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9 Ways You Can Improve Your Biological Terrain to Generate Vibrant Health (or Anything Else You Desire)

September 14, 2018 26 min read

Proactive Measures You Can Take Now to Improve Your Health, Your Lifestyle, and Your Enjoyment of Life 

Topics in this article include:

Chapter One
An Introduction to the Human Biological Terrain and the Natural Laws that Govern Its Effect Upon Us
Envision Decay or Envision Life – the Choice is Yours
It’s About Sufficiency, Quality, and Balance, but More Importantly, It's About Choice
Accidents, Traumatic Events, Environmental Effects, and The Choices of Others That Affect Us
The Two Ways We Set the Stage for Either Disease or Health

Chapter Two
9 Ways You Can Improve Your Biological Terrain to Generate Vibrant Health (or Anything Else You Desire)

Chapter One

An Introduction to The Human Biological Terrain and the Natural Laws that Govern Its Effect Upon Us

The biological terrain of the human body refers to the quantity, quality, and balance of nutrients, minerals, hormones, and supportive microbial life coexisting within the body. It also refers to the ability of the fluids in the body to sustain this balance. The electrical voltage within these fluids, and within each cell, plays a major role in creating and maintaining physical health.

From birth, and throughout my childhood, adolescence, and young adult life, I lived with a predisposition toward chronic fatigue, bad acne, poor memory, low motivation, manic-depressive swings, extreme withdrawal, heart & digestive issues, insomnia, a constant craving for food, and numerous other health complaints that caused me to wonder just how long I might survive.

Not understanding the cause of why I lacked the presence of health & mind typical of most everyone else I knew, eventually drove me to seek answers.

There are a number of basic revelations that came from this lifelong search that explained just how such states of poor health tend to be created – and how they can be resolved. 

What you are about to learn here are the discoveries and commonsense answers derived from over 6 decades of searching, trial & error, experimentation, and listening to the health complaints & success stories of over 10,000 mutual seekers.

The answers I discovered do not involve a single dietary program, or a single group of health products or exercises. There is no "one size fits all" program – anywhere. 

What there is instead, is a group of Principles that govern how the body generates and maintains health, and a number of Natural Laws that are able to guide each one's individual journey toward the health goals each one sets for him or herself.

I have observed that such journeys are unique to each individual.

In some cases the journey involves numerous disappointments, even great harm, at the hands of both medical and alternative physicians, followed by realizations that finally bring home the answers they seek. 

In some cases the journey involves rejecting the health food diet of parents in order to pursue more harmful alternatives, only to make a full circle back to the practices of the parents, yet with improvements or additions that solved the problems they faced individually.  

In every case lessons were learned and realizations discovered that took each one through a set of struggles common to many, followed by insights that were able to be shared with those on a similar path. 

I believe Nature is set up this way to insure that each of us take full responsibility for the creation of our own health (as well as our own life, for that matter).

If you have experienced disappointment, as I have, after following the advice of the medical profession or a natural health professional, then you know what I mean. Your path, like mine, is unique, yet helpful to many when shared.

In order to get to the bottom of what each of us need to do to accomplish our personal health goals, the one thing that stands out loud and clear, is that we will have to step outside the box of both orthodox medicine and contemporary "natural health" recommendations to gain the full set of answers we seek.

The prime reason for this has to do with the "profit motive" central to numerous treatment approaches. 

While it is essential to profit in order to stay in business and provide for families, when the therapy is designed to be inadequate primarily to drive up the bottom line, then we have failed both the client and society.   

The truth is, we will want to glean from what is true and valuable within any discipline, and discard the rest. This requires that each one take full responsibility for their own path to health, and never just give up to let someone else decide our path for us. 

Let me begin with one of the most fundamental shifts in perspective that will set you free from therapies driven by profits, so you can experience genuine health by simply following Principles basic to the Natural Order of Life for the human being. 

The Potential for Health is Determined by a Fundamental Predisposition Toward Either Life or Decay

There is a prevailing, mistaken belief that germs cause disease. When in fact, there is a deeper cause to why germs (bacteria, viruses, yeast, fungus, mycoplasma, mold, parasites, etc.) proliferate, as revealed by the fact that some people, when exposed, get sick, but others do not.

Bottom line is, that disease is not caused by germs. We are exposed to microbes of all kinds everyday (decomposing leaves, soil microbes, airborne microbes, household mold or mildew, carpet bacteria, animal parasites, microbes in the breath of everyone we speak to in person, or in the air at group gatherings, etc.).

