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Life Chats: Questions About Q

March 02, 2021 13 min read

How Much Stock Should We Really Place in the Q Phenomenon?

Life Chats With Oversoul is an ongoing dialogue designed to gain clarity and direction while navigating the immense changes going into the New Era.

Today’s Life Chat focuses on the origins and agendas of the Q Team and why the swamp has not yet been drained. The definition of a self-responsible society emerges from the discussion.

March 2, 2021

Where Is It All Leading?

Preface: I have a few questions about Q. It seems obvious to me that Q is a psyop – yet with both beneficial and questionable influences. The Q team (clearly not just one person) is rightfully causing people to question the media narratives and scrutinize current events more closely.

Yet there are times when disinformation from Q is also obvious, leaving us to question the true role of the Q phenomenon.

The Q insights are said to be derived from a quantum computer’s examination of possible futures, given the potential variables in current events.

Where it is trying to lead us, I cannot fully trust at this point.

My original purpose for asking for insights from a council focused primarily on “the common good of all life everywhere” was for a reason. It is an attempt to circumvent the less reliable sources of information available to the public today.

I am well aware of the tremendous risk of relying on individuals or organizations that present themselves as good, but are actually just using a mixture of truth and deception to gain influence and control over the unassuming public during this time of change and transformation.

Trustworthy information is not being handed to the public by the primary media, government, military, medical, scientific, and corporate structures today, leaving people to discern the truth for themselves with what information is available through alternative media sources, their own research, and obvious current events. 

Even alternative media is failing us at times. So in truth, it is ultimately up to each individual to decide what is true and what is not.

The Q Team is revealing facts and hidden knowledge, giving hope and insight to those that follow the posts, yet where it is all leading us is not obvious. We are simply asked to "trust the plan". 

I have not followed the posts myself in over a year because I sensed a pattern of deception involved. I believe there is some truth, but also some deliberate disinformation.

Where it is trying to lead us, I cannot fully trust at this point.

Michael to the Council: Since the Council’s associations are with those who are working closely with matters relating to Earth, and your focus is on the common good only, I would like to ask your take on the Q phenomenon and how much stock we should place in its insights.

The Hidden Hands

Council: The Q phenomenon is one of many efforts to awaken the public to hidden agendas and secret activities that have been going on for thousands of years.

These hidden agendas were not designed originally to be made known to the general public. 

Various secret societies have used the exclusive knowledge of these agendas and activities to control their own members, while enticing them to follow the ritualistic chain of behaviors required to rise through their ranks.

Now that these coordinated events, influences, and societies are being exposed, the movement of change within humanity has accelerated immensely.

However, when this happens, other events and possibilities also take shape. The tables turn and old institutions disappear from existence.

A Deeper Set of Questions

We are not here to expose all of these possibilities just yet, but when you observe current events through the lens of the Q revelations, there is a deeper set of questions that need to be asked.

How far down does this rabbit hole really go?

What caused these current events to come about? Who is behind it all? Is it just one group, or is it an orchestration of several groups or influences working toward a similar goal/agenda? Are these agendas really good for us?

How far down does this rabbit hole really go?

These are the questions that need to be asked by all who pursue the truth, regardless of the nature of events as they appear to be on the surface.

As for the Q Team’s true agenda, it also needs to be questioned in the same light. Absolutely.

To say that all is in order and flowing along a good path – one that serves the best interests of the people as well – is hardly an assumption to make at this time in your human history.

The Sign of Truthful Information With An Honest Agenda

The true agenda behind the Q Team has been foretold in numerous posts made by Q. It is not as if it is a secret, but if you want to see the hidden hand behind the information provided, you will have to study the posts in a different light than they are being presented.

This will not be easy for those attached to an outcome in their favor, but which is not realistic if the track presented in the Q posts are actually followed.

Remember, the military view is always "How can we influence events so as to ensure that we retain the advantage?". They strive to achieve an end goal, even if a heavy price is paid to get there. They aim to win – for themselves first as a team, and for their families second. 

Most lower ranking soldiers seek to make the world a better place by their efforts. However, for those rising to the highest leadership positions, the horizon expands. The pressures are different.

In the final analysis, it's the personal experiences of those most affected that reveal the true agendas.

The option of capturing more territory, more influence, more power becomes a tantalizing potential with every step. The potential for corruption increases.  

Understand, freedom of the human race is not achieved through providing information alone. The words, the actions, and the end results have to line up with the stated objectives.

In the final analysis, it's the personal experiences of those most affected that reveal the true agendas. 

The sign of truthful information with an honest agenda is recognized by a comfortable feeling of "rightness" throughout the process – followed by true and lasting benefits to those most affected.

When explanations are given that do not align with a feeling of truth, and the physical outcome fails to serve the interests of the people, then you know there is an agenda involved that is not an honest one.


Many hands are controlling the Q agendas. Q has garnered public attention in a variety of ways, and this attention is seen as a powerful tool for shaping events in favor of the special interests of a few.

The players who arrange the posts and present them are fully known to the intelligence community and the military. They only hide from the public.

