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Detox Baths, Facials and Clay Packs with Black Beauty and Sacred Clay

January 24, 2017 5 min read

How to use these two precious gifts from Nature!

Black Beauty and Sacred Clay

There are numerous ways to use Black Beauty and Sacred Clay together to produce a wide range of effects:

  • from skin softening,
  • to cellulite reduction,
  • to body and foot detox,
  • to inflammation and swelling reduction,
  • to injury repair,
  • to skin tag and mole removal,
  • to blemish reduction,
  • and much more.

Black Beauty and Sacred Clay work best together, although Sacred Clay, by itself, will generally accomplish the same things, just maybe not as fast.

Black Beauty, when combined with Sacred Clay, provides an additional skin softening effect, a stronger antiseptic effect (due to the Himalayan Salt), more magnesium (from the Ocean Magnesium flakes), plus an greater spectrum of minerals, including angstrom elements (ormus).

Black Beauty  is not used on the skin by itself- since the concentration of Himalayan Salt in Black Beauty will burn the skin with prolonged exposure. Always dilute Black Beauty with additional amounts of Sacred Clay (both reducing its cost and improving its effectiveness).

The amounts of each when mixed together will vary according to whether the application is for a bath or for a direct skin application.

Mixing Ratio for a Body Bath or a Foot Bath

2 Parts Sacred Clay (1/4 cup)

1 Part Black Beauty (1/8 cup)

or multiples thereof.

Mixing Ratio for Skin Application

16 parts Sacred Clay (1/3 cup)

1 part Black Beauty (1 teaspoon)

or multiples thereof.

Body Baths and Foot Baths

Start with the basic recommendation of 1/4 cup of Sacred Clay and 1/8 cup Black Beauty for the first Body Bath.

For a Foot Bath, the same ratio applies; just reduce the quantity to 2 tablespoons of the mixture to a gallon or more of water.

Bathing may be as often as once per day (even 2-3 times per day as necessary during a detox reaction phase).

Bathe as often as is practical, even if it is only once or twice per week. Every time you bathe in clay, another round of toxins leaves the body.

Since toxins are steadily entering the body on a daily basis, it is a good idea to provide them an escape on a daily basis. Clay baths are the safest, gentlest and most effective method there is.

If you could bury yourself in clay for 24 hours (or even 4 hours), amazing things have been known to happen. (This is not recommended for those who have had high chemical exposure at some point in their lives, since those chemicals will be drawn out in large quantities at once and may affect other organs in the process.)

While spending time buried in clay is not practical for most, gentle clay baths on a regular basis provide a gradual alternative.

Gradually increase the amount of clay in the water in two ways:

1. After your 3rd bath, let the clay sediment build up in the tub. (Place a washcloth on the drain to preserve as much clay as possible and drain all or some of the water, then refill with hot.) Add another dose of Sacred Clay and Black Beauty each time. Some have increased to 5 or 10 lbs. of clay in the water for a more powerful detox experience.

2. Start fresh with each bath adding more and more Sacred Clay with each successive bath, providing your body with a gradually increasing magnetic draw of toxins from the body.

When it is time to drain the tub:

When you feel it is time to drain out all the clay and start over, just wash it all down the drain and wipe down the sides of the tub. The clay is actually beneficial for your pipes (cleaning out calcium buildup on old galvanized plumbing), good for city sewage (helps clean up our environment), and even good for septic tanks (helps promote beneficial bacteria).

A note about increasing Black Beauty in the bath water:

Electrolytes are the key to a potent detox bath experience. Sacred Clay is approximately 10% electrolytes (this is one of the reasons why it increases athletic endurance so well).

When you add Sacred Clay in increasing amounts to the bathwater, you are also adding more electrolytes. The same is true when adding Black Beauty, since Black Beauty contains Himalayan Salt and Ocean Magnesium, both of which are high in electrolytes.

So when adding more than 2 lbs. of Sacred Clay to your bath water, it is not necessary to keep up with the 2 to 1 ratio. One or two cups of Black Beauty will provide plenty of electrolyte assistance to the Sacred Clay as you climb into the higher amounts of clay in the water.

Your bath water can also be used to water your potted plants and garden.

Facials and Clay Packs

Using the ratio of 16 to 1, mix the two components with just enough water to make a thick paste that spreads easily. A stronger amount of Black Beauty than 1 part to every 16 parts of Sacred Clay will cause some burning of the skin if left on for extended periods of time.

Also be careful how much water you put in since the clay becomes liquid easily. The clay to water ratio is generally 2 to 1 - two parts clay to one part water. This means, if you mixed 16 tablespoons (1 cup) of Sacred Clay with 1 tablespoon of Black Beauty, you would also add 8 tablespoons (1/2 cup) of water. Then continue to add 1 teaspoon at a time until the desired texture is achieved.

Spread the clay on the face, or feet, or over the liver, or other parts of the body where you want to increase the detox and nourishing effect.

Where practical, wrap cotton gauze around the area of the clay and follow that with plastic wrap (to hold the moisture in and hold the pack on the body).

Our All Night Foot Poultice contains reusable gauze and plastic bags for that purpose. (You add your own socks to complete the package.)

For clay packs, leave on for as long as possible, or practical. If you can leave the pack on overnight this is ideal. In some instances, leaving the pack on day and night will be necessary to produce the best effect. Otherwise, leave on for as long as is practical.

For facials leave on for 20 minutes or more, frequently moistening the facial with a damp cloth or a spray of Manna Mist.

As an alternative to water and clay you may want to experiment with coconut oil and Sacred Clay & Black Beauty in a facial - since it does not dry out you can leave it on longer reducing years in appearance with each application!

Many blessings of health & Success,
Enjoy the simple gifts from Nature!

Michael King

Michael King is a Life Enrichment Consultant, a natural intuitive, a researcher of Nature's most powerful healing resources the world over, the author of "Detoxify, Nourish & Build - Three Essentials for Vibrant Health" and the Vital Health News Updates - a periodic newsletter documenting the most life-building natural resources on the planet. Michael is also an advocate of sustainable gardening, environmental responsibility, and an architect of ways to increase global food production.

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