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How to Improve the Depth and Quality of Sleep

October 03, 2022 13 min read

Solutions for More Restful Sleep, Reduced Snoring, and Less Getting Up in the Middle of the Night

I lived with chronic insomnia coupled with chronic fatigue for most of my childhood and adult life into my 40's – until I discovered herbal solutions and dietary measures that made it possible to enjoy deep, restful sleep on a regular basis.

Along the way I also discovered the primary causes of insomnia, as well as some of surprising solutions that have worked for me, resulting in a deeper, more restful sleep, with an added benefit of more vivid, memorable dreams most every night.

Quality sleep is central to overall health, especially when it comes to your immune system.

The depth and quality of your sleep is directly dependent on well functioning adrenal & pineal glands, however, to accomplish this the entire endocrine system needs to be upgraded (due to hormonal interdependence), thus the importance of adaptogenic herbs and herbal hormone regulators.

Contributing factors leading to insomnia will also have to be addressed. Some of these may include:

  • Chemical toxicities (like scented laundry soaps, and dryer sheets, or colognes and perfumes) resulting in hormonal disruptions and neurotransmitter dysregulation

  • Nutrient deficiency from poor soils, chemical farming, and over-cooked or processed foods

  • Caffeination, dehydration, and over-acidity, which slows down the body's normal nighttime detoxification routine, resulting in kidney strain and frequent urination

  • Concentrated sweeteners (both artificial and natural) resulting in adrenal fatigue, spleen deficiencies, depleted pancreas, and hormonal dysregulation

  • Mineral deficiencies and electrolyte imbalances affecting the nerves, heart, brain, kidneys, muscles, and cellular energy

  • Dehydration due to dehydrating beverages (like coffee, colas, caffeinated teas, etc.), poor water quality (unstructured water), and insufficient water intake during the day

  • Swollen sinuses and mucus congestion from a high fat diet or infection resulting in low oxygen intake, sleep apnea, snoring, and disrupted sleep

  • Electronic influences (WIFI, cell phones, computer monitors, cell towers, etc.) disrupting sleep patterns

  • Caffeine, cannabis, worry and life stress resulting in constant cortisol imbalances and an overactive nighttime brain 

Common Sought-out Remedies That Do Not Fix the Underlying Causes of Insomnia

Melatonin supplementation is NOT recommended for insomnia, given superior herbal alternatives, as this will slowly atrophy the pineal gland that normally makes melatonin for the purpose of deep REM sleep.

Melatonin supplementation can also cause excessively low blood pressure for some. Dependency on melatonin can also be a side effect from regular use. 

Pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter medications come with a host of side effects, including dependency, and may require a gradual withdrawal period while repairing the true underlying causes of insomnia. 

Instead of dependency on prop medications or hormone replacement supplements (like melatonin), it is wiser to simply restore normal body functions in the body that regulate the sleep-wake cycles. 

The Solution

The solution begins with restoring power to your entire endocrine system, thereby improving normal hormone production top to bottom, so as to improve sleep quality (along with many other biological advantages).

Rebuilding endocrine function is the subject of a prior article, 8 Ways to Build Adrenal (and General Hormonal) Powers, serving as the foundation to quality sleep, so, to take this subject to the next level, a few key points can be made to insure greater progress toward making the most of your nighttime rejuvenation periods.

In addition to the restoration of hormonal production, what follows are a few nighttime suggestions to accent your ability to achieve a deeper rest and enjoy a full night of sleep uninterrupted. 

A. Superfood Nutrients

What may be surprising to some is the suggestion to take a green superfood blend shortly before bed. A superfood blend will contain sea vegetables, nutritive herbs, earthen mineral sources, adaptogens, medicinal mushrooms, immune enhancers, and a number of herbs to support the many systems of the body naturally.

superfood blend satisfies numerous nutrient requirements the body needs to activate the hormones required to settle down and dive into a deep restful sleep.

