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6 Fasting Protocols (Light to Intense) that Rapidly Reset Your Energy, Digestion, and Weight

September 21, 2023 24 min read

Plus 5 New Ways to Enhance Your Fast to Quickly Bounce Back from Holiday Stress, Food, and Drink

Over the course of the last 40+ years of a gradual improvement in my diet, spotted with a variety of fasting protocols from very light to more intense, I feel a need to share what I have learned so far about fasting for four basic reasons:

  1. This is September 2023 and we are a month and a half away from the first of five sugar-laden holiday celebration events on the horizon—Halloween, Thanksgiving (in America), the December religious holidays, New Years, and Valentines Day.

  2. The levels of toxicity that the human race is influenced by today is historically at an all time high, and will therefore play a role in each one's personal ability to withstand the side effects of celebration food, drink, travel, and social stresses. 

  3. Fasting, with discretion, is one natural, powerful way to strengthen the body's innate defense systems against toxins and dietary strain.

  4. In the near future, due to the Shift of the Ages (that has already begun), access to fast food and boxed/canned foods will likely be severely restricted due to logistical difficulties and the dissolution of certain infrastructures. 

    Shifting quickly from fast food to organic farm-grown produce can trigger a rapid purge of toxins from the body.  This can present severe, life-threatening difficulties for those who are highly toxic.  

    Gentle, gradual detoxification protocols are going to be essential in order to survive the current transition period safely.  (See more on this below.)

Naturally during holiday and family celebrations we set aside some of our personal health practices, consume certain foods or food combinations we normally would not eat, and promise ourselves to make up for it later.

Time with family and friends rightfully take precedence over the perfect diet, knowing that love and the joy of closeness produces the greater healing power.

At the same time it's easy to cross the line between what a body can easily tolerate short term, to what pulls the health off course just enough to develop into a health crisis.

A Personal Example of the Power of a Simple Moderated Food Fast After Decades of Gradually Improving Dietary Choices and Eating Lighter Foods

Last October (2022) I initiated a 10 day moderated food fast in preparation for my 69th birthday.  Six days into the fast I began what turned out to be the most intense physical workout of my entire life.

The results surpassed my greatest expectations...

The fast consisted of several herbal formulas including Vital Cleanse & Nutrify, Stamina, Back, Muscle & Joint, Mineral Manna, Ormalite, Vitallite, Digestive Bitters, Energy & Brain Power, Adaptogen & Mushroom Blend, Revitalize for Men, Sea Vegetable Blend, and Heart, Circulation & Nerves, with a few other formulas at times. 

These became my primary source of nutrients, knowing that these are a much more abundant source of nourishment for my body than fruits, vegetables, grains, salads, and the home grown eggs of my natural diet.

Instead of a water fast or dry fast, a small selection of foods were consumed in limited amounts during this time for two reasons:

1)  I was going to be working the whole time, so this was not a time to be without mental focus or physical energy common to a water fast or dry fast. 

2)  I knew I had only a few days before I had to make my annual trips to the mountains to collect several ton of base material for Sacred Clay, sufficient to last the Winter (since the area is typically under snow through May each year), so I needed some workout energy for the task (from the starch sugars, a small amount of oils for long term energy, the herbs for steady energetic support and alkalinity, and the clays for a steady supply of electrolytes).

Then I learned that my helpers were not going to be available to assist this time, which meant I would be harvesting as many ton as I could bring back on my own—and I only had a four day window to do it in before the first big rain hit the area. 

After six days on the moderated food fast, I made my first trip to the mountains, and over the next four days, I moved 3+ ton of clay material several times by hand each day to get it properly stored for the winter.  It is the equivalent of moving 20-30+ ton of material over 4 days by hand and bucket.

By the end of the 4th day the task was completed just as it was getting dark, and just as it was beginning to rain—and just as my physical strength and energy had gone as far as it could go.

It did push me to the limit by the end of the 4th day, yet surprisingly it only took two days to fully recover from the strain.  No sore muscles, no back strain, and normal energy levels. 

