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7 Foundational Principles for Achieving Optimal Health and Vitality

January 25, 2024 22 min read

 Natural Wisdom & Real World Answers

Author, Life Enrichment Consultant, and Founder of Vitality Herbs & Clay, Michael King explains the true causes of illness and what you can do about them.

With common sense and simple wisdom, he breaks down the 7 key principles essential to achieving your ideal state of health and vitality – naturally.


Listen to the video above or read the transcript below:

7 Foundational Principles for Achieving Optimal Health and Vitality

Natural Wisdom & Real World Answers

Michael King:  So there are seven things that a person wants to pay attention to if they are going to achieve optimal health – if they want to improve their health. Okay?

Now, achieving ideal health or perfect health, there are still the seven things you need to do—but it's going to be very elaborate for some.  So we're going to talk about shooting for a short range target here.

A long range target would be optimal health or perfect health.  A short range target would be better health, and be okay with that, and then progress from there once you achieve it.

1. Imagine Your Ideal State of Being

Number one, you want to catch a vision of the end result in mind.  So you're going to know where you're going.  You're going to feel and experience in the moment, what it's going to be like after you get there.

If you begin with that, your intuition will take over from that moment on and your subconscious mind will start bringing up subjects, or your magnetism, (because you already put the intent out), will draw you to the right answers that are specific for you in this moment in time.

So, number one, begin with the end result in mind—and if you find something that isn't productive inside, like a negative, dismal attitude, or hopelessness, or depression, then there are ways to process that.

So, you want to develop inner healing mechanisms.  Deep breathing is one of them.  Even if all you do is deep breathe for a while, you're going to see some progress in those areas.  Just feel and breathe.

That's just a brief synopsis of the many techniques that can demonstrate results in a matter of minutes.

So, begin with the end result in mind.  Heal, or transform, any blockages inside yourself, any attitudinal blockages or perceptual blocks which lead to emotional stagnation.

These blocks are mental.  They are attitudes and beliefs which cause the emotion.

So, keep in mind, the emotions are never the cause.  They are only the reflection.  So, you can start with a reflection and heal backwards.  Or you can heal by changing your mind.  So that's really important.

That’s number one.

2. Detoxify

Number two, detoxify.  The vast, vast majority of health problems today are the result of toxins—toxins that have been in our food for decades.  Toxins coming from the skies.  Toxins in our water.  Chemicals in our water.  Chemicals in our home.  Chemicals in our perfumes and colognes that are causing hormone disruption.  Dryer sheets, laundry soaps, scented laundry soaps.

All of these things have been toxifying our bodies and we get used to them, thinking it's normal.  But even lavender scented soap of natural, eco friendly-type products can cause some severe disruptions in some people.

You have to have a strong antihistamine system in order to manage that.  So it's better not to have these scents anywhere in your life, especially because you're going to have sensitive people all around that you come in contact with everyday.

So, the idea is to go to the "free and clear" versions.  Well, that's just one little snippet of toxins.

You've got heavy metals that come in your medicines.  You've got your chemicals in any kind of farm product.  They're spraying Roundup, other herbicides and pesticides. 

You've got chemical fertilizers, nitrogen.  It's just not working.  It disrupts the soil, so you're not going to get good food.  So you have to detoxify the things that are in your body that don't belong there.

Herbs, Clays, and Humates

Herbs, clays, and humates are the most effective, powerful way to accomplish this.

Herbs have a cleansing effect on the body, as does raw food, a certain amount of raw food, whatever your body's capable of handling—and you progress gradually in that world—so you can get the enzymes, live enzymes.

You need clays and humates to bond with the heavy metals so it neutralizes them, and then the body can process them out.

So, you also need to understand herbs and what kind of body systems help the body to detox.

Well, if you know that the bile produced by the liver will encapsulate heavy metals, parasites, bacteria, viruses (which are really exosomes), or parasites and chemicals – if you know that bile encapsulates it, isolates it, and sends it through the system, you get it out of your body safely.  No side effects and no way for it to reattach.

