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The Blessing Transformation

July 01, 2017 12 min read

How to Change the World BEFORE You Take Action!

The Gentle Art of Self-Healing

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CC-The Blessing Transformation

Session Overview

The Session Overview below is provided as a courtesy to those who prefer to read than listen, yet on each call additional insights are given which round out the subject.

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The Blessing Transformation Meditation in PDF format.


What We See Today Will Not Be the Same Tomorrow

Life on Planet Earth is changing rapidly. Both the good and the bad are climbing toward peak performance. Both are vying for top position. Events are accelerating, radical changes in global events are now the norm. Weather events, geophysical events and social order restructuring are all happening at an unprecedented pace across the globe. What we see today, will not be the same tomorrow.

The final outcome is in flux as well. Nothing is cast in stone anymore. One fundamental Law of the Universe insures that this is true. It stands behind the reason why life on earth has descended to the barbaric level in which we have lived for the last few thousands of years, and it stands behind the immense volume of uplifting changes we are now watching unfold upon the earth today.

The Change We Have Been Waiting For

  • With every disaster we grow closer as a human people.
  • With every "crime against humanity" we wake up more to the importance of standing up as one people and saying "No!".
  • With each oil spill, concern for the environment becomes more and more central in people's thoughts.
  • The side effects to drugs and toxic medical treatment is catalyzing a massive swing toward natural health.
  • The awareness of DNA damage from GMO foods, and the failure of GMO crops to sustain the farmers, is accelerating a large scale return to organic farming practices.
  • Higher food costs and a growing awareness of the dangers of consuming foods created by Big Agra Farms is compelling an unprecedented number of people to grow their own food.
  • Graphic scenes of the horrible impact that US led wars have had on innocent children is opening the hearts of the world to our supposed "enemies".
  • Compassion and tolerance is showing its face everywhere.

Stop looking at the news for what's really going on! That is only there to distract you from this amazing transformation taking place before your very eyes! 

This change is unstoppable because it is grounded in the one Law that makes all change possible.

This Law is recognized as the heartbeat of Unconditional Love. It is the reason that hope remains. It is the power that makes it possible for even the least of us to make a difference 

This Law is the inviolable Law of Freewill. 

One of the kindest principles behind the workings of Agape, Universal Unconditional Love, is in setting up a Grand System in which each individual sees and experiences only themselves everywhere they look. Both individual freewill and human collective freewill have merged together to give us the world that we see today.

What I see "out there" will only exist (in my world) to the degree that I continue to allow it to live inside of me. I am helping to set the stage for the events I am about to observe. I am a responsible party in its co-creation. I am helping to perceive it into existence. I am influencing form to take the shape of my thoughts and feelings.

When I toxify my body, I encourage the toxification of the earth. When I am angry with myself or another, I feed the opposition showing up in the world. When I curse another, I bring that curse upon myself.

When I bless another, I bring that blessing into my world. When I give goodness to another, I encourage goodness to show up in my life and on the earth.

The world that I choose to live with inside myself is the world that grows bigger around me. In this manner, birds of a feather will flock together.

I Have a Choice

  • I can choose to criticize, resent and condemn, or seek to understand and look for ways to work together.
  • I can choose to blame others for my misfortunes, or I can bear rightful responsibility for helping to make events happen around me - then make compassionate corrections.
  • I can choose to stick my head in the sand, or I can face the bully and address the matter with tough, but compassionate honesty.
  • I can choose to feel hopeless, or I can do what I can to make even the smallest of improvements.
  • I can choose to deny my creative abilities, or I can choose to seek new ways to exercise my talents and hone my skills.
  • If I don't like what I see, I can make a choice to change what I can.

The real question is "How?" "If others are involved, what can I do to truly make a difference?" "If the "status quo" is embedded in the negative, how can I shift the balance to the positive?"

A Choice of Perspective

Was the Gulf Oil Spill a hopeless catastrophe, or an opportunity for humanity to band together and act as one for a solution? Is this an act of ecological terrorism, or is it an opportunity for the world to focus on a part of the ecology we have sleepily let slide now for several decades? Will we let it defeat us or will we now band together to insure that dependence on oil for energy finally becomes a thing of the past.

Were the Fukushima quakes and radiation leaks a signal that we, as a planet, are hopelessly doomed, or have they merely signaled the end of the nuclear era and motivated us to use currently available technologies, both advanced (frequency) and natural (microbes and clay), to clean up nuclear waste across the entire planet.

Will we let these or other events fuel our sense of hopelessness, or will we let it inspire us to pool or minds and resources, and implement solutions until we find one that works?

Will we let it destroy our homes, our lives, and our wildlife, or will we pool our hearts and minds, speak our truth to those trying to decide our fate, then commit our lives and resources to insure that known solutions be implemented?