Whether we live in a state of disease or health is primarily dependent upon whether the general condition of our body, the biological terrain, is predisposed to either:

1) support life,

2) support decay.

Based on the dominant trend at play in the body at the moment (life or decay), cellular activity, microbial life, organs, and glands then respond, with the objective being to either:

1) correct imbalances and engender a life-promoting trend,

2) give up on the correction and promote the decay of the body back to soil (recycle).

Germs, if you will, follow the underlying biological trend, not the other way around. This explains why some get sick when exposed, when others do not.

A biological terrain that is enriched with vital energy extends the lifespan and quickly corrects an imbalance, whereas a biological terrain that is depleted of vital energy fosters decay, disease, and death.

Get this one central point and you then hold the key to building whatever state of health you can envision and commit yourself to attain.

In that light, it is important to note that "what you can envision and commit yourself to attain" is the foremost determining factor.

Generating an ideal state of health is fully dependent upon the image you choose to hold of yourself, coupled with what you believe is possible to attain, given your unique situation.

How does this work?

Emotionalized thought concentrates life energy (prana, qi) compelling it to flow around your body in patterns supportive of the thoughts and feelings.

This energy flows along traditional Acupuncture meridians (which was measured with instruments in 1950 by Yoshio Nakatani M.D., Ph.D. and by Dr. Reinhold Voll in 1952).

This life energy is influenced by thoughts, feelings, and lifestyle choices which either deplete or vitalize your meridians, body systems, organs, glands, and cells – which is then reflected in your overall state of health or disease.

So, you have a choice. Every new moment presents an new opportunity to make a new choice. 

Envision Decay or Envision Life – the Choice is Yours


Decay of the human form, referred to as aging, disease, and death, is the direct result of a general condition in the body (a biological terrain) that is toxic, malnourished, systemically weak, improperly cared for, or without purpose.

Physical health declines due to the loss of cellular vitality (measured by the electrical voltage of the cells) within the biological terrain and the resulting systemic imbalances.

Microbes then morph and multiply to match the level of vitality of the body. They also multiply when their favorite food sources (toxins and excesses) are present in abundance.

In truth, their presence is an attempt to correct toxic conditions and imbalances. If they fail to clean up the toxins and excesses before the cellular voltage drops to life-threatening levels, they are then there to complete the decomposition of the body back to the dust of the earth from which it came (recycle).

The positive function of certain pathogenic microbes (germs) is to consume heavy metals, chemical toxins, as well as excesses of sugars, fats, undigested food, etc.

Pathogenic microbes multiply primarily to match the quantity of their favorite food sources (the toxins and excesses), and secondarily to return the body back to soil.

When the excesses are fully consumed, the microbes simply die back to background levels to await for the next supply of an excess.

This is one of the body's natural protective mechanisms. If the excesses become great enough, and the microbes multiply to match the excesses, system imbalances begin to form. Taken to the extreme, cellular voltage drops to an unsustainable level and system failures take place. Then the body dies to be recycled.

This is Nature's way of eliminating the weakened individuals within a species, while preserving the stronger individuals for reproduction.

Yet a deeper question deserves to be asked here.

What compels the excesses in the first place? What causes the cellular vitality to diminish to the point of decay?

Well, a series of lifestyle and dietary choices, of course, that spring from an individual's self-image.

All instances of poor health have, at their most fundamental level, a mental image that compels the physiology to mirror a "physical" representation of that image back to the designer of the image (the self). The circle is then complete. The thought, and the experience of the thought, have become one.


A predisposition toward life, resulting in vitality, youthfulness, agility, mental acuity, exceptional memory, strength, stamina, a bright look in the eyes, and an overall sense of well-being, comes about from a general condition in the body (a biological terrain) that is wholesome both inside and out, fully nourished with foods found in nature, and intrinsically strong, capable of neutralizing pathogenic exposures with ease (partially because, with positive lifestyle choices, the pathogens are not required to consume an abundance of excesses).

A body predisposed to life (high electrical energy at the cellular level) does not foster decay-promoting microbes or parasites to develop within.

What compels the body to increase in vitality and health?

Well, a series of lifestyle and dietary choices, of course, that spring from an individual's self-image.

All instances of excellent health have, at their most fundamental level, a mental image that compels the physiology to mirror a "physical" representation of that image back to the designer of the image (the self). The circle is then complete. The thought, and the experience of the thought, have become one.

So how do we improve our health, regain our youthful energy, and vitalize our body?

