna and Why They Are Included

Mineral Manna is a potent blend of some of Nature's most remarkable mineral resources including Sacred Clay, Ancient Mineral Blend, Himalayan Salt, Humic/Fulvic Earth and Ormalite (an angstrom element/ormus clay), together providing a calming, uplifting, heart-opening experience!

Sacred Clay, derived from the regions surrounding the mystical Crater Lake, Oregon, provides the detoxification powers of Mineral Manna. Its small particle size (portions less than .2 microns), balanced electrolyte content (for the electrical energy essential for detoxification), iron content (for cellular oxygenation), its ease of dispersing in water, and other beneficial properties result in this clay being an excellent medium for daily detoxification and mineral supplementation.

Ancient Mineral Blend, a non-clay source composed mostly of calcium & magnesium along with a broad range of naturally occurring trace minerals, provides the laxative effects of Mineral Manna. Its naturally occurring magnesium also provides the muscular system with relaxation electrolytes to balance the muscle constriction properties of calcium. For this reason it is commonly used to relax the muscles of the body prior to sleep, to support the constant constriction/relaxation pumping action of the heart, and to promote relaxation of muscles in the event of a cramp or restless legs.

Himalayan Salt containing amorphous silica (essential for mineral absorption) and an abundance of trace minerals to support numerous biological functions in the body, provides a supportive role to the Mineral Manna formulation. A small amount of salt enhances the deliverability and absorption of nutrients, both plant and mineral based. The amorphous silica in salts from the oceans acts as a ligand, whose function it is to deliver mineral nutrients through the cell walls.

Humic/Fulvic Earth, derived from ancient composted forests, supports both detoxification and nutrient assimilation. Humic & fulvic acids, like the amorphous silica in sea salt, act as ligands, which are utilized by the body to escort minerals and plant-based nutrients through the cell walls. Humic/Fulvic Earth in the formula further potentates Mineral Manna, increasing its effectiveness.

Ormalite, likely the most potent naturally occurring ormus-bearing clay known today, provides the heart opening, uplifting experience characteristic of Mineral Manna. The M-state (ormus) elements are detectable through experience alone, as such an analysis is not achieved in typical assay labs. Those who are familiar with the ormus experience recognize the balanced ormus qualities found in Ormalite.

Ormalite is known for building the body's natural energy (meridian) flows, thus enhancing yoga, Qigong, and regular sport activity. It enhances focus and concentration for office work, study, and prayer/meditation.

A normal serving of Ormalite for most people is 1/32nd of a teaspoon 1-3 times per day. Some less sensitive individuals require more to notice the calming, stress relieving effects, but for most, just small amounts serve this purpose well. A day's serving of Ormalite is in 1 tablespoon of Mineral Manna.

Mineral nourishment of this caliber is essential to the smooth functioning of organ, gland and body processes. Minerals are the basic building blocks of all things natural. They form the foundational basis for every metabolic (chemical) process throughout the body. Even your DNA is composed of elements found in mineral resources from the earth.

The combined formula of Mineral Manna provides a comprehensive spectrum of macro minerals, trace minerals, ligands (nutrient escorts), humic & fulvic acids, and M-state (ormus) elements in an extremely bioavailable form, able to nourish the cells immediately and abundantly.

Can I take Mineral Manna with food and health supplements?

Yes. Nature built in certain mineral escorts into many earthen sources. These escorts are called ligands, and are required by the body to move a mineral, or plant-based nutrient, through the cell walls (assimilation). Without ligands, even the nutrients found in foods and supplements will be less bioavailable.

Himalayan Salt contains amorphous silica (a ligand). The Humic/Fulvic Earth contains humic and fulvic acids which are ligands. Some of the silica in Sacred Clay converts to silicic acid (a mineral ligand) when combined with water. All three of these sources make minerals and other natural substances to be more bioavailable.