The Central Importance of Bile Production

So, that's just a common sense thing.  Well, how do you stimulate bile?  Bitter herbs.

That's where our Digestive Bitters formula came from, because we realized that bitter herbs stimulate the bile that emulsifies the fat—and it also encapsulates all of these unwanted critters and characteristics in our body, chemicals and poisons.

That's the body's defense mechanism.  So, pay attention to the amount of bile you have, because if you're not digesting your fat well, your bloodstream is going to get thick.

You're not going to get the flow through the capillaries you need.  You're not going to get oxygen and nutrients to the cells, and you're not going to get the waste particles leaving very easily either.

See the Body as a Total Unit

So, it's all tied together.  We’ve got to see the body as a total unit.  So, detoxing is a primary, daily requirement, if you want to get better.

You don't do it for a weekend, or a month, or a three day fast.  You do it as a lifetime daily, for the rest of your life, practice.

Okay.  You're taking the toxins in every day.  You might need to get them out every day, so they don't build up.  They've already built up.

So we're going to get them out gradually.

3. Nourish the Body to the Max

Superfood Nutrition

We want to nourish the body to the max, meaning, you want superfood nutrition. I'm not talking about vegetables right now.  That's later down the road a little bit. Right now you want superfood nutrition.  Superfoods – sea vegetables, algae, adaptogens, mushrooms, more clay, humates.

These are all superfoods.  These are the things that go in your body and they nourish all the cells, giving them all of the hundreds and thousands of nutritional compounds—from plants, from the earththat are necessary for the cells to function properly.

Eliminate Isolated Components Extracted From Food and Herbs

Now, the important thing here to remember, when you're nourishing your body with superfoods you're not nourishing your body with vitamins and mineral formulas.

You're not nourishing your body by taking the A out of the carrot and calling that a medicine.  It's not a medicine, in its isolated form.

It is a concentrated, potentially toxic thing, even if it is natural, as natural as can be. You want the whole carrot, you want the whole turmeric, not the curcumin, the isolated extract.

Who cares if it's the active ingredient?  You don't want to isolate an active ingredient, because active ingredients need other things.

Science has already proven that the turmeric is just as effective, if not better, in many cases, with low curcumin or high curcumin.  It's like, some that are low are better than those with high.

So, it's really about the whole herb, and that's where you get rid of your inflammation most effectively, because you have all of those other 50 to 400, 500 nutritional compounds in that herb, helping the curcumin to do its job.

Whole Superfood Nourishment

Okay, so it's all about nourishing the body to the max.  We do that with superfoods.  So I created the Earth & Sea Greens, and then I added Fiber Blend to that and I called it Vital Cleanse & Nutrify.

So here you have two basic fundamental products that are superfoods, that have thousands of nutritional compounds in them, because it's got about 60 herbs.

So if you have sixty herbs, and you've got 50 to 400 compounds in each one, you're going to have thousands in a single tablespoon, in a single teaspoon.

You see, that's superfood nourishment.

So we want to nourish the body to the max.  Now you have building blocks.  Now you have something the body can use.  It will break down these superfoods into all the tiny components that you need.

You don't need a laboratory to break it down for you, and then stuff it into a pill with all kinds of flow agents so the big machines can run it through and get it in the capsule, just so you can take this capsule, rather than eat the carrot—you know, just eat the carrot!

It's that simple, and eat the whole herb.

Okay.  We put the herbs in a capsule.  That's for convenience, because some of them really don't taste very good.  And sometimes you just need a little bit, and sometimes you need more.  So a formula helps to arrange those ratios best.

Support Your Body's Own Wisdom

So you want to nourish the body to the max, to give the body a spectrum of building blocks so that it can break it all down into millions of pieces, reassemble it according to its own wisdom – the body's own wisdom – and then it can heal itself with the magic that it creates from the superfoods, you see?

Frequencies, Solid Nutrition, and Fiber From the Plants

So herbs and clays don't really do the magic.  As the body interacts with it, the body utilizes the energy in them, the frequencies that everyone's trying to get machines to do.

