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The Most Overlooked (and Most Powerful) Secret to Weight Loss

July 15, 2019 25 min read

The First and Most Important Thing to Do to Shed Those Unwanted Pounds

Topics in this article include:
Metabolic Adaption: Food Restrictive Diets Slow the Metabolism then Set the Stage for Even Greater Fat Storage
The Truth About Losing Weight
Full Spectrum Nutrition
How to Reverse the Famine Response
The Benefits and Dangers of Fat in the Diet
High Fat, Low Fat, Vegan, Vegetarian, Omnivore, Breatharian – Is There an Ideal "One Size Fits All" Diet for Everyone?
Why Vegetarians Go Back to Meat, and Why Carnivores Can Also Gain Excess Weight
Full Spectrum Nourishment – Whole Earthen Resources
The Most Nourishing Element Within Food
Can a Laboratory Assembled Vitamin or Mineral Formula Provide Adequate Nutrition?
Will Modern Medicine Come to the Rescue?
Whole Earthen Resources – Real Superfood Nutrition
Where do I get superfoods with full spectrum nutrition?
Powdered Minerals or Liquid Mineral Drops?
What is the Success Ratio in Losing Weight for Those Adding Superfoods and Clay Minerals to their Diet?
The Rest of the Story
Two More Solutions to Trimming the Fat to an Ideal Body Weight
Stay Tuned, There's More to come

There are numerous causes for the excess buildup of adipose tissue (cellulite). Some are more obvious than others, like eating at fast food restaurants, eating pre-processed food containing a long list of unpronounceable ingredients, and drinking "diet" sodas (yes, diet sodas are well-proven to cause obesity, among numerous other health complaints).

However, the most prevalent cause of weight gain resulting from the storage of fat cells in various unwanted places around the body just may surprise you. In the industrialized world the most fundamental cause of fat buildup is malnutrition.

Malnutrition is the reason the body stores energy resources in fat cells following a food restrictive diet (or a diet of nutrient-depleted processed food) – preserving energy sources for the next time food (or nutrients) become scarce. Diets low in quality nutrients merely result in the return of any weight lost through dieting – plus additional fat stores to boot!

"Malnutrition?? I eat three squares a day. How can you say that?", many may ask.

The answer is simple. Today's farm grown food is typically deficient in nutrients because of the way it has been grown. The body requires specific nutrients, coupled with properly functioning organs (often a result of being sufficiently nourished), in order to metabolize (digest, utilize, and eliminate) the food consumed.

Deficiencies in either area, nutrition or organ function, cause the body to store the indigestible material (food the body is not able to assimilate, utilize, or dispose of properly), around and within organs & glands.

Foods made of chemicals, or grown with chemicals, or from genetically modified plants, or grown in large mono-crop fields, or loaded with sugar concentrates add additional burdens to the body. Such foods further deplete the genuine nutritional resources in the body in an effort to process these foreign substances or eliminate them.

Toxins in our medicines, nutritional supplements, our workplace, our homes, or our environment also play a role in disrupting normal organ, gland, and digestive processes.

Typical dieting on processed low calorie protein shakes and diet bars with highly restricted food intake can result in some of the greatest weight gain, and the most difficult to peel off again. Why? Because it places the body in a starvation mode triggering protective mechanisms through the storage of additional fat.

The more restrictive the diet, the greater the eventual weight gain (unless a high nutrition superfood fast is being employed).

Metabolic Adaption: Food Restrictive Diets Slow the Metabolism then Set the Stage for Even Greater Fat Storage

The natural side effect of malnutrition from either the Standard American Diet or from food restrictive dieting (protein shakes filled with isolated protein compounds and a few other nutrients) is the storage of fat (typically, just after losing some weight, then starting to eat normally again).

This is the result of a "famine response" within the body. There is not enough food (wholesome nourishment) in a food restrictive diet, so the body stores energy in the form of fat for a future day when no food at all is given it. When it finally becomes necessary, this fat is converted by the body into glucose for energy.