It’s About Sufficiency, Quality, and Balance, but More Importantly, It's About Choice

To begin with, a sufficient quantity of quality nutrients derived from sources that were created and balanced by Nature (not a laboratory) is an obvious, commonsense first choice.

I refer to these earth-born foods as "whole earthen resources", which include herbs, clays, seaweeds, pollen, mushrooms, fruits, vegetables, water, etc., produced in combination with the sunlight, along with geomagnetic and celestial forces that impart energetic influences into these nourishing resources. 

Much like the atmosphere that we live in and breathe, if it is clean and sufficiently vitalized by an abundance of ions (electrical energy) from a forest or an afternoon storm, we feel good breathing the air. We naturally want more of it.

If the air is stale from being closed in, away from outdoor ion-rich natural air, or filled with carpet and furniture smells, the air will not feel as desirable to breathe.

If the air is filled with smoke or chemicals we may choke, or simply seek to avoid the area all together sensing its potential harm.

This is the obvious common first response when a child begins to smoke a cigarette for the first time as well. Yet, once overwhelmed by repetitive smoking, such that the body is forced to cope with that soul's decision, the coughing ceases and the body begins to protect itself in other ways.

The atmospheric terrain of the toxic, smoke-filled lungs lends the body to decay and disease, which, as explained above, are just coping mechanisms of the body's attempt to correct an imbalance, or, once the cellular vitality reaches a certain energetic low, to return the body back to the soil from which it was formed.

On the other hand, the person that chooses the atmospheric terrain of pure ion-rich forest air feeds the body with life-giving electrical influences (in addition to the oxygen and other nutrients present in forest air, of course), resulting in greater health, vitality, and well-being.

This well-being from ion-rich forest air begins first at the cellular level, enriching the electrical (ionic) potential of the cells of the body, along with oxygen and other nutrients.

Cellular vitality then enlivens the organs and glands, followed by an enlivening of the body systems (digestive, immune, cardiovascular, lymphatic, etc.). As a result, the overall biological terrain (physical health) is upgraded.

So, what was the real cause of the decline or upbuilding of this person's health?  

Well, it was obviously the person's own self-image (possibly fed by social programming, yes, yet accepted by the self) that prompted a specific choice – to fill the lungs with toxic smoke, or to engage in an activity that would fill the lungs with ion-rich forest air.

Each one's personal choice of self-imagery, or self-definition, their expectations, aspirations, goals, and dreams (or the lack thereof) become the basis behind their lifestyle choices, their food choices, and their moment-to-moment decisions.

Our lives, and our bodies, are merely the reflection of these choices prompted by our personal choice of self-definition – "Who am I? What am I? I am ... (sick, tired, depressed, or, alive, grateful, committed to change, etc.)". It is our personal definition of self that inspires our lifestyle choices.

So, is it possible to be a victim of circumstance? What about...

Accidents, Traumatic Events, Environmental Effects, and The Choices of Others That Affect Us

Traumatic events do have their effect upon us. Taken one way, they appear to cripple us. Taken another way, they make us stronger, wiser, more proactive.

There is a pearl of wisdom within each event waiting to be discovered. Claim to be a victim and that pearl remains elusive. Seek to understand the wisdom held within an experience, and we gain from the experience, which frees us to move beyond it. 

Did my mother and father's poor health (that I inherited) victimize me, crippling me for life with nothing to be done about it?

Or, did the poor beginning they offered me become the driving force I needed to seek answers – as if my life depended upon it? 

A tragic event, or the catalyst that led to discoveries, now able to be shared with any seeking these very same answers?

The Laws of Nature govern this creative/recreative process in the following manner:

If we choose to define ourselves by past or present circumstances, we will never be free to create a new self in the future. Our staunchly-held opinions about our past or present circumstances become the guiding force that insures we live up to the standards of those very same self-designed limiting perspectives.

It is in this manner that our past will continue to determine our future, if we let that happen.

Our thoughts determine our emotions, which together, affect our body energetically, and then become the impulse for lifestyle choices.

With every opinion we prophesy our own future. Our world is merely a mirror image of what lives inside.

If, on the other hand, we choose to define ourselves, not by our past, but by who we choose to be now and in the future, or by simply who we are in Truth (despite our circumstances), then, if we set about to deliberately select the thoughts and emotions that model this greater definition of self, one thing is sure to happen next – Life (the Unified Field of All Potentials) will respond automatically to open the necessary doors for us to accomplish that greater image of ourselves. 

