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Cleanse&Revitalize-2 week

Cleanse & Revitalize - 2 Week Kit

A program that builds super nutrition in the body as the diet is moderated temporarily to light cleansing foods and wise food combining.

There is no faster, nor more effective way to accomplish this than to initiate a Superfood Cleanse & Nutrify Program that can vary in length and degrees of dietary restrictions to meet each person's unique needs. This is a program that can be maintained at maintenance levels year round and with normal diets, then at briefly accelerated levels around celebrations and seasonal turns.

Green Superfood Blend

Vital Cleanse & Nutrify– 1 lb:              $87.00


Energy, Digestive & Immune System Builders

Mineral Manna – 7 oz:                             $36.00

Digestive Bitters – 120 caps:                  $40.00

Immune Power – 120 caps:                     $40.00


Clay Bath Kit

Sacred Clay –12 oz:

Black Beauty –8 oz:                                $40.00

                                         Product Total:         $243.00

                                   Package Discount:      -$10.00 

                                        Package Total:         $233.00

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