You’ve got it all in the plants.  You've got frequencies, and you've got it in the herbs. You've got all of these frequencies—plus the solid nutrition.

You have the physical elements, not just the energy.  But you've got energy, you've got magnetism, and you have the physical nutrients in the plant, and you have the fiber, if you take the whole plant, and that fiber is food for the probiotics in the gut.

Then there's more of the friendly bacteria doing the job, and beneficial fungi, and so forth, which are all necessary in the gut—you know, certain kinds.

4. Strengthen Body Systems

You're going to detoxify, nourish the body to the max, and you're going to build weakened systems.

Well, what's a system?  Digestive system, cardiovascular system, splenic system, the lymphatic system. 

You've got your circulatory system, you've got all these systems, you've got your ocular system, you've got your auditory system, you know, all these things, and they are really tied together.

The beauty about the herbal world, is that in the herbal world, it isn't like you take an herb for one system.  The herb has, you know, 50 to 400 compounds or more in it, and they're all able to help all of the systems that are associated to the specialty of an herb.

Polycrest, "With Many Uses"

And some herbs have so many specialties that they're referred to as polycrests, many uses.

So, lobelia is such a thing, dandelion is such a thing.  They're polycrests.  They are used for many things.  Jiaogulan is such a thing, a Chinese herb, grown in Thailand as well.  And alfalfa is such a thing, you know, nettle is such a thing.

They're polycrests.  They affect many, many systems, and so they're like a superfood that can do many, many things in the body and orchestrate balance in the body.

So now you have to detoxify, to nourish, and to build weakened systems.

Well, that's why we created several formulas.  We've got a Lung Support formula.  We have a Kidney & Adrenal Builder formula, we have a Spleen Builder formula.  We have a Spleen Complement formula to provide some herbs that you need more quantity of, that you can't get into just a single formula, and that helps get you the right amount for the respiratory system, as an example, and reducing the mucus presence in the body, and clearing the pathways of the respiratory system.

So, just having a little bit of knowledge about what systems herbs will function well within and support, and how how these systems can interact if you get it right, then you will have the right supportive mechanisms going on.

And just how many herbs have multiple functions that support all of those different systems.  Thet naturally interact harmoniously together in order to create optimal health—when fed with enough nutrients to make its own medicine.

You see, that's the logic that goes into Vitality, Herbs & Clay.

Because you want to create vitality, you need all of this balance.  You need hormonal balance, you need digestive balance, you need circulatory balance.  You need a good heart rhythm.

You need a good emotional state, that you get from optimism, that you get from changing your pessimism into something more in line with the truth of Life, the infiniteness of Life.

So detoxify, nourish, build.  You've already set your intention.  There's four items.

5. Access Pure Structured Water

You need water.  It's a big item.  So I've tapped into that separately because it's so important, and it is the quality of water that is important, because water holds memory.

So water has some nutrients, and sometimes they have minerals, but it's the energy in the water, and the structure of the water, that matter—whether or not the bonding angle of the H2O is wider or not, and the kind of memory that is in it.

Is it running through a pipe?  You know, if it's running through a pipe a long time, it kills a lot of the bonding angle power.  It kills a lot of the vitality in the water.  It gets a poor memory, you could say.  It takes it on.

Water Hold Memory and Responds to Your Emotions

If you’ve got water in front of you and you're in a really bad mood, I wouldn't drink that water.  It is picking up your bad mood.

Very important message.  People can get very sick from drinking their own water.

Good, clean, natural, unchemicalized water, by just being angry and bitter, resentful… and victim.  Play victim, you’ll drink victim.

You don't need that.  You’re powerful enough to create a solution.  So be the power in your life that's creative and optimistic, and knowing that there's infinite possibilities out there.  So tap them.

It's our responsibility as souls.  That's how we learn to grow and evolve as a soul.

So you need quality, structured water.  There's a lot of ways to get that.  I won't go into those details, but there's so many different ways to structure water.

Bless Your Water

If you're not really sure, and you don't want to buy some expensive equipment, then just bless your water with the highest vibrational frequencies of joy, and gratitude, and love that you can muster up, and it will transform that water in a matter of seconds.

