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Detox Baths, Body Slurries, Facials, and Clay Packs with Sacred Clay & Black Beauty

February 28, 2024 11 min read

How to use these two precious gifts from Nature!

Topics in this article include:
Mixing Ratio for a Body Bath or a Foot Bath
Mixing Ratio for Skin Application
Body Baths, Foot Baths, Body Slurries, and Body Wraps with Clay
How Often
Body Slurry
Body Wrap
Sacred Clay / Black Beauty Bath
Gradually increase the amount of clay in the water in two ways:
When is it time to change the clay in the tub?
A note about what causes most clogged drains:
A note about increasing Black Beauty in the bath water:
Foot Bath
Which is more effective or safer, a clay bath or a foot bath?
Adding the Sacred Clay to an Electric Foot Bath
Pour Your Bath Water Onto Your Garden and Potted Plants
Facials and Clay Packs
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Sacred Clay and Black Beauty

There are numerous ways to use Sacred Clay and Black Beauty together to produce a wide range of effects including:

  • skin softening
  • cellulite reduction
  • body and foot detox
  • inflammation and swelling reduction
  • rash and scaly skin improvement
  • painful joint relief
  • injury repair
  • skin tag and mole removal
  • blemish reduction
  • and much more

Sacred Clay and Black Beauty work best together, although Sacred Clay, by itself, will generally accomplish the same things, just maybe not as fast.

Black Beauty, when combined with Sacred Clay, provides an additional skin softening effect, a stronger antiseptic effect (due to the Himalayan Salt), more magnesium (from the Ocean Magnesium flakes), plus an greater spectrum of minerals, including angstrom elements (ormus).

Black Beauty is not used on the skin by itself- since the concentration of Himalayan Salt in Black Beauty will burn the skin with prolonged exposure. Always dilute Black Beauty with additional amounts of Sacred Clay before applying to the skin.

The amounts of each when mixed together will vary according to whether the application is for a bath or for a direct skin application.

Mixing Ratio for a Body Bath or a Foot Bath

2 Parts Sacred Clay (1/4 cup)

1 Part Black Beauty (1/8 cup)

(approximately 1/2 of each for a foot bath)

Mixing Ratio for Skin Application

16 parts Sacred Clay (1/3 cup)

1 part Black Beauty (1 teaspoon)

or multiples thereof.

Body Baths, Foot Baths, Body Slurries, and Body Wraps with Clay

For effective detoxification, skin application of clay can work wonders in a safe and gentle manner. Only those exposed to large amounts of chemicals, heavy metals, hormone replacement therapy, or radiation need to be cautious with the amount of clay touching the skin or in a bath.

The potency of the Sacred Clay is extraordinary, so some caution will need to be taken in its use if heavy exposures are part of your history.  

As one example, an auto mechanic of 10 years took his first Sacred Clay bath and found an oil slick about 1/18th inch thick on the bottom of his tub. 6 years of electric foot baths failed to release this volume of petroleum compounds buried close to the skin surface. His experience demonstrates how toxins lodged in the skin, and subcutaneous fat just below the skin, can be safely & effectively drawn out with the clay. 

However, where extreme chemical exposures are concerned, caution needs to be applied, for as the chemicals get released from organs and glands, they will often flow through the bloodstream and lymph channels to get to the clay at the surface of the skin. 

Chemical abundance from former recreational drug use, industrial chemical exposures, military duty exposures, and the like, will mobilize in greater amounts under the magnetic draw of this clay. 

Detox reactions will need to be mitigated by less clay, or shorter durations or exposure (like with brief body slurries), so as to slowly draw the toxins from the body little by little.

How Often

Bathing in clay or applying clay to the skin for brief to longer periods of time may be performed as often as once everyday (even 2-3 times per day as necessary during a severe detox reaction phase).

Otherwise, bathe in clay water, or apply clay directly to the skin, as often as is practical, even if it is only once or twice per week.

Every time you bathe in clay, another round of toxins (chemicals, heavy metals, radiation, etc.) leaves the body.

The liver sends some of its toxins to the skin for removal via sweat and exercise. Applying the Sacred Clay directly to the skin, as in a body slurry or body wrap, draws a percentage of the toxins near the skin out of the body and into the clay.

Since toxins are steadily entering the body on a daily basis, it is a good idea to provide them an escape on a daily basis. 

If you could bury yourself in clay for 24 hours (or even 4 hours), amazing things have been known to happen for the few that have buried themselves in wet clay (in the ground or at a spa).

(However, this is not recommended for those who have had high chemical exposure at some point in their lives, since those chemicals will be drawn out in large quantities at once and may affect the blood and other organs in the process.)