Due to the presence of these naturally occurring ligands within its various components, Mineral Manna tends to improve the digestibility and absorption of its own minerals, as well as that of any plant-based nutrients taken with it.

Mineral Manna Benefits

Mineral Manna engenders a more relaxed, centered and open-hearted space, increasing general vitality, while improving mental acuity and an enhanced ability to concentrate.

Mineral Manna promotes a sense of well being, reduction of stress, and an increase in the meridian/chi flow around the body.

Mineral Manna is assembled with a proprietary method that insures extreme bioavailability of the mineral nutrients.

The comprehensive mineral profile in Mineral Manna provides the body with a balanced array of mineral building blocks, from which the body then constructs hormones, enzymes, and a variety of chemical compounds essential for the upkeep of positive moods & energy levels.

Mineral Manna improves athletic performance by providing electrolytes and mineral nourishment for the functions of key body systems involved in oxygen exchange, lactic acid reduction, hormonal production, and muscular stamina.

Adding Vitallite Clay (also an ormus clay) to the Mineral Manna drink in the mornings or prior to a workout, further enhances muscular stamina. Vitallite is what I take to get a quick "second wind" during intense workouts (like moving 6 ton of clay by hand in a day).

Note: Vitallite Clay taken before bed will keep some people awake, though this generally only applies to those who are in greater adrenal fatigue to begin with. Having some adaptogenic properties, both Vitallite and Ormalite (already in Mineral Manna) tends to help improve sleep (and increase more vivid dreams) once the adrenals are rebuilt to a certain point. 

Mineral Manna serves as an excellent natural enhancement to workouts, yoga, martial arts, and qigong.

Mineral Manna supports libido and performance by providing abundant resources for the promotion of hormones.

Mineral Manna helps to deepen prayer & meditation, and enhances social relaxation. 

Mineral Manna supports the body's natural detoxification pathways providing mineral options for bonding with heavy metals, chemicals, and toxins, thus neutralizing their harmful effects in the body.

Mineral Manna works gradually over time to restore optimal health, improve energy, and develop spiritual/intuitive attunement (a natural function of ormus).

How Mineral Manna Supports the Body's Natural Detoxification Pathways & Innate Immune Response Powers

Clays, minerals, humates & salts (all of which are found in Mineral Manna) each support the body's natural detoxification pathways, thus supporting, in a round about way, the body's natural immune response powers.

Given the quantity of toxins in most people's bodies from decades of life on earth, much of which accumulates in the organs and glands, a complete detox protocol could take months or years depending on one's aggressive stance with respect to diet, lifestyle changes and detox therapies.

However, with the daily introduction of quality earthen sources, the process of cleansing the body of toxic waste is accelerated. As toxins are eliminated from the body, the body's innate immune response powers are relieved of the burden of having to work around toxic waste in its effort to target pathogens. Naturally a faster recovery takes place.

Still, it is the body doing the work. The earthen sources merely provide the bonding opposites needed to neutralize the toxic waste, thus freeing the body's natural immune system processes.

How Toxic Waste Accumulates in the Body

The body can easily become overloaded with toxic waste from chemical pollutants, radiation, and heavy metals as a result of typical living practices. It is a common event to be exposed to a variety of these pollutants each & every day.

Given the absorption of toxins from a variety of sources daily, it is essential to promote detoxification on a daily basis. Mineral Manna enhances the body's natural detoxification pathways.

Toxic accumulation comes from numerous sources including:

  • airborne pollution (autos and industry), chemtrails

  • common commercially grown foods (laced with chemicals)

  • household chemicals

  • household & office carpets & furniture

  • automobile upholstery, AC/heater air vents, gas & petroleum lubricants

  • industrial pollutants

  • EMF radiation

  • smart meters

  • cell phones, 0G, 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G wireless technology

  • cordless telephones (worse than cell phones)

  • WIFI ports and WIFI enabled computers

  • microwave ovens

  • radiation exposure from the environment, flying, and medical treatment

  • dental work, mercury tooth fillings, bridges, root canals

  • and numerous other sources

Numerous additional toxins are also deposited in the body from the excretion & die-off of pathogens already resident in the body. Viruses convert the heavy metals and chemicals they feed on into neurotoxins resulting in a wide range of neurological disorders.

