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NEW! – Stamina! – For Calm, Sustained, Natural Energy

January 02, 2022 2 min read

Experience natural energy and alertness without caffeine!

Provides smooth, natural energy and well-being lasting several hours! 

Composed of some of Nature's most effective health-building herbs and clays, Stamina! is foundational to any health protocol.

Its natural ability to enhance circulation and deliver nutrients to the cells also helps to improve the results obtained by any other product, diet, exercise, or meditative practice. 

Its non-caffeinated ability to boost energy and stamina is felt immediately, providing sustained energy and improved mental acuity for several hours.

Specific herbs and clays within this formula are historically and scientifically known to:

  • build constitutional strength lasting several hours 

  • reduce fatigue within minutes 

  • increase mental acuity and concentration

  • improve memory

  • open and calm the emotional heart

  • enhance prayer, meditation, yoga, qigong, jin shin jyutsu, etc.

  • improve communication

  • calm a restless, overactive mind

  • calm the jitters of caffeine

  • increase vivid dreaming at night

  • strengthen immune system responses

  • enhance nerve transmission

  • improve digestion

  • harmonize hormone production

  • ease the stress of any detox program by accelerating circulation to clear toxins more efficiently

  • support lymph drainage

  • enhance the functioning of every major organ and gland

  • increase energy production at the cellular level 

  • improve a sense of overall well being within minutes

Instructions For Use: 

Begin with 1 teaspoon (5ml) in water, green drink or tea. Notice an additional degree of energy, blood circulation, and mental acuity that tend to develop over the course of the next 5-30 minutes, then remain stable for several hours.

Serves as a foundation of stamina and mental clarity for your daily activities. 

The effectiveness and delivery of other nutritional supplements at the cellular level may be enhanced as well, possibly requiring less over time. 

After achieving an ideal feeling of well being from the early morning dose, add a second dose in the mid afternoon, or when energy begins to drop again.

Sensitive individuals will want to refrain from taking this product within 4 hours of sleep as it can energize the body and mind too much for deep rest (although amount just before bed for some may increase vivid dreams and improve the depth and quality of sleep).

Take Day Calm & Deep Sleep before bed to further enhance quality and duration of sleep.   

Recommended Daily Maintenance Level Use: 1 measured teaspoon 5 ml) 2 times per day (at least 4 hours before sleep for sensitive individuals). Otherwise another dose of any amount before bed tends to enhance the depth and quality of sleep.

During times of greater fatigue or stress, more may be required.

Recommended High Level Use: 1-2 measured teaspoons (5-10 ml) 2-3 times per day. 

Height, weight, sensitivity, and degrees of physical or mental activity will affect the amounts required to achieve optimal balance and energy levels, with 2 measured teaspoons (10 ml) over the course of the day serving as the average middle ground for the average person.

Children will require commensurately less based on weight. A taller or heavier individual may require more.

2 oz. of Stamina! is about 1 teaspoon (5 ml) per day for a month. 

4 oz. of Stamina! is about 2 teaspoons (10 ml) per day for a month.

8 oz. of Stamina! is about 4 teaspoons (20 ml) per day for a month.


Michael King
Michael King

Michael King is a Life Enrichment Consultant, a natural intuitive, a researcher of Nature's most powerful healing resources the world over, the author of "Detoxify, Nourish & Build – Three Essentials for Vibrant Health", the Vital Health News Updates – a periodic newsletter documenting the most life-building natural resources on the planet, and the co-author of Life Chats with Oversoul – an ongoing dialogue designed to gain clarity and direction while navigating the immense changes going into the New Era. Michael is also an advocate of sustainable gardening, environmental responsibility, and an architect of ways to increase global food production.

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