While spending time buried in clay is not practical for most, the following options provide a more gradual detoxification alternative.

Body Slurry

A brief exposure to clay applied directly to the skin in the form of a clay body slurry for 1-2 minutes in the shower, or just prior to a bath, is a safe and gentle way to rapidly draw accumulated toxins that are held in the skin, or within the subcutaneous fat just below the skin, out of the body.

The ratio of water to clay for a body slurry is 2 parts clay to 1 part water. Stir until it becomes a thick paste. Wet the body down, then rub a thin layer of the clay all over the body just prior to a shower or just prior to entering the tub for a clay bath. Leave on for 1-2 minutes or more as desired before washing off or sitting down in the tub.

The longer a slurry of clay is left on the skin, the greater the delivery of toxins out of the body. The thicker the clay application on the skin, the more powerful the magnetic attraction of toxins to the clay become.

Body Wrap

The clay body wrap provides the opportunity for a thicker application and a longer duration. It is accomplished by simply slathering a thicker amount of clay (as thick as desired, about 1/8th inch (3mm) or more) all over the body and then wrapping up in an old sheet (covered with blankets if necessary to remain comfortable), for an hour or so, then washing off in a tub of warm water. 

Since a Sacred Clay Body Wrap for an hour or so can prove to attract such a volume of toxins from all over the body to the skin surface, the potential for a detox reaction is much higher with a body wrap than with a brief shower slurry or extended clay bath.

So it is wise to follow up a body wrap with a 10-20 minute clay bath, so as to slow down the magnetic draw of toxins from all parts of the body and allow what was drawn to the surface, but not drawn out, to be extracted from the skin into the clay.

Sacred Clay / Black Beauty Bath

Clay baths provide a gentle draw of toxins from the body (due to the dilution), and are generally a safe way to gradually attract toxins from all over the body to exit via the skin. 

Only in cases of extreme chemical toxicity (including hormone replacement therapy) have we found the clay bath to cause detox reactions.

As a general rule, clay baths are very gentle and effective at gradually reducing heavy metals, chemicals, and radiation. Heavy metal tests and challenge tests have proven this point in the instances where periodic tests have been performed. 

The use of clay on the skin, in a bath, or a slurry, as well as internally, have also proven to be faster, safer, and more effective than chemical chelation therapy. 

Start with the basic recommendation of 1/4 cup of Sacred Clay and 1/8 cup Black Beauty for the first Body Bath. Soak for 20-45 minutes or longer as desired. 

Water should be as hot as is comfortable, but not so hot that it completely drains your energy. 

Gradually increase the amount of clay in the water in two ways:

1. After your 3rd Sacred Clay bath (to let the bulk of initial skin toxins go down the drain), if your living arrangements permit, let the clay sediment build up in the tub.

Place a washcloth on the drain to preserve as much clay as possible and drain out all of the water. The clay will dry during the day (which helps keep the clay fresh longer) and be ready for your next bath.

Add another dose of Sacred Clay and Black Beauty each time. 

2. Start fresh with each bath adding more and more Sacred Clay with each successive bath, providing your body with a gradually increasing magnetic draw of toxins from the body. 

Some have gradually increased to 5 or 10 lbs. of clay in the water for a more powerful detox experience. Of course, when doing so this clay can be reused several times by letting the water drain out through a washcloth and refilling when ready for your next bath.

When is it time to change the clay in the tub?

Typically the clay will be good for 3 or more baths. If the clay dries out (or almost) between baths it will still be good for longer periods of time, though daily use between now and then does not overuse the clay. There is plenty of surface area inside the clay to bond with toxins. 

If the clay begins to change in smell to something less desirable, then certainly, let it all go down the drain. Typically 1 week works OK, warmer weather may shorten this. Letting the clay dry during the day may extend the time. 

Tossing the clay is about the growth of bacterias that can develop when damp clay sits in uncirculated water for a length of time. Adding more salt to the bath prevents this to a degree, but is not preventative over the long haul.

More toxins in the body can also mean dumping the first 3 or more baths before letting any clay at all stay in the tub. So clean out the tub periodically, letting your common sense and intuition guide the timing.

When you feel it is time to drain out all the clay and start over, just wash it all down the drain and wipe down the sides of the tub.

Oils from the skin and in the tub may leave a soft ring around the tub during the first few baths. This tends to diminish over time as oils and toxins are cleaned out. 

The clay is actually beneficial for your pipes (cleaning out calcium buildup on old galvanized plumbing), good for city sewage (helps clean up our environment), and even good for septic tanks (helps promote beneficial bacteria and clean up chemicals in the tank.) 