The Association Between Toxic Waste Accumulation & Immune System Dysfunction

As toxic waste builds up in the body to certain levels, the immune system becomes overwhelmed and confused as to where the pathogenic invasion is actually coming from. Pathogens then build at a faster pace than the immune system can identify & destroy them. Meanwhile die-off waste from the pathogens and their by-product, neurotoxins continue to build up in the body.

Symptoms of illness & inflammation progress at a more rapid clip. It then becomes much easier for relapses to occur. Prior illnesses and old injuries are more likely to be reactivated or inflamed. The body's defense mechanisms become weakened resulting in the body becoming more sensitive, and therefore easily aggravated by common dietary habits (coffee, breads, meat, dairy, sugar, soy, pizza, nuts, etc.).

At a time like this, reducing toxins in the body is essential to shedding a portion of this toxic waste so as to improve the body's natural immune response powers. The body itself knows how to remove all toxic waste, but diet, lifestyle, and inadequate mineral nutrition leave the body without the resources required to perform this essential task.

The body's immune system is perfectly capable of managing all pathogenic invasions, unless overloaded with toxic waste (which confuses the immune system in its effort to target the culprit pathogens). Once relieved of the toxic waste to some degree, the immune system becomes more effective at doing what it does best – deal with pathogens and reduce inflammation.

Clearly diet plays a role in the immune system's effectiveness. While a detoxification program supports immune system activity, if the diet continues to feed pathogens, the immune system is further burdened, thus extending full recovery.

Dietary factors that tend to increase pathogenic growth (once one's health is already in a compromised state), include the following, among many other factors:
  • Some common viruses feed on lipids (oils & fats) and cholesterol-based hormones (progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, cortisol, etc.), in addition to chemical &heavy metal body pollutants, thus, when compromised, fat-rich foods like meat, dairy, eggs, fried foods, nuts, and oil-based salad dressings, for example, can slow down recovery, or result in a relapse of an old condition. It is also common for these foods to increase joint & muscle inflammation (especially in areas of former injuries). Why? Because the fats are feeding the virus culprits.

  • Many mycoplasma (behind some lung & bronchial conditions) also feed on lipids and can multiply for the same reasons, thus aggravating respiratory conditions.

  • Most bacteria feed on sugars, especially concentrated sweeteners (the granulated & liquid extracts of whole plants), thus promoting bacterial overgrowth conditions, slowing immune response times.

  • Many yeast & fungal species also feed on sugars, especially when sugar levels are excessively high, which is often the result of combining a sweet or a starch (which converts to sugar) with an oil, protein, or fat, the combination of which causes insulin resistance, thus high sugar levels in the blood.

Surprising as it may sound, each of these pathogenic agents multiply in the body, not due to simple exposure, but due to diet, prior body toxicity, and weakened immune response powers.

Under ideal living conditions our immune systems would quickly & easily manage all pathogenic invasions, but in the toxic world that we live in today, such immune powers have been compromised, especially when aggravated with dietary excesses and processed foods.

Mineral Manna supports the body's natural detoxification pathways, and in this way promotes the greater effectiveness of the human immune system.


There are 4 ways to take Mineral Manna:

1 Teaspoon 3 Times per Day

1) Add one level teaspoon (5 ml) (kitchen measuring spoon) of Mineral Manna powder to 8 or more ounces of water. Stir & drink. Consume at least 3 times per day with the last serving just before bed to deepen rest and rejuvenation while sleeping.