Will we choose to be angry (a statement of our choice to believe we are helpless victims), or will we choose to be wise and forthright in how we address those at the center of activity? (Notice the word "activity" here rather than "responsibility", since we are all responsible.)

I have a choice. We have a choice. The choices we make will merge together to give us the world we will live in tomorrow.

The Most Powerful Choice that Can Possibly Be Made.

Some believe that by asking God or a great master to change the situation for us that we are making the most powerful choice. Such a belief is drawn from the mistaken idea that a large chasm exists between us and the one we are beseeching. It fails to understand one of the primary core values of Love: Co-creation.

The Law of Freewill gives all free access to the same storehouse of infinite powers as everyone else. Yet a skill is required to put those powers to work on our behalf. This skill, like any other, must be practiced and developed.

Some will choose to develop this skill, while others will prefer to remain dependent on those that put forth the effort to master the skill.

Rest assured that God and the great masters of life have the ability to stop the destruction and heal everyone in an instant. But they have not done so - and for a reason: such a choice would thwart our own ability to choose, and thereby prevent us from growing in skills sufficient to make a difference ourselves.

Love stands by with a balanced amount of help and non-help, sufficient to allow us to grow in both skill and confidence.

The most powerful choice we could possibly make is to become a living example of the change we want to see happen in the world.

Like Gandhi who changed the course of a nation by simply becoming a living example of what he deeply believed to be true, you also can change the course of America, or your home town, or your family - by simply changing yourself.

Personal inner clarity is the secret to powerful outer success. All of the great masters know this. It is fundamental to their power to affect change. Purity of heart is the secret to the power behind their words.

How to Change the World Before You Take Action

The inner has always formed the blueprint pattern for the outer. This is central to the nature of Love. The Law of Freewill mandates that we choose the content of our own life experiences. Our choices determine if and how new paradigms are built. Our inner world gives rise to the shape our outer world takes on. We will forever only experience that which we perceive to be true.

Therefore, choose your perceptions wisely.

A choice to hate compels others to keep their distance. A choice to love will cause even the wild animals to feel safe in your presence.

A choice to hoard in fear will cause the loss of the very thing you desperately want to keep. A choice to hold all things lightly, knowing the infinite resources available to all, will gently draw all good things to you.

Inner resistance shows up as outer resistance. Inner peace shows up as an attractive force and a calming influence on all that stand nearby.

The question is: "Where I feel this fearful resistance, how do I convert it into peace and the power to change the outcome?"

One simple answer: "Bless it, then breathe."

When we go inside and bless the entire situation - just as it is -love shows up, our fears are transformed, our hearts reopen. This opening paves the way for insights to drop in on us, for realizations to dawn, for creativity to flourish.

Breathing merely helps us to move out old patterns of misperception and bring in the new ones more suitable to our liking.

This simple process holds more power to affect change than all the scientists and armies in the world. Do not underestimate yourself. Your answers already live inside of you! Just become that which you prefer to see.

How Visions Become Reality

Often times those holding a vision are not the ones that end up implementing the vision. Yet, holding the vision inside and feeling its full impact, opens the magnetic/emotional space for the physical manifestation to eventually form. Like a womb for the embryo, our passions and feelings provide a container for the development of our visions. The magnetic energy of this container draws the right people and circumstances together which then give form to the vision.

This inner work is our most powerful tool for "creating the space" for real change to happen. Once this magnetic space has been created, the most appropriate instruments for bringing about the material events will be drawn to the scene - effortlessly.

Our job is not to go about figuring out the details. Our job is to become the experience of the end result desired and let the answers rise up from the innermost depths of our being.

Once perceived, and resistances transformed, we enter an inner place of knowing. At this point, the vision and the magnetism to attract the material components of the vision, have become one. We can now relax and let Nature draw the right circumstances, and the right person for the job, to the scene. And yes, sometimes we are that right person.

Once this magnetic container for the vision is fully formed within, the actions required to put the vision together become quite enjoyable, and in that sense, effortless.

Ah, Yes, But the Resistance Still Stands in the Way

A pivotal requirement for the unhindered manifestation of a dream is the transformation of all inner resistance. It is not wise to attempt to move a mountain of external resistance, (like a reluctant government agency), as long as you still hold the same, or complementary, pattern of resistance inside yourself.

Both victims and perpetrators are drawn to each other by nature. They are necessary partners to each other. They help each other fulfill their own expectations. This dance between victim and perpetrator is a form of inner resistance to living a fulfilling life.