I attribute the rapid recovery to the lighter diet and the absence of caffeine throughout the whole event.  (Caffeine acidifies the body, depletes the nervous system, and overworks the adrenals.)  

No concentrated, granulated or liquid sugars were consumed, as these weaken the body and dampen the immune system.

No grains or breads or pasta were consumed as these tend to weaken the body as well.

No hard to digest foods (flesh foods, nuts, dairy products) were consumed, as these burden the digestive processes, diverting energy from muscular performance.

I kept my body alkaline with the Sea Vegetable Blend and Vital Cleanse & Nutrify.  This reduced the buildup of lactic acid from the workout.  

I took copious amounts of Back, Muscle & Joint to strengthen the spine and accelerate muscle repair. 

The common foods I limited myself to were a well-stocked salad with olive oil, spices, and nutritional yeast, some red and sweet potatoes, avocado, a little coconut oil, a small amount of figs from our fig trees, and an abundance of cayenne pepper. 

My beverages consisted of highly structured water with Mineral Manna, Vitallite, and Ormalite in it, Sumaraj Tea, and Hyssop-Pine Tea

Vitallite was used extensively to catch my 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. wind each time I grew fatigued.

Energy & Brain Power, Adaptogen & Mushroom Blend, Adrenal Revive, and Revitalize for Men were taken several times per day to provide sustained energy throughout the active periods, as well as alertness while driving the 2 hour stretch home after dark. 

No caffeine of any kind was consumed (I had been off all forms of caffeine for almost a full year at that point) which had allowed my nervous system to rebuild after many years of caffeine usage. 

I attribute this accomplishment to a gradual transition over many years to a simple, mostly vegetarian diet (including home-raised eggs), with a strong focus on Nature's herbal and mineral resources that have gradually cleansed toxins from the body and built a storehouse of strength and vitality within. 

Bottomline is, the human body is capable of more than many give it credit, especially when fed with whole earthen resources (herbs and clay, plus a moderate diet of a few nutritious bulky, tasty foods for enjoyment and social reasons), and when cared for in keeping with one's unique physiological requirements. 

Primary to all of this remains a "can do" mental image, while trusting Nature to supply the energetic and physical requirements for the moment.

Getting there was not an overnight event.  I have had my dietary compromises often along the way, thus revealing where my boundaries needed to be and how much more is possible if I want to gain the most from life. 

Thus, with the lessons learned so far along the way, I wish to share a few of them with you now.

Common Complications From Dietary Compromises (and What You Can Do About It)

The use of granulated and liquid sugars in recipes, or eaten in close proximity, with oils and fats constitute one of the most common causes of "celebration blues" and digestive complaints.  Sadly, this includes most all desserts, granolas, trail mixes, fast foods, packaged foods, and the like. 

Add alcohol, coffee, energy drinks, carbonated beverages, and nuts (high arginine viral proliferators) to the list and the potential for a health crisis increases.  Add insomnia or short nights from life stress or activity and the potentials for illness increase drastically. 

Mood swings, depression, digestive disturbance, tooth inflammation, lung and sinus congestion, increased snoring, loss of libido, added weight, and mental fog are just a few of the most common side effects of celebration foods and holiday stress.

Left unattended, a few more extreme effects from celebration food and drink may include a resurgence of old health problems, joint inflammation, muscle pain, sinus congestion, a cold or flu (the body's natural way to detox excesses), skin rashes or breakouts, or more serious conditions like chronic fatigue, congestive heart condition, arterial blockages, heart irregularities, suicidal depression, among many other possibilities.

It may take a few days, a week, or a month for symptoms to develop (if nothing is done to reset the body following a celebration), so, stay attuned to the possibility that these symptoms are related to the meals consumed, or stressful events that took place, days or weeks prior. 

Yet even still, there are answers. 

Whatever the symptoms, understand they need not last long. There are a few things that can be done to speed your recovery from times of celebration or life stress. 

The body is amazingly resilient!  Given the right kind of support, it can heal from practically anything.  

And with the right mindset, even last minute miracles can happen!

