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Life Chats: Recent Events, the Near Future, and the Power of Human Intent to Change the Outcome

February 07, 2021 8 min read

Also, Will We Finally Rejoin With Our Star Families Both Above and Within the Earth? 

Life Chats With Oversoul is an ongoing dialogue designed to gain clarity and direction while navigating the immense changes going into the New Era.

Today’s Life Chat focuses on the potential of cataclysmic events in the near future and what humanity can do today to shift the timeline in our favor sooner.

February 5, 2021

The Drama and the Bright Side

During the last two months, the majority of my available time was spent tracking the drama of current events. I found the events too emotionally riveting to feel comfortable engaging in an internal dialogue – not even knowing where to start, given the conflicting indicators showing up daily.

Admittedly, this was a mistake, as I am sure with the effort greater discernment would have been obtained as election events unfolded.

Now, however, the evidence surrounding the sum total of events has been compiled by several sources and the many players influencing events have been identified.

The entire world has just observed an obvious coup in plain sight. Only those that did not want to see, or simply where not paying attention, failed to recognize it.

The magnitude of effort to hide the obvious through censorship and utter denial by media, intelligence, and the judicial was beyond anything I had ever seen before.

It spoke volumes about the depth and breath of deep state players in all areas of our society.

Watching such a vast number of agencies, tech companies, and media outlets work so openly in aggressive, coordinated fashion, drove home the reality that these same people have been working behind the scenes for a very long time, unrecognized by most of the population. 

They have been fully exposed now. They have all shown their hands.

It took a while to recover from the impact of these events and gain the realization that they have a bright side – to give more of humanity time to recognize the magnitude of deep state players in our society for themselves.

This is happening now in unmistakable ways worldwide. The transformation has really only begun.

Thanks in part to Rosemary Alden’s instructions on an ancient Japanese practice called Jin Shin Jyutsu, I am feeling recentered and can appreciate the greater good developing from these events.

Timing is everything. The public needs to question what they have seen and have been told.

Now that things have settled down a bit, I feel the need to reconnect with the Council of Light that had previously assisted my oversoul in providing clarity regarding matters related to current events on Earth.

Michael: Some enlightening insights will be greatly appreciated to help me better understand the true nature of the events that have transpired on Earth over the last several months, and what we can expect in the future if we continue on the trajectory we are on today.

I welcome both my Oversoul and the Council of Light Representing The Common Good For All Life Everywhere.

Is There Really a Plan?

The Council: Well, we are glad to be back in touch with you at this critical time in your civilization’s journey through change and transformation.

Our hope is to share some truths about your current status and then share how this fits in with the greater picture of life overall.

When we first met in the early days of your contacts, enough change had already occurred to settle into a routine of daily updates.

When that proved unacceptable to your schedule and interests, it became necessary to work through the media you were following to enlighten you regarding current events.

This guidance then shared enough of the outward picture to help make sense of things that would later be shared with respect to the inner events actually dictating the course of human affairs.

Now that you are in touch again, I would like to join with others to present a clearer picture of events that you have so far seen play out in the media and from personal experience.

Michael: Who is the “I” speaking?

Council: I am a representative from the council that you requested to give their interpretation of current events.

Michael: Will you be the standard contact point in reference to the council? [This is the council that was assembled at my request a few months ago from members participating in the oversight of events on Earth.]

Council: For now, yes, although this may change in the future as circumstances deem appropriate.

Michael: Do you wish to be referenced by name, or just as the spokesperson?

Council: As the spokesperson for now is preferable. More will be shared at a later date as to the participants of this council.

To begin with, there are several “plans” in the works on Earth today. Some have nefarious agendas behind them, and some have benevolent purposes driving them – as well as support from universal beings along with various supportive councils within the larger group.

Today there are in the neighborhood of 20 plus different plans in operation that run concurrent with or counter to the larger overview of where Earth and humanity are ultimately headed.

The Ultimate Objective

The ultimate objective and end result cannot be changed, however, for it is the natural outcome, regardless the diversions, tactics, and delays implemented along the way.