Nature's role in life is not to make choices for us, but to give us physical demonstrations of our chosen opinions and definitions of self.

When we realize for the first time that our thought and our experience have become one, we often discover something new about ourselves – something that was always there, but not seen or understood. Compassion for others in a similar condition is a frequent outcome.

This pearl of wisdom drawn from our experience can be life-changing. It provides a deeper understanding of Life and self. Thus the importance of the proverbial injunction to: "Know thyself".

We gain this self-knowledge as we realize that our thoughts and our experiences have always been one. The world, and our own body, have merely been a mirror to us all along. 

It is Universal Unconditional Love that insures we gain the experience of our own thoughts. What better way to teach us than to simply give us the experience of our own thoughts, and then let each one make a new choice that will better take them to his or her own future of choice? 

In Truth, it is not about where you have been that determines who you are today (unless you insist on this definition yourself, of course), it is truly about where you choose to go from here – and how successful you are about bringing that experience into your present moment.

Life is about choice. Circumstances do not define us. Choices do. Choose the future you desire most.

Before we discuss the 9 Ways to Improve Your Biological Terrain to Generate Vibrant Health (or Anything Else You Desire), I want to briefly summarize the previous principles mentioned by boiling it all down to two points.  

The Two Ways We Set the Stage for Either Disease or Health

So, it is obvious now that the most primal way we set the stage for either disease or health is first through our choice of self-imagery, or self-definition, backed up with emotions. (I call this "emotion-packed imagery".)

Second, it is the moment-to-moment lifestyle decisions (whether they were the result of parental/social conditioning or personal invention, it matters not). Our choices of thought and action will determine our future path whether we are young or old, whether capable or not.

Like gravity, the Laws of Nature treat everyone the same.

Our choices of both thought and action will also determine how we experience the outcomes (precisely in accordance with the very opinion, attitude, or assessment we choose to adopt about the experience itself).

Choose to see the circumstance as a detriment and the downward spiral begins.

Choose to see the circumstance as a gift, and the wisdom held within it is drawn to you. Life then becomes an upward spiral of expanding experiences. 

So, what kind of choices can we make to improve the outcome of our present situation?

In the world of physical health, get this wrong and disease sets in. Get this right and vibrant health takes over.

In the next chapter we will discover the 9 Ways You Can Improve Your Biological Terrain to Generate Vibrant Health (or Anything Else You Desire).


Chapter Two

9 Ways You Can Improve Your Biological Terrain to Generate Vibrant Health (or Anything Else You Desire)

1) Emotion-Packed Imagery

  • Develop a well defined image of your ideal life, aspirations, and state of health, then engage heart, mind, and emotions toward its fulfillment. Surround each aspiration with positive emotions until you feel equal to the objective. Inner healing is essential to your success in this endeavor.

  • Contrary thoughts, judgments, self-definitions, limiting beliefs, etc. must be examined and replaced with the true outcome you desire.

  • Solutions do exist, but only those that seek them with the expectation of finding them, actually gain from their implementation. 

  • The Unified Field of Infinite Potentials insures that any possibility exists, but there are Laws of Nature that determine how manifestations take shape. 

  • "Where attention goes, energy flows." Give your attention to positive outcomes and positive feelings – long before they have become material facts – and watch how your life improves automatically.

  • Thoughts give rise to feelings. The marriage of thoughts and feelings give rise to the context of material events. Then, the subsequent images that are formed after the material events take place create a feedback loop offering the observer an opportunity to generate (choose) either the same thought as before or a new thought, positive or negative.

  • Therefore, the moment in which thought, emotions, and experience become one is filled with creative potential. Your choice of perception about that moment (in the moment when it happens, or when revisiting it in memory), will define your future course of events.

  • Choose victimhood, loss, limitation, etc. and you will go down a negative spiraling path – filled with more opportunities to learn that lesson over again.

  • Choose to learn something from the experience now that will move you forward in life (compassion, a deeper understanding, a greater discipline, etc.), and you will move forward onto an upward spiraling path – filled with new opportunities for growth and expansion.  

  • The male (vertical thought) and female (circulating emotions) must combine in a positive way for new growth and improved experiences to take shape in the future.

  • Negative thought-images produce a negative downward spiral of physical events. Positive thought-images produce a positive upward spiral of physical events that expands exponentially.  