During calorie restrictive diets the body's adaptive response triggers a cascade of events. This is called "metabolic adaption":

  1. After a certain point of nutrient depletion from dieting (or from a daily diet of processed food void of nutrients), the body goes into a "starvation mode", then seeks to protect itself against future hardships with more fat storage.

  2. Intense exercise produces the same metabolic response as caloric restrictive dieting. Dieting plus exercise compounds the following cascade of events.

  3. A junk food, fast food, processed food diet will result in malnutrition triggering the same cascade of events.

  4. Malnutrition causes the body to slow down its metabolism in order to conserve energy and reserve fat stores for the future. A slower metabolism simply burns fewer calories.

  5. The body begins to burn muscle mass instead of fat for the glucose it is not getting from the food (not a good thing).

  6. Muscle requires more energy to maintain, so it is the first to get converted to glucose during a starvation diet, not the fat. Eventually the fat is burned as well. 

  7. The conversion of calories into energy at the ATP level becomes more efficient, meaning fewer calories are burned to create the same quantity of ATP molecules (the energy molecule). Thus, calorie restriction results in fewer calories burned per energy transaction within cells. ATP is the energy currency of cells.

  8. The hormone that produces hunger (ghrelin) increases in an effort to compel the intake of nutrients. (This is why a junk food diet, void of nutrients, leads to overeating. Mineral depletion also leads to a craving for salt.)

  9. When the usual diet returns (as it inevitably will), the body then begins to pack on additional pounds of fat storage as additional insurance against the future possibility of a repeat of this period of caloric famine.

The Truth About Losing Weight

The truth is, losing excess weight does not require that you sacrifice your health through fad products or starvation diets. Quite the contrary. Excess weight is first and foremost a sign that your body is undernourished.

As strange as this may sound at first, when you look at the the body's natural protective mechanism of storing fat for the next "famine", it starts to make a whole lot of practical sense.

So, what is the logical solution? Let's begin with a few common sense insights:

Full Spectrum Nutrition

When the body is fully nourished, all systems operate at full capacity, performing all of their normal functions required to keep the body in perfect health. Only when the required supply of nutrients run low, or are interfered with by toxic substances or destructive influences (chemicals, processed foods, drugs, radiation, wireless technology, anger, stress, etc.), do the organs and glands responsible for your health begin to malfunction.

If the organ or gland is malfunctioning for reasons other than nutrition alone, an abundant supply of the the right kind of nutrition will trigger a series of events in the body that will typically result in the elimination of the toxins, or the healing of the physical imbalance.

If the real issue is fundamentally an emotional/spiritual one, better nutrition provides additional mood support through better hormone stability, thereby providing the foundation for better decision-making.

So how do we make sure the body always has an adequate supply of nutritional resources to meet all of its daily needs, and thereby eliminate the "famine response" altogether?

How to Reverse the Famine Response

Reversing the famine response within the body is quite simple, yet requires genuine whole food nourishment that the body is able to recognize as "real food" (not the denatured, processed food loaded with artificial ingredients).

An abundance of superfoods, in addition to quality, organically grown whole foods, in the diet is the answer.

Once the body gets the signal that the "famine is over", it immediately begins to reverse its "fat storage" process and initiates a "fat burning" process.

All that is required is full spectrum mineral & green superfood nourishment that supplies everything the body needs to perform all of its thousands of metabolic functions each second. The key here is "full spectrum".

The purpose of quality farm & garden produce (especially when food combining rules are properly applied) in a program of this nature is to provide the bulk, along with a few extra nutrients, with the goal being to consume the food in a way that does the least amount of harm to the body.

Another is in the provision of fat essential for the production of hormones, the construction of Vitamin A, D, K, & E (fat based vitamins), the buildout of nerves, AND the reduction of fat stores (yes, eating fat assists the body in burning fat). But there is a caveat to the consumption of fat concentrates in the diet (liquid oils, butter, ghee, cream, cheese, etc.).

It has to do with quantity and concentration.

The Benefits and Dangers of Fat in the Diet

Fat can be converted to glucose, so there is a need for a moderate amount of fat in the diet to prevent the body from needing to store energy in fat cells.