1 Tablespoon Consumed Gradually

2) Add 1 level tablespoon (15 ml) (three level kitchen measuring teaspoons) of Mineral Manna powder to 32 ounces (1 quart or 1 liter) of water. Shake or stir & consume desired amounts throughout the day, leaving some for the last dose just before bed to deepen rest and rejuvenation while sleeping.

As a Morning Flush & Mineral Infusion

3) Add 1 tablespoon (15 ml) (three level kitchen measuring teaspoons) of Mineral Manna powder to 32 ounces (1 quart or 1 liter) of water. Shake or stir & consume the entire amount, or as much as feels comfortable, first thing in the morning to serve as a way to flush toxins from the body that have built up during the night and over the previous day.

High Level Consumption

4) For a more rapid buildup of mineral stores in the body, along with a more rapid detoxification, in addition to 3) above, an optional second tablespoon of Mineral Manna in 32 ounces of water can also be consumed gradually over the course of the day (especially shortly before meals to prepare the stomach for improved digestive juice production), and a small amount just before bed (to support better sleep).

Most will feel an increased sense of well being with the first dose. This is the body's response to gaining minerals, trace minerals, and ormus elements for use in normal body functions. Yet, for a few, the enhanced sense of well being will be more subtle. Everyone is individual. Just watch for signs of feeling less stress, lighter, and happier.

Rest assured that, felt or not, the Mineral Manna is providing the body with mineral nutrition and rejuvenative influences required for improved brain function, energy, vitality, better sleep, and a steady improvement in overall well being.

Potential Detoxification Symptoms

Anticipate possible detoxification symptoms during the first 3 days to 2 weeks (though not experienced by everyone). If too uncomfortable, reduce dose or frequency and build gradually. At the first sign of a detox symptom it is recommended to take a Sacred Clay bath and increase your consumption of Digestive Bitters (a bile & digestive enzyme support system that also supports detoxification naturally) to safely speed the elimination of heavy metals, chemicals, petroleum by-products, and radiation from the body, and thereby reduce or eliminate detox reactions.

The gentlest way to gradually eliminate decades of toxic accumulation and stay ahead of the daily absorption of toxins is to consume clay & mineral sources and take clay baths regularly. The reason for this has to do with the way elements within the clay provide bonding opposites used to neutralize the toxins and deliver them from the body without reabsorption. 

More aggressive therapies can also be employed, if desired, to accelerate the cleansing of the body. Such therapies may include:

To discover how such therapies can be employed call our office for more detailed information. (541-482-9633)

Potential Sensitivities to Taking Mineral Manna

Salt Sensitivity

Those that are sensitive to salt may prefer to purchase the remaining ingredients separately. To do so, Sacred Clay, Ancient Mineral Blend (contains Ancient Plant Minerals and Humic/Fulvic Earth) and Ormalite can be blended together in the following amounts each day:

Sacred Clay – 1.5 teaspoon (7.5 ml)

Ancient Mineral Blend – 1.5 teaspoon (7.5 ml) 

Ormalite – 1/32nd teaspoon (0.15 ml) or more (1+ scoops, scoops provided)

Laxative Sensitivity

Ancient Plant Minerals, and therefore Ancient Mineral Blend, provide a laxative effect in the body with ¼ to ½ teaspoon or more for some sensitive people. Most, however, require 1 to 1 ½ teaspoon to achieve a desired laxative effect. Laxative effects will be noticed 6-8 hours after taking it.

If Mineral Manna proves to produce excessively loose stools with a normal 1 tablespoon serving, then you may want to either:

1) reduce the quantity of Mineral Manna consumed at one time, or

2) spread the normal serving of 1 tablespoon over the course of three meals and just before bed to lessen its impact, or

3) purchase each ingredient separately as described above and mix your preferred ratio of ingredients each time.

Symptoms of Getting Too Much Ormalite

Ormalite is a remarkable clay, rich with M-state elements (single atom states, smaller than colloidal and ionic) straight from Nature, and is the secret to the improved sense of well being experienced, usually within minutes of consumption.