  • Learn to break the cycle of self-created negative prophesies by choosing a new future in light of that painful moment (meaning, capture the nugget of wisdom that that moment was designed to reveal to you all along), then begin to live in the new experience (positive feelings) of that future now

  • Two tools for self-healing: Practice The One Blessing or The Blessing Transformation to heal resistances in all areas of life and catalyze good things to happen in all that you undertake.

  • "To bless" means "to give goodness to". The Natural Law of Reflection requires that what we put forth must come back to us in greater measure. So, to bless an unpleasant experience results in goodness from that experience to be given back to us in even greater measure.

  • This good may come in the form of a pearl of wisdom, an unexpected opportunity, the development of a greater discipline, or any one of an infinite array of good things that could happen. 

  • In the area of physical health, you can bless your current health situation, then imagine the ideal state of health you desire most, and aspire to undertake a gradual process of improving the diet, or whatever would be required by Nature to achieve that goal, while listening keenly to your own intuition (the voice of your soul). 

  • Once the image is set, move into the emotional, sensual experience of the desired end result to every degree possible in this moment.

  • Follow the inner healing process mentioned previously in the article entitled Emotion-Packed Imagery in order to transform inner resistances to fulfilling your new objective. 

  • The Self-Healing Sequence: Thought-image – emotions – experience – inner healing – pearl of wisdom – new thought-image, new emotions – new experience. This is the natural sequence that takes place which is designed by Nature to insure your own highest good is served.

2) Lifestyle & Environment

  • Become informed of environmental factors affecting your health and make changes accordingly. Aspire to reorder your life (over time) to align more and more with the Natural Order of Life for the human being.

  • One of the most important lifestyle changes to consider is to reduce your dependence on technology currently causing an abundance of unnatural sounds, pollution, and life-stresses.

  • Reduce the use of cell phones, wireless computers, and cordless telephones, microwave ovens, smart meters, smart gadgets, etc. to every degree possible (these being some of the most harmful, close-to-home technologies).

  • Be aware of the chemical dangers within your home, other buildings, furnishings made of toxic materials, structures prone to mold and fungus, ventilation systems that circulate dead, low-ionized air.

  • Put out the intent to discover answers to these. Intention with positive expectation of an answer draws the most suitable, or most acceptable, answers to you automatically.

  • Granted, at this point, technology is essential to most people's business and home life. Yet the fact remains, it is also holding us back from developing the innate skills within the human being that surpass the technological crutches (telecommunication, teleportation, individual control of biological functions, etc.)

  • So even though we aspire to reduce harmful technology, we must be sensible. We are still far from eliminating it all together as a human society, so make your world work in the best ways possible with the least harm to yourself.

  • Grow evergreen plants near your windows and around your yard for extra ionization of your home. Add potted plants to your home to increase life and oxygen inside.

  • Spend more time facing the sun, tending to your plants, getting your hands in the soil to ground with the earth, listening to the birds, walking in the woods, etc.

  • Spending time in your garden with hands involved with the soil, or walking in Nature discharges negative energy and recharges the body with positive, grounded energy (naturally vitalizing your biological terrain).

  • There are numerous areas related to your lifestyle and environment that can gradually be improved, all of which begins with an intent to do so. After which Life, and your intuition, fill in the details necessary to get it done. 

3) Detoxification

  • Those with the greatest degree of chemical/mold/food/EMF sensitivity, allergies, and/or chronic fatigue will also typically have a background that includes extensive exposure to one or more of the following:

    • antibiotics 

    • immunization/flu shots

    • mercury amalgam tooth fillings installed, or more commonly, removed (properly or improperly) resulting in extreme mercury vapor poisoning

    • wisdom teeth removal (begin at 35 minutes in the video)

    • any decayed tooth, root canal, bone cavitation, or dissimilar metals in the teeth  

    • a past history of junk food, fast food, boxed/canned/frozen food, restaurant food, etc.

    • a period in life of extreme sugar consumption, diet or regular sodas, energy drinks, etc.

    • regular consumption of nuts or peas/pea protein (which feed the mycoplasma and the herpes/shingles strains of viruses) 

    • daily coffee consumption   

    • a period of hormone replacement therapy, thyroid meds, glandulars, birth control pills, etc.