Coconut oil, olives, avocado, flax seeds, chia seeds, sesame seeds, are some of the best sources of fat for the body, preferring the whole food sources over the liquid oil concentrates, where practical, yet, whether your fat comes from plant based or animal sources, moderation remains the key.

Let's repeat that: Moderation is the key.

All fruits and vegetables contain fat. Nature builds food this way for complete body nutrition.

Confusion around fat consumption, from my experience, has actually been derived from the food combining mistake of eating proteins, fats, and liquid oils with starches, grains, sweets, or fruits (foods that convert to sugar).

It is this one food combining mistake that has led to more health deterioration and fat buildup than any other that I am aware of, besides malnutrition. This one food combining mistake is also the primary cause of gas, bloat, and indigestion after eating.

Very moderate compromises in this area can be tolerated to some extent, but not the typical diets of meat and rice, burgers and buns, nut butters and grains, butter/cream on potatoes/squashes, etc.

The use of coconut oil in these instances, however, is less of a problem due to its predigested nature.

Fats that enter the blood stream undigested cause insulin resistance, thus the buildup of sugar in the blood followed by the proliferation of viruses, bacteria, yeasts, and mycoplasma (whose job it is to consume excesses in the body, especially sugar and fat excesses).

Chronic fatigue from pathogen overgrowth is the extended outcome from this common food combining mistake.

So to mimic the design of Nature in the coconut oil (predigestion), if an olive oil or sesame oil is to be used for example, on a potato or in a stir-fry, it is best to blend the oil first with lemon or lime juice to emulsify (predigest) the oil.

Vinegars do the same, but the lemon or lime is preferable being more valuable to the body in many other ways. Vinegar is also very hard on the liver, therefore needs to be used in extreme moderation, if at all. 

Given this caveat, what is the best diet to follow for the greatest weight loss without the risk of the weight returning later?

High Fat, Low Fat, Vegan, Vegetarian, Omnivore, Breatharian – Is There an Ideal "One Size Fits All" Diet for Everyone?

None that I am aware of when it comes to the nutrient deficient nature of foods grown today and the uniqueness of each one's state of health, consciousness, and food history.

Breatharians living primarily on prana, vitalized water, and an occasional light meal or juice tend to produce the greatest states of physical health. 

But this lifestyle is not in the cards for most people on earth today. So the best we can do is select a diet that causes us the least amount of harm to our bodies as we progress through the variety of dietary stages from more dense foods to lighter foods.  

It is our personal intuition that guides us through the unique pattern of progressive dietary changes which will best accomplish the goals we set for ourselves.

Dietary changes need to be taken gradually and in keeping with one's conscious evolution, and therefore, changing interests in certain types of foods (meat, dairy, grains, vegetables, fruits, prana, etc.).

As personal intentions and consciousness change, so will dietary needs and types of food.

Even one day will be different from the next, so let your own intentions/aspirations for a specific level of health prompt your intuition to lead you to the foods that are ideal for you today, and at this moment of the day.

Levels of body toxicity, parental dietary habits accepted as a norm for you, unique organ strengths or weaknesses, levels of medical treatment that have damaged your health, current life stresses, what you ate yesterday, and numerous other factors go into deciding what is the ideal set of foods for you to eat today.

So my only answer is this:

  • Regardless the choice of diet, consume a foundation of green superfood nutrition and clay minerals to supply the essentials:

  • Then add the best organic whole foods that appeal to each one's best intuitive sense.

  • Avoid the foods that cause direct harm to the body (concentrated sugars, trans fats, Canola Oil, GMO foods, artificial sweeteners, etc., and surprisingly to most, an excess of nuts that keeps the fungus and viruses happily fed due to their arginine content).

  • Include a moderate amount of quality fats in the diet for essential body needs (avocados, coconut oil, olives, and a moderate amount of seeds, raw cheese, eggs, etc.). Go extremely moderate on liquid oils and nuts to avoid viral feeding.

  • Pay attention to food combining practices (especially the fat plus starch combinations).

  • Eat moderately in all instances (as this can extend your life by as much as 30%).

  • Stop eating when you are 2/3 full, then nibble for the next 20 minutes while you socialize to give your stomach time to tell you when you are full.