So that's why we bless our food.  That's why we bless, hopefully, your drinks of all kinds, no matter what it is.  Alcohol included.

6. Improve Your Diet

You’ve got to get the right attitude.  You’ve got to detoxify, nourish, build weakened systems.  You've got to drink quality structured water, and then you have… you have to change the diet.

I realize this is the hardest one for many people, but if you set your intention, it will happen organically.

Set Your Intention for Optimal Health

Just set an intention for optimal health, the kind of health that gives you vitality, strength, and the kind of feeling inside that you want to have every day.

So just imagine that, and focus in on it, and your intuition will guide you as to how to make changes.  You're going to come across a new piece of material, a video, the friend who went through it, like myself, you know, you're going to learn something new every day.

So it's a little bit here, a little bit there.  You're going to learn.  You don't have to make drastic changes, but definitely aspire to a long range vision of an improved diet.  Because if you're not feeling well, I can guarantee you—diet is complicit.

And here's one part of the diet that I want to emphasize, and I won't go into great detail about the other parts.

Nuts and Sugar

Probably the least known, but now becoming more widely understood, is that in the health food genre, nuts are causing the majority of the problem, second only to sugar.  The Two Greatest Dietary Influences Behind Physical Dis-Ease and How to Manage Them

So if you put the two together in a sweetened product, and nuts, or nut butters, including almonds—including soaked almonds…

I almost always get that question.  What about soaked almonds?  Yes… Soaked almonds, in abundance, will cause chronic fatigue and gut problems, digestive issues and bloat, and fungal overgrowth, and pathogen overgrowth in the gut.

Because it sticks to your teeth, and it sticks to your gut in the same way.  And it goes through very, very slowly, and now is turning into a rancid fat, (if it wasn't already from being on the shelf), and now you have this putrefying matter in your gut.

Meat is in the same category.  Okay, I understand that's a sensitive subject for people, yet meat contributes to a vast array of health problems from a pathogenic point of view, just trying to digest this very difficult to digest, sinewy material.  And how many parasites are grown from that?

Okay, this is a fact of life.  It doesn’t mean a good quality digestive or enzyme program, or raw food program that might compliment your meat isn't going to help.  It will.

Again, do you really need something that's constipating just to have life force?  You’re drawing from the life force of the animal.

So there are natural ways to gain protein, that people think they're going for when they eat the meat.

Sources of Abundant Protein In Plants

Mushrooms are 15% protein, okay?  Not the 13% of meat.  Seaweeds or algae can be up to 50% protein.

So if you understand these simple things, you can get protein not just from protein sources in the vegetable kingdom, but you can also get them from amino acids – like in avocados, that's high in various amino acids.  Amino acids are assembled together to make your proteins.

Well, if you know that, you really don't need the protein as much as you need the amino acids to make your own proteins, and they can be recycled over and over and over in the body.

So common sense.  It's less stress on the body's digestive system.  More fiber of the type that actually moves the food through, so you're less toxic.  You feed fewer pathogens.

Pleomorphic Pathogen Development Based on Excesses in the Body

You see, the parasites, the fungus, certain pathogenic bacteria, and what we call viruses, and yeast (that develop into fungus), these are all designed… they all grow in your body, pleomorphically, in order to create the condition necessary to digest the hard to digest foods.

So they grow because something isn't working well.  The diet isn't functioning properly in your body, and it's stagnating in the gut—and so they come to the rescue.

These are not necessarily the bad guys.  They're coming here to take care of excesses.  Too much sugar, too much fat, too much hard to digest nuts, flesh foods, stagnant oils.

So that's why we have to change the diet, and learn about food combining.

On the website I have an article called “Okay, So What Foods CAN I Eat?”  There are a hundred foods in there listed that you can eat, with certain considerations, and a number of food combining rules to pay attention to.

I share this thing about nuts, primarily because so many people have come to me having a “good healthfood, vegetarian diet” (and flesh food diet), and they're eating lots of nuts, and they're in a constant state of chronic fatigue.

I learned this the hard way!