The Q posts have been co-opted. They were once in favor of the people, but they have since been infiltrated. The team is no longer following the original plans for the posts. They have inserted some subversive statements in the posts designed to discredit those that follow the posts, and this is causing confusion for the many wanting to see them in their original light.

The original intent for the posts is no longer present, though it is not impossible for that to change in the near future and return to a semblance of clarity for the people once again.

Yet this is not the only problem with the Q posts.

The players who arrange the posts and present them are fully known to the intelligence community and the military. They only hide from the public.

There are players that were involved at the beginning that once served the good of the people. They have been co-opted and threatened with their lives if they do not follow a different path.

So there is confusion in the ranks among those who have noticed the changes in the information presented.

This happened early on in the presentation of the Q posts, within its first year.

Since then the influencers have changed hands a number of times, but with the same agenda – to explain away the contradictory decisions being made by the presidential administration at the time, then lead the following public down a road that would pacify their questions about the many Q narratives that failed to make sense – that didn't feel right – yet still expose more truths about the past and present events to keep the public following them.

The Deal Made At The Beginning

Michael: What can you share with us about those that put the 45th president in office, yet failed to support a true takedown of the DC swamp, while constantly promising to do so?

Council: This is a complicated question, but simply put, the failure is because those that placed him in that position also wanted some personal benefits from the deal that made the most visible takedown efforts impossible.

He was betrayed by both those above and below him in standing.

This was how they utilized his fervent commitment to change without allowing that change to take place where it was needed most. His zeal in front of the public was what they wanted to capitalize on. But they would never allow a full realization of his most fervent dreams to take shape, for to do so would implicate them as well – and subvert a larger "plan".

He was betrayed by both those above and below him in standing. He had little choice but to accomplish what he could and leave the rest for the public to sort out.

His decisions were handed to him by outside players on numerous occasions. Yet he worked around them as best he could to accomplish his most cherished goals, which included restoring economic prosperity to America and the reduction in human trafficking worldwide.

These were his most fervent requests in exchange for playing that role in the public – and it was granted. But the first was deprived of him through the tactics of biological warfare, and the second was limited to the hidden underground operations, and selective known figures, but not to publicly touch the most ardent DC supporters of deep state policy – until their services were no longer needed.

The Real Agenda – Global Dominance

Michael: So his original backers and protectors knowingly betrayed him?

Council: Yes, they knew he was a risky ticket, given their long range plans, but felt it would ensure the votes were taken away from the opposition, and make it easier to control the outcome. 

The opposition was too embedded with a different set of bosses, ones they did not have control of.

Michael: The original backers were members of the deep state players as well, just among a different faction?

Counsel: Yes, they have not changed their spots. They remain committed to global dominance, only for reasons that serve their own interests over the other factions.

Michael: Are they also committed to the same rituals as the other factions? 

Counsel: Not in the same way, but through mind control – yet with an objective to free the people from the cannibalistic practices, but still hold them captive as slaves for their own purposes, just in a different form compared to that of the darker orders.

They also preferred a larger population base than that sought by the other orders, and a more content, sedentary lifestyle.   

Their goal has always been to control the minds and labor of the populace for the local community in which each one lives, and for the greater community under the direct supervision of these dark lords.  

So we are clear about this – they hold ideals of behavior more puritanical than the other two major factions, yet they all share mind control techniques similarly. 

Q became the tool with which to quell the growth of this movement, and control its outcome by directing its passion inward rather than outward.

The financial system they would set up is certainly one that would control the minds of its citizens, yet leave them free to explore passions as the people see fit. 

The Capitalist System is their true god.

In their examination of the future, they saw the Patriot Movement take center stage, and Q became the tool with which to quell the growth of this movement, and control its outcome by directing its passion inward rather than outward. 

Putting the jigsaw puzzle together via the Q posts was their way of capturing that momentum and slowing it down, all the while capitalizing on its popularity. 

Michael: You mentioned two other factions vying for control of the Earth. Is the "R. C. Christian" group of the Georgia Guidestones one of these factions? 

Council: Not exactly, they have allied themselves with other factions at times, but are not a significant player at the moment. 

There are several factions vying for control, but the only ones strong enough to make it happen and hold the central position are the former Line of Solomon groups, another faction centralized in Israel, and a growing alliance of military and civilian groups whose ideals do not include the rituals you spoke of previously. 

The Q Alliance is a segment of the latter that controls a portion of the military and other aligned members within a number of countries.

Their numbers are growing, now that their focus is on ridding the planet of the child harvesting rituals.

Michael: Are there members within the Q Alliance that are also involved in these rituals? 

Council: Yes, although those numbers are dwindling rapidly.

Michael: You have not yet made reference to the Global Directorate, Life Force, and Kim Goguen's role in all of this. Is there a reason? 

Yet what is not determined (for this is in the hands of the people today) is the extent of your freedom, and the speed with which you will cause yourselves to become self-responsible.

Council: There are several reasons for not including them. They are not contending for the same type of control over the Earth that your questions sought answers to. 