The secret to healing this resistance may surprise you. First of all, it can only be accomplished within. Second, it is accomplished not by judging and condemning, but by opening the heart with blessings and acceptance. We must be able to see the victim and the perpetrator become friends, understand each other, and then join forces in mutual support.

This inner action heals the heart - the very source of where the problem began in the first place. When we heal the broken, loveless places in our own heart, our thoughts (perceptions) improve causing our emotions to improve.

In this manner, all inner resistance is transformed. The magnetic container for a new experience is now clear and free to hold a new arrangement of events. The path to implementing solutions becomes effortless.

One Who Spends Time Alone to Do Inner Work Can Inspire Millions

  • Gandhi was successful because he spent hours each day in solitude doing his inner work.
  • Nelson Mandela was successful because he spent 27 years in prison doing his inner work.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. was successful because he spent more hours in solitude doing his inner work, the greater the task that lay before him.
  • Jesus was successful because he spent lengths of time in the mountains and deserts doing his inner work.
  • Buddha was successful because he spent years in the forests doing this inner work.
  • Victor Schauberger was successful because he spent years in solitude observing the ways of Nature and doing this inner work.
  • Tom Brown Jr. and his mentor, Stalking Wolf, were successful because they spent decades in the wilderness, observing Nature and doing their  inner work.
  • Anastasia of the Ringing Cedars is successful because she grew up in the Siberian wilderness doing her inner work.

Every human being that has made a positive impact on the tide of human events preceded their public work with solitude, often immersed in natural settings, while doing their inner work.  

There is a tremendous message in the living example of these great teachers. They are merely showing us with their lives how to change the world BEFORE taking action.

The Blessing Transformation

To bless is to give goodness to. Giving goodness is a choice opposite to resistance. Herein lies the power of a simple blessing - it shifts the magnetic qualities, (which hold form and events in place), from one paradigm to another.

Resistance is a fear-based choice steeped in beliefs of limitation. Blessing is a choice that stems from love which then opens the door to the infinite resources of Life. Once this fundamental inner shift from fear to love is chosen, the heart undergoes a healing.

This shift within the heart causes a shift in outer circumstances - effortlessly.The magnetic/emotional field holding the fear-based circumstances together falls apart. A new magnetic/emotional field is formed based on love. New circumstances begin to form and old paradigms fall away.

Sound familiar? This is why the world is changing so fast today, and why the old power structures are rapidly crumbling, even as they desperately try to prevent the change. More and more people are choosing love-based perceptions. New paradigms are being built as the old ones fade away.

Resistance, the food source for fear, is being transformed as people focus their thoughts on positive solutions, cooperation, tolerance, compassion, health - all of which are derived from the choice to give goodness to self and others.

The Blessing Transformation was written as a way to focus the energy of goodness on the broad strategic areas of human life. By giving blessings and goodness to each of these areas, goodness must return back to the sender from the same area of focus. This is referred to as the Law of Reflection - another core foundation of Unconditional Love.

A society that continuously radiates goodness cannot help but attract all manner of goodness to itself.

Since this law works both ways, you can see how a focus on limiting, self-serving or fear-based pursuits will ultimately result in the demise of the same fear-based individuals. It is also true that if we criticize others with an air of hopelessness, we set the stage to remain victims.

Blessings, on the other hand, reverse the downward spiral, causing an upward turn of both the events and in the way we feel inside. When goodness flows through us from the depths of our being, it can become a highly pleasurable experience. Be prepared, a choice to bless can be euphoric!

Be prepared for changes to begin, first in how you feel, then in the manner and frequency in which great things happen around you. When the goodness happening around you becomes overwhelming, (which it will if you apply this method daily), it is time to stop blessing and go play! Turn your dreams into reality, then as you feel you can handle more, continue blessing!

How to Make the Change Within

The method is simple, just bless and breathe. 

Using The Blessing Transformation as a framework for inspiration, read each affirmation 1-3 times then take 1 or more deep breaths. You may notice yourself entering into a place of peace and stillness in greater and greater depth with each breath.

Additional areas of personal interest may also be decided on and addressed during these quiet moments.

Click on the link below to download a free PDF copy of

The Blessing Transformation Meditation in PDF format.

Many blessings of health, abundance and success!


Michael King
Michael King

Michael King is a Life Enrichment Consultant, a natural intuitive, a researcher of Nature's most powerful healing resources the world over, the author of "Detoxify, Nourish & Build – Three Essentials for Vibrant Health", the Vital Health News Updates – a periodic newsletter documenting the most life-building natural resources on the planet, and the co-author of Life Chats with Oversoul – an ongoing dialogue designed to gain clarity and direction while navigating the immense changes going into the New Era. Michael is also an advocate of sustainable gardening, environmental responsibility, and an architect of ways to increase global food production.

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