L-Arginine in Nuts and Seeds Feed Pathogen Proliferation

They get shingles, they get herpes more often, (and toothaches), and they get that way because of the high arginine content in the nuts.  It's the highest food group with arginine in it.

Seeds are the second highest group.  So when you're doing a seed butter like tahini, you're getting large amounts of seeds, and you're getting large amounts of arginine.

In moderate quantities arginine is a benefit.  It helps the vascular system to open up and become more flexible, so you can move your blood through the system better.

Too much, and you feed pathogens.  Arginine is used in petri dishes to grow pathogens in the dish faster, so they don't have to wait so long to see results.  High Fat, Low Fat, Vegan, Vegetarian, Omnivore, Breatharian – Which One Is Best?

Chronic fatigue is largely a pathogenic and toxic condition.  Those two things are the primary causes of chronic fatigue.

So if you understand those basics, then you will know that you really have to change the diet if you want to feel better and have more energy, and feel more vibrant.

7. Enhance Your Lifestyle

Okay, so now the seventh point is very important, and I understand that the full range of what needs to get done here for optimal health is not going to be possible for a lot of people.

Intention is the First Step to an Improved Lifestyle

But we are moving in this direction in the near future.  So you want to pay attention.  And when the opportunity… if you put out the intent, the doors will open for you to accomplish more and more of this over time.

What I'm talking about is lifestyle changes.  Specifically, you want to begin to grow your own food, so it grows FOR YOU to heal all of your health conditions.


Okay, I understand the problems with high rise living.  That was a game that they played with us—and it's a problem.  We thought it was okay because it's convenient, and we don't have to have mow the yard.

But the truth is you need your feet on the ground if you want optimal health. 

So you need some lifestyle changes. You need your sock footed or barefooted feet on the ground so you can derive energy from the earth, by spending some time during the day, even if it's only 2 minutes or 5 minutes.  Just spend some time.

You will notice that energy will drain out—your restless leg and your electrical jitteriness—everything will start to drain out if you stand long enough barefoot on the soil or grass, especially if it's wet.

EMF Exposure, Cell Phones, Computer Monitors, WIFI

So some lifestyle changes would include reducing the EMF exposures, getting rid of a microwave, very toxic.  It's just turning your food and water and coffee and everything into… and breast milk of all things. Oh, my God.  You know, it's turning it into a poison.

So please, be wise.  Let's take these toxic elements out of our lives.

And cell phone pollution, cell phone tower pollution, radiation, these things, we need to minimize them to every degree possible. 

I understand it's not going to be easy for all of us who have businesses.  We're going to be on the computer.

The computer monitor is a serious problem for brain health, brain fog, and eyesight problems.  The monitors are causing a lot of this, so we have to pay attention to it.

I understand, we have professions.  I have to be on it a long time.

I feel it every time I spend long hours writing an article, doing some research.  You know, I start to lose my voice. I start to get more and more brain fog.  My eyesight goes.

So I have formulas to help turn that around.  So I take my clay baths, I eat my clay, my Friendly Flora with all the humic acid in it, and I take my Memory & Mental Clarity & Eyesight formula, and I take several formulas that help me to regain my composure, balance my hormones, and improve my brainpower.

Okay, so it's a constant battle, but that's what we have to do right now.  That's going to improve over time.  But right now, that's what we're dealing with.  So you do the best you can. 

And that's why I'm saying these lifestyle changes are not going to happen overnight, and may not ever happen 100% for everyone.  But we’ll move a little bit in that direction.  A little bit at a time.

Living in Community

So another lifestyle change has to do with… We talked about being close to the earth—really being close to the earth—living in communities that are of like-minded people performing functions of service to the earth.

And we're not talking here about a whole bunch of people getting together to make $1,000,000.  We’re talking about a whole bunch of people of like mind with an intent to benefit humanity.

Now you have an altruistic vision that feeds the soul and opens the heart.  You see, if you just have an open heart—that is not, say, victimizing to yourself, it's not a doormat—it's an open heart of strength and power, and it orchestrates…  This is the center of your being.  It orchestrates all parts of your physiology.