First and Foremost—Fast With Discretion

The most important thing you can do to reset the body when things get out of balance is to reduce the consumption of food and adopt a strong image of yourself in a state of ideal health. 

Fasting is the quickest way to ease the strain on your body after a period of overindulgence, or when the stresses of life are more pronounced.  It also provides more time to contemplate (which is a central key to any successful endeavor).

Even light fasting can free up digestive energy to be repurposed for detoxing the liver, bowels, and lymphatic system from the celebration influences.

Fasting also provides more time for the body to cleanse and strengthen the organs and glands after the stresses of poor food combining practices (such as sugar, alcohol, coffee, nuts, and the combination of fats and fruits/sugars) which place a serious strain on the digestive, immune, circulatory, and nervous systems).

Three Important Considerations When Deciding What Kind of Fast is Best for You

It is important to note, however, that the type of fast performed will vary from person-to-person based on three primary factors:

A. Prior levels of exposure to chemicals, mercury, other industrial metals, recreational drugs, and medical treatments/medications (including hormone replacement therapy).  These are what will be leaving your body during the fast.  

The greater the exposure to chemical/metal toxins, the lighter and shorter the duration that the fast should be, so as to insure that the body is able to effectively handle the volume of toxins being purged. 

B. Prior dietary practices and your personal readiness for lighter foods, a lesser quantity of food, and better food combining practices.

C. Your degree of commitment to health improvements with a willingness to go the distance, make changes, and do whatever is required.

Beginning Protocol Concepts

Those with greater exposure to toxins and toxic medical therapies will need to choose the less stringent fasting approaches, and for shorter periods of time, then cycle in and out of fasting periods over several weeks and months.

Meanwhile the diet will need to lean toward the lighter foods (explained below), as clay baths or shower slurries begin to play a bigger role in detoxing the body through the skin during the fasting period, while amplifying the action of your most central detoxifying organs:  

More Advanced Protocol Concepts

For those whose daily dietary practices have been focused on lighter, naturally cleansing foods for several months or years prior will be able to tolerate the more stringent fasting protocols with fewer detoxification symptoms. 

Those who are new to the idea of fasting are recommended to start with the lighter approaches for short periods, then cycle into and out of the more stringent fasting protocols, and for longer periods of time, until the body has cleansed itself naturally.

Consult with an experienced practitioner to guide you if you are facing more serious health complications, or if you know that you have had greater exposures to chemicals and toxins in the past.

Private Consultations are also available with us to build an ideal program around your cleansing, fasting protocols. 

Those who are already used to intermittent fasting, or brief to extended water fasts, can simply increase the time duration, or select a more stringent fast for their next cleansing/healing event. 

What are the Possible Optional Fasting Protocols?

From light to intense, here are six fasting protocol variations:

1. Light Fast—with Simply Lighter Foods

Eliminate the heaviest, most constipating (difficult to digest) and most congesting foods from the diet during the fasting period.

Foods eliminated during the fast will include meat, fowl, fish, cheese, milk, butter, eggs, nuts & nut butters, bananas, grapes, pears, peaches, (and other high sugar fruits), granulated and liquid sugars of all kinds, fried foods, and refined foods, including bread and pasta. 

Rice is also not recommended due to its basic congesting nature, so as to give the sinuses and lungs a chance to decongest.

Food choices will focus on salads, steamed to cooked veggies, soups, potatoes, quinoa (and other gluten free grains), steamed or sautéed mushrooms, vegetable juices (but not fruit juices due to their concentration of sugars), and minimal fruits (due to their more powerful cleansing properties).

Add 1 tablespoonful of a superfood blend (Earth & Sea Greens, or Vital Cleanse & Nutrify, or 1 teaspoon of Sea Vegetable Blend) prior to, or with, one or more meals to fully nourish the body, alkalize, and reduce the appetite for food. 

Take clay baths or shower slurries each day of the fast to reduce or eliminate detox reactions.

When the body is overloaded with toxic chemicals from years of medical treatment, fast foods, or packaged food, a simple shift from a more dense diet to a lighter vegetable diet will automatically precipitate a cleansing of accumulated debris. 