    • a period in life of steady cannabis/recreational drug use (resulting in kidney jing depletion / adrenal fatigue or exhaustion / nocturnal sleeping patterns / insomnia / manic-depressive tendencies / and in extreme cases, paranoia)

    • living near chemical / nuclear / munitions / toxic waste disposal / electric utility / coal / oil / gas facilities

    • living near a fast food restaurant (airborne estrogen and other hormones from the cooking of commercially raised meat given chemical hormones)

    • living on or near a farm that uses chemical sprays like RoundUp, fungicides, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc., or the use of the same in or around the home or business

    • playing with mercury (like from a broken thermometer) as a child

    • exposure to heavy metals, chemicals, and/or radiation in the water supply or environment

    • Make note here that "tick bites" are not among this list (because Lyme is not a bacterial problem, it is a viral problem resulting from an over-abundance of the above toxins).

    • Epstein-Barr, herpes, and shingles viruses have the role of consuming toxic waste and antibiotics, thus increasing their populations throughout the brain and body when the body gets overly polluted.

    • This viral overgrowth from toxins (that lower cellular voltage), coupled with certain "health foods" (like nuts that increase herpes/shingles), or junk food that further feed the multiplication, lead to the chronic fatigue symptoms and sensitivities so common today.  

  • Implement a daily detox regimen through dietary and lifestyle changes that gradually reduce toxins in the body, the home, the work environment, in your food & medicine, etc.

  • Utilize whole earthen resources (herbs, clays, superfoods, etc.) for vital nutrition and to stimulate detoxification.

  • Go natural whenever possible. Use enzyme cleaners, or biodegradable, eco-friendly versions of the same kind of product to the chemical ones.

  • Avoid chemical use wherever possible in all areas of life. This includes unnatural foods made with chemicals & concentrated sweeteners, over processed, canned or packaged food, GMO food, or food grown in depleted soils laden with herbicides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers.

  • This also includes (only where possible and practical), reducing or avoiding the use of pharmaceutical medicines, immunization shots, diagnostic measures and treatments involving radiation, x-rays, and chemical treatments laden with heavy metals, petroleum compounds, and minute pieces of harmful biological matter.

  • (Note: Do not get off medications too fast. This can trigger a withdrawal recurrence of symptoms which can be worse than before beginning the med. Discuss this option with physicians knowledgeable of withdrawal methods and what natural alternatives there are to replace the med with. Be wise, not fast. Educate yourself before acting.)

  • This arena also includes the use of “natural” vitamin and mineral formulas, hormone replacement therapies, etc. made of only fragments of a whole earthen resource, and which therefore disturb your biological terrain due to their lack of wholeness.

  • Search for the natural answers and implement them over time.

  • Be practical though, there is a time and place for everything.

4) Maximum Nourishment

  • Maximize the use of superfoods for foundational nutrients. Use whole earthen resources as your primary food source and medicine (herbs, clays, seaweeds, pollen, mushrooms, etc.). 

  • Whole earthen resources and highly charged/structured water add electrical energy to the body, thereby increasing oxygen exchange at the cellular level.

  • Whole foods, properly grown, provide electrons thereby increasing cellular voltage (which is the foundational secret to vital health). Pure structured water vitalizes the cells with oxygen and vital energy, while flushing toxins from the cells at the same time.

  • Recognize that the depleted soils result in nutrient deficient foods. Therefore, depend on herbs & superfoods for solid body nutrition, then use moderate portions of the bulky store-bought stuff primarily for entertainment, taste, fullness, and for quality social time with family & friends.

  • Practice wise food combining to increase digestive health and minimize health complications from your "good health food diet".

  • If you are not hungry, don't eat. Eat moderately when you do. Less food, but quality food (like what you grow yourself), is one of the secrets to living past 100. Where we do not have access to quality food (which is most of America), solid nutrition from superfoods is the answer.

  • Upgrade the quality and source of your food to avoid chemicals and GMO influences.

  • There is no "one size fits all" diet. Changes in diet need to be taken gradually based on when you naturally feel like you are "done" with one food, or food group, or dietary suggestion.

  • As health improves, as consciousness elevates from inner healing, and as toxins leave the body, the energy flowing through the body increases and preferences naturally change. 

  • Aspire to progress gradually through various stages of dietary changes as the body gets cleaner and consciousness elevates from the inner work.

  • Foods (including quality fruits, vegetables, meat, and eggs) in their raw state provide the body with electrical energy (electrons/chi/prana), thus increasing cellular voltage. Cooked foods deplete the electrical energy, thus drain electrons from the cells leading to decay and disease.  

  • Bless your food to increase the electrical energy within even the cooked foods that you consume. 

  • The body is constantly renewing itself. Organ and tissue cells replace themselves every few days, weeks, or months.

