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How I Gained My Life Back After 45 Years of Health Compromises

by Michael King January 16, 2017

Michael's Personal Story Discovering the Natural Secrets of Whole Earthen Resources

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Session Overview
The Session Overview below is provided as a courtesy to those who prefer to read than listen, yet on each call additional insights are given which round out the subject.

A Personal Success Story
I was born with compromised adrenal health derived from parents with health problems on both sides of the blood sugar fence. This led to a built-in preference for a sugar-laden, junk food diet during my entire adolescent and young adult life. Compounded by 2 years on tetracycline (a powerful antibiotic) during my high school years, by the time I graduated, my health was on a serious downhill slide.

Barely scraping through college, (due to extreme difficulty with my memory), graduating in 1976, I found myself in a state of chronic fatigue 24 hours a day, along with an ongoing series of problems with digestion and fuzzy brain.

Awakening to Natural Health
In search for an answer, I walked into my first health food store and started to wake up to the world of natural health. I began to practice what I thought was a “healthful diet”, only to realize that I had merely begun a long, slow process of trial and error, discovering which foods worked and which did not.

A Sweet-Free Experiment
I went through the megavitamin phase, along with an ongoing number of changes to my diet, yet achieved only moderate success. Realizing that sugar was part of the problem, I initiated an experiment eliminating all sweets, including fruits, from my diet for a period of 60 days.

The skyrocketing of my energy and significant improvement in mental clarity told me I was on the right path, but sticking to a sweet-free diet was not easy. As soon as I would begin to feel vital and clear, the enticements of sweets would appear all the more inviting. I tried several “natural” sweeteners only to discover they also resulted in the return of a fuzzy head, chronic fatigue and digestive problems.

This is not to say that all sweets are bad, but due to the amount of fats and meats I typically consumed then, the combination simply led to an ongoing series of health problems. So, getting off of sweets for sixty days eliminated the most prevalent food combining mistake made that leads to the decline in health – the combination of fats & sugars. 

Herbs and Health
During the early ‘80’s, I entered into the most stressful period of my life to that point, resulting in a more severe episode of chronic fatigue.

In a search for answers, I came upon a therapist whose practice focused primarily on herbal remedies. I experimented with taking a large amount of a popular Chinese herbal formula over a 36 hour span, and as a result, at the age of 28, I discovered for the first time in my life, what it felt like to have a normal amount of energy and mental focus. 

It was then that I realized what I had been missing all my life – and I wanted more!

As it turned out, this was merely the wakeup call. I had a long way to go to experience any kind of consistent degree of health, yet the discovery also drove home another lesson.

After observing a single herbal formula make such an improvement in my energy and mental clarity within only 36 hours, an association in my mind between herbs and good health was formed. With that association, I suspected that not just herbs, but all truly natural resources held these kinds of powers to improve health.

Earthen Resources
It was clear at that moment, that earthen resources – herbs, clays, seaweeds, pollens, pure water, sunshine and air (rather than medical drugs or laboratory concocted “natural” vitamins), along with some form of dietary changes (still to be discovered), were the way to go to achieve the level of health I desired.

It all started to make sense. The human body was made of the “clay of the earth”, so the most natural, and most effective, food source for the human body would be either the clay itself, or that which was grown from the clay, or that which was provided by the earth.

Whole earthen resources, being Nature’s most original food sources for the human being – were clearly the most rational – and obviously the most effective – sources of food and medicine for the human body.

Isolates – Mere Fragments of a Whole Food, as Food?
This realization has directed my search for answers ever since. While there was still much to learn, I knew I could eliminate a vast number of research hours exploring the endless variety of individual nutritional components so common to the world of megavitamin therapy.

Individual components of a whole food are called “isolates” – like vitamins A, B, C, D, etc., or minerals like cal/mag, zinc, iron, etc., or other compounds like CoQ10, MSM, DHEA, etc., extracted from plants, rocks or animals (or synthetically created in laboratories).

The scientific world, with its fetish for dissecting, analyzing and synthesizing, was already famous for giving us something less than whole, and calling it food or medicine in an effort to get us to buy it. Based on the gradual decline in human health revealed in global statistics, and based on personal experiences, it became clear that this natural “scientific” approach was causing far more imbalances in the body than remedies.

Only Whole Earthen is Truly “Natural”
What is too often called “natural”, isn’t so. If it isn’t whole, it is also not “natural”. Anything less than whole would only present further imbalances over time. The body has to somehow compensate for what is missing or too concentrated. Short term benefits possibly, only to be followed by long term imbalances.

It only made sense to simply take the plant or earthen source in its whole form, undisturbed to every degree possible.

Instead of delving into the benefits of isolated vitamins and minerals, I sought to comprehend the power of whole earthen resources in their ability to help the body regain health, vitality and mental clarity.

The Creator, through Nature, gave us the herbs, pollens, seaweeds, and clays for food. These organic whole foods are a perfect match for the organic human body. Building health is a function of working closely with the Natural Order of Life. Success belongs to those that live in harmony with this Natural Order. 