The Heart as the Center of Your Being

You have more brain cell neurons in your heart of a stronger electromagnetic frequency, and power, and voltage, you could say, than in your brain.

So it is the center of your being.  The brain isn't.  The brain is the receiver, and processor, and analytic part of you.  But your heart is your true state of being.

So you want to experience love, and optimism, and joy, and aspiration, and creativity to inspire the heart.

We're not talking about the control mechanisms of the world that just strive for money, power, and control.  We don't need that, but we all have a service to provide to the earth, to humanity, to someone in your local neighborhood, or in your family.

Life Purpose

You have a service that's your life purpose, and your intuition guides you to that.

So that's what you want to focus your passions and your life mission on, or life occupation on, and you learn the ropes that you need to, in this convoluted world where you need financial resources.  You need to learn the ropes, educate yourself, and become skilled, or tap people to co-create with who have those skills.

And you will need to earn your living in some way or another by developing skills, okay?  Or bond with people where you can provide a service, like maybe in the garden, as they provide the breadwinner thing, or they provide the resources to develop the property, or something.

That's why we need community.  And I'm not going to suggest, in this day and age, that community is going to be built by genetic family members alone.

In fact, in this day and age, because of all the divisiveness and all of the craziness that has happened in the last two or three years, we have been suckered into a very bad, divisive situation.  Okay.  And we've all fallen for it.

There are remedies for the worst of the worst of it, but you have to be willing to tune in to Nature to get the best.

The Natural Diet and Nature's Medicines

You have to be willing to apply natural remedies, not these chemical things, and toxins, and shots.  You don't need them.  If you have a strong immune system, you never needed a shot.  Okay, you don't need them.

But you do need to boost your immune system, and you do need to detox the body, and you do need to nourish the body to the max, and you do need to build up weakened body systems, and you do need to change your diet.  Absolutely.  You need to change your diet.

Every single person, with one or two exceptions in the last 22 years of talking to over 10,000 people, telling me about their health problems and diet, their good health food diet—they have food combining problems, they have dietary problems.

We all think our diet is good because that's what we've been on.  I'm saying that that's not necessarily the case.

So we need to change our diet and we need to improve ourselves as our consciousness changes and as our body gets cleaner.

Changes are Essential, Yet Can be Made Gradually Over Time

You need to change, because you're going to want to anyway.

And you need to get a quality water source, a high quality water source, structured water.

And you need to think about how you're going to change your environment, reduce EMF exposure.

You're going to reduce the chemicals in your home, you're going to eliminate the chemicals used in your yard.

And you're going to do deep breathing of fresh ionized air, underneath a pine tree, if possible, so you get all of these beneficial negative ions breathing in and vitalizing your body.

That's prana.  And those negative ions are part of what nature has given to us to vitalize our energetic systems—all of our meridians—and those meridians regulate and assist the hormones and the body's systems, because the meridians are associated to various body systems.

So if you know these things, and you realize if you're weak in one area, it’s because some body system is out of balance.

So you don't just deal with that area, or that one organ, you deal with all the other associated organs and hormonal systems, and dietary changes that you need, and superfoods that you need, and maybe some lifestyle changes.

Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes are absolutely crucial to absolute positive, optimal health. You have to get into a different kind of structure of home, structure on the land.

You know, everything's going to change, but it's going to change gradually.  So don't get caught up in that, like, oh, it's impossible.  No, IT IS POSSIBLE if you take baby steps.

And it will be good for you to the degree that you are capable of doing so for the rest of your life.  You will constantly make changes, and then after that it won’t matter, because you feel better as you go along, until you finally fulfill your mission in life, and you move on.

Infinite Possibility

Every step of the way is beneficial.  You're going to progress and you're going to feel better.  You're going to have vitality.  You're going to have more optimistic emotions, and attitudes and beliefs, and you're going to see endless possibilities. 

And the unexpected is able to come to you because you anticipate infinite possibility.

Do you see now how all of these things work together?