This inevitable outcome is clearly that the whole of humanity and all other races of beings will find a harmonious interplay of ideas and purposes sharing an overall strategy of returning to unity as One Source.

How you each choose to get to that point is to be decided by all though consensus and freewill. Each individual will be permitted to entertain his or her own path.

When the time comes to settle in on one path or another, divergent paths will still be possible for some, as you know. You will not all have to endure the change in exactly the same way.

Many options will still exist for some.

Not all will choose to stay for the duration of the change and shifting of the ages to the next set of paradigms. Yet all will be required to choose which version of reality they prefer to participate in.

Some will continue to engage in perverted acts of destruction, while others will participate in the rebuilding of societies to new heights of cooperation, unity, and technological advancement.

These same two sets of human experience, and many variations like them, will continue to exist side-by-side for some time to come.

The entire planet coexisting in harmonious interplay is not scheduled to take place for several centuries now.

Michael: That is a distressing observation, although I can imagine why it will take so long to bring the whole world together in harmony.

Simple Logistics

Council: It will take longer than most would desire due to simple logistics. The conscious thought of 7 billion people controlled by life circumstances and media propaganda is a powerful voice that has to be recognized and supported by Universal Law.

This means we cannot go against the overall stated will of the masses of people believing in or expecting/afraid of certain outcomes.

Loss of life is inevitable now since so many people believe that the planet is overpopulated and must be culled down to a manageable few.

The size of the reduction varies from person to person, but the philosophy that things are unmanageable now is so strongly embedded in the human collective that we cannot fight against that strength of will and succeed at overturning it (apart from radical moves made to disclose technological advancements and practical living styles that drastically oppose the current trends in close-knit cities and high-rise living).

A culling of the population will be necessary so the people can then see and believe that space is now available for them to survive peacefully and abundantly.

Yes, the idea of the population being too large for a planet of this size was purported and instilled in the populace through numerous media programming efforts.

So until this mistaken perception can be corrected, the wave of destructive measures that will naturally be drawn into the human experience cannot be avoided.

Natural disasters, some warfare, and sicknesses are the primary methods being expected and supported in the near future by the majority of humanity.

So we are working with that potential and making the best of it in the long run, for our vision of potentials extends out thousands of years into the future – not just your current examination of the near term.

Unity Through Loss

We see that if the people unify over the loss of lives through natural disaster, then other potentials open up for us to offer help to the people that otherwise would not be allowed under current agreements with governments on earth.

When the intensity of that intention exceeds the strength of the current collective expectation, interaction in more practical ways can proceed.

We are able to intervene in large-scale events that would take out significant areas of global population. Then, with evacuation efforts for a select number within those groups, we can help retrain those humans to deliver aide and technological support to the few remaining.

Civilization will start anew, yet this time with less programming of the minds that would otherwise obstruct the harmonious flow of human effort.

Open Contact

Michael: Does this mean that we on Earth will finally be allowed to openly co-create with the numerous star races both throughout the heavens and within the earth today?

Council: Not at first, but in due course, yes. This will be done once governments cease to control the outcome of human affairs.

First, the people of earth will have to rise to a point of self-determination that rejects the manipulative agendas of government programs.

Then, when the strength of the will of the people rises to a point that supersedes the strength of hundreds of years of programming from elite-type control mechanisms, the tide of involvement will shift to that majority of human will.

This is how we must operate in order to stay within Universal Mandates for involvement in burgeoning civilizations. 

How to More Rapidly Shift the Timeline to a More Positive Outcome

Michael: Is there something the people of earth can do to shift the timeline in our favor sooner?

Council: Yes, this requires the awakening of the masses to the power of their own minds when connected together in harmonious union toward a single objective.

Present your objective, gather like minds together in thought and intent, and then send a clear message to all parts of the benevolent Universe to interact with each resident of Earth that is agreeing to the request.

When the intensity of that intention exceeds the strength of the current collective expectation, interaction in more practical ways can proceed.

Michael: Thank you for now. I would like to continue this discussion soon as time permits.

Council: Certainly.

To be continued…

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