So be wise, take your detoxing in gradual steps rather than all at once.  Detoxing the body is a lifelong practice.  Toxins enter the body daily, so they will need to be purged daily. 

Toxin buildup from decades past will be leaving the body with each fasting protocol, so take it easy and gradual according to personal tolerances. 

An Important Note: As we approach the Shift of the Ages (that has already begun) a disintegration of former structures and ways of life will become the norm.

New ways of business, education, food production, and lifestyle habits will emerge.  Self-reliance will become increasingly important.

As fast food restaurants and packaged foods begin to disappear, an upswing on local farmers and self-grown produce will become central.

For those who have been practicing self-reliance and cleansing diets or fasting, the transition shock from packaged goods and fast foods to organic fresh produce will go easier than for those who have not. 

During a fast, toxins from decades of commercial foods will naturally be flooding out of a body that has not been preparing for such a shift gradually over several years with periodic fasting, a lighter diet, and natural detoxification protocols. 

There are many who will not survive such a rapid detox of decades of accumulated toxins unless an aggressive clay bath and body slurry, and/or sweat therapy program is implemented. 

So, an emphasis on cleansing therapies, of necessity, will be an important addition when undertaking any radical change in dietary habits. 

Cleansing therapies include:

  1. Keep the bowels moving and keep the digestive enzymes from your pancreas flowing with Digestive Bitters

  2. Keep the blood sugar stable with wise food combining practices and BloodSugar Balance

  3. Drink Hyssop Pine Tea to gently cleanse the liver and deliver toxins out of the body through the kidneys while strengthening the immune system. 

  4. Take Clay baths and/or body slurries with clay daily during the cleansing period (Bath Kit).

  5. Support the lymphatic system (the body's sewage system) and immune system with Spleen Builder and Immune Power.  The immune system is highly active within the lymphatic channels disposing of toxic waste and the pathogens that feed upon them.

2. Mild Intermittent Fast—Extend the Time Between Meals

Follow the above protocol, while adding intermittent fasting. 

This means you will abstain from solid foods from after supper to about noon (roughly 16 hours), during which liquids are permissible. Consume lighter than regular meals during the 8 hours designed for food consumption (the protein foods are optional for those who are new to fasting).

Take clay baths or shower slurries each day of the fast to reduce or eliminate detox reactions.

3. Moderate Fast—Veggie & Superfood Blends

Consume vegetable smoothie blends several times a day as desired, yet with very moderate, if any, fruit. 

Save the fruit for the more intense detox protocols, and only after the cells of the body have been purged of excess fat that will block sugar assimilation. 

Keep the vegetable fibers in the blends.  Liquids can vary from your usual morning beverages to pure water throughout the day. 

Add 1 tablespoonful of a superfood blend (either Earth & Sea Greens, or Vital Cleanse & Nutrify, or 1 teaspoon of Sea Vegetable Blend) prior to, or with, one or more of the daily vegetable smoothie blends to fully nourish the body, alkalize, and reduce the appetite for food. 

To increase the intensity of this fasting protocol the superfood blend can become the primary nourishment during a portion, or the entirety, of the fast with excellent results.

Take clay baths or shower slurries each day of the fast to reduce or eliminate detox reactions.

My Personal Experience with a Superfood Blend Fast  

The fast included a quart of mineralized water (with Mineral Manna) in the morning and several single or double tablespoons of Vital Cleanse & Nutrify in 4-8 ounces of water.

I added Licorice Root Powder or Green Stevia Leaf Powder to add sweetness and to boost anti-inflammatory, immune building powers.

The superfood fast lasted 8 days.  On the 9th day I began adding soups and salads in increasing amounts, then transitioned back to my usual diet on the 13th day.

After the 4th day my energy levels were strong from 7 AM to midnight and mental clarity was exquisite throughout. 

I did not go into the fast with an intent to go for a certain number of days, I just let my intuition tell me when and how to quit.

The fast turned out to be an enjoyable boost to my overall health, mental focus, and sense of well being in a way that typical foods have never been able to accomplish. 