  • Physical youthfulness is determined by the skill of your cells to replicate new cells in greater and greater states of perfection (trending toward more life).

  • Two things are essential to build new cells that progress toward perfection: electrons/qi-prana (electrical energy) and maximum nutrition (building blocks needed for cellular replication). Ormus-bearing clays assist on both counts here. 

  • Decay is the result of low electrical energy in the cells, toxins, excesses that tax the body's digestive powers, and poor nutritional content in the foods consumed leading to defects in the cell replication process (trending toward disease and the recycling of the body back to soil).

  • As we clear inside, the lighter foods (vegetables, fruit, prana, etc.) will become more sustainable, so choose a diet in keeping with your current state, including meat if felt to be necessary.

  • In other words, follow your personal intuition over someone else's dietary suggestions.

  • Grow your own food, or eat food from local farmers that you know grow their food in conscious ways (paying attention to the biological terrain of the soil!). (See the Dynamic Gardening Series of articles.)

5) Fasting

  • In addition to moderate, quality food intake, occasional brief to extended periods of food restriction (we are NOT talking about the harmful protein shake weight loss/gain regimens here), give the digestive system a rest and compel the body to do a deeper house cleaning.

  • Periodic fasting is essential to resetting the biological terrain to a cleaner, more vitalized state.

  • Fasting also activates the body's repair mechanisms due to the fact that energy once diverted to the digestion of food can now be used to clean up dead cells, as well as any remaining undigested food debris, and accelerate new cellular development (increasing the youthful appearance and extending life).

  • Types of fasts can vary from mild to intense:

    • simply abstaining from your most difficult to digest foods (known by how constipating they are) like meat, eggs, cheese, cream, nuts, sugar, bananas, etc.

    • Intermittent Fasting of 16 hours or more during which only fluids are consumed. Modifications include adding fruit, or vegetable juices, or superfood drinks.

    • Light Foods Only Fast, like salads, vegetable juices, soups, and superfood drinks.

    • Superfoods Only Fast, like consuming only the Vital Cleanse & Nutrify, Mineral Manna, and herbal cleansing teas, like the Hyssop Mint Tea (a deep organ cleanser).

    • Cleansing Tea Fast, like lemon water, or dandelion root, or Hyssop Mint Tea.

    • Water Fast which is simply water only.

    • Dry Fast, which means no fluids and no foods.

  • I have done a Superfood Fast for 8 days on just Vital Cleanse & Nutrify, Mineral Manna, and teas, plus 4 more days adding salads and soups, resulting in excellent energy & mental focus, allowing me to work steadily from 7 AM to midnight (after the 3rd day).

  • I have also experienced several 24-36-48 hour Dry Fasts with excellent results, noticing that it gets easier and easier with each fasting event. The first day after each fast was always a recovery day of moderately low energy. The second day following each Dry Fast I experienced a mild euphoric serenity that lasted for days/weeks. 

  • Each of these options require some knowledge about how to go about them and how to limit their use if your medical condition requires such. So use wisdom and discretion in how and when you fast.

  • If you have never fasted, start with the lighter forms and progress over time to the more intense forms of fasting as desired. Listen to your intuition at all times when deciding what is best for you in the moment.

  • While fasting, toxins are released at a faster pace than normal. If at all possible, take daily clay baths, or all night foot poultices, during your fast to accelerate your progress and reduce detox symptoms.

  • If the detox symptoms become unbearable, best to add light vegetable dishes to your fast and eliminate fruit (which is detoxifying) until the symptoms diminish. Then take clay baths if possible, to speed the removal of toxins looking for an exit from the body. Once the body catches up with the purge of toxins, the more restrictive fast can be resumed, or rescheduled for another day. 

6) Body System Revitalization

  • Utilize System Building Herb & Clay Formulas that focus on the specific organs, glands, and body systems in need of repair (digestive, immune, lymphatic, circulatory systems, etc.).

  • The link above references close to 20 biological systems, the organs & glands associated to each system, and the herbal & clay products that support each system. 

  • Nerves from the teeth connect to specific organs/systems of the body. Electrical depletion in a single tooth triggers decay, which in turn affects the organs and systems each one is connected to. 

  • Negative thoughts/emotions lower electrical voltage in body systems (thus the importance of Inner healing). Heavy metals, chemicals in food, etc. also lower electrical energy in the body.  

  • Nutrient deficiencies prevent proper cellular replication, thus inhibiting repair of the teeth, organs, glands, and systems (thus the importance of the Maximum Nourishment aspect of this outline). 