Improvements in All Areas, One at a Time

You cannot just do one and expect to get completely well.  You need to do all of them at the same time.

Do you see why diseases don't exist?  These are the reasons why—all seven of these—are the reasons why we have health problems.  They are revealing to us where we are missing a beat.

And so if we're not feeling well, the body is reflecting back to us, that, hey, something's out of balance.

Well, just check the list. Look at these seven different possibilities.

1.  Imagine Your Ideal State of Being

2.  Detoxify

3.  Nourish the Body to the Max

4.  Strengthen Body Systems

5.  Access Pure Structured Water

6.  Improve Your Diet

7.  Enhance Your Lifestyle

Consider them, and there's probably others you could divide them into and specialize in.

But generally speaking, just take a look.  Is there one or more of these that you could improve upon right away that could possibly begin that journey toward a greater state of health, than the ones that you've already created?

So, there’s a lot of people who are already big time on the journey.  But how many health food people have chronic fatigue?  It’s a food combining issue.

And how come there are so many raw foodists and fruitarians, (and meat-eaters) that have cold extremities?  Because they’ve blown out the spleen that regulates the warmth in the body to some degree.

And the high fat vegetarian and carnivorous diets are thickening and acidifying the bloodstream, reducing capillary circulation and blood flow overall, thus reducing circulation to the extremities. 

Put All the Pieces Together to Gain Maximum Health

So you see, it's all tied together.  You've got to put all these pieces together, learn as you go, listen to the experts who have succeeded.

But take a lot of things with a grain of salt, you know, use some common sense.

Do you really want to grow those pathogens in your gut because you're eating the Keto dietthat you can't stay on forever because it doesn't have enough nutrition in it?

And so now they're realizing that they need to have one or two days a week of carb days.

That's why I'm saying, okay, it might help you for a while.  There's nothing wrong with exploring these things.

But understand when you start getting really, really sick because it's not working for you, think about some changes, take them gradually, and then your life will get better and better over time.

Whole Earthen Resources

And consider what Mother Nature has given to us.  Herbs and clays, herbs and earth, quality food grown at home with your own loving kindness poured into them, and now they're loving you back with the exact spectrum of nutrients and energetic influences that you need personally for healing.

That's the ultimate big picture, big lifestyle changes, good solid nutrition from natural whole earthen resources. That's our motto: “whole earthen resources”.

So when we have all that together, we will get more vitality from herbs and clay, and from lifestyle changes, and from a new diet than you ever could from a pharmaceutical pill, or a natural extract of single plant chemical.

It's about being whole, wholesome, in all that we say and do—is it not? 

So there you go.

Michael King
Michael King

Michael King is a Life Enrichment Consultant, a natural intuitive, a researcher of Nature's most powerful healing resources the world over, the author of "Detoxify, Nourish & Build – Three Essentials for Vibrant Health", the Vital Health News Updates – a periodic newsletter documenting the most life-building natural resources on the planet, The Blessing Transformation, and the co-author of Life Chats with Oversoul – an ongoing dialogue designed to gain clarity and direction while navigating the immense changes going into the New Era. Michael is also an advocate of sustainable gardening, environmental responsibility, and an architect of ways to increase global food production.

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11 Ways to Improve the Depth and Quality of Your Sleep

July 07, 2024 15 min read

Solutions for Better Sleep, Reduced Snoring, and Less Getting Up in the Middle of the Night

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Life Chats: True Freedom Defined

July 04, 2024 12 min read

The Autonomy of Every Soul and the Future New Era Lifestyle that Ultimately Replaces the Current System

Today's chat focuses on current events surrounding the destruction of historical icons, the supportive roles of light and dark path souls, and what it really means to be free as an autonomous soul. 

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Heads Up! Independence Special begins on Monday, July 1st.

June 29, 2024 1 min read

Notice of Independence

Vitality Herbs & Clay operates as a private company, so as to protect your right to your own freewill choice of health remedies and the sharing of knowledge. 

Your participation within our site is protected by the Common Law right to privacy and freewill choice, governed by the Laws of Nature under the Prime Creator, the Original Source of All, and no other.

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