4. Mildly Intense Fast—Fruit, Veggie, and Superfood Blends

Follow the above protocol, yet with more fruit to increase the cleansing potency. 

A higher fruit diet should only be attempted by those who have reduced their meats and fats to below 10% of dietary calories each for at least three weeks prior.

This gives the body time to clear out the excess fats from the cells that contribute to insulin resistance and numerous chronic health conditions. 

Before adding higher levels of sugars to the bloodstream make sure your cells will absorb and utilize the sugars.  A simple blood sugar test 3 hours after a meal of fruits will tell you this.  If your sugars are still high, then it is quite likely your cells are still saturated with fats from the previous diet.

Taking Digestive Bitters and BloodSugar Balance with meals provides the herbal support to purge excess fats and maintain normal sugar levels.

Fruits are not recommended for those who have been following a Keto or high fat diet recently due to the sugar-fat conflict caused by a high fat diet until the cells have been detoxed of the excess fat.  (See the Keto article below.)

For those who have recently followed a meat and fat diet, Herbal C (containing mostly bitter fruits) can be used to replace fresh fruits in the veggie blends (as this will assist in the repair of the digestive powers of the body so as to be able to include fruits and starches again in a daily, mostly vegetarian dietary program). 

Take clay baths or shower slurries each day of the fast to reduce or eliminate detox reactions.

My Personal Experience with a Fruit Only Fast

A few years ago I attempted a fruit only fast, only to quit the fruits midway through the second day.  Too much sugar, intense detoxification, and nothing good came from it. 

I switched to vegetable juices to finish the day then quit.  It took a couple more days to bounce back from the high sugar experience.

At the time, liquid oils, eggs, and dairy played a much bigger role in my diet than they do today.  I see those basic foods (being more fat inclusive) as the reason why the fruits did not work for me then.

Under these conditions the spleen is harmed the most by the quantity of fruit sugars the body is not able to process easily, partly due to the residual fats still floating in the bloodstream. 

When the spleen is out of balance lethargy, spaciness, and loss of motivation become more prevalent.

This experience (and many others like it) are the reasons for the recommendation to gradually reduce the dense protein and fat-based foods over time before launching into a fast or diet high in fruits (or sweets for that matter, which is why desserts and granulated/liquid sugars are causing so much trouble in both the carnivore and vegetarian diets). 

It is a food combining conflict that results in insulin resistance.

5. Moderately Intense Fast—Water Only

A pure water fast for as long as is tolerable, or necessary, to reset the body's digestive powers and immune system.

An extended pure water fast is not recommended for those with greater exposure to toxins and toxic medical therapies until after you have followed a progression of the above fasting protocols over the course of one or more years to gradually clear the body of the surface layers of these toxins before allowing the deeper layers to be drawn to the surface.

Take clay baths or shower slurries each day of the fast to reduce or eliminate detox reactions and speed up the day that a more intense cleansing fast can be performed.  Pay attention to this, as it may save your life.

My Personal Early Experience with Water Fasting

My first experience with a pure water fast was back in the 1978.  I was just a couple of years into my investigation into natural health.  Inspired by the concept of spiritual fasting, I went for 10 days on an unsupervised water fast while still working my day job. 

I had severe low blood sugar at the time and found it quite difficult.  I also broke the fast with the first food I came across – beef jerky!

The belly ache that followed taught me that such an extreme fasting measure is not wise for the inexperienced, nor for those with a poor diet to begin with (like mine was).

Be wise.  Transition into the more intense fasting protocols gradually over the span of several months, even years, as the daily diet progresses through the spectrum from dense protein foods to the lighter vegetarian foods, yet coupled with superfoods to replace the dense protein foods (superfoods provide far more protein, plus hundreds of other nutrients, and are much easier to digest).

6. Very Intense Fast—Dry Fast—Neither Liquids Nor Foods

A dry fast is more intense than a water fast.  It is also more powerful at detoxing and repairing the body.