  • The biological terrain is influenced and regulated by your various body systems. Where weaknesses exist due to life stresses, injury, diet, toxins, lifestyle, or environment – herbs, clays, superfoods and energy exercises (like breathwork and qigong) are superior resources for the restoration of their vital functions.

7) Exercise

  • Keeping active extends the lifespan and is a central factor in the lives of centenarians. Walking more and gardening are two gentle ways to keep the body moving enough to boost lymphatic cleansing, improve cardio tone, boost brain power, and maintain muscular development.

  • Qigong, tai chi, yoga, treadmill, etc. are also health-building options.

  • Some enjoy more rigorous exercise, although reasonable health is fostered even with moderate exercise like walking and gardening. Chose what appeals to you most.

  • Keep in mind that exercise is not only about the motion of the body or the development of physical strength. It is actually more importantly about enhancing the flow of electro-magnetic (electrons/chi-prana) energy in and through the organs and glands, thus raising cellular voltage.

  • The raising of cellular voltage is one of the main reasons why qigong, tai chi, yoga, breathwork, and meditation produce such remarkable health benefits.

8) Quiet Time Alone

  • Spend time alone with your own thoughts everyday apart from all technology.

  • Spend at least 5-10 minutes each day envisioning the success of your dreams, desires, and aspirations while feeling positive emotions about your success.

  • According to Dr. Joe Dispenza, 10 minutes a day of feeling positive emotions (establishing heart coherence) "not only creates harmony and inner peace but physically stimulates our immune system and increases levels of immunoglobulin A (IgA) which is a primary defense against bacteria and viruses."

  • During your quiet moments alone, establish images of your desired physical health, relationships, business endeavors, and any other area you desire improvements in.

  • The longer you spend placing attention on positive outcomes, while transforming inhibitions to those very outcomes, the faster your life will begin to mirror those positive images back to you in the physical.

  • Practice qigong, yoga, and/or breathwork to fill your biological terrain with positive life energy (electrons/chi-prana) essential to physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

  • An Effective Breath Exercise: The simplest way to fill the body with life energy (life-giving electrons) is to sit, stand, or lie down, then open the left palm facing up and the right palm facing down. Hold your palms in the air at any level, or rest them comfortably on the chair or bed.

  • Take 3 sets of 3 deep breaths which fill the abdomen first before expanding the lungs. Pause for 2-3 seconds at the top of the inhale and following the full exhale of each breath.

  • Holding the hand posture (left palm up and right palm down) follow this pattern: 
    • first 3 breaths – inhale and exhale through the nose
    • second 3 breaths – inhale through the nose, and exhale through the mouth
    • third set of 3 breaths – inhale and exhale through the mouth 

  • This simple exercise fills your body with electromagnetic energy (electrons/chi-prana), oxygenates the body, helps clear the mind, and vitalizes the cells.

9) Life Purpose

  • Seek to know your life purpose and realign your life path to this purpose. Your purpose is known by how the thought of something lights up your eyes with a calm, optimistic inspiration, (compared to giddy excitement which is a sign of being on the wrong path).

  • Pursuit of a meaningful purpose steadily raises positive emotions, thereby improving biological functioning overall.

  • A purpose-oriented life also extends your life, as is revealed by the emphasis centenarians place on knowing and engaging in their own life purpose.

  • Seek to know the true secrets to happiness (and they will come to you).

  • Follow your passions, live your dreams, speak from your heart, all of which feed your biological terrain with vital energy, and thereby engenders greater states of health & well-being.


With a little effort and a few lifestyle changes made gradually over time (because the change makes sense to you and you are ready for the change), both health and life improve organically.

Given consistent, gradual application of these principles, along with the steady improvement in thought and imagery of what horizons are possible, your internal biological terrain is upgraded with each new choice, thus taking you into greater and greater states of well-being.

Many blessings of health & success,
Enjoy the simple gifts from Nature!


Michael King
Michael King

Michael King is a Life Enrichment Consultant, a natural intuitive, a researcher of Nature's most powerful healing resources the world over, the author of "Detoxify, Nourish & Build – Three Essentials for Vibrant Health", the Vital Health News Updates – a periodic newsletter documenting the most life-building natural resources on the planet, The Blessing Transformation, and the co-author of Life Chats with Oversoul – an ongoing dialogue designed to gain clarity and direction while navigating the immense changes going into the New Era. Michael is also an advocate of sustainable gardening, environmental responsibility, and an architect of ways to increase global food production.

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