  • Eat slowly. Chew your food thoroughly and swish any plant-based drinks as if you had to chew the fiber. This gives the digestive enzymes in the mouth a chance to pre-digest the food before entering the stomach.

  • Fast on an occasional basis (with the type of fast that fits your specific needs, desires, and health condition (with my favorite being a fast on just clay mineral drinks and Vital Cleanse & Nutrify Superfood Blend for 24 or more hours).

See "OK, So What Foods CAN I Eat?" for more information on the subject of food.

Basically, superfoods provide the nutrition. We consume the bulky whole foods primarily for entertainment, along with a modicum of nutrients. 

The bulky whole foods from the fresh food sections of the market provide:

  • the fiber

  • a moderate amount of nutrients

  • an assortment of enzymes if raw

  • the taste sensations we seek

  • and the focus of the social settings (a family meal) that nourishes the important emotional side of our natures.

Yet, without the superfood "full spectrum" nutrition forming the basis of the diet, nutrient depletion will still become the most likely outcome.

Why? Because the food purchased in health food stores today will seldom carry the abundance of nutrition in them to address the full range of body requirements, thus the real reason (coupled with food combining mistakes) why so many health food diets fail to maintain health.

If you grow your own food with special care to the minerals and microbes in the soil, or harvest wild foods from the forest, then a greater nutritional profile within the plants are likely, but commercial produce, reliant on profits, cannot be trusted to be fully nutritious.

Why Vegetarians Go Back to Meat, and Why Carnivores Can Also Gain Excess Weight

Poor nutritional profiles in today's organic foods, even much of what is offered in today's Farmer's Markets, are one of the main the reasons why it is so difficult to remain a vegetarian today.

Many who go vegetarian end up going back to meat in order to gain the life force and concentration of nutrients not found in today's store bought produce.

A vegetable or fruit, if it were properly grown, would be so nutrient dense it would take only one piece to make a full meal. Such produce is almost non-existent on earth today due to common growing practices and environmental concerns.

Food combining mistakes in the vegetarian diet is the other main reason overall health can be difficult to maintain, including keeping to an ideal body weight. (Topping the list here, is the previously mentioned combination of fats and starches, or oils and sweets, that cause insulin resistance and fat storage.)

Carnivores will gain weight or lose too much weight for the same reasons – low nutrient foods and food combining mistakes.

Excessive amounts of protein foods can also lead to protein toxicity, parasites (feeding on slow moving dead flesh in the gut), and body acidity – three of the nine causes of White Fat accumulation.

Looking for solutions, carnivores then switch to a vegetarian diet, and the cycle continues.

Genetically modified grains in animal feed, GMO foods in general, farm chemicals in virtually all conventional produce (and in a good portion of the organic produce), and the inhumane way our farm animals are cared for and slaughtered (that is transferred to our bodies when we consume them), are also contributing factors to obesity, a shortened life span, infertility, and general poor health overall.

Overeating, compelled by the lack of nutrients in our foods today (or a lack of water, since it is often dehydration that is causing hunger), is a central obesity factor for both the vegetarian and the carnivore – not because it would be harmful to have an abundance of nutrients in the body, but because the foods consumed lack nutrition, thus the constant cravings, and the bulk, deficient in nutrients, becomes an excess that taxes the body's digestive powers.

One of the secrets to long life in the "Blue Zones" of the world (cultures with a larger than average number of centenarians) is that they eat smaller meals than the western world, but they eat meals made of home grown produce – whole, unprocessed food, thus the nutrient content in their food is much higher, so less bulk is required to be satisfying.

If you are eating food, but remain in "starvation mode", your body will simply use the bulky excesses to pack on the fat to store up valuable glucose reserves for a future day.

Frankly, it is the partial breatharians, and those that consume only moderate amounts of whole food sources grown themselves like the Blue Zone cultures, that seem to create the most ideal levels of health. But such choices are only for those drawn so such a lifestyle.

Otherwise a balance of all food options that still interest to you, consumed in moderation, with occasional brief to extended fasts throughout the year as desired (to give your digestion a rest), supplemented with superfood nutrition and clay minerals, provides the greatest amount of flexibility for you to meet your unique set of needs as you evolve from one dietary pattern to the next.

