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Solar Eclipse—Its Significance and How to Use It To Transform Your Life!

April 06, 2024 10 min read

A Private Consultation Transcript on the April 8, 2024 Solar Eclipse

  • Solar Eclipse - Ancient Practices

  • Its Symbolic and Energetic Significance

  • Societal Metamorphic Transformation

  • How to Prepare for the Eclipse and Use It As a Catalyst in Your Own Life

  • How to Participate in Its Energy Even If You Are Not In Its Direct Path

  • The Synergy of Everyone's Contribution to the Grand Mosaic of Life on Earth

  • A Universal Message—You Are Not Alone

The following transmission is between Gerald Wright and Michael King during a Private Consult in which, by request, the purpose and use of the upcoming eclipse, according to ancient practice, is brought to light through a communication with Gerald’s Oversoul and his other-dimensional Support Group:

Michael: Okay. Eclipse. How to take advantage of it according to ancient special practices.

Gerald: Right.

Michael: Okay, so I'm drawing from a variety of sources that we have access to, including your Council, your 12 [identified earlier during this session, not included in this excerpt], and your Oversoul.

Okay, so they're saying that the eclipse signifies...what...? [silence, while listening]

Oh!—the metamorphosis of the soul!

Okay, now I understand it. It's the cocoon!

Gerald: Beautiful! Wow!

Michael: And the eclipse is also a rebirth!

Gerald: Right, right.

Michael: Oh my God, I'd never seen it like that!

Gerald: I've never seen it like that either, Mike, never ever. Wow!

That's phenomenal! So I'm like, I'm buzzing right now. I got the chills and everything again, Mike. Wow.

Michael: Okay. Okay. So he's saying to take advantage of it in advance by preparing for a metamorphic transformation, during those four minutes, or whatever. Prepare yourself with the knowing that you are undergoing a metamorphic transformation.

Gerald: Yes.

Michael: Energetically, the whole planet goes through it—our entire global social order is going through a metamorphosis, and personally, for those with intention—especially if you have the awareness that this is taking place—it will catalyze an actualization more rapidly.

Gerald: Beautiful. Beautiful. Shedding, Mike, I'm shedding the skin, brother [like a snake sheds its skin]. I knew it. I said it—shedding. Man. Shedding. Phenomenal. Love it. Man. Every time I think about it, I just get the chills. I'm like electrified right now Mike. I'm like, this is phenomenal. I can't believe I never saw it that way. I can't believe it. Cannot believe it. Wow!

Michael: Yes, so, the suggestion is to prepare in advance your statement of intent—what you intend to catalyze to transform into the butterfly that you choose to become, and then identify key areas of change that has to take place for you to fully realize the butterfly.

Obviously, there's inner work to be done—symbolized by the eclipse, the cocoon.

Gerald: Right.

Michael: So, because the inner always gives birth to the outer, you cannot avoid this principle. This is the way life is set up. And so, to prepare yourself with the blueprint in advance is to catalyze, within the cocoon state, the patterns necessary for its ultimate materialization.

Because those patterns, when they are actualized with emotion, with intent and commitment, and an intensity of anticipation—positive expectation—and emotional engagement with the experience as if it's already done—how will you feel when it's already done, when you are finally in the midst of your actualized vision of self expression?

That is what sets the magnetic energy in motion for everything required to succeed.

And that mission, you could say, or aspiration, comes about naturally. It will come to you, and you to it.

You'll find materials, you'll find books, you'll find ideas, inspiration. You'll find people come across your path. You'll see videos.

Suddenly you know what to do. Boom, boom, boom, everything falls into place and you have everything you require, whether it be material wealth, whether it be knowledge, skill development opportunities, or anything else.

You have to practice, you have to implement, you have to do your thing, do it properly, make the right choices all the way from A to Z.

Gerald: Right.

Michael: It happens to the degree of your conscious evolution at the time and the continuing refinement of your character, of your belief systems, of your knowings, of your diet, of everything in your life that is required to materialize this aspiration—this intention you put forth at the beginning.

Gerald: Right.

Michael: It doesn't matter where you are on the planet. Even though the intensity, the energies are very realized right in the zone when you're observing it as a full eclipse, but that's mostly because so many people are paying attention to it happening somewhere on the earth. The synergy of their expectations are influencing those that stand within its field of view.