A superfood blend will also provide amino acids, proteins, phytonutrients, and minerals required by the body to calm the nervous system, generate neurotransmitters, promote balanced hormone production, and regulate the nighttime detoxification, digestion, and repair mechanisms. 

If woken in the middle of the night with subsequent difficulty falling asleep, 1 teaspoon (5 ml) to 1 tablespoon (15 ml) of a superfood blend can be consumed in water or coconut water to reinitialize the hormonal system with a powerhouse of nutrients that trigger the pineal to make more melatonin, assist the body in making neurotransmitters that calm the nerves, and turn off the energizing cortisol from the adrenals. 

You can also add to the mixture (or take separately) a small dose of Ormalite (mentioned further below) to enhance this biochemical correction. 

Superfood options include (either one seems to help):

  • Vital Cleanse & Nutrify (combines Earth & Sea Greens with Fiber Blend (containing additional spleen supportive herbs), along with a few significant herbs for gentle, gradual detoxification and hormonal support)

  • Earth & Sea Greens with SBOs (more focused on the therapeutic sea vegetables, mushrooms, and land-based nutritive herbs) 

  • Sea Vegetable Blend (contains only seaweeds and algae plus Moringa so as to capitalize on the more concentrated full-spectrum benefits of herbs from the ocean coupled with Moringa, one of Nature's most nutritious land-based superfoods)

  • Nettle Seed Combo (Call the office) (focuses on the adrenal restorative properties of the nettle leaf and seed, along with the hormone balancing properties of alfalfa. 

B. A Sleep-Promoting Herbal Formula

Our primary sleep promotion formula is Day Calm & Deep Sleep

The herbs in this formula are designed to calm the mind, relax the body, and deepen REM sleep throughout the night. 4-6 capsules before bed is a common amount taken to accomplish this, providing excessive worry is not present.

Day Calm & Deep Sleep can also be taken a second time in the middle of the night if sleep becomes difficult due to an overactive mind.

The formula tends to help an overactive mind, but does NOT tend to overcome obsessive worry over life events. Yet, in such cases, Ormalite mentioned above, DOES tend to accomplish this feat quite well, though only for those who are not already in a state of extreme adrenal fatigue explained in the above Adrenal Powers article. 

Ormalite is a remarkable clay that anecdotally contains a high level of monatomic/angstrom elements that tend to enhance hormonal production and restore balance naturally.

C. Angstrom Element Ormalite Clay

Due to the normalizing effects on the hormonal system promoted by Ormalite, if your adrenals are in exhaustion, Ormalite tends to increase energy to move your body toward ideal balance. Low energy is raised, thus early on it may keep the adrenally exhausted person awake if taken before bed.

This stimulus effect at night tends to go away following a period of hormonal balancing discussed in 8 Ways to Build Adrenal (and General Hormonal) Powers, after which Ormalite tends to calm the mind, reduce worry and stress, and boost pineal gland functions (the gland responsible for melatonin synthesis). 

Improved sleep, more vivid dreams, along with an ability to easily get back to sleep after being woken in the middle of the night, is a common experience of many who utilize Ormalite just before bed, and again if woken in the middle of the night. 

There are four basic ways to utilize Ormalite for this purpose: 

  1. With each supply of Ormalite, a tiny scoop representing 1/32nd of a teaspoon (0.15 ml) is provided. Simply add one tiny scoop to any nighttime beverage or to your nighttime superfood selection mentioned above.

    For very difficult sleepless nights, either of the above superfood blends can be consumed in the middle of the night for greater insurance on getting back to sleep quickly. Adding a scoop of Ormalite to this nighttime toddy, for some, will provide even more insurance of getting back to sleep quickly.  

  2. Ormalite Water can be made at home and sipped just before bed and again in the middle of the night if woken up. 

    Ormalite Water can be made by adding a standard 4 day serving of Ormalite (1/8 tsp. or 0.6 ml of the powder) to 8 ounces of purified water in a small lidded jar. Shake it up to cause the mineral to form a cloudy suspension.

