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So, Where Do I Start?

February 15, 2017 8 min read

The Year Round Cleanse & Revitalize Program with System Builders

What do you really want from life?

If I may venture a guess, you might list a few ideals like these:

1) Happiness

2) An ideal loving partner to share your life with

3) A close-knit group of family and friends

4) The means and the freedom to pursue your greatest passions & dreams

5) Vibrant health, energy and a sharp mind

What impact does the state of your health have on your ability to enjoy the first four items on the list?

Clearly, our health plays a central role in the successful accomplishment of all other areas of life.

It has been my personal passion to develop a means, and demonstrate ways, to accomplish all five on the above list beginning, of course, with building a strong basis of healththus the birth of Detoxify, Nourish & Build which spells out the simple earth-based philosophy behind our Year Round Cleanse and Revitalize Program

The program uses only Whole Earthen Resources; these are real foods made by the hand of Mother Nature according to the design of the Creator.

What are Whole Earthen Resources?

1. Earthen clays

2. Plants grown from the clay of the earth

3. Foods from the ocean like algae, plankton, seaweeds, sea salt and salt water

4. Pure water from the depths of the earth, from the freshly fallen rain and from the dew of the morning

5. Fresh, ionized forest-like air

6. Pollens from the lush, flowering landscapes and from the beehive

7. Sunlight consumed through the skin as well as through the iris of the eyes

8. Earthen energy and many other (often even unknown) resources, drawn from a close association to the earth as you:

a. Walk barefoot on the earth.

b. Grow a garden (providing ample opportunity to put your hands into the soil).

c.  Perform simple qigong movements.

d. Spend quiet time walking in Nature to contemplate the true meaning of life and your purpose on the earth.

Whole earthen resources are Nature’s original food source for the human being.

The human body, made from the clay of the earth, will naturally find its most beneficial foods and medicines from:

  • the clay itself

  • that which is grown from the clay

  • that which is found in the ocean

  • the springs of the earth

  • the sunlight

  • the atmosphere surrounding the earth

Earthen resources and the human body combine to make a perfect match. All attempts by man to alter these naturally occurring resources can result only in a lessening of their originally designed benefits.

What this means is that when a scientist or laboratory decides to extract components, super-concentrate them, overheat them or create synthetic copies of parts of Nature’s original designs then try to pawn these fragments off as “food” and “medicine”, they are offering you far less than what Nature gives you in the “whole earthen” forms.

The Truth about Building Physical Health
The truth is not a single product ─ natural or otherwise (including every one mentioned in this email or on our site) ─ is capable of healing the human body. Neither an herb, a clay, a vitamin or mineral supplement, a seaweed or algae, an organic food nor any other substance is capable of healing the body.

In every instance the body will take the nutrition given it, break it down into millions of pieces, combine it with other components already available within the body to make new compounds then deliver those newly formed metabolic compounds to the places that the body  knows they need to go ─ all according to its own wisdom!

In this manner the body creates its own medicines which are nothing more than its normal complement of amino acids, proteins, enzymes, hormones and a vast number of other natural chemical processes.

Our job is not to target diseases or micromanage specific chemical reactions or hormone levels. Our job is simply to nourish the body with a complete spectrum of the kinds of foods that the body will recognize as real food.

In this manner, the body will have the greatest freedom to select from the vast array of resources that we provide in order to construct its own medicines to simply clean house and build life-giving strength. Again, this entire process is performed, not by our manipulation of chemical reactions, but through our support of the body's own inherent wisdom. 

Five Common Sense Suggestions to Complement Your Health-Building Program

1) Make changes only when inspired to do so from within.

Yes, life will only get better to the degree that we make these changes in diet, attitude and lifestyle, but a forced change is temporary at best. So take your time and make adjustments when they feel right to do in a particular moment.

Don't give up all your bad habits overnight (unless you are convinced this is the right approach for you).

Test the waters; notice how a new diet or supplement feels compared to your former choice. Make changes because you actually now prefer how the new way makes you feel.

2) Educate yourself  be personally convinced that the path you are choosing is actually the best one for you.

Never take anyone's word as truth until you have checked it out with your own research, and more importantly, only when your own intuition agrees it is right for you.

3) Diet matters ─ The foods we eat (and don't eat) have a tremendous impact on our overall health.

Do not expect a single pill or a single formula to fix decades of poor health and/or a poor diet. Be aware of how you feel when eating foods that harm compared to foods that heal. Make wise choices which move you rapidly toward your goal of optimal health.

4) Maintain a Daily Intake (equivalent to a small meal) of Super-foods, Herbs and Clays.

These are real foods wholly compatible with the needs of the human body. Because they truly feed the body, the desire for less nourishing foods quickly diminishes saving the unnecessary expense of foods weak in nutritional profiles.

5) Perform a periodic cleanse preferably in combination with a "Super-food Fast".

(More on these during another talk. We are developing a dynamic cleansing program and will report back to you on this in due course.)

What is the foundation of the Year Round Cleanse & Revitalize Program? Which products are the most important to start with?

Five products make up the Basic Program. These are designed to cover as many areas of importance to human health as possible. They provide the basic foundation for the Three Essentials for Vibrant Health philosophy – Detoxify, Nourish & Build. All products within the list perform all three functions of detoxify, nourish and build and can be taken together for greater synergistic impact.