It is said that 1 day of dry fasting is equivalent to 3 days of water fasting.  So a one day dry fast can save time, yet achieve equal or better results than water fasting—providing one thing, that one or two clay baths or shower slurries are performed during, or just after, the dry fast to insure maximum removal of the toxins released during the fasting period

A bath or shower is compatible with a dry fast, as the objective is to rely on moisture from the atmosphere (like during an early morning walk) or from moisture on the skin to obtain required water for important biological functions. 

A clay bath or shower slurry gives the body an outlet for the toxins being released from the fast, thus preventing toxin reabsorption and the more serious health problems that can result.

Short duration dry fasting has one other advantage over water fasting, in that consuming water also triggers hunger, whereas, with dry fasting this hunger trigger is not activated, so the early stages of a dry fast are better tolerated.

Timing:  Something else to consider when preparing for a dry fast that will make it easier to implement as well—time the beginning of the dry fast so the majority of the difficult phase (the last 8 hours) is experienced while sleeping.

The suggestion is to begin the dry fast early to mid morning just after consuming plenty of mineralized water, followed a half hour later by a light breakfast of veggies or fruit.  Then begin the dry fast. 

If you are already practiced with intermittent fasting, you will find a dry fast that begins in the morning and ends the next morning to be a rather gentle, yet effective fasting experience.

My Personal Experience with Dry Fasting

I performed two 24 hour dry fasts, one 36 hour dry fast, and one 48 hour dry fast over the course of 2018 (before deciding I prefer the superfood fast over dry fasting and water fasting).

I took clay baths once or twice a day with each.

The clay baths do hydrate the body somewhat, which is one of the the goals of the bath, because water is essential for the kidneys to effectively flush out a concentration of toxic waste effectively.

Hydration through the skin acts differently in the body than hydration through drinking.  Skin hydration is actually more effective than drinking water, unless you have a highly structured water source which can hydrate the body in minutes rather than the typical 72 hours of most filtered water sources.  (See below for two water structuring approaches that I use daily to improve hydration.)

Clay baths ease the strain on the liver, kidneys, and lymphatic system experienced from intense detoxification activated by dry fasting. 

Each dry fast made it easier to endure the next one, even when the fast lasted longer.

The day after the fast was broken (beginning gradually with tiny sips of lemon water for the first half hour), was more fatiguing than during the fast itself.

Yet, the second day after the fast produced a wonderful sense of lightness, serenity, and joy that lasted for several weeks, and has remained to a limited degree ever since.

I understand from instructors in breatharian practice that dry fasting plays a role in eliminating the compulsion for food, thus freeing the person to eat or not eat food, as desired (as long as prana through a breath and qigong practice is able to become an effective food replacement). 

There was one surprising disappointment I discovered from my dry fasting experiences though, and that was that I did not feel a boost to my immune response powers during the fasts similar to what I typically feel from taking large amounts of Immune Power

Others have reported improving a cold or flu with a dry fast, so I expected to see an immune boost, but there was no evidence of such in my case.

In that one area I missed the progress I typically feel from the intake of Immune Power in quantities of 20+ caps per day.

I also did not experience the mental acuity characteristic of my 8 days on mostly Vital Cleanse & Nutrify.  Quite the opposite.  The dehydration and detoxification was pronounced enough to limit mental advancements. 

It is possible that had I continued for 4 or 5 days (quite practical for those advanced in fasting, but not recommended for the beginners apart from a gradual transition in the diet to lighter foods and qualified supervision), then both my immune response powers and my mental acuity would have improved.

I will only know by going the distance on that one some day.

Complements to Fasting Protocols
What follows are a range of options that complement your fasting with which to accelerate a reset following holiday or family celebrations.  What is outlined below is how a fast can be enhanced with herbal formulas that focus on specific system building.

Important Note:  Taking the following recommended herbal encapsulated or powdered System Building Formulas during a fast is recommended only when food or veggie blends are involved, because an abundance of powdered herbs can cause nausea within 30-45 minutes if attempted with just fruit blends or on an empty stomach. 

During the more restrictive water and dry fasts, herbal formulas are designed to be taken before and after the fasts to support the body's cleansing processes and leverage the formulas' organ & gland repair powers in conjunction with that of the fast itself. 