I have safely run 50 lbs. of Sacred Clay down a drain without a hitch. (Although, I do not recommend that you do this with most other clays, as many will swell and clog the drain pipes.) 

A note about what causes most clogged drains:

The most common reasons for clogged drains (from plumbers who see this all the time) are oils/grease, pasta, and hair. The Sacred Clay or Black Beauty are not capable of such due to their fine particle size, low clumping nature, and that the salts all dissolve in water. 

A note about increasing Black Beauty in the bath water:

Electrolytes are the key to a potent detox bath experience. Sacred Clay is approximately 10% electrolytes (this is one of the reasons why it increases athletic endurance so well).

When you add Sacred Clay in increasing amounts to the bathwater, you are also adding more electrolytes. The same is true when adding Black Beauty, since Black Beauty contains Himalayan Salt and Ocean Magnesium, both of which are high in electrolytes.

So when adding more than 2 lbs. of Sacred Clay to your bath water, it is not necessary to keep up with the 2 to 1 ratio. Two or more tablespoons of Black Beauty per bath will provide plenty of electrolyte assistance to the Sacred Clay as you climb into the higher amounts of clay in the water.

Foot Bath

For a Foot Bath, the same mixing ratio applies as above; just reduce the quantity to 2 tablespoons of the above mixture to a gallon or more of warm water. Greater quantities than this can be used, if desired, for a foot bath. 

Which is more effective or safer, a clay bath or a foot bath?

The whole body bath is overall more effective AND safer, simply because toxins are leaving the body from the skin surface head to toe at one time. Once the toxins have left the body, there is no risk of a detox reaction. Only the toxins that got stirred up but did not get out of the body at the completion of the bath are capable of causing an adverse reaction. 

So technically, the whole body bath or shower slurry is the better way to go when such remains possible. In cases of debility to the point that clay baths are not practical, then shower slurries, or foot baths are viable, and All Night Foot Packs are convenient options. 

Adding the Sacred Clay to an Electric Foot Bath

Some have used the Sacred Clay in an electric foot bath and found it to be a much more potent experience. (Note: Since the clay contains electrolytes, less salt solution will be required.)

If the Sacred Clay is used in an electric foot bath, it is recommended to rub a thin coating of clay on the legs from knee to ankle as well, since a greater volume of toxins from the upper body will be drawn down toward the feet than with a typical electric foot bath; not all of which will get out of the feet into the water when the feet are withdrawn, thus trapping a certain amount of toxins there in the legs.

This can result in restless leg later that night. So the answer is to either take a full clay body bath following the foot bath, or coat the legs from knee to ankle with the clay during the foot bath to prevent this reaction. 

Pour Your Bath Water Onto Your Garden and Potted Plants

Your bath water can be safely used to water your potted plants and garden, thus improving disease resistance, greening the leaves, and increasing the size of plant/leaves. Also see Silica Rich, our farm and garden clay.

Facials and Clay Packs

Mixing Ratio for skin application:

16 parts Sacred Clay (1/3 cup)

1 part Black Beauty (1 teaspoon)

or multiples thereof.

Using the ratio of 16 to 1, mix the two components with just enough water to make a thick paste that spreads easily. A stronger amount of Black Beauty than 1 part to every 16 parts of Sacred Clay will cause some burning of the skin if left on for extended periods of time.

Also be careful how much water you add, since the clay becomes liquid easily. The clay to water ratio is generally 2 to 1 - two parts clay to one part water.

This means, if you mixed 16 tablespoons (1 cup) of Sacred Clay with 1 tablespoon of Black Beauty, you would also add 8 tablespoons (1/2 cup) of water. Then continue to add 1 teaspoon of water at a time until the desired texture is achieved.

Spread the clay on the face, or feet, or over the liver, or other parts of the body where you want to increase the detox and nourishing effect.

Where practical, wrap cotton gauze or cloth around the area of the clay and follow that with plastic wrap (to hold the moisture in and hold the pack on the body).

For clay packs, leave on for as long as possible, or practical. If you can leave the pack on overnight this is ideal. In some instances, leaving the pack on day and night will be necessary to produce the best effect. Otherwise, leave on for as long as is practical.

For facials leave on for 20 minutes or more, frequently moistening the facial with a damp cloth or a spray of Manna Mist.

As an alternative to water and clay you may want to experiment with coconut oil with Sacred Clay & Black Beauty in a facial - since it does not dry out you can leave it on longer, with noticeable improvements at reducing years in appearance with regular application!

Many blessings of health & success,
Enjoy the simple gifts from Nature!


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