Yet, the experience is embedded in the collective. You can visualize yourself seeing the whole eclipse as if you're standing beneath it. Even if you're not going to see but a little bit of it, or none at all, it doesn't matter. You just know it.

You can participate by focusing your consciousness on the center of the activity.

Gerald: Right.

Michael: And knowing that you are already there and choosing these intentions and these inner guidances, these inner realizations—so that when those few minutes come about, you are in tune with the actualization energy of the eclipse.

Gerald: Beautiful.

Michael: That's creating the inner actualization that we spoke about as part of your council.

Gerald: Yes. Yes. I love it. So, you know, this is just how it is. And I think Mike this, when you were describing the eclipse, man, the only thing I thought about, brother, was, “this is why The Blessing Transformation exists”.

This right here makes perfect sense. The ebb and flow of life capitalizing off the energies of the planet to materialize the life you really want.

The Blessing Transformation plants the seed, Mike. It keeps the mind where it needs to be for a time like this.

The mind is already primed. You've already been thinking about where you want to be. You've already been blessing your neighbor and your environment and your community. And all it takes is five minutes of just meditating on one aspect of The BlessingTransformation, Mike, and it's amplified.

It's phenomenal. Like, this is it, Mike. I think we're here, brother. This is the crescendo. Like, I feel good. I feel like that's the purpose of it, Mike, because it changed my life. And so I know, like, as you're telling me this, eclipse energy, the first thing I'm thinking about, The Blessing Transformation, like that right there. Phenomenal, phenomenal.

Michael: Beautiful, beautiful, and that's so true. I've noticed every time I focus in on The Blessing Transformation, life gets busy. It's like, okay, okay, I've got a lot to manage right now because things really start happening.

Gerald: Right, right. Yes, it does. Definitely, definitely.

So I can only imagine what it will be like with the eclipse energy happening.

Phenomenal, brother. Phenomenal. I'm pumped up. I knew it was special, but man, I mean, life makes no mistakes. I'm so proud and grateful to be present in this lifetime with all of my soul family members.

You know what I mean? Like, I just feel like this lifetime especially, man, is just super special to us. So beautiful. That's what keeps me going. That's what keeps me going. No matter how difficult it may seem. I always think about, like, I met a guy in Ashland just listening to his voice, and this guy was a father of mine in a past life, and then I introduced him to Anthony, who happened to be a good friend of mine, like a soul brother, and he also followed it.

Mike, who's telling that story, brother? This is an amazing story, man.

I just feel like at this point, I'm elated, brother. I'm elated, like, on so many levels.

Michael: It's beautiful.

Okay, so, I don't know if we need more on an ancient special practice. I think that, in a nutshell, is it.

Let me see if there's anything else... He says there's one other thing to add, okay, on the lines of ancient special practice.

He said souls did gather, but when that happened, they concentrated on a higher deity, okay, based on their cultural persuasion at the time.

Gerald: Right, right.

Michael: So these events were widely published and predicted in advance. The people were ready for them because in the ancient days, the people were extremely well versed in astrology and they're watching the signs of the times, and they knew in advance from the greater skilled masters what was going to happen.

So, what they did was, they incorporated their special deity.

Now, those of the lighter factions on earth, obviously would incorporate the One Primal Source. Other cultures incorporated some of the lesser deities, as defined by their culture, whatever their culture was.

But the truth is, by bringing Source, the Original Infinite Being that began the creative process for all life, into the midst of your aspiration to purify, to elevate, to take it to new levels within you, so that you too would see the higher, greater purpose and how it synergistically fit in with all of the other players, and how Source was guiding everyone to play a role in a great collective experience that raised the whole culture to a new level.

Gerald: Right!

Michael: Do you see this is what we're about to experience, and the reason why it frightens those who fear our awakening—because it leaves them out of the loop, because they have chosen not to go with it.

But those who choose to move forward to create the New Earth will create a separate experience from the lower echelons.

So when you bring Source energy into the creative process, it raises—‘elevates’ is the word—it elevates the synergistic outcome of all contributions of conscious beings to a whole new level of attunement. And that attunement is what holds the attractive forces, the magnetic attractive forces—attunement to a higher ideal within the whole collective, where everyone starts to see their own unique role.

Gerald: Right.

Michael: Each person is a piece of the Grand Mosaic of Life on Earth.

Gerald: Yes, yes.

Michael:  Yet, by seeing it connected to Source, to the Orchestrator of All Life, like seeing the direct association to the unified picture of how we could go if we select it—free will is still at play—if we select the higher ideal, this is what can happen.

We don't have to select that. We're not mandated to select it. It would just serve us in the greatest way if we did. That's the whole point of it. That's why the Creator gave us free will, so that we can have the experiences of our own choosing.

If we choose the highest ideal, we get that experience. We join with those classes of people who join together in agreement with the highest ideal.

Gerald: Right.

Michael: Otherwise, we join with classes of other ideals, which are fine. No blame, no shame for doing so. It's just a different experience, and it has foundational value, purposes, and qualities. It can be utilized to train, educate, and evolve the souls choosing that path.

Gerald: Right, you're right,

Michael: And that includes the dark paths as well. They have their own path and purpose, and they will eventually come back around to aspire to the highest ideals. But that may take longer.

But that doesn't mean that education is not being gained, that we are not learning something from that experience, that we are not gaining from their selected, more difficult, challenging paths—or process forward, I should say.

Gerald: Right, right.

Michael: Okay, so we're not to judge, condemn, blame, or downgrade that. Free will choice is given to us by the Creator with the utmost of love, compassion, understanding, and acceptance.

Gerald: Right.

Michael: It also supports us in protecting ourselves from the diabolical actions of one that seeks to harm and limit our freedom of choice.

Gerald: Right.

Michael: But you must master the moment in order to rise to the higher paradigms, much like [the client] that is in need of courage to master her moment, to overcome the fear of being outspoken on the positive spiritual path.

Gerald: Right, right.

Michael: And to work with the synergy that naturally compels others to do their part. And we must all see the value of every other person's role in this matter.

It's important that we recognize that we are not alone, that we are not the Savior, we're not the one to do it all.

We're not going to come in and heal the sick and raise the dead—by ourselves. We will do so in collective agreement with everyone holding a similar vision that supports and empowers everyone else to do it in their individual life circles.

Gerald: Yes, phenomenal. This, is the universal orchestra and everyone has a show to play in and everyone has a part in the band, brother. This is phenomenal. This is absolutely phenomenal.

You mentioned companionship, and you're not gonna do it alone, and, you know, I've been meditating on this kid's book, and I said, the universal message could be many things, Mike, but it was companionship.

Because I said, no one is alone. And then my Oversoul said, referencing the group of 12 that I had, “You are not alone”. And I said, that's the message of the child's book. It's going to be that. It's going to be, you always have company—even when you don't realize it. And it's going to be about a child with a pet dog. And when that child leaves that dog, he has a sense of missing that pup because he doesn't realize that it's in his heart.

That dog is in his heart everywhere he goes and so he's going to get examples as he goes through his school day. I haven't plotted all the details out, but a leaf is going to blow on his shoulder and the leaf is going to tell him something nice, and then he's going to see a tree and the tree is going to bend over and hug him and remind him that he's not by himself, and then he's going to sit in the grass and he's going to see the sun smile at him.

All that came to me today, Mike, and I said, that's the universal message. That's what it's going to be.

Michael: That's so beautiful!

Gerald: It brought me to a nice place, not sadness, Mike, but like joy, like tears of joy in a sense when I said, man, this is the book. This is the book, because they're the next generation, but it's for the adult to read it and realize that you have not been forsaken.

You have never, ever been abandoned, contrary to whatever story you've been told, or whatever story you believed. It’s time for something different. It's time to hear that universal orchestra that everyone is playing. And if you tune in the right way, Mike, it's going to raise the vibration. And that's where we are at, brother.

Michael: That's right. Beautiful.

Gerald: Love it. Love it. Oh, man. I need a cigarette now.

Michael: A cigarette! You don't even smoke.

Gerald: No, I don't smoke, Mike. [laughing]

Michael: I see, you’re just feeling the need to ground, the idea of getting grounded.

Gerald: Absolutely. Absolutely, Mike. All right. Beautiful, Mike. I thought the last call was the best call, but I think this is the best call, by the way.

Michael: It's definitely got a dynamic, inspiring aspect to it.

Gerald: Yes. Absolutely. Absolutely, Mike.

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