Modifications to the Fasting Protocols that Enhance their Effectiveness

1. Accelerate Detoxification with Hyssop Pine Tea

Any of the fasting protocols above (except for the dry fast protocol) can be enhanced with the daily consumption of Hyssop Pine Tea.

Hyssop is known to produce a deep organ cleansing effect, purging heat and inflammation from the body in an accelerated fashion.

Even the pure water fast can be modified with Hyssop Pine Tea, partially or exclusively, with even more profound results than with just water alone.

Be sure to take clay baths or shower slurries as the detoxification will be intensified, including the likelihood of night sweats, as the body is warmed by the hyssop's cleansing effects, and sweat is the body's natural lymph cleansing mechanism.  (The lymph channels are where many of the toxins pass through on their way out of the body.  If not cleared regularly, swollen lymph glands and eventual tumors can develop).

2. Rebuild the Digestive Powers of the Body with Digestive Bitters and Herbal C

Celebration foods mess with the digestive tract and immune response powers more than any other area. 

Restoration of the digestive powers can be accomplished by separating your protein/fats/oils from your starches/sugars/fruits/grains.  Separate them into two different meals two or more hours apart, as needed, in order to prevent digestive conflicts in the body.

The Diet of Cultures with Virtually No Chronic Health Conditions

When the diet reflects the diet of cultures that have virtually no chronic health conditions (heart, sugar, joint, etc. issues), then it is possible that the fats and sugars can be combined in moderation with fewer complications. 

This interesting dietary approach is one that approximates a calorie count of 5-10% protein, 10-14% fat, and 75-85% starchy carbs like potatoes, rice, squash, beans, non-GMO corn, etc.  (See the Keto article below for the dietary habits of 3 indigenous cultures with virtually no chronic conditions among them—until they become westernized, of course.)

Digestive Bitters assists in rebuilding the digestive processes of the body by providing a bitter stimulus that produces bile (your fat emulsifier) and a digestive spice stimulus for the pancreas to produce your own digestive enzymes naturally. 

Herbal C is an alternative digestive aid, milder in its effects, though helpful when added to Digestive Bitters at times when the digestion (or immune system for that matter) is severely compromised. 

3. Build Strength Back into the Immune System with Immune Power

When excessive amounts of either sugars, fats, proteins, fruits, or complex carbs are consumed a natural response from pathogenic microbes is triggered.

Viruses, bacteria, mycoplasma, and yeast/fungus begin to multiply in response in an effort to reduce these excesses to safer levels for the body.

The result, however, is that their growth in numbers (from feeding on the excesses) leaves an excess of toxic excretions from the pathogens themselves. 

This in turn increases the burden on both the detoxification pathways (the liver, kidneys, bowels, lungs, skin, and lymph channels) and the immune system itself. 

The herbs within Immune Power help to correct these problems in two ways.

First, by increasing the number of antibodies from the spleen, liver, bone marrow, thymus, lymph glands, and bowels capable of targeting the pathogens.

Second, by improving bile flow (which is one way the body encapsulates toxic waste and purges it from the body).

This bile stimulus action from Immune Power is similar to the bitter effect of Digestive Bitters, just not as potent. (Many immune enhancement herbs are also bitter.)

4. Rebalance Blood Sugar Levels with Spleen Builder, BloodSugar Balance (for the pancreas) and Adrenal Revive

Correcting a blood sugar imbalance involves rebuilding the powers of three organs in the body: the spleen, the pancreas, and the adrenal glands.

Sugar is regulated by hormones from the pancreas and the adrenals.  Adrenal hormone production is generated, or empowered, by the spleen.

The interdependent connection between these organs and glands, if not addressed properly, explains why sugar imbalances and chronic fatigue cannot be corrected until all dietary and nutritional issues affecting these organs and glands are also corrected. 

Mother Nature has provided a complement of herbs for these very purposes.

Spleen Builder, BloodSugar Balance, and Adrenal Revive address the nutritional needs of these organs and glands.  As the organs and glands restore their natural powers, the imbalances disappear. 