Listen to your intuitive guidance as you do your homework learning about the benefits or detriments of the foods you are choosing to eat. In other words, take your health matters into your own hands.

See "OK, So What Foods CAN I Eat?" for more information on the subject of food combining and food options.

So where do we start to turn this around?

Find a source of full spectrum nourishment and maximize daily nutrient intake using this source as the foundation of any diet that works best for you.

Full Spectrum Nourishment – Whole Earthen Resources

Where are we going to find "full spectrum" nourishment for the body sufficient to meet its total needs? We need look no further than the original source material from which the body was made - the earth itself.

The body is made of earthen resources (clay minerals, water, energy, and compounds derived from plants/animals) and sunlight, therefore the only food source that could possibly meet the body's entire set of biological needs must also be made of whole earthen resources (not a laboratory extract or chemical).

What are earthen resources? Well, fruits and vegetables are earthen resources, yet if these foods are not grown locally and picked ripe just before you consume them, then by the time you prepare to eat them over 20-80% of their original vitamin content has likely diminished (although protein, minerals, carbohydrates, and fats tend to remain fairly stable over greater lengths of time).

This tragic vitamin loss begins to happen within a few minutes of harvest then continues at an average rate of 3-10% per day depending on the product and storage temperature.

Then, if the produce is picked green, much of what should have been stored in the fruit or vegetable during its last days, if ripe, was never fully gathered by the plant in the first place.

If the same produce is shipped for a day or two to get to your part of the country, or sprayed/irradiated to prevent insect attacks, or if chemicals are sprayed on the produce to make them look fresh longer, then the nutritional value of the produce is even further diminished.

The toxic chemicals in and on the food disrupt hormones and normal digestive processes in your body leading to an increase in "toxin fat" as one of the many ways the body protects itself.

If the same produce was grown on chemically fertilized soils, or the fields were plowed to break up the soil each year, then much of the soil bacteria and worms (responsible for converting mineral nutrients into plant available nutrients) were killed, leaving the produce unable to uptake a full complement of mineral resources and other nutrients. Thus, your conventionally grown, and even organically grown "food" is even less valuable as a nutritional source for the body.

If the same produce was grown by a large commercial farmer, rather than by yourself or by a small, caring, local gardener, then a rather profound type of nourishment (that only a small scale attentive farmer or gardener can supply) will also be missing.

What is this form of nourishment?

The Most Nourishing Element Within Food

Why, it's loving, caring attention. Food grown with love is naturally more uplifting and more nourishing to the body in ways that go far beyond the simple vitamin and mineral elements.

Ever notice that when the cook at home has a bad day that the food doesn't settle as well, yet when prepared with love and enjoyment, the food feels satisfying and digests easier?

How many large commercial farmers provide loving, caring attention to their hundreds or thousands of acres of profit-driven produce? For this reason and many others, our Big Ag commercial farmers have turned our grocery stores into a "food desert". Something's there, but it is not a sustainable source of food.

OK, if commercially grown fruits and vegetables are not full spectrum earthen resources (deficient in both love and vitamin/mineral content), where will we find good, solid food sources to nourish our body with so it will stop storing the "famine" fat and start burning it up instead?

Can a Laboratory Assembled Vitamin or Mineral Formula Provide Adequate Nutrition?

How often do we find whole earthen resources in a laboratory designed product? The vast majority of vitamin and mineral formulas are filled with dissected natural substances, extract fragments of a whole food (like Vitamin C from the orange, or Vitamin A from the carrot, etc.).

When the laboratory reassembles a dozen or more nutritional compounds into a "vitamin" pill, and then tries to convince you that this is adequate real food to offset a "food desert" famine diet, can you trust this to be the case?

No, typical vitamin/mineral formulas cannot be complete food sources, since they are, by their very nature, only minuscule parts of an assortment of whole foods.

Contrast this with the nutrients contained within a single herb or sea vegetable that contain their nutrients longer than fruits and vegetables. In addition to vitamins & minerals, home grown garden produce, herbs, and sea veggies also contain an assortment of phytonutrients, sometimes as many as 50-400+ different phytochemicals.

