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What to Expect During Nutritional & Intuitive Consultations

July 14, 2019 6 min read

Points of interest and procedure during a Private Consultation with Michael King 

During a Private Consultation our focus will be on upgrading overall health, during which the body will then simply heal itself of any specifics (assuming you follow all of Nature's requirements for your unique situation). The focus is on building overall health the way Nature does. In my book, Detoxify, Nourish, and Build – Three Essentials for Vibrant Health (free when you sign up for the Vital Health Newsletter at the bottom of each webpage), I make it clear how and why this is the only way to build true health, regardless of any specific condition. 

During the Conference we discuss the topics of greatest interest or concern to you. You are asked to outline a Statement of Intent verbally that best describes what you want to know, create, heal, or become. Factors that play into obtaining these objectives may lead to discussions about diet, environmental factors, work stress, the most appropriate nutritional supplements, life options, life history of influences, inner healing, soul path discovery, life purpose, etc.

An Intuitive Health or Soul Path Assessment may be included at your discretion. 

Best not to expect a comprehensive program in 15 minutes and all goes well. It is also true that several essential causative factors to the challenges you may be facing can be identified easily in a short amount of time, however, discussing the solution and answering further questions tend to take up the majority of a longer Session.

Improvements are the most common experience as a result of proper follow-through, although health improvements tend to take place gradually over time based on diet, commitment, inner issues at play, environmental factors corrected, and possible changes in other areas of life.

Decades of forming a health condition is seldom completely erased within the first month, although many serious conditions have been known to improve enough to get one's life back by simply applying a change in diet coupled with a simple detox program and a few supplements.

You will also need to be committed to discovering your personal role in creating, or allowing, these conditions to take hold, then take corrective action according to Nature's own ways. Solutions are suggested drawn from how best we can align ourselves more fully to the original Natural Order of Life. 

Please keep in mind that the responsibility for your success is, and always will be, in your own hands. I am there to educate and guide from personal experience (having been very sick as a child, thus driven to natural health for solutions after the medical profession only made things worse), or provide an Intuitive Assessment of causation, but all decisions about the program and path taken will be made by you, and you alone.

I have observed that the greatest progress takes place in those clients that actively remain in charge of their own healing program. 

Here is the link to our general Cleanse & Revitalize Program Options. Most of our primary products are listed in this Guide. Not all that is listed there will be selected by you, as much of it is for information purposes to reveal the many options available for different health situations, along with a description of how to use them:

Year Round Cleanse and Revitalize System Guide PDF

Studying this will begin the familiarization with how a program can be structured. The first products mentioned and links to articles represent the core basics upon which all of my programs are built.

Nourished properly in this way, including detoxification protocols, system builder formulas, and a change in diet, the body will have what it needs to simply clean house and heal itself. 

Now, I would like to make a subtle distinction here with respect to the basic approach to all health challenges. I will not prescribe a program to "fix" any specific health issue. That is Nature's job.

What I will do, however, is help identify how diet, environment, toxicity, mental/emotional causative factors, or a divergence from the Natural Order of Life have contributed to your symptoms.

We will make note of the consequences showing up in your body, based on how Nature uses physical or emotional discomfort to tell us where some choice is outside of the Natural Order.

I can offer suggestions on diet, supplements, herbs, detoxification, qigong, mitigating environmental hazards, how to heal the inner self, identify soul path or life purpose, and provide insights for you to consider during your decision making.

I will identify areas of your life or lifestyle that may have contributed to the development of your symptoms, and why, based on how the body or soul life works. 

It is important that you to come to the session with your most important questions ready, along with an eagerness to learn, discover, and change. Whether the focus is on inner wholeness or physical wholeness, or a blend of the two, is entirely up to you.

A session may take 15 minutes to 2 hours depending on your level of interest and questions. I will refrain from providing any information you are not actively seeking in the moment.

Stay curious if you want the whole story, and ask the specific questions you want answered.

Session frequency is determined by you, though those with the greatest of success tend to schedule sessions weekly during the early phase, then less frequently as improvements are gained.

There is a lot of information to digest and remember. Few get it all during a single session. You can request for the sessions to be recorded, and if so, you will be given a phone number to call into. After the Session you will be provided with an MP3 download link after the call.

If you prefer to show up in person for the session and want it recorded, please bring your own recording device.

Expect adjustments to any program on a near weekly basis. You will learn a lot about your tolerances, taste preferences, necessary pace, willingness to adjust the diet, etc. during the first few weeks, few of which can be predicted at the beginning.

You may need to test some of the products before deciding the exact program for you based on powders, capsules, green blends, etc. 

I am just as happy to suggest a slow and easy program as a more intense one. If you are new to herbal therapies it may be better to start slow and small, then expand as your familiarity with our program options grow.

I know Nature works, so I expect positive results, but your overall success is in your hands, not mine. You can move as slow or as fast as you are willing to move by adjusting your diet and lifestyle at your own desirable pace.  

Remember Nature treats us all the same. Gravity affects us regardless our attitude or persuasion. We can learn the higher laws of levitation and do what it takes to make them work for us, or we can make gravity work for us in the best way possible given our limitations.

There is a Natural Order which must be followed for the greatest of success.

It is wise to keep expectations in line with one's personal willingness to change, learn, and apply. 

It is not wrong to change slowly, or settle for less health than more. Often a little exposure to quality nutrition inspires a greater desire for even greater results over time. I am very patient, and accept my own dietary & lifestyle preference limits, as well those of others.

40+ years of trial and error has taught me a lot about what works and what is an acceptable "compromise", although fast, permanent results require more complete adherence to Nature's requirements. 

If the Consultation approach appears more than you prefer to take on, then the above Cleanse & Revitalize System Guide PDF link can make an excellent beginning from which to form your own program.

I can also recommend specific articles on my website to learn more about what works and why. Or you can begin with the Important First Read Articles list to get an overview of important topics.

General product use is answered at no cost. You can speak with Julie, our Nutritionist, about products and diet as well. 

Yet, when it comes to applying a product to a specific health condition she & I will recommend a paid Consultation (during which I will then focus on the above mentioned areas as stated). 

I am sure you understand the wisdom of taking this approach toward sessions, as it is taken with your best interests at heart. 

All the best of health & success,

To schedule a Private Consultation with Michael King call the office at 541-482-9633 or 888-325-1475 to arrange an appointment and ask any questions you may have.

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Michael King

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