For most people, there will be a limit to how much can be consumed before experiencing some of the symptoms of getting too much. More or less Ormalite, or more or less Mineral Manna are ways to moderate your preferred dose of Ormalite, the ingredient responsible for the greatest sense of well being.

For a few, there is no quantity of Ormalite that is considered too much from a functionality standpoint. These are usually the ones that require large doses of medicines or nutrients to get any kind of effect at all. For the more sensitive, moderate your intake based on what makes you feel the best.

Some of the symptoms of getting too much have to do with feeling more laid back than is helpful to get the day’s work done on time. You may find yourself forgetting appointments or noticing a loss of interest in the mundane details of life (shopping, cleaning house, paying bills, getting to work on time). You may notice increased difficulty doing math in the head, or focusing on business that requires math skills (Ormalite enhances right brain function).

The reason for these effects is due to the fact that the endocrine gland hormones in the body (particularly the pineal) are flowing with greater abundance. Happiness and contentment can grow to the point that these details do not seem as important. You are naturally moving into a higher meditative state. Energy centers are opening to a greater degree. The left and right brain are communicating more effectively, creativity is surfacing, and meridian energy is flowing more abundantly. 

You will naturally feel happy, relaxed and energized at the same time. There may be a greater tendency to want to take a walk in the garden, or take the day off, do some qigong, or slip into a comfortable meditation. You are more likely to pursue meaningful, purposeful activities and pay less attention to the frivolous.

This is a good thing when appropriate, and an extra dose or two will facilitate this mood. But when it comes to taking care of business at work or in the home, get to know where your helpful dose is - one that will enhance your concentration and focus on the tasks at hand and improve your sense of well being as you still get necessary tasks accomplished. For everyone this amount will be different and may increase with continual usage.

For some, an extra dose after work is just the thing for winding down from the day. For most, a dose of Mineral Manna or Ormalite taken just before bed will encourage a deep restful sleep, and possibly more vivid, and more pleasant, dreams.

For a very small number, whose kidney/adrenal system is severely exhausted, a dose at night may be energizing at first, thus keep this person awake. Then once their endocrine system is strengthened through the influx of these very same minerals, the same person may notice a significant improvement in their sleep patterns when taking it before bed.

If, after consuming the Mineral Manna for a few days at a dose that is too much, and you experience an uncomfortable lightheadedness or difficulty focusing, simply discontinue for 1 to 2 days before resuming at a lower dose. Build gradually according to levels of tolerance. (Each day following consumption results in a 1/3 reduction in this form of conscious expansion).

Be aware of how you feel and what works for you given the schedule you keep. A comfortable, yet conservative dose may produce the most beneficial results over time, promoting a gradual, steadily improving state of well being. Remarkable improvements in overall health have been noticed by those who have consumed Mineral Manna or Ormalite for 6 months to a year or more.

Can I take Mineral Manna if I am on pharmaceutical drugs?

As a general rule, the Sacred Clay in the Mineral Manna will reduce the availability of chemicals, heavy metals, and toxic substances (the primary ingredients in most pharmaceuticals), and thus reduce the purposes for which the medication is taken.

In some instances, especially in the case of antidepressants and high blood pressure drugs, removing drugs from your system too fast can result in undesirable withdrawal symptoms (as a result of their dependance-promoting actions).

Be aware, that on average, for every reported benefit to a pharmaceutical, the drug insert sheet from its manufacturer will list 75 potential side effects, many of which can potentially be triggered by reducing the medication too quickly.

In this case, you have a few options.

Mineral Manna can be taken 1 or more hours before or after a medication, so as to allow the action in the body of the medication to take effect before introducing a detoxifying, balancing nutrient source.

If withdrawal symptoms reveal themselves (see the Side Effects sheet on the medication from your pharmacist for the complete list), then either extend the length of time between taking the med and Mineral Manna, or eliminate the Sacred Clay portion of the formula by purchasing the other ingredients separately.