What are phytochemicals? Flavinoids, phenolic acids, and stilbenes/lignans of which about 10,000 of these phytochemicals have been identified in the plant kingdom, with many more than that still undiscovered.

With poor growing practices in the farm or garden, many phytochemicals never form in the produce, yet when you consume a single wildcrafted herb or sea vegetable, you may well be adding 50 to 400 phytonutrients to the storehouse of your body.

A quality superfood blend may contain 20-70 different herbs, sea vegetables, clay mineral sources, and other earthen resources, each with their own assortment of phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Such a nutrient storehouse could contain several hundred to several thousand nutritional compounds in total.

Compare that with your typical vitamin and mineral formula of a measly 20 to 50 isolated nutrients.

Will Modern Medicine Come to the Rescue?

Can we look to the pharmaceutical world to see if they have come up with a manufactured version of a complete food that will convince our body that there is no famine after all, and that all is well, "just go back to burning that fat, we'll take care of the rest."?

No, nothing in the world of pharmaceuticals comes even remotely close to a whole food, since their entire approach is to extract and isolate "active ingredients", and then synthesize them out of petroleum whenever possible.

Synthetic ingredients could not be further from a "whole food", so it has no hope at all of restoring complete health to such a wholistic organism as the human body.

Many vitamin formulas contain several synthetic vitamins since they are cheaper to manufacture in a laboratory than grow them, then extract them from plants.

So where do we turn?

Whole Earthen Resources – Real Superfood Nutrition

Once again we are left with the original source that has been the true food source for the human body since the day it was first conceived into existence - whole earthen resources.

Even though today's fruits and vegetables are no longer full spectrum, there is an infinite supply of some plants that are full spectrum sources of nutrition for the human body, and these resources hold the majority of their nutritional values long after harvest.

Granted, freshly harvested is always better, but when that is not always practical under the circumstances, there are certain whole earthen resources that retain their values much longer than fruits and vegetables.

Clays, sea salt, seaweeds, algae, plankton, bee pollen, propolis, herbs - these whole earthen resources, left unheated, and unaltered to every degree possible, provide the body with near-full to full spectrum nutrition. These are what I call "true superfoods".

Yes, home-grown is best, and likely filled with love energy, the most valuable nutrient of them all, but what do you do if such is not possible or practical in your unique situation?

Here's the answer:

Eat superfoods for full spectrum nutrition. Eat the store bought bulky stuff for entertainment!

Consume a sufficient supply of the superfoods every day and your body will quickly get the message that the "famine" is over, it is time to start burning off the fat reserves since there is no longer a need for them.

With a sufficient supply of superfood nutrients taken daily the body will have all it needs to tackle those indigestible chemicals, heavy metals, and toxic fast foods.

The body will gladly eliminate the "toxin fat" along with other toxins stored within the brain, muscles, and organs. With a daily intake of superfoods the body will have the nutritional compounds it needs to clean house effectively.

Provide the body with a complete storehouse of nutritional compounds on a regular basis and the body will also be able to select from this storehouse specific compounds it needs for any of its thousands of biological functions.

The body will break the superfoods down into millions of pieces, then reassemble them into the precise metabolic compound it needs, and send it exactly where it needs to go, all according to the body's innate wisdom.

In this way the body will merely correct its own imbalances, cleanse itself, and restore normal (eventually high) levels of health.

Provide the body an abundance of what it needs in the form of whole earthen resources that the body will readily recognize as "real food", and the body will simply heal itself over time.

Regardless the current complaint, some improvement, (and possibly great improvement!), is bound to be noticed over time.

Where do I get superfoods with full spectrum nutrition?

My favorite is Vital Cleanse & Nutrify because it contains several of our other formulas in it, thereby increasing the spectrum of nutrients provided to the body (to several hundred, possibly thousands). Some who prefer just the greens go for the Earth & Sea Greens, a simpler combination of superfoods, though still quite comprehensive.