    Consume 1 teaspoon of this water, or one tiny sip, just before bed, and again each time you awaken in the middle of the night in order to calm the restless mind and restore a deep REM sleep. 

    Again this will only work for those without extreme adrenal fatigue, yet will tend to work after one has corrected the hormonal exhaustion with the program referenced in the Adrenal Powers article mentioned above. 

  3. Manna Mist is an exceptionally potent suspended solution of Ormalite in water. Manna Mist can be used for this purpose by spritzing 1-2 sprays from the Manna Mist bottle into the mouth just before bed and again each time one is woken up in the middle of the night (thereby replacing the need to make your own). 

    Manna Mist can also be sprayed on the face or skin with similar results, although the spray in the mouth is easy and sure to capture its full benefits without any being absorbed by the clothing before absorbing through the skin. 

  4. Mineral Manna can be taken before bed and again in the middle of the night if needed. One tablespoon of Mineral Manna contains three small scoops of Ormalite (a typical day's dose). 

    Mineral Manna is commonly consumed in a jar of water 8-32 oz. (1/4 to 1 liter) first thing in the morning, while leaving some in the jar to take before bed and again in the middle of the night if needed. 

D. Restless Leg Syndrome Solutions

Sleep can be interrupted by restless legs or cramping muscles (commonly caused by a depletion of electrolytes in the body). The magnesium in Ancient Mineral Blend helps to calm this down within minutes.

Mineral Manna contains Ancient Mineral Blend and can be used for this purpose, or Ancient Mineral Blend can be taken separately to calm the muscles. Commonly, about a teaspoonful (5 ml) of Ancient Mineral Blend is sufficient to calm the muscles. Those sensitive to magnesium would take 1/4th of this amount.

If this does not work right away (usually caused by the day's caffeine still actively stimulating cortisol or depleting the magnesium stores in the body), then try spraying the legs with Manna Mist. This adds angstrom minerals to the skin/muscles to relax them and is shown to be quite effective at calming overactive muscles in the middle of the night. 

E. Additional Sleep Well Support Formulas

Not all of the below are required for a decent night's rest but these are included in my favorite nighttime ritual. I like to improve the quality of my air intake, opening sinus and respiratory passages with:

Respiratory Formulas

  • Herbal Oxygen 

  • Lung Support

  • Spleen Builder (helps to reduce mucus buildup and is grounding to a racing mind). It also supports circulation to the extremities, thus warming cold hands and feet.

Blood sugar levels also play a role in improving sleep. Sugar in the blood is utilized by the body to create serotonin, which is ultimately converted into melatonin. The best sugar sources for this purpose are starches like potatoes, beans, squash, etc. 

Insomnia can also be promoted by excessively high or low sugar levels, so I like to take some BloodSugar Balance before bed to help maintain a balance. Balanced sugar levels also possess anti-aging benefits overall.

F. Snoring Solutions

Snoring is primarily caused by a weak spleen, poor bile production, and an excess of mucus-forming foods (cheese, milk, eggs, meat fat, liquid oils, butter, fried foods, chips, yogurt, nuts, nut butters, etc.). 

1 teaspoon of ground Cardamon Seed powder in water is a short term way to improve sinus respiration and shrink the swollen sinuses behind snoring (swollen by the meats/fats/oils/dairy). It is also an excellent short term remedy for congested throat, dry cough, and drippy sinuses or excess mucus.

It tends to take about 20 minutes to begin to be effective and may only last fo 3-4 hours. Yet, for that time some relief can be found. The reason for its effectiveness is due to the way it supports the spleen. 

Spleen Involvement in Snoring

The spleen produces bilirubin and sends it to the liver to make bile (which digests/emulsifies fats/oils). If this vital function is impaired from excesses of sweets, stimulants, or alcohol, then further stressed by the consumption of fats/oils, the sinuses will swell with mucus resulting in snoring when asleep, or throat congestion during the day.