In this instance, we recommend beginning with Ancient Mineral Blend, Ormalite, and where salt is acceptable to the system, Himalayan Salt. These typically will not interfere with the action of a medication in your system.

The formula ratio is as follows:

In 8 or more ounces of water add

Ancient Mineral Blend – 1 to 1.5 teaspoons (5-7.5 ml) (less if sensitive to its laxative effects) (also contains a small amount of Humic/Fulvic Earth which improves mineral bioavailability)

Ormalite – 1/32nd teaspoon (0.15 ml) or more (1+ scoops, scoops provided)

Himalayan Salt – a pinch or so to suit one's individual taste preferences

Consume 2-3 times per day. The last serving can, if desired, be taken just before bed, resulting in a laxative effect by mid morning.

The above formula is very mild on detoxification, but will provide a spectrum of minerals to support major body functions, with the greatest amounts being calcium and magnesium.

Since a comprehensive mineral infusion on a daily basis tends to nourish, balance, and enhance the hormonal system of the body over time, thereby restoring balance, it is advisable to monitor your symptoms closely to determine if a drug may need to eventually be reduced.

If your goal is to withdraw from dependance on a medication, then Mineral Manna may be able to be taken as suggested above and on days off from the drug.

One very informative reference book on the subject of pharmaceutical drugs and withdrawal is “Your Drug May Be Your Problem” by Peter Breggin, MD & David Cohen, PhD. The author's suggestion is no faster than a 10% reduction per week depending on the length of time on the med.

In most cases, a solid superfood and herbal restorative program accelerates the body's return to producing its normal array of hormones and metabolic compounds, thus repairing more rapidly the damage caused by prior lifestyle habits and medical treatment.

Seek competent professional advice knowledgeable of both clays and medicines where questions arise regarding drug withdrawal. Though, due to the emerging nature of the science behind clay, M-state elements, humics, salt, and the lack of awareness of their potentials among the professional community, your most accurate guide may turn out to be your own deepest intuitive sense.

Be wise and prudent in such cases, listening most carefully to your own soul's promptings, and seek the most experienced professional advice that you can find or attract.


Mineral Manna does not need to be refrigerated (the components are already thousands of years old).

Best to keep away from strong EMF fields like toasters, computers, microwave ovens (the fastest way to destroy nutrient value in a natural product), electric stoves, electrical circuit breaker boxes, etc. as these may diminish the potency of any natural product. This product is not affected by either heat or sunlight, but the container in which it is housed is. Best to store away from direct sunlight and heat.

Using Mineral Manna or Ormalite to Help Manifest Dreams & Desires

While consuming Mineral Manna or Ormalite, hold a specific intention in mind. Visualize the successful accomplishment of the intention and feel the experience of the accomplishment as much as possible in the moment.

The M-state elements and the silica within Mineral Manna are highly influenced by thought and feeling, (similar to a quartz crystal), therefore the use of Mineral Manna with conscious intention accelerates the manifestation of goals and desires.

Elements within Ormalite are food for the brain, the DNA, the endocrine system, the nerves, and the cells. These elements also support many essential biological functions in the body.

Many blessings of health & success.
Enjoy the simple gifts from Nature!

For More Information

Feel free to call the office or email to gain a deeper understanding of the product benefits: 541-482-9633 or 888-325-1475

Michael King
Michael King

Michael King is a Life Enrichment Consultant, a natural intuitive, a researcher of Nature's most powerful healing resources the world over, the author of "Detoxify, Nourish & Build – Three Essentials for Vibrant Health", the Vital Health News Updates – a periodic newsletter documenting the most life-building natural resources on the planet, The Blessing Transformation, and the co-author of Life Chats with Oversoul – an ongoing dialogue designed to gain clarity and direction while navigating the immense changes going into the New Era. Michael is also an advocate of sustainable gardening, environmental responsibility, and an architect of ways to increase global food production.

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