In the mineral world, I prefer Mineral Manna. It contains several earthen mineral sources to provide the body with a full spectrum (over 65) electrolytes, macro minerals, and trace minerals. It also provides an "ormus effect". The formula is effective at supporting detoxification of chemicals and heavy metals, while assisting in both energy during the day and improved sleep at night.

For those sensitive to the Himalayan Salt in Mineral Manna, two products are recommended: Sacred Clay and Ancient Mineral Blend, since they form over 90% of Mineral Manna.

Powdered Minerals or Liquid Mineral Drops?

Powdered or encapsulated clay minerals are preferred over the liquid colloidal mineral drops because there is a vastly increased mineral volume in a tablespoon of clay compared to the small quantity of minerals in a few drops or teaspoons of a liquid colloidal suspension.

The greater volume in a powdered clay also possesses a far greater surface area with which to attract and absorb toxins, thus with the potential of eliminating a far greater volume of toxins from the body with each intake.

What is the Success Ratio in Losing Weight for Those Adding Superfoods and Clay Minerals to their Diet?

Virtually everyone who takes these two whole earthen sources:

1) a green superfood blend (1 to 4 tablespoons per day)
2) a full spectrum clay mineral source(1 tablespoon per day)

begins to improve in health, craves less junk food, naturally desires to eat less food overall (because most all nutritional requirements are being met from the superfoods), and trims unnecessary cellulite.

Why? Because an abundance of superfood & clay mineral nutrition takes the body out of the "famine response" resulting in a natural burning off of unnecessary "survival" stores of fat energy.

An abundance of superfood & clay mineral nutrition will also:

  • trigger a natural cleansing of the cells of toxins
  • help restore a perfect body pH, meaning alkaline in the right places and acid in the right places (like the stomach)
  • reduce sugar or junk food cravings
  • assist in the regulation of blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity
  • improve foundational energy levels for several hours during the day
  • and when some is taken just before bed, significantly improve the depth and quality of sleep

The Rest of the Story

A daily intake of a green superfood blend and a clay mineral source support the body in dissolving the survival storage fat (a white fat, or cellulite; technically, white adipose tissue)

Yet, there is more than just one reason for the excessive buildup of white adipose tissue, and thus more than just one way to reduce those extra pounds.

It all depends on what other reasons the body is protecting itself with the extra pounds of white adipose tissue.

What follows is an insight into what to look out for to solve other potential blockages to wight loss.

Different Kinds of Fat Storage Deposits

Scientifically so far, there are only two categories of White Fat, visceral and subcutaneous, referring to its location in the body and its function (visceral refers to the deeper tissues surrounding certain organs, subcutaneous refers to fat just below the surface of the skin).

Then there are two additional types of fat called Brown Fat and Beige Fat whose main function is to generate body heat through the burning of White Fat (a very important fat to promote if you are to efficiently reduce excess layers of white adipose tissue).

To better understand the many beneficial functions of White Fat and Brown Fat I have broken down the purposes for White Fat accumulation into nine categories (explaining the many ways the body utilizes White Fat accumulation as a protective mechanism), along with the primary purpose for the two Brown Fats.

The purpose of outlining this is not to go into further detail about them in this article, but to reveal the many causes of fat accumulation that you will want to address in order to become entirely successful – permanently.

At the same time, you may be happy to learn that superfood and clay mineral nutrition lay the one foundation essential for the body to address all 9 of these effectively – maximimum daily nutrient intake.

Here's the breakdown:

The 9 types of white adipose tissue accumulation include:

1) Malnutrition/Survival Fat
2) Hormone Disruption Fat
3) Sugar Excess Fat
4) Lipid Excess Fat
5) Toxin Fat
6) Acid Waste Fat
7) Poor Digestion Fat
8) Pathogen Fat
9) Subcutaneous Fat

In addition to the White Fats, as mentioned before, there is the highly desirable fat that burns White Fat to generate body heat called Brown Fat, along with its wanna be cousin, Beige Fat (which is White Fat converted under stress to function as a Brown Fat).

Each type of fat accumulation has a beneficial purpose, one of protecting the body from a harmful influence, an excess the body cannot process, assisting in making insulin more sensitive, or for warming the body. In this sense, all 11 types of fat are good fats.