The three respiratory formulas above assist the body to correct this weakness, but to be fully effective the diet will also have to be corrected to reduce the offending foods. 

Over time (coupled with a lower dairy & fat diet), these help to reduce the incidence of snoring by shrinking swollen mucus membranes and opening the air passageways, and (in a roundabout way) improve the quality of your sleep.

If you doubt this connection, just eliminate the offending food and drink for a week an see if there isn't an improvement. If no improvement, the problem may be infection related, indicating a need to build immune strength to a higher level and further improve the diet.  See: System Builder Protocols: The Immune System

G. How to Resolve Nighttime Frequent Urination

Frequent urination is commonly caused by an electrolyte imbalance, dehydration (surprisingly), and weak kidneys from over-acidity or nighttime toxin release (often compounded by the over-concentration of acids and toxins from dehydration).

As the electrolyte balance is restored, hydration is improved, body alklinity is restored, and the kidneys build in strength. The bladder also returns to normal urinary functioning. Getting up in the middle of the night becomes a less and less frequent event.

Normal urinary function at night is dependent upon all of the following five points:

1) High earthen mineral intake for a constant supply of electrolytes (Mineral MannaAncient Mineral Blend, Sacred Clay).

2) An alkalized body (acidity weakens kidney function, compounding the problem). (Vital Cleanse & Nutrify, or Earth & Sea Greens, or Sea Vegetable Blend)

3) Surprisingly, adequate hydration during the day is essential (2-3 quarts of purified water with earthen minerals and/or lemon).

Structure your water to improve hydration with a Stir Wand from www.QuantumAgeWater.com or by adding 1 tablespoon of Way Back Water (at www.WayBackWater.com) per gallon of your best water source to increase the hydratability of your water. Go small and slow with this water source as it can be strongly detoxifying at first.

4) A buildup of kidney & adrenal powers (utilizing adaptogenic formulas like Kidney & Adrenal BuilderRevitalize for Women/Men, Adaptogen & Mushroom Blend, Energy & Brain Power).

5) Avoiding diuretic (urine promoting) drink in the late afternoon and evening (coffee, green tea, black tea, yerba mate', mint, dandelion, etc.).

All 5 points work together to reduce getting up at night, getting back to sleep easily when awoken, and sleeping a full, restful night's sleep.

The reason adequate hydration during the day works is because it dilutes the acids and toxins being processed by the kidneys. Frequent urination is often caused by acids and toxins being too concentrated, so the body attempts to get them out of the bladder quickly before harm is done to the bladder walls. 

When applied sufficiently it will eventually be possible at times to drink a full quart of clay water before bed and not have to get up once in the night. This takes some time of rebuilding to accomplish, but it is a common event for those who succeed. 

H. Electronic Influences

This subject is critical to quality sleep and cannot be over emphasized. I will simply quote a passage from my one of my previous articles on the immune system to drive home this point, quoted from 20 Simple, Effective Virus Remedies and Common Sense Protective Measures:

One of the most insidious and destructive influences present in our society today is electronic wireless technology (cell phones, cordless telephones, computer monitor screens, WIFI, baby monitors, 5G, etc.).

The influence of wireless technology acts like a catalyst for the promotion of bacterial and viral conditions (like Lyme symptoms and Epstein-Barr virus), the disruption of oxygen uptake by blood hemoglobin, and the suppression of the body's normal detoxification processes in the removal of heavy metals.

It has now been proven that wireless radiation prevents detoxification of heavy metals in the brain, and enhances the detrimental effects of glyphosate while promoting pathogen development.

Society is dependent on the use of computers and cell phones now, yet these very technologies are instrumental in diminishing our spiritual development, which would otherwise advance the human abilities beyond the capacity of even the fastest super computer in the world today, if fully developed.