Their stated objectives are not to control the Earth, but to set the people free to control their own personal lives, and to help the people create the world they each desire to live in. 

They are a platform of discussion and transformation, not dictatorial control.

They battle effectively those that would further enslave the masses for self-serving purposes.

Yet their goal is to set the people free for each one to serve his or her own autonomy (much like it is with other civilizations in the advanced universe).

Michael: Do you see this effort being successful?

Council: There is no other option but success at this point. We see nothing else. 

Yet what is not determined (for this is in the hands of the people today) is the extent of your freedom, and the speed with which you will cause yourselves to become self-responsible. 

Self-Responsible Defined

Michael: What does this mean, "become self-responsible"? 

Council: It means take the reins, guide your own destiny. Make changes where they are needed, and be sure to include the well-being of others in your plans and programs.

Michael: There are 7 billion or so of us. What does that look like if the whole world were to become self-responsible? 

Council: There would be no poverty or hunger because individuals would insure, that, each their own neighbor, had sufficient resources to meet their basic needs.

Where the community needed to get involved, this would become a group effort. 

Needs would be met because it would be seen that the discomfort of one affects the comfort of all.

Each local community would work together, and work with other communities, to build what is necessary to facilitate changes and programs to meet the needs of each and every incarnate soul within their sphere of influence.

Skills of one would naturally combine together with the knowledge and skills of another to insure the communities are fed, housed, and employed in meeting the needs that are common to the region each one lives within. 

Where a greater effort is needed to bring resources from one region to another, the community groups would coordinate their efforts to insure the tasks were accomplished efficiently. 

Needs would be met because it would be seen that the discomfort of one affects the comfort of all. 

Michael: I see no reference to money in your descriptions here. These things cost money in our society. From where will the funds be derived, and how will everyone have the time to give to community efforts if they are holding down steady jobs to just supply their own family with the basics?

Council: At first your society will need to supply funds in sufficient amounts to each and every individual to eliminate the need for "jobs".

The arrangements of tasks will be voluntary and focused on the enjoyment of meeting the needs of another.

Then you will discover that the knowledge and skills of each individual have specific roles to play in the upgrade of society as a whole. Involvement will be purpose driven and uniquely suited.

Each one will find his or her own place in reconstructing the world around them in such a fashion as to meet the needs of each local community – with an eye to providing what is required to foster growth and development in the larger union of communities. 

The arrangements of tasks will be voluntary and focused on the enjoyment of meeting the needs of another. 

Duplication, competition, and wasted efforts toward destruction for the sake of power and control will become a thing of the past. Such will not be required, for a self-responsible society will care for all of its members equally, and with foresight of how this will benefit the greater good for oneself. 

Eventually money will become a useless object, for its true object from the start will be fully seen as merely a tool for enslavement, coercion, and control. 

You will join the universe of societies that do not require money for their systems to function optimally for every participant.

That day will come, here on Earth, when you each decide to guide your own destiny as self-responsible participants in your local communities toward that very goal. 

A Self-Responsible Society

Michael: That sounds utopian, but realistically, how would a society such as ours, now under the hammer of dark lords bent on our enslavement and destruction, transition to such a well orchestrated, harmonious existence?

Council: Other worlds have made the transition, as you know, so it is not impractical. It just requires the participation of every soul seeing how their own long term best interests are fulfilled by playing a role in its construction. Then groups begin to form with this goal in mind until the momentum consumes the whole world. 

Of course there will be laggards and dominating forces at first, but as each one reveals himself, the aware groups will take a stand, much like you are already seeing happen today.

Tolerance of abuse is the true sign of a lax society not performing the task of self-responsibility.

The toppling of old, encrusted systems takes place naturally as the people band together to insure justice is served and the system is remodeled. Leadership changes hands as the old guard is forced to step down or change their ways.

A self-responsible society does not allow injustices against others to stand, knowing that one infringement on a human right means many infringements will soon follow.

Tolerance of abuse is the true sign of a lax society not performing the task of self-responsibility. 

Everyone needs to engage, especially at the early stages, to shine a light on the injustice, the falsehoods being perpetrated, and the institutions promoting the injustice. 

A self-responsible society takes responsibility for contributing to its own downfall. Everyone is complicit.

In your society today, these corrupt institutions are fully integrated now within your government, media, entertainment, and business. Even your religious groups have been tainted by this corruption. There is no institution on Earth that has not been affected by this long-standing control mechanism.

A self-responsible society takes responsibility for contributing to its own downfall. Everyone is complicit. Addressing complaints and working out differences is central to the correction. 

Building cooperation rather than division is imperative. You may need to exclude some who refuse to correct themselves.

New guidelines for self-governance will have to be designed, community rights established, and a whole new motivation for establishing businesses will have to be employed. 

Very few established institutions and businesses today will remain standing once the Transformation gets underway. You will also soon see how the destructive tendency of parts of your society are unknowingly paving the way for this very change to happen.

A lot of work lies ahead, but it can be a joyful undertaking if the vision of a wholesome society remains front and center in the minds of all who seek its implementation. 

To be continued…

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