Years Later – Discovering the Power of Whole Earthen Minerals in Combination with Green Superfoods
It took another 15+ years of exploring and experimenting with herbs, teas, and various foods before discovering my next big breakthrough in health, close to the age of 45. Why I was unable to achieve a consistent improvement in health through basic diet alone was, at that point, still unknown to me, yet due to the failure of foods, my knowledge of the herbal and mineral kingdoms grew, assisting me to stay afloat.

One day, I came across material that explained how chromium and vanadium were important in correcting both high and low blood sugar problems. Preferring to take only the whole form of a natural resource, I sought out a naturally-occurring mineral source that contained both chromium and vanadium along with 70+ other macro and trace minerals.

I also took a formula made solely of an assortment of green herbs, seaweeds and algae – superfoods from Nature’s bounty. (The knowledge gained from this experience led to the formation of the Ancient Mineral Blend and Earth & Sea Greens).

Both of these became the main staple of my diet for the next 7 days along with moderate amounts of food and my usual amount of herbal teas.

Prior to this, if I did not eat meat by 10 AM, I would get spacey, jittery and unable to focus. After 7 days on the above regimen, I found myself totally clear and focused at 3 PM, even though I had consumed nothing but tea for the whole day.

This delightful discovery reconfirmed my hypothesis that Nature did not make a mistake the first time around. Her whole earthen resources are the ideal food for mankind. They do not need to be dissected, torn apart and reassembled in a laboratory. The original whole versions work far better than the little pieces taken out of them.

Balance is the Key
Naturally-occurring mineral sources, herbs, pollens, seaweeds and algae provide a balanced ratio of minerals, vitamins and other phytonutrients essential to human health. Naturally-occurring sources also contain electromagnetic and multidimensional qualities that a laboratory is unable to impart to a nutrient in the same comprehensive manner as what Nature is able to do.

Because the whole profile of minerals and phytonutrients is balanced by natural growing processes, their effect on the body is one that brings about greater balance.

A laboratory concoction of isolated vitamins and minerals or other compounds cannot produce the same degree of balance in the human body due to the simple fact that the hundreds of supportive nutrients that Nature builds into an earthen resource, for reasons we barely understand, are missing from the scientifically designed reinventions.

The result can only bring about further imbalances in the body since the body is now required to pull from what remains in its tissues, bone and organs to balance out the scientifically designed aberrations.

Faster Results with Less Effort
Trusting whole earthen resources over the scientific concoctions, over the next 10-15 years, I began getting results in health improvements faster and with less input. Buying, or making my own herbal formulas and earthen minerals, rather than the multitude of standard vitamin and mineral isolates, balance in the body was easier to maintain.  Fewer purchases, far better results.

Diet Matters
Progress was being made, but it became clear that my state of balance also went up and down based on what I ate for meals. As a single guy running his own business, very little was cooked at home. Thus, the education about diet was much slower in developing.

Over the years since, a greater understanding of which foods help and which foods hurt, and more importantly, the importance of how to combine our “health foods”, began to be known. Even to this day, to the degree that I remain consistent with these common sense recommendations, my health continues to climb.

Maintaining health as we age is totally possible (I know from watching it happen in my own body). Even reversing the aging process is possible (I see this in Barbara as well as many of our clients). But if the diet is out of balance, the body will tell us. Diet matters.

The Surprising Truth About Health Food Recipes of Today
Most of the recipes, and much of what is practiced in health food circles these days, are actually prescriptions for an increasing state of imbalance, more so than of health. It is the combinations in these recipes of nuts and fruits (almond milk and apples in a green drink, raisins and nuts in a granola mix), or oils and sweeteners (apple juice, or honey, and olive oil in a liver cleanse), or oils and grains (almond butter on a rice cracker), or fried foods (“organic” corn chips), that tend to keep us high in fungal overgrowth, or pathogen proliferation, and low in health.

While the development of good uncompromised recipes is an ongoing process, I must say that the subject of food has presented the greatest challenge of all in the process of rebuilding health.

These subjects of how the body works and which herbal formulas or foods work better than others are taught throughout my conference calls, but most particularly in the article entitled “OK, So What Foods CAN I Eat?. This is a good beginning, but by no means complete.

The Bottom Line
The bottom line is, if you rely on bulk, farm-grown foods less, and rely more on self-grown foods, herbs, clays, mushrooms, pollens, green superfoods, fermented foods, sunlight, fresh ionized air, and pure earthen water for your daily sustenance, your health will climb faster and remain more stable over time. Aging will slow down, even reverse for some.

I see these earthen resources as foods rather than supplements, and part of my food budget since they naturally reduce the desire for other, less nourishing foods.

Dollar for dollar, whole earthen resources often produce hundreds of times the nourishment over typical vitamin/ mineral formulas and store bought produce.

Earthen resources also produce the most balancing effect on the human body with the least amount of input.

For these reasons and many others, simple clays, herbs and other superfoods form the foundations of our health food recommendations. 

Many blessings of health & success,
Enjoy these remarkable gifts from Nature!

Michael King

Michael King is a Life Enrichment Consultant, a natural intuitive, a researcher of Nature's most powerful healing resources the world over, the author of "Detoxify, Nourish & Build - Three Essentials for Vibrant Health" and the Vital Health News Updates - a periodic newsletter documenting the most life-building natural resources on the planet. Michael is also an advocate of sustainable gardening, environmental responsibility, and an architect of ways to increase global food production.

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