Wireless technology and the transhumanistic movement (blending machine with human biology), is designed to thwart our individual spiritual development that would take us far beyond all of the electronic tinker toys so prevalent in our world today.

While we ubiquitously use computer technology out of necessity to communicate and entertain ourselves, make the effort to spend as much time as possible in Nature, without your cell phone, and do your best to implement the following:
  • Keep the cell phone at least 6 feet from your body to minimize its influence whenever possible. Turn it off at night and keep it outside of the bedroom. Don't let your children sleep with their cell phone!! Shield your cell phone in a faraday pouch to reduce emitting signals, then close it inside the pouch at night to prevent sleep disrupting signals from affecting your sleep. 

  • Eliminate WIFI from your home, or make it so that you can turn your WIFI off and on easily when needed for brief periods.

  • Cord your computers with internet cables.

  • Reduce computer time before bed. 

  • Get a landline phone and use it for those long phone calls.

  • Eliminate your cordless telephones (they are constantly sending signals out searching for the phone, just like a cell tower).

  • Eliminate baby monitors, like cordless telephones, they pose a serious danger to your child and to yourself.

  • Eliminate your Smart Meter, or, if not possible, then shield it in a faraday cage device. There are many offered in the internet. 

  • Say NO to 5G (now in many hospitals) until the regulations require the use of only frequencies proven safe (not possible at the ranges near 60Ghz that are responsible for the hypoxia symptoms mistakenly associated to the current virus). (See: To Link COVID-19 To 5G Is Not ‘Complete Rubbish’ Published on April 18, 2020

    I. Resolve the Inner Issues Causing Stress

    Worry & life stress are the two of the most prevalent causes of insomnia, leaving the body in a state of constant elevated cortisol levels preventing deep restful sleep. In some cases this is just due to several of the above states mentioned above. In other cases the root cause can be addressed with attention to inner healing processes.

    The beginning of this process can be found in blessing all of the circumstances in your life causing you stress. This simple approach works by reversing resistance to the stress and triggering the Law of Reflection to work on your behalf. 

    The Law of Reflection works like this: what you give to another is given back to you in magnified measure. 

    By blessing the circumstances you are facing, you are giving 'goodness' to those circumstances. The Law of Reflection then goes to work causing 'goodness' to return to you from those very circumstances. A gift awaits you. The path to resolution is more readily perceived. 

    Rather than go into more detail here, I will refer you to the article and free PDF download of The Blessing Transformation, a written sequence of blessings that help you focus on every significant area of your life, give a blessing to it, and open your inner-self to receive the goodness these areas have to share with you in return. Go here to download your free copy of The Blessing Transformation.


    Quality sleep is dependent several factors that work together to promote the right balance of chemical processes in the body. Disruptions to sleep include nutrient deficiencies, over-acidity, electrolyte imbalances, swollen sinuses and mucus buildup, frequent urination, electronic influences, worry, and life stress. 

    The solutions include an attention to diet & beverages, balanced hormone production top to bottom, sleep promoting herbal formulas and mineral sources, solutions for snoring and nighttime frequent urination, the reduction of electronic influences, and addressing the inner causes of worry & life stress through blessings and inner healing. 

    Many blessing of health & success.
    Enjoy the many gifts from Nature!

    Michael King
    Michael King

    Michael King is a Life Enrichment Consultant, a natural intuitive, a researcher of Nature's most powerful healing resources the world over, the author of "Detoxify, Nourish & Build – Three Essentials for Vibrant Health", the Vital Health News Updates – a periodic newsletter documenting the most life-building natural resources on the planet, The Blessing Transformation, and the co-author of Life Chats with Oversoul – an ongoing dialogue designed to gain clarity and direction while navigating the immense changes going into the New Era. Michael is also an advocate of sustainable gardening, environmental responsibility, and an architect of ways to increase global food production.

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