Additional System Builders (listed below after the Basic Program) may also be added to your health building program in order to concentrate benefits on specific areas of interest like the Immune System, the Digestive System, The Hormonal System, the Circulatory and Nervous Systems, etc.

The Year Round Cleanse & Revitalize Basic Program (5 basic components):

1. Vital Cleanse & Nutrify ─ this becomes the staple; contains a very comprehensive list of naturally-occurring, whole earthen phytonutrients (plant based nutrition) which include vitamins, amino acids, enzyme activators, proteins, natural fibers and plant-based minerals. 

2. Mineral Manna ─ A non-clay based mineral resource naturally high in both calcium and magnesium providing an array of essential trace minerals which build strength in all of your hormone producing glands and also provides a moderate laxative effect helping to promote regularity.

3. Digestive Bitters ─ Bitters are essential to complete digestion of food and for cleaning out the liver and blood. This product assists your body in the daily task of liver bile and pancreatic enzyme production, performing vital functions of liver detox, gall bladder clearing, cholesterol maintenance, the digestion of fats and proteins and the removal of mucoid plaque in the small intestines.

4. Immune Power ─ A strong immune system is essential to good health. Use this formula as a daily preventive measure. Always have some on hand for that moment when the first tickle, bloat or other health compromise is felt. A strong dose at the earliest stage can prevent or minimize the onset of a compromise, saving days or weeks of recovery!

5. Sacred Clay & Black Beauty Bath Kit (two components to be mixed on site) ─ Clay baths, facials and clay packs are an essential part of the most effective detoxification strategies. The Sacred Clay in this kit (but not the Black Beauty) can also be used for internal use as both a mineral source and an internal detoxification program.

Those who take clay baths progress many times faster than those that don't (or can't). Clay baths are the gentlest and most effective external detoxification method known. If you don't have a bathtub, apply All Night Foot Poultices (foot packs) and Shower Slurries.  These are advised in addition to clay baths as well.

The above Year Round Cleanse & Revitalize Basic Program covers most of the essential basics required to build health naturally.

What are the Most Important System Builder Options to Consider?

To take the Basic Program to the next level, a select number of System Builder Options are worth considering where an emphasis in a specific area is desired:

1. Kidney & Adrenal Builder Kidney and adrenal health is central to overall constitutional strength. Due to the rampant condition of adrenal fatigue this formula is an important consideration.

2. BloodSugar Balance – Designed as an effective herbal support for the pancreas whose primary responsibility includes the production of digestive enzymes and the balancing of sugar levels through the production of insulin among other important functions.

3. Spleen Builder – Herbal support for the spleen, the functions of which include nutrient assimilation, energy, focus, groundedness, recycling of red blood cells, iron storage, delivery of bilirubin to the liver to form bile, mucus reduction, opening respiratory passageways, and many other functions.

4. Friendly Flora – Designed to rapidly increase probiotic presence in the intestines. Made from the fermentation of Soil Based Organisms (SBO’s) and algae. The SBO’s are combined with a number of prebiotics to proliferate their development in the gut.

5. Revitalize for Women or Revitalize for Men– Excellent for improving the balance of hormone levels, increasing energy and sexual performance.

6. Adaptogen & Mushroom Blend Two of Nature's finest strengthening and balancing agents, adaptogenic herbs and nutritional mushrooms, as primary ingredients in the same formula.

7. Thyroid Balance – Includes some of Nature’s finest nourishing super-foods that build endocrine strength overall with special emphasis on improving thyroid function.

8. Day Calm & Deep Sleep – Improves the ability to get to sleep, get back to sleep after getting up in the night and feeling rested in the morning. Combine with Ormalite or Mineral Manna just before bed for even better results. Keep a glass of Mineral Manna on the nightstand for those extra difficult nights. Not habit-forming.

7. Back, Muscle & Joints – Helps to build and strengthen the spine, cartilage, tendons, muscles and bone. I like to call it “Chiropractor in a Bottle” since it also helps chiropractic treatments to hold longer.

8. Memory, Mental Clarity & Eyesight – Helps to increase mental focus, clarity of mind and memory by stimulating the growth of additional neurotransmitters.

Additional considerations, where a specific interest in their indicated areas are desired, include: Herbal Oxygen; Lung Support; Heart, Circulation and Nerves; Herbal C and Liver & Blood Support.

A few Lifestyle Habits of importance may include exercise, chi gong, sun gazing, inner healing and growing a proper garden.

Even just one or more of these Lifestyle Habits, in combination with just a few of the basic nutritional measures above, will form an excellent beginning ─ and often times with astounding results! Such are the natural gifts from earthen sources!

Many blessings of health & success;
Enjoy the simple gifts from Nature!

Michael King
Michael King

Michael King is a Life Enrichment Consultant, a natural intuitive, a researcher of Nature's most powerful healing resources the world over, the author of "Detoxify, Nourish & Build – Three Essentials for Vibrant Health", the Vital Health News Updates – a periodic newsletter documenting the most life-building natural resources on the planet, The Blessing Transformation, and the co-author of Life Chats with Oversoul – an ongoing dialogue designed to gain clarity and direction while navigating the immense changes going into the New Era. Michael is also an advocate of sustainable gardening, environmental responsibility, and an architect of ways to increase global food production.

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