5. Improve Hormonal Balance with Adaptogenic Herbs

Low energy, depression, lack of motivation, timidity, aggression, and manic-depressive mood swings are all based on hormonal imbalances.

There are numerous causes for hormonal insufficiency or over-production, yet Nature has provided us with answers that begin to address the imbalance by simply strengthening the hormone producing glands themselves so they can once again resume their youthful functions naturally. 

Adaptogenic herbs are Nature's answer.  Their role is to bring extreme highs and lows back to the middle point where ideal balance is found.

An adaptogen modulates the extremes, adapting to the unique stresses of the individual to recreate balance.

Of the three formulas referenced above that support the spleen, pancreas, and adrenal glands, Adrenal Revive holds an adaptogen base to its formulation.  It also includes Nettle Seed, which is Nature's most effective solution for adrenal fatigue.

Three other formulas are composed with a base of adaptogenic herbs for additional reasons: Adaptogen & Mushroom Blend (an all around adaptogenic and immune enhancement formula), Revitalize for Men / Women (focuses on physical stamina & virility), and Energy & Brain Power (provides that extra edge). 


Given the stresses of modern living, the toxic loads, the processed foods, the confusions about diet, and the importance of celebrating with family—getting back on track is most easily accomplished by simply reducing food intake so the body can focus its energy on detoxification and repair.

Due to these very same factors, which fasting protocol is selected will play a significant role in its effectiveness at doing just that—detoxification and repair.

If a more intense fast is selected prior to your body being made ready for that, the results can turn out to cause more harm than good. 

Be wise.  Gauge your readiness for each fasting level chosen and take the time to progress through the different levels of intensity to allow your body to adjust gradually. 

Dietary preferences will naturally change as the body gets cleaner with each progressive fast. 

So it's OK to take your time in making these changes as well, unless of course, the crisis is already upon you, and the diet needs to change radically now to avert a worsening. 

Frequent, even daily clay baths or shower slurries can allow a faster movement through the lighter to more intense fasting protocols, as the risk of stirring up toxins, only to have them reabsorbed again, is diminished considerably with each clay bath or shower slurry. 

There is no more effective way to get stirred up toxins out of the body immediately than to get clay on the skin, preferably all over at once, to allow toxins from the lymphatic system, the blood, the subcutaneous fat, and the skin itself, to leave the body permanently, thus eliminating any chance of reabsorption.  

Mineral Manna or Sacred Clay internally addresses toxins in the intestinal tract.

Additional measures in the form of System Builder Formulas taken before, during, and/or after a fast can accelerate the benefits of a fast by strengthening the organs and glands that have been most heavily affected by lifestyle habits, toxins, and diet. 

In truth, fasting is one of the most ancient remedies of all time, and deserves to be utilized gently and effectively now to address the unusual volume of stresses that face the human being on earth today.

Fasting is one of the most primal of remedies for quickly restoring health, youthfulness, and vitality.

Many blessing of health and success,
Enjoy the many gifts from Nature!

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Two water structuring approaches that I use daily to hydrate my body rapidly: (the dark blue/purple Stir Wand)  (Add 1/2 tablespoon of their water to 1/2 gallon of your water.  Start with low amounts at first with this one since it is highly detoxifying.  Work your way up gradually over several weeks and months to one quart per day.)

I am not affiliated with either of these companies, but I do recommend them as two of the simplest ways to structure water and increase hydration. 


Michael King
Michael King

Michael King is a Life Enrichment Consultant, a natural intuitive, a researcher of Nature's most powerful healing resources the world over, the author of "Detoxify, Nourish & Build – Three Essentials for Vibrant Health", the Vital Health News Updates – a periodic newsletter documenting the most life-building natural resources on the planet, The Blessing Transformation, and the co-author of Life Chats with Oversoul – an ongoing dialogue designed to gain clarity and direction while navigating the immense changes going into the New Era. Michael is also an advocate of sustainable gardening, environmental responsibility, and an architect of ways to increase global food production.

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