At the same time, each type of White Fat points to the secret solution to its reduction by reducing the need for so much protection.

The Brown Fats are preferably increased as a way to insure White Fats are burned efficiently for body heat. Stay tuned for more on these subjects in future publications.

However, there is another condition that increases the size of the body, often mistaken for cellulite. This is Water Weight, pointing to an electrolyte (mineral) imbalance at the cellular level and a specific weakness in a critical, but little understood, organ of the body – the spleen. See The 3 Food Groups that Cause Harm to the Spleen.

Once these various types of body weight are understood, the solutions to reducing excess body weight, while maintaining, or building, essential body fat, become clear.

Two More Solutions to Trimming the Fat to an Ideal Body Weight

The several solutions to slimming those extra pounds is the subject of several articles (because it has to do with the restoration of various organ and gland functions, a more complex subject).

For the purpose of this article I will only reference two more examples of how simple additions to your existing lifestyle and diet can begin the process of melting fat down to ideal body weight levels.

Stay Tuned, There's More to come

Stay tuned for more information on the subject of weight loss (and weight gain for those who lack the fat, but are too thin due to the loss of muscle mass or the inability to build muscle mass). There is much to learn to fully address all of the body requirements for effective adipose reduction.

Yet, even beginning with just a green superfood blenda clay mineral source, Digestive Bitters, and the Bath Kit it is possible to see a gradual and consistent slimming, coupled with a slow, but steady loss of weight. This includes those that don't need to lose overall body weight, but still have a pot belly. You will most likely also start to see a slimming occur.

By simply adding 1-4 tablespoons of a quality green superfood blend and 1 tablespoon of a clay mineral blend to your existing diet everyday, you have begun to lay the one most overlooked (and most powerful) foundation essential to the restoration of a normal body weight, with all the health benefits that go with it.

Complement that with improved fat metabolism along with the benefit of better digestion and greater regularity, all of which can be derived from taking the Digestive Bitters formula (2-4 caps with every meal and again before bed), and the fat melts away even faster.

Add Clay Baths to your weekly or daily regimen to draw toxins safely out of the body from head to toe through the skin, and the extra inches even more readily disappear.

Each of these products, or their alternates, can be obtained separately, or you can get the Slim & Trim Weight Loss Basic Kit (One Month Program) (Two Week Program) which includes all 4 products in one package:

Vital Cleanse & Nutrify
Mineral Manna
Digestive Bitters
Bath Kit – (Sacred Clay & the Black Beauty Bath Additive)


Whole earthen resources are true foods for the body - foods that the body recognizes and can utilize to start up the thousands of metabolic processes that must be performed every second of every day to keep you in a state of ideal health.

Supply the body with these resources on a daily basis, beginning with a comprehensive green superfood blend and a clay mineral source, and the body will naturally begin the building of health.

You will begin to experience the gradual return to normal functioning of not just fat regulation, but every other important body process as well - blood sugar, blood pressure, heart function, bone density, energy levels, brain function, sleep, digestion, circulation, and the list goes on.

There's more that can be done to accelerate fat metabolism, like the Digestive Bitters and the Clay Baths, and other options that support the restoration of other major systems of the body (Hormonal System, Splenic/Lymphatic System, Immune System, etc.), yet, a daily intake of superfoods and clay minerals to insure the body keeps survival fat storage to a minimum, is the first and most important thing you can do to shed those unwanted pounds.

Just feed the body what it truly needs to function, and it will simply clean house and set about the business of healing itself!

Many blessings of health & success.
Enjoy these simple gifts from Nature!

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Michael King
Michael King

Michael King is a Life Enrichment Consultant, a natural intuitive, a researcher of Nature's most powerful healing resources the world over, the author of "Detoxify, Nourish & Build – Three Essentials for Vibrant Health", the Vital Health News Updates – a periodic newsletter documenting the most life-building natural resources on the planet, The Blessing Transformation, and the co-author of Life Chats with Oversoul – an ongoing dialogue designed to gain clarity and direction while navigating the immense changes going into the New Era. Michael is also an advocate of sustainable gardening, environmental responsibility, and